“The Homosexual Agenda” or “Which Is More Tolerant” or “The Hypocrisy Is Staggering” or “The Prejudiced Person Is A Weak, Lazy and Small Thinker” “We Are Prepared For The Backlash, But Are You Backlasher?”

“The Word of God is quick and powerful, and sharper than any two edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.  (Hebrews 4:12)

Why are so many people uncomfortable around people that represent God and His Word? There are many reasons but for our purpose, we will name (1) one. The believer that knows his or her Bible well can usually read persons. These people of the Word have been called by God to judge what is right and wrong; good or bad; true or false. While the believer must be careful not to be judgmental of the person in their scope, the one being read will feel judged. This is due to the fact that the wicked man fleas when no man pursueth. The person’s own conscience is judging the person while the believer is judging the action of the person. It is for the self and God to judge the person and for God to execute the judgment, not the believer. The Scriptures state, “If we judge ourselves; we will not be judged [by God].

Where does the believer find this authority to judge? The believer is authorized by God, Himself (1 Corinthians 2:14). The Christ-ian learns the standards of judgment from the Word of God. So when a person feels the eyes of judgment upon themselves, it comes from God and His Word through the believer and not from the believer. The one in the docket or hot seat,  are aware of this judgment even though they may have never read the Bible. They is aware of right and wrong because their own conscience testifies against them. God’s will is written upon their conscience.

A group that is fully aware of God’s condemnation upon themselves and their actions is the homosexual agenda. By the title of this article one can plainly see my position on this wicked movement. Let me be clear, however, I am not speaking about what (2) people do in the privacy of their own bedroom(s). God has made His judgment clear on this sin as He has all sin. This sin is equal to all other sin, like back biting, gossiping, bitterness, the evil eye, pride, etc.What we will speak to (DV) is the intent and motivation of the agenda,itself. In other words, what is the real intent of the agenda? Is it equal rights? Obviously not, as they are able to get married and insure one another. The homosexual can legally adopt and they have received overall acceptance in society, they have parades, and hold political office and have highly rated television shows. The homosexual is usually the good guy and anyone not 100% behind them is the bad guy.

What more do they want, one might ponder. If they are waiting for everyone to love them, they should read history. There is not one group in this society that is 100% accepted by all. Not the Christians, not the Blacks, not the Jews, not the Whites, not the Hispanics, not the Asians, not the Middle eastern, not one group. In fact, many groups are hated by their own kind! My homosexual friend, you will never find love and or acceptance by all…never ever….my straight friend, neither will you.

One way this group is alienating more and more people is by their non tolerance. Case in point: A gay couple enters a bakery and requests the baking establishment to bake a cake for their gay union. The Bakery, Christ-ian owned, politely explains their reluctance to satisfy the gay couple’s request. The gay couple, instead of, accepting the polite decline, seek to sue and put the bakery out of business! This is the intent of the agenda and this will bring more and more disapproval from logical, critical, and clear minded thinking persons. Disapproval, not of the couples private sin, but of their intent and motivation to destroy anyone and anything that stand in it’s way of liberal progressiveness.

Question: There is a small Christ-ian ministry. In a month or so this ministry will (DV) celebrate their x year anniversary of establishment. This ministry unwittingly, asks a gay owned bakery and catering company to provide a proposal of services for the celebration. The ministry is then informed that the establishment, gay owned, would rather pass as they disagree with our position on homosexuality. Would this be acceptable and legal? Would society rise up and protest this business or would this business find support and praise by their sub-culture and society in general? What do you think the small church would do? Would the church seek to bring charges against the catering company or would they say, “very well and thank you for your time.?” Methinks, the latter. Why? When was the last time you heard a news story reporting on a church suing a gay baker? On the other hand, when was the last time a gay couple sought vengeance on a small bakery or Christ-ian owned business?

Let the writer be very clear on one point. Some will agree and some will not. We are happy and look forward to the backlash.

I could not careless if you are Black, Hispanic, Asian, or if you choose to live a homosexual lifestyle. [I do equate the homophile, one with unfulfilled homosexual urges, in the class as “one born this/that way.” A Homosexual, is one that, gives into the urge and lives the sinful lifestyle. A Homosexual is not born, but the homophile is]. I will, however, take great ex by choiceception if one throws their choice in my face and seeks to define me by my reaction thereunto. I take exception to any person, the person challenging me included, defining me or themselves by any one adjective.

A Black man/woman is not a criminal or on welfare because of his or her Blackness. The Hispanic is not affiliated with a gang because of his/her Hispanic-ness, nor is the Asian an over-achiever in math because of the Asian-ness. A White person is not rich, successful, and racist because of the Whiteness. The Homophile or person attracted to the same sex is not gay or Homosexual because of the urge s/he was born with. Persons are what persons are based upon their choices. Stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason. Stereotypes are, generally, more true to life and experience than not.

Why are stereotypes more true to life and experience that not? Because the Black person, the Hispanic, the Asian, the White, and the gay believe the stereotypes about themselves and cause others to believe them, too.

When I see a person, I see a person. Sure, I can note their features, their movements, and their societal leanings. However, by the great Grace of God, none of that means a thing to me. When we approach people in public whether they be black, brown, yellow, red, or all the colors of the rainbow, we are approaching a person without any prejudice or presuppositions. One looks at a large man, heavily bearded, adorned in leather and denim, with shades hiding their eyes. What does one assume? Biker. What does one assume about bikers? Tough, mean, sinful, rebellious…scary. But, then the scary man turns around and you see on the back of his leather jacket, the words, “Real Men Love The Lord Jesus?” Who is full of sin now?

When we approach a man described above, we do so, expecting nothing, but hoping for an opportunity to share Christ and make a friend. This is true of those with different skin colors, and different lifestyle.

The Homosexual agenda is nothing more than bitter, angry, sinful, power-hungry, audacious, chaos-minded, anarchists that have gained the ears of those in power. What does the homosexual agenda do with this new power? Destroy businesses and hurt families that agree with God and disagree with them. This has all happened before. Study the French Revolution. Insert Homosexual in place of French. You find all the same emotions, actions, fears, and hatred as you do today. This Homosexual agenda will go the route of the French Revolution….on to the Guillotine! (Revelation 20:4).

This revolution will grow as other envious and liberal minded progressives start to blame their own failures on others and they will vent like others. The government, the man, the white man, and God will all be blamed. All the emotionally-possessed mobs will seek for the downfall of all that we just listed. The revolt will include, organizations like, Black Lives Matter, the Gay Agenda, the poor, and the beaten and weakened left wing progressives, I.E. God-haters. The defeated left wing progressives have the power, the money, the access to television and radio outlets and the throngs of mindless Emoticons, that are American in name only.

So again, do what you will in the privacy of your own dwelling, but do not put it before me, expecting me to approve, to give a thumbs up, or to give a nod of acceptance, etc. If one does challenge us or puts us in the proverbial corner, we will bring forth and smite thee with the entire weight and authority of Scripture, logic, and history.

To the many, many persons, we know, who are in this lifestyle or are feeling these same sex urges, You know that our love belongs to you. We cannot go along with the choice but we can go along with you, as one who is beloved and cherished, just as you would not agree with someone cheating on one’s spouse, stealing, killing. etc. However, we all would still love one who has done any of the just listed.

In closing, to any one who senses the urge of same sex attraction, but chooses to live the life of an eunuch, we give you the hope and blessings of Isaiah 56:4-5.

Please, Beloved Reader, overlook any misspellings, incorrect grammar, and punctuation errors. Godspeed.


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