This is a place where we seek to be a help and a blessing to others. This is one way we try to leave people better than we found them.

You will find articles of varying nature written by an independent and logical thinking Christ-ian. If you are a Christ-ian you may agree with me or disagree with me but you will find my positions are thoroughly Scriptural with many references to Scripture for support.

If you are not a Christ-ian do not dismiss me out of hand as there is much that may help you and surprise you. There are many practical answers given in our pages that will greatly benefit Christ-ian and atheist alike.

The reader will find such topics in this place as “The Elements That Will Guarantee A Successful Movie”, “How to Defeat a Larger Opponent”, Counsel to a better way of thinking, as well as teaching on Christ-ian doctrines One will find the God Man Christ Jesus exalted on almost each and every posting as He is my Purpose, my Power, my Plan and my Pleasure…if you knew Him you’d understand. Also you will find Scripture taught expositionally which mean the Scriptures will reveal themselves without opinion or private interpretation. We trust you will find subjects difficult  to understand made a little more clear. You will find that we do not shy away from any topic . You will find an element of Biblical anthropology, I.E. The Bibles verdict upon mankind.

We try to focus on the practical. We want you to take what you have read and hopefully learned and appropriate it in your everyday life, for example we highlighted the article “How to Defeat a Larger Opponent.” In this article one can learn how to actually and physically defeat a larger opponent and as one read on they will learn how to defeat an opponent in argument. We want to provide the help we would have liked to have received when we were younger. The reader is free to comment or seek counsel from the writer as we know there are some topics too  fragile to discuss with others face to face.

We acknowledge that most of our articles are lengthy, most around (1000) one thousand words. If you are able to read straight through and then dwell upon the topic that is best. However, if you are not able to do so we advise you to read a couple of paragraphs at a time and think upon them before moving on. We would also heavily counsel you to look up the Scriptural passages that top each article.Take the time to understand the context of the passage; read the verses prior to and after the chosen passage. Another suggestion is to read one article more than once per week and spend that week thinking upon the content; Again read and study the Scriptural references; pray upon the topic for the week and then at the end of the week share what you have learned with another.

Above all, we hope you find Christ; for in finding Christ you find All.


P.S. Please forgive and overlook (m)any punctuation mistakes. Normally, Debbie or one of the girls would proofread but we are writing more than they are able to keep up with.

Numbers 6:24-26


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