“VaVoom” Or “The Voice Of God” Or “Thus Saith The LORD”

“…a still small voice…” (1 Kings 19)


It has been said that those who like to speak about themselves and to boast of their greatness, “Love the sound of their own voice.”  That is usually not a compliment.  However, The Godhead loves to hear His own voice, for the Godhead’s voice is Christ, the Word of God. The Father and the Spirit love to hear His Voice.  The Son and the Spirit love to hear the Fathers’s Voice. The Father and the Son love to hear the Voice of the Spirit and yes, Reader, the Spirit doth speak and He doth speak often. So too do the people of God love to hear the voice of God.

However, there is a double-edged sword dynamic to God’s Voice.  Let us return to the garden in Genesis.  In the cool of the even, Adam and Eve would hear the voice of their Creator and they would come to Him and they would walk with Him and they would talk to Him and He would……………………….

“tell [them they are] His Own and the joy [they] shared, as they tarried there, none other has ever known.  He [spoke] and the sound of His Voice was so sweet, the birds hush[ed] their singing.” Reader, ’tis so sweet to walk with [the Lord] Jesus when one is walking in the light and in the will of God.  However.

When one has done wrong and that Voice calls, it is a frightful sound, is it not, Reader? Is it not?  “The rage of a king is as the roaring of a lion.”  When one has done wrong one dreads to hear the righteous judgement of a king, Haman received a just sentence and that sentence was the death of his whole house.  Reader, to some the Voice of God is like a shepherd calling his flock, for Christ, the Good and Chief Shepherd said, “…the sheep hear [H]is voice; and [H]e calleth them by name, and leadeth them out. And when [H]e putteth forth [H]is [O]wn sheep, [H]e goeth before them, and the sheep follow [H]im: for they know [H]is [V]oice.”  It is true that thieves may come to try and lure the sheep away, but the sheep will not hear them.

The sheep will not move at the voice of a thief. the sheep doth not recognize the voice. The liar is come to steal, kill and destroy, but the sheep do not act upon the killer’s voice. The sheep know the Shepherd’s Voice and to Him and to Him Alone will they respond.  It is true of you and me, Reader, You and I should be able to recognize the Voice and the Word of Christ when we hear it. We, as Christ’s flock, ought never to fall into the trapper’s snare. If it sounds not like the Good and Chief Shepherd, answer not the call.

The Voice of our God is most powerful.  Remember when Judas, the betrayer, led the soldiers to Christ?  The soldiers asked for the Christ and He answer, “I am,” and the soldiers fell backward?  Then with power and authority, Christ looked over the fallen and asked, “Whom seek ye?” When they answered, He again said, “I am.”  This display or mainfestation of power was used as to communicate His voluntary submission to the soldiers and to give them something to think about over the next hours. His authority and power was also demonstrated so that the soldiers would hearken unto His command to let His disciples go.

In one (1) of our titles above, we used the name “Vavoom.”  “Vavoom is a fictional and animated character that is part of the “Felix, the Cat” cartoon.  Vavoom has such a voice that he could demolish anything and everything in front of him.  If there was a mountain in his way, he would open his mouth and shout, “vavoom”  and the mountain would come crumbling down.  Vavoom would shout the same word again and the crumbled down mountain would split in half and provide him access.  This Vavoom would also use this voice to deliver Felix, the Cat and himself from trouble. Nothing could stand before the vavoom of Vavoom.

This is literally true of God’s Voice as we saw it knock over soldiers of the Roman army.  Use your perspective at this point, Reader.  It would take a large man to take down a centurion. These soldiers were trained in battle. These men were no “push-overs” to be sure.  These men stood in battle as their counterparts, wielded sword and shield against them.  These men were trained to stay on their feet. To fall is to give the upper hand to the man seeking to kill them. The higher ground was the soldier standing over a fallen enemy.

Christ, with the Word, “I Am” sent these guards falling backward.  Christ had the higher ground, Christ had the advantage.  Reader, I do not make little of Christ’s physical appearance as He must has been a rather strong and fit man due to His carpentry and all the traversing upon foot as was His custom, but He was no trained soldier, it may be advanced that He knew how to grapple as that was a favoured sport at that time, (Reader, I speak of the Lord Jesus in His human capacity, I fully understand, He had the ability to destroy any opponent with any style of combat), but to go up against these large and well armoured soldiers, there was little point.  We are told in Isaiah that there was nothing physically outstanding about the Lord’s appearance that would draw anyone’s attention.

Yet with the spoken Word He, for all accounts and purposes, humiliated and put down the soldiers with His Voice. In Revelation 1, 14, &19, It is written that Christ has the Voice of many waters.  It might have been this force of many waters that put the soldiers down at Christ’s feet, how unfortunate they were not kneeling forward at His feet in stead of laying on their backs having being put down.

However, to the praise of God, we are not terrified of His voice.  No, we like, Elijah of old, hear His “still small voice.”  Still small voice does not mean God’s Voice is still small instead of now being BIG, no, not at all.  When Scripture tells us that God’s Voice is a “still small voice,” we are to understand that God speaks to us with a quiet and gentle Voice that should comfort and quiet our spirits, minds, thoughts, concerns and fears.  God’s Voice is a stilling Voice.  God in the Psalms tells us to, “Be still and know that I am God.”  Reader, this is an invitation to peace and rest.  To the wicked, God’s Voice should be and will certainly be terrifying as He pronounced judgement upon their eternal souls. But unto You and i, who know Whom we have believed and Who allows us into His Presence, never to leave, His Voice issettling, calming, comforting, encouraging, and stilling.

Reader, do you know that stilling, calming, and quiet Voice of the GREAT BIG GOD? If not, I beseeach thee, shut down, be quiet, be still, and listen.  You do not want God to shout in order to gain your attention, No, you do not. Reader, tonight, lie down or even right now, lie down call upon God and ask Him for a time of peace so that you might hear His Voice.  This may take time and practice, but it is worth your time and practice.  If you have ignored God for a time and now you think you can go to Him and say, “okay, God, This is a convenient time to listen to you, so go on and talk to me.”  My diluded or intoxicated brother or sister, it does not work that way.

If you have shut God out because there have been “more importantant things” going on, You must confess your arrogance, and your stupidity before God.  You must tell Him, there is nothing more preeminent that He. You must tell Him, you have sinned in praying not, you must tell Him you were foolish to put other things before Him. You must acknowledge you were seeking your own kingdom first (1st) and not His.   Reader, how can I be so forthright?  Because, Reader, I must do the same all the time.  This is common to all of us.

I cannot, cannot, cannot, impress upon you enough, Reader, to obtain a copy of, “The Practicing of the Presence of God.”  I beseech thee, beloved, obtain this book, read the entire thing, it is very, very, short. I think it is under a hundred pages in many editions. Then spend a month reading each conversation and each letter one at a time every day.

Reader, the Voice of God is lovely and welcome to those who are loved by God. Mary, upon Christ’s resurrection, welcomed that Familiar Voice. The Voice of God will be a terror to them that are unfamiliar with the Majestic and Regal Voice of God. Many others, when God spoke to an individual, such as Paul, or to John Baptist, heard only thunder and fearful sounds.

Reader, What do you hear or what will you hear when God’s Voice is directed at you?



“God Knows” Or “Two (2) Words That Cause Different Responses” Or “The Innocent And The Guilty Hear Police Sirens Differently”

“For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil.”  (Romans 13)

“Knowing therefore the terror of the Lord, we persuade men…”  (2 Corinthians 5)

“Thou knowest…” (Psalm 139)

“…and Hezekiah went up into the house of the LORD, and spread [the letter] before the LORD.”  (2 Kings 19)


One of the very, very foundational and basic truths of the Christ-ian faith is God knows all things. In Acts 15, we are told, “God knoweth the end from the beginning….”  Paul tells the Ephesians and us that God knew us (loved us) before the foundations of the world. God tells Jeremiah that He knew him before he was formed in the womb of Jeremiah’s mother. Paul tells Timothy that there is a foundational truth, that has the seal of God upon it and that truth is that God knoweth them that are his from eternity pass. This truth and these passages and those above should give us tremendous, great and sobering confidence in God’s love and knowledge of His own and all things that pertain unto us past, present and future.

David took comfort in the fact that God could search his opened and pure heart at all times.  Peter said unto Christ,  “Lord, [T]hou knowest all things…” and this was comfort to Peter. In one of the chosen texts above King Hezekiah took comfort and was glad to know that the LORD saw the letter that he set and spread before Him. Hannah, with her open, pure and broken, yet hopeful heart laid her petition before God and knew He heard her.

Reader, the chosen, the few, those that are loved of God and love God WANT God to know all things in their heart, their mind, and their life.  This openness and purity of heart is a sign, a mark, a comfort, an assurance, a hope, a confidence, a comfort, a consellation to the person of God.  Reader, this is one of those realities that tell and reveal unto us our condition before the Lord.

However, this is not true of the lost.  Either the lost care not what the Lord thinks of their thoughts, feelings, or actions or they pretend and hope it doesn’t matter. If this is true of a person, they are an atheist even if they say or pretend to believe in a god or higher power, but have no experiential knowledge or walk with this god or higher power.

If a person who is lost, knows the condition of their soul and believes that God knows all things about them, they would be, and should be terrified.  If these persons knew that God is, and that God knows, and recognised their condition before the Holy and sin hating God, they would be, and should be terrified.  An analogy: Imagine what a horror it would be and what kind of feelings one would have if one learned that their spouse has found out about a long time extra-marrital affair.

Another analogy:  Remember what it feels like when are caught speeding?  Remember the heart drop or the knot in the pit of your stomach? Remember when you were a kid and report cards were coming out and you knew your grades would disappoint your parents?  Try and imagine what it must feel like when a political or religious leader finds out a secret has been found out.

Reader, Again, this is one of the great differences between a child of God and the unsaved. When we sin, we know God knows yet it is still a comfort to know this. This speaks to a pure heart…even when we sin we want God to know and we are comforted by His knowledge and then we are thankful and grateful to receive His Fatherly forgivenness. We are comforted because the God-incarnate Man knows about the realities of temptation for He was tempted in all points as we are yet He remained without sin and sins.  Even His enemies could not find fault, they had to make up faults to project upon Him.

A word about the temptation(s) that were put before Christ. We know He was tempted by the Arch-(t)empter and failed not to remain Holy, Pure, and Righteous.  We know that He faced temptations everyday, all day.  The temptation to lash out against His enemies, think about this, He knew everyman’s thought at every second every day. He heard the sins of the flesh barking at Him at every moment as a guard dog would bark at strangers as they approach. He heard, and felt the sinfullness of sin that oozes out of every person.

Let me be very, very clear on this point of temptation and the Christ. Was Christ tempted by outside agents of sin and evil? Yes, there is no doubt. HOWEVER, in Christ’s purity and hunger and thirst for righteousness, He never felt the compulsion and the call to commit sin.

Christ never struggled with, “should I  or shouldn’t I.”  With that said, He did and does know the strength of compelling sin and the compunction to sin. An analogy: it would be like knowing it is freezing cold, but not feeling the cold or being hindered or effected by it’s effects to the human body.

This sinlessness was absolutely necessary for His future work on the part and the behalf of those in Him from the foundation of the world. It can be likened unto Superman (Christ is, by the way, the Original and Preeminent Super God-man). Superman, in the comics, would know he is being hit with a spectrum of bullets, but there is no effect to Him.  This is a way to understand Christ and temptation.

Another way to understand Christ and temptation. One who has never had crack cocaine would not have any kind of temptation or drawing toward the demon possessive likeness. This is what Christ meant when He said, “Hereafter I will not talk much with you: for the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me.”

Christ had no strings of sin for the enemy to pull or play upon. It is because of His impeccability and purity and knowledge of sin and it’s power to kill that He could, would, and did hang upon your cross and my cross in our very stead and place. He put on the sinner and the sinner’s sin so that the sinner (You and me) could put on Christ and thereafter make no provision for the flesh. The grace, the faith, the hope, the love, the purity, the impeccability, the power, the strength, knowledge and wisdom of Jesus Christ was His defense and our defense against sin’s temptation and it still is.

We, with the Holy Ghost’s inhabitation, have a measure of Christ’s grace, faith, hope purity, power, strength, knowledge, and wisdom within us all and it is waiting to be used and appropriated, for He has given us “all spritual blessings.” As for Christ’s impeccability, it is still our future, our hope or expectation because God promised and predestinated us to that end.

The more we grow into Christ’s Image and likeness, the less will sin and sins call upon us and draw us.

God knows all of this and we do to. God knows we know all of this. We know that God knows we know all of this. God knows we know that He knows that we know all of this and that is one of the things that make our walk with God so Wonderful and assures us of His love.


“God Of The Big Picture Part Two (2)” Or “Answering A Common Question From Unbelievers” Or “There’s So Much More Still To Come”

“And [the martyrd saints] cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost [T]hou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?”                                                                                                                                       (Revelation 6)

“As it is written, For [T]hy sake we are killed all the day long; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter.”  (Romans 8)

“[A]s a sheep before her shearers is dumb, so [H]e opened not [H]is [M]outh.”                                                                                                                                               (Isaiah 53)


“How many times have believers been asked, “Why does God allow…”  or “If God is so good, why…”  Unbelievers think this is a deep question that shuts down the believer.  Some pose these questions as questions of and for the ages. These questions should not stump the Christ-ian nor shut us down.  Before we give an answer to these impertinent questions, let me say this: The Christ-ian is under no obligation to answer questions from unbelievers that are obviously asked with no real desire for an answer.

Paul says in his pastoral letters that one is not to bother with questions meant to cause strife. In the Gospels, Christ refused to answer some of the questions that were unjustly motivated by sinners. On the other hand, Peter advises us to always be prepared to answer questions regarding the hope that is within us. The Proverbs tell us that we are not to suffer a fool gladly or to humour questions that are foolishly motivated. The Proverbs also tell us to, “Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him” in 26:4 but then in 26:5, “Answer a fool  according to his folly, lest he be wise in his own conceit.”  In light of these Proverbs what are we to do?  We are to judge the intent of the question and answer or not answer according to the questioner’s intent.

After writing the above, and leaving the questions of unbelievers to the reader’s discretion, how could we answer the question of why God allows or ordains certain events. Some would answer that God does not cause certain events, but allows them to occur.  Some suggest that certain events are allowed by God because these events are the effects of the fall and are simply the reaping of a world that sows in sin. While there is truth in both of these answers, these answers do not answer fully. When persons respond with these answers they are trying to defend God, but reader, God does not need defending. We may defend and define truth but we need not defend God’s actions. God is good and God is sovereign.

In a trial a judge may disallow certain evidence from being used if it puts the defendent at an unfair advantage. This means the prosecutor cannot use certain aspects of the defendent’s past if it is not germaine to the present case. However, if the defending attorney makes the mistake of mentioning the disqualified evidence or bring something up that is not profitable to his client the prosecuting attorney may then use the previously disqualified evidence. This is analagous to God’s use of the fall and the effects of sin. God did not introduce sin or create sin but after sin was introduced God was and is free and justified in using sin and it’s effects for His ordained purposes.

Once the above is established the answer to the unbeliever’s questions of why does God allow X is simply, “it is what it is” or The God of all creation is the God of the BIG picture.  Our God is God of the Big Picture.  He and He Alone knows the end from the Beginning because He is the First and the Last, He is the Beginning and the End. the Alpha and the Omega, the Author and Finisher of all things…that will work together for our good, because we are called according to His purpose and we are beloved by God and we love God. If we are to walk in the spirit of peace and with the Spirit of Peace we must also be the godly that see the BIG picture. We must be those that walk by faith and not by sight or live according to our senses.

To live according to our senses or feelings is certain to leave us tossed to and fro. To follow our heart is foolish, the heart must follow the Christ-like mind that loves God with all it’s strength. It is true we should use our God-given senses to worship God, but faith over-rides senses and feeling, we are to walk by faith and not sight or other senses. The Scriptures tell us to “Taste and see that God is good,”  what does this mean? It can be applied spiritually and literally.

I like the literal application. When one sits down to a meal one should first give thanks and ask God’s blessing upon the meal and then we should consider the goodness of God as we taste and enjoy the food. When one bites in to a Resse’s peanut butter cup, one should think God is so good.  Taste is an extra, our food could be bland and tasteless but it is not…this testifies to God’s goodness.  We see with our eyes that the heaven’s declare God’s great glory.  We hear with our ears the written and preached Word of God and we hear the testimonies of other as to God’s intercession in their lives. With the sense of touch we feel pleasure and pain, we feel our humanity and think of God, Who became flesh and dwelt among us for a time. The sense of smell can cause us or allow us to remember events of the past.

The above speaks to the five (5) senses given us by God. All persons have these senses lest they be challenged regarding their senses as blindness or deafness. In John nine (9) we see Christ heal a blind man and He tells those present and us that this man was blinded from birth so that he might be given sight through Christ’s compassion and that is an example of the BIGGER picture.

In the life of David there is an event that is truly horrendous and cannot be excused. David sought food from a priest of God.  The priest gave David the shewbread from the sanctuary and he gave David the sword of Goliath. (k)ing (s)aul hears of this and he orders his men to kill the priest and all the other priests. The soldiers would not hearken to this ill advised command. However, Doeg, an Edomite, a descendent of Esau, whom God hates, accepted (s)aul’s charge and murdered all of the priest as well as the women and children and the livestock, something (s)aul did not do when God commanded him, in his dealings with Agag prior to this event.

If ever the question of why did God allow this was justified, this was the time.  Why would God allow over eighty-five (85) of His own priests to be killed and in addition all the women and children? Did God allow this?  Did God ordain this? Was this part of God’s plan? The answer is, yes. How did (s)aul learn of the prestly aid to Jesse’s son, David? Doeg, the Edomite, told (s)aul of the aid. Doeg is one (1) of the persons in Scripture that is reprobate. This man occasioned the death of all the priests and all the women and children and the livestock. Not only did he play on (s)aul’s self-centered paranoia, he killed the people, himself.

The question is why did God allow this and why does God allow things today?  Another question is why did not someone stop Doeg, the Edomite, whom God hates. The answer can be given in seventeen words  words, (17) “Now a certain man of the servants of [(s)]aul was there that day, DETAINED BEFORE THE LORD…” In other words, God put Doeg, the Edomite, who God hates, in the picture.

A word on perspective: What happened that day, “which the LORD hath made?” Were so many persons of God killed by a sychophan-tick psychopath or were the persons of God released and received into paradise? The BIG PICTURE demands the latter. This life is a vapour, just a moment in eternity. Yes, Christ-ians have been martyred. Yes, Christ-ians, our family, are being persecuted all around the world, but it is a moment, a moment in God’s Great and Grand BIG Picture. In our Scripture texts above, we are told Christ was led as a sheep to slaughter AND we also learn that we too are to be sheep led to the slaughter all day long and it is to be in His Name.

The “Official” Christ-ian perspective or standard of operational procedure on suffering and persecution is this:
“Though [H]e slay me, yet will I trust Him”   and   “For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.”  And, “If it so be, our God [W]hom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace and [H]e will deliver us out of thine hand, O king. But if not, be it known unto thee, O king, that we will not serve thy gods, nor worship the golden image which thou has set up.”


“A-theism” Or “The A-theist – There Be No Such Animal” Or “There Is No God And I Hate Him” AND….. “A Study On St. Paul, St. Augustine, C.S. Lewis, and A. Flue 2.”

“The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God.”  (Psalm 14)

“…that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them. For the invisible things of [H]im from the creation of the world are clearly seen…”                                                                                                                                        (Romans 1)


There is a restaurant chain called, “Famous Daves.”  This chain or franchise is known for their many meat dishes.  At the entrance to this restaurant there is a small sign that says, “We love vegitarians, they make us laugh.”  This can be adopted by Christ-ianity in reference to that species of the human race called atheists.  “We love atheists, they make us laugh.”  I know, I know we should mourn over the atheist. It is true we should mourn over the individual atheist, but we can shake our heads and mock atheism in general.

The truth is however, there does not exist such an animal. In Scripture we find the refutation of the so-called atheist.  In Romans one (1) the Bible dispels the notion of the true atheist. Paul tells us they see creation and know there is God as well as an internal witness that tells them that God is.  In Psalm fourteen (14) we read. “The fool hath said in his heart there is no God”  but in their mind they know God is.

I read something about atheism on Fb today and one of the comments mocked atheism with the following, “There is no God and I hate Him,” I think that is a perfect summary of atheism. Eight (8) one (1) syllable words sums it up perfectly.  There be no Christ-ians running around trying to disprove the existence of Molech or Baal.  The Christ-ian frets not over these two (2) or any of the O.T. false gods, why?  They exist not, they were shell companies for (s)atan’s false religions.  But the atheist, I mean the active and militant atheist kicks and screams against the Godhead, Why?  They know He is and it is as simple as that.

In my way of thinking there are three (3) types of atheists. There is the professing Christ-ian that denies God in their everyday life, there is the quiet atheist that simply thinks not of God and goes about their business with no thought of God or the soul, then there is my favourite, the militant atheist, the Evangelical Atheist, who goes about witnessing to God’s non-existence.

The “Christ-ian” atheist is the person that says they believe in God, they might even attend church but in their everyday life, in their practices and in their principles, will, and actions, they deny Christ over and over and over.  There are many “Christ-ian” atheist, you reader, may be one yourself.
King Saul is the perfect example of this type of atheist, King Saul spoke a good game, Saul spent time with men of God and outwardly professed God, but in truth Saul was an apostate waiting to implode.  King Saul killed many, many priests of God, Saul over-stepped into the office of priest when he had no right and God rejected him for this. Saul also sought to kill God’s true king over and over again.  King Saul stands as the example of the “Christ-ian” atheist.

The quiet atheist never has much to say about God and certainly nothing to God.  This atheist might be politically sound, this type may be a decent man, a good husband and a good father.  This type generally has nothing to say about God, God simply finds no place in his thoughts.  There are many atheist of this sort. This atheist will not get into discussions about religion and will simply go about his way. This type is generally harmless, they hurt no one except themselves and their family through their obliviousness to all things God. Though they be quiet and generally harmless to most, they will still face God’s judgment.

Then there is my favourite atheist, the militant. These be my favourites for a variety of reasons. One (1) reason is i Love to see them come to faith when God reveals Himself to their unbelief and causes them to believe and serve Him as a spiritual pitbull.  There is many of these in history. Saul/Paul of Tarsus was an atheist…yes, he believed in Jehovah but denied Christ, thus he was an atheist of sorts. This man was a great plague to Christ-ianity, he was a plague against Christ-ians as God was a plague against Egypt.  This man lived and breathed to condemn, persecute, and imprison Christ-ians. This man was a serial persecutor.  He was the cause of much pain that was felt for years and years in the Christ-ian community. Yet God chose this man to be His greatest witness to the gentile world. Paul was one of the great trophies of grace.

Then there is Saint Augustine. Augustine was a very worldly wise man given to many vices. Augustine denied the God of his mother by his words, actions, ways, and influence. Augustine’s mother, Monica prayed for years for her intellectually gifted son. Augustine was very, very sexually promiscuous, he had a bastard son and though no one says it, he might even have experimented with homosexuality with his very beloved and longtime companion.  Augustine was pompous, arrogant, and intellectually boundless.  BUT GOD.

Augustine was in his rear garden and heard the words, “Pick up the book and read.”  Augustine saw no children, could not think of any children’s songs or games that included those words and was then driven to open the Scriptures.  Augustine’s eyes landed upon the Romans 13:14, “Put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make not provision for the flesh, to fulfil the lusts thereof.”  Augustine was never the same and neither was Christ-ianity.

Augustine is claimed by the Catholic church but he is none of their’s.  Augustine is the grand-father of the reformation, Both Luther and Calvin learned at the feet of Augustine, in the bookish sense. Augustine wrote upon and taught all the main and major doctrines of the Christ-ian faith.  Humanly speaking, Augustine, like Athanasius before him, saved Christian-ity from heresy.  Humanly speaking, without Augustine, we all would be crossing ourselves and confessing to a man in a box.

The importance and value of Augustine cannot be over-stated. Augustine’s works on the Trinity cannot be bettered, his “Confessions” is a spiritual high. He has commentaries on Psalms, John, and a small commentary on Romans, Augustine wrote on politics, and his Enchiridon is helpful as a Christ-ian handbook.. One should begin with his “Confessions” if one desires to explore a great and godly and God-filled mind and one should desire to explore a great and godly and God-filled mind, Right? Right.

Yet another militant atheist was C.S. Lewis.  This man “lost faith” when he was nine (9) years old after he had prayed for his mother’s healing and was denied. His mother’s death ended his faith.  Lewis wrote much against God and mocked Christ-ians and even debated Christ-ians. Lewis is the perfect example of being very “angry with God for not existing.” Lewis had a rough childhood and a tough time in boarding school. One (1) of his instructor was committed to an asylum. Lewis wrote home to his father promising to kill himself if he was not removed from his boarding school. Lewis, being taken seriously by his father, was pulled from that school. [SideNote: All good fathers take their children seriously.  If my one of my children told me there was a ghost, spirit, demon in their roon, I would take her seriously, anything any of my children said would be taken seriously and considered with soberness].

After being pulled from the abusive boarding school Lewis was sent to an old friend and teacher of his father and brother.  This teacher’s name is William T. Kirkpatrick. William T. Kirkpatrick is also called “the Great Knock.” Metinks that name is due to his ability to knock down illogical fallacies or maybe he was known for knocking on doors loudly. W.T. Kirkpatrick is a very interesting person to study.  W.T.K. was the headmaster of a school in Scotland and was a teacher in the Presbyterian Church. Lewis called W.T.K. the embodiment of pure logic. On Sundays W.T.K. would dress in his finest and would work in his garden.  The sad thing about W.T.K. is one day he woke up and became an atheist, out of no where.

W.T.K. would make Lewis who Lewis would become, Humanly speaking.  Lewis was taught languages, logic, literature, and math by this embodiment of God-less logic. Lewis was so inculcated by Kirkpatrick that he began to dream in other languages. Here was Lewis a militant atheist, being taught and mentored by a former Calvinist turned quiet athiest and yet….and yet, Lewis would become one (1) of the great apologists and writers for the common faith and some wonder if God has a sense of humour.

An atheist turned deist for now is Anthony Flue.  This atheist wrote a book called, “There is No God” when he was a younger man. Flue is the son of a preacher, but he grew up to deny Christ, not only deny Christ but to fight against His very existence. Years later as an old man Flue re-published his book, “There is no God” but this time there is a line through the word no. Flue came to his senses, like all prodigals must do and he realized God is.  Flue is no Christ-ian, but a deist. A deist acknowledges A God that is impersonal toward His creation. This seems to be the route many militant atheist walk, Atheism to Deism to Christ-ianity.

I love to see the militany atheist be turned to God and there have been many because God is in the Christ-ian making business. If the heart of a king is in the hand of the LORD, then so is the atheist’s. We have my eye on a few atheists that thinks me will turn to God.

The really sad type of atheist however, is the professing Christ-ian that denies God in all their ways while they lean upon their own understanding. These, I call practical atheists. In name they may be Christ-ian, in principle and politic they may be Christ-ian, but in practice and in the outward workings of their will and imagination, and future expectations they utterly deny God. What is scary is these professing Christ-ians/practical atheists might not even know they are denying God. When a Christ-ian does not acknowledge God in all his ways and does not keep God in all his thinking, that Christ-ian is essentially and practically, an atheist.

Another reason I love the militant atheist is they be fodder for my faith. i know that sounds mean and nasty and maybe it is but …..wait for it…. wait for it…..It is what it is.

The militant atheist proves the Bible’s description of the atheist everytime. In their denial of God and His Word, they prove His Word and His Being. The atheist can be likened unto the man that looks at the sky and calls it green and looks at grass and calls it blue. The atheist is the criminal that sees himself on video but denies it is him. The atheist is the person who denies God while everything in their life is screaming God. The atheist is like the holocaust denier, the holocaust is documented, there is film documenting the holocaust, there are books documenting the holocaust, and there are living persons who endured the holocaust. But the Holocaust denier still says, “There was no Holocaust.” The reason the atheist is like the Holocaust denier is because the holocaust is within keeping with God’s pattern. God puts the Jew to captivity. It is an on going trend and is a pattern. To acknowledge the holocaust is to acknowledge the Pattern and to acknowledge the Pattern is to Acknowledge God.

We could go on and on profiling the atheist, but we think what is written is sufficient.


“Meditation” Or “Dwelling Upon The Person Of God And The Word Of God” Or “Regurgitating And Chewing The Cud”

“Nevertheless these ye shall not eat of them the chew the cud…”  (Deuteronomy 14)


What does it mean to chew the cud?  Some animal will regurgitate their food and re-chew it and re ingest it. This is called chewing the cud.  Christ-ians should “chew the cud” in that after one (1) reads a passage of Scripture it should be brought back to mind again and again and meditated upon so as to get as much nutrients as possible. The chew the cud is more than mere reading of a text and forgetting what you read.  It is more than studying a passage for a period of time and moving on the something else.

To chew the cud is dwell upon a passage, usually one (1) or two (2) and dwelling upon it’s meaning. One (1) should pray as  one (1) thinks upon these things. Christ said to His disciples, “I have meat and drink ye know not of…”  Christ said, Man” shall not live on bread alone, but by every [W]ord that proceedeth out of the [M]outh of God.  Do you notice, Reader, how Christ likens God’s Word with food?  He also says we should hunger and thirst after righteousness which is  another allusion to feeding.

Meditating upon the Word is a form of worship and time spent with God. How good does it feel when someone comes to you and says, “I was just thinking about something you said yesterday?”  It is encouraging is it not?  There is not a better compliment you could give a pastor than telling him that you were thinking about something he said previously. The same is true of God.

A.W. Pink said many times that the Word of God is not for the lazy man. What a true statement.  Reader, We will be rather blunt at this point.  we have heard many say, “I just can’t understand what I read,”  or “I can’t remember what i read.”  The answer is simple…you give up too easy or you do not spend time thinking about nor dwelling on God’s Word!!!  You are far to busy to dwell upon the things of God. You are far too busy sewing to the flesh and not the spirit. You are far to busy feeding the old man and the old nature than feeding to the man and the new nature. You read a line or two (2) of Scripture and out of the draught it goes!!!

Reader, did the last paragraph offend you?  If so that only proves the matter.  If you though I was rough, what must God think?  I grow frustrated when persons who claim to love God, will not spend time with Him in His Word.  What would you think, how would you feel if you wrote everyday to a beloved only to find out they never bother to open a single note?  You would be offended and maybe even heartbroken and possibly angry.  How do you think God feels…what do you think God thinks about your failure to read His love letters? I think the answer is obvious. God is most unpleased.

What do you think the men and women who lost heir earthly lives in making sure God’s Word survived the onslaught of (s)atan and his servants.  Do you know that countless men and women died violently as they sought to insure the Word of god found a home? Yet you rather send time with carnal tripe?  Doth this offend?  Very well and very good. If you do not see fit to spend valuable time upon God’s word and with God, why should He bless you and answer your prayers?  Why? Why? Why?

“For to be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.                                                                                                                                              (Roman 8:6)
We need not exposit the meaning of this verse from Romans 8. It is obvious in it’s meaning. However, we will apply it to our subject at hand. Meditating on God, God’s Word, God’s Works, and God’s Ways is how you can develop spiritual mindedness. Allow me to ask you a question that will say much to you. What else is worthy of your concentration?  I fully understand that we have to think about many things during the day, that is life in the world, but to set aside time to meditate upon the Scriptures is life in the Word.  When you are driving or lying in bed, you cannot do know better than “think upon these things,”  “chew the cud,”  be like David and meditate night and day upon God and His Person, and His Word, you can not please God more than to actively dwell upon Him.

How do you feel or do you remember how it felt when a girl/boyfriend gave you a note or told you that you were thought about?  We are made in God’s Image; God loves when we think upon Him, upon His Holiness, His Righteousness, His GOoDness, His Grace, His Mercy, His Sovereignty, His Power, His Authority, His Majesty, His Great Love wherewith He loves us, His Anger, His Wrath…think upon His Many Attributes. Pink and Tozer  write on the Attributes or Traits of God.

It has been said we should avoid the topics of politics and religion when we are in the company of family and friends.  G.K.  Chesterton, commenting on that thought said, “What else is there to talk about?” I agree with him.  I am not a person given to small talk, I want to talk about that which will edify (build up) and benefit others and myself.  Sitting with my father-in-law or pastor friends and speaking on Christ and all things God is a spiritual high, it is champagne to the soul. Sitting and reading the Word of God and meditating upon that which we read is the same.

“Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on [T]hee: because he trusteth in [T]hee.  Is peace an elusive animal to you?  Do you see it out of the corner of your eye just to see it disappear when you turn your head? Peace is a gift the Resurrected and Ascended Christ left us.  It is the will of God that we enJOY inner peace; the peace that passeth all understanding. Reader, Peace will be had by those that meditate upon God and all that is God.

Meditation is a type of fellowship with the Holy Spirit.  When you meditate upon God and His Word, the Spirit is there with you, helping and guiding your thoughts.  He will bring other passages and other glories of God to your mind.  He will help you develop a cross referencing system in your mind.  You can develop a chain reference system; you might be dwelling upon one (1) passage or even one (1) word, or one (1) doctrine and your mind…your spiritual mind (Romans 8:6) will begin to recall other passages to mind.

In Jiu Jitsu and catch wrestling there is something called chain wrestling or grappling. A skilled grappler can move from one (1) hold or lock to another in quick succession. This writer, as he has been trained by good Christ-ian brothers, is able to begin at an opponents neck and move to the shoulder > elbow > wrist > arm > hips > knees > legs > ankles > back to the neck > and then begin working on joints , pressure points, and the face.  This is analogous to Biblical chain referencing.  While chain wrestling is good, it “profiteth thee little” when compared to a chain reference system in your mind.

Reader, I cannot encourage thee enough to meditate upon God and His Word.  Start with a short passage or verse, think upon each word in that verse, dwell upon the meaning of each word and how it fits in with the next word. Think about the meaning of your chosen verse. Try and cross reference your verse with another verse or another thought. Ask yourself how this verse applies to you, and how you can apply it to daily life. Pray while meditating, asking God to illuminate your spiritual mind.

Meditation is a means to developing a spiritual mindedness, to fellowshiping with God, to gaining insight to spiritual matters, to learning and understanding God’s Word.  Meditating is a form of worship. Meditation will help you train your mind as well; it can help you bring emotions and thoughts under control and under the obedience of Christ. Meditating is a kin to fasting from the world.

If my arguments above are not strong enough to cause you to consider meditation, let me give you one (1) more….God wants you to and commands you to period. Meditation is feeding the spiritual nature and denying the carnal.



“What To Do When You Do Not Understand A Passage In Scripture” Or “The Word Of The LORD Came To Me [And I Was Confused]” Or “Aids In Studying The Scriptures”

“And [H]is disciples asked [H]im, saying, What might this parable be?”  (Luke 8)


Reader, How can one (1) remedy a problem with understanding Scripture?  This happens to all of us, even preachers and pastors…probably more often that it does to anyone else.  Why does this happen to a minister more than anyone else? This happens to ministers because it is the minister that is in the word MORE than anyone else.  It is the ministers calling to wrestler with the Scriptures.  The minister that has all the answers is a mnister to be weary of.  Beware of the minister with all the answers and offers quick patented answers that he was told in Bible college decades ago.

The Books of the prophets, the Book of Revelation and some of Christ’s parable need to be thought over and meditated over. There are times our Lord would do something and say something and one (1) is left to wonder, why.  If one (1) goes to a commentary or a number of commentaries, there may be a number of thoughts and ideas offered but nothing concrete.  Reader, do you really want a God that is easy to figure out?  You do not.

So what do we do when we are at a loss?  Below in bullet point form we will give some suggestions and then look at these suggestions:
*Give up, put the Bible down and think about something else…it’s too difficult for you.
*Ask The Spirit and give Him time to respond.
* Get out study aids such as a concordance, a Bible dictionary, The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge, and then after having done these things and giving the Spirit time to respond, look into a trusted commentary. Some commentaries are Matthew Henry, Calvin, Spurgeon and other trusted classic Christ-ian leaders.  Jonathan Edwards “Blank Bible” is a forgotten source.
*One (1) could obtain an entire book on the subject that one (1) is working through.
*Ask a pastor of other exercised and veteran believers.

*Giving up. i think you know this is not a worthy obtion or an acceptable practice.  Arthur PInk said, “The Bible is not for the lazy man.”  There are far too many helps and aids to just give up and go about other business. What does that say about someone that just gives up on the mysteries of God.  The prophets were given visions and Words from God and they understood not but spoke them anyway…they never did receive all of the answers but they never stopped trying to figure them out.

*In Isaiah 11, The Spirit is called the Spirit of Knowledge and Understanding and Wisdom among other titles.  It is the Spirit’s office to grant us knowledge, understanding and wisdom. It is a practice of this writer to call upon the Spirit of Knowledge to grant me knowledge on differing matters in Scripture and non-Scriptural things I forget like names, words, and lost memories.
It is the office of the Spirit to grant us understanding on all things necessary for us to understand and to grant us wisdom in pressing matters.  Reader, call upon the Spirit of Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom.
The answer may not come right away, it may come a week later while you are driving and not even dwelling upon Scripture or that thought. Other times it may come right away. I have found both to be true, but normally He answers me quick and fast.

*Use study aids: The concordance will provide you with each and every place a word is used in Scripture.  The Young’s Analytical will give you the word’s original Hebrew or Greek word used by the writer.  This will often clarify much. The student of Scripture that desires to gain understanding of a verse could and should look up the meaning of each word used by the writer.  For example, the word resist in James 4:7 is used twice but the word resist is used two (2) differnt ways and is translated from two (2) differnt greek words. One (1) is to resist or oppose, the second (2nd) is to “set in array against.”  In other words, the first (1st) is simply to resist or oppose or go against as in saying, “no” or even leaving a situation, or rebuking an outside influence. The second (2nd) is to set in a rray against as in go to war, set up an active offence against.
The word for “judgement seat” of Christ is “foot print!!!”  What does that mean? God will judge us according to our like-ness to Christ, our foot print will be measured against His, so to speak. God will judge us according to how we followed Christ’s lead.
“The Teasury of Scripture Knowledge” will guide you throughout Scripture where a phrase or word is used else where in Scripture so that you can compare. Invaluable.
A good Bible dictionary or encyclopedia will give you much detailed information.
A good commentary set will give you a college education, so to speak as will a good study Bible, but beware of Study Bibles as they can and will lead you in a wrong direction. Always remember our Lord’s warning, A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump.  A little unsound doctrine mixed in with sound doctrine can cause tremendous spiritual harm.  Arminianism has much good and sound doctrine, but they go wrong with the most fundamental and foundationa truths concerning God and everything concerning God is off kiltar from that point on.

*One (1) can obtain entire books or works on Biblical topics.  Again, care needs to be taken when procuring books.  The author must be considered and vetted before handing ones (1’s) mind to him. I wowuld forewarn you to saty far away from charismatic writers.  I would warn you to stay away from Arminian writers on doctrines of grace such as election, justification, sanctification, etc.  Arminians can be good on the Christ-ian life in many cases.
It has been my long held view to keep away from most living authors.  The dead Christ-ians are far better and deeper than most of the current and living authors. The living authors are simply regurgitating what the older writers said.  This is not true in every situaton of course. I could recommend aithors like John Macarthur, Steve Lawson, the recently passed R.C. Sproul and those in the reformed way of thinking.  Dead authors like: Arthur Pink, Charles Spurgeon, The Reformers, The Puritans, C.S Lewis, Billy Graham, Augustine, James Stalker.

*Asking a pastor or well exercised saint is a good practice, but do not take their word as Gospel. Hear what they have to say, Ask the Spirit if it is sound…He’ll probably give you a sense to whether the answer given is sound or not…He’ll speak in you instinct or “gut.”  Once you have His answer, compare it with the above points listed.

Reader, I have offered my counsel often.  Please message me, write me, call me, find me and seek my aid.  We will give you whatever aid we can. If we do not have the answer, we will (DV) find it with you.  No question or inquirey is silly or stupid. It is my calling to be used of you.  Your questions can be on theological matters, personal matters…we are discreet, matters on “what do you think I should do about…”  Reader, we have seen much and heard much…you will not surprsie us or be judged by us.  There is no sin or difficulty that is not common among believers.

If anyone would like to sit down and have a Bible study or discuss Biblical topics or any other topics that pose difficulty…we are available and ready to serve.

“The Chastening Of The Lord” Or “The Divine Evidence Of Divine Love” “The Faithful Afflictions Of A Faithful Father” Or “EEWWW, Ouch…That Felt Good”

“Thy rod and [T]hy staff comfort us”  (Psalm 23)

“My son, despise not thou the chastening of the Lord, or faint when thou art rebuked by [H]im: For whom the Lord loveth [H]e chaseneth, and scourgeth every son whom [H]e receiveth.”  (Hebrews 12)


I  am going to provide you with a paradox that will be worthy of meditating upon. WE are told most clearly that God does not tempt us…it is clear from James.  HOWEVER, It is also written by James to count it all joy when we “fall into divers temptations: knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience.”  We also read in Mathhew 6, “..lead us not into temptation.”

I know there is the patented answer given by most…”Temptation is of self, the flesh and the devil, God does not tempt.”  Reader, please read on before throwing up your hand and thinking this writer an heretick. Here is our paradox: God does TEMPT us, with a righteous purpose in MInd and He uses the devil to do it. Let me put that into bullet point to make it clearer:
*God doth tempt His own with and for a righteous purpose.
*God uses the devil to do it.
*God uses the devil to “lead us into temptation” for which we should “count it all joy…”

Reader, I can prove this with one (1) main question and two (2) follow up to demonstrate the point: Who controls the devil? Was Job not sorely tempted?  Was CHRIST NOT SORELY TEMPTED?  We cover it up and try to defend God by calling it “testing.”  We have used this analogy many times before: There a may be certain pieces of evidence that are disqualified, by a judge, from being brought into a court of law and used against the defendent, by the prosecuting attorney. If the defense attorney errs and mentions that piece of disqualified evidence, the prosecuting attorney is free to use it.

This is how God uses sin.  God did not create sin, God did not cause sin, but He allowed (s)atan to err and bring it into the garden, thus opening the door for God’s use of sin to send the Word into the world that the Word might be made flesh and dwell amoung us. God uses sin to keep His own humble…what kind of pridefilled affront to God would you be without sin keeping you grounded.

Reader, I am not charging God with anything, God Forbid. I am exalting Him and praising Him for His Greart Wisdom and His Sovereign and Righteous and Holy use of the foolish devil, (s)atan. (s)atan thought he was getting away with something in Eden, when He was serving the Righteous and Holy Purposes and Pleasures Of God. Reader, the betrayal of (s)atan, the fall of the mant angels, the temptation of the our parents in Eden were all to bring God’s will to pass.  There can be no doubting this lest ye charge God with incompetence and ignorance.

Today, God uses sin in a myriad of ways for the purposes of His pleasures. God is Sovereign over sin. God is sin’s Lord and Master.  Did He not use a demon to vex Ahab?   Did God not put the idea of trying Job into the mind of (s)atan, “”Have you considered my servant, Job?”   God was leading (s)atan into temptation.  In the Old Testament God would use pagan kings to chasten the people of Israel and then punish the pagan nation for DOING HIS WILL!!!  Reader, do you not see the great WISDOM of God in these divine actions?  He did the same to (s)atan in the affairs of Job and He does the same when He allows (s)atan to tempt us.

You might say, “yeah, but…we sin on our own, without the provacations of (s)atan.”  We sure do, but is not God capable of restraining us? Do you not realize the restraining Hand of God upon you at all times?  He keep us from a multitude of sins everyday.  Have you not read of the king that would have “known” Sarah, lest God intervened and threatened this king?  Why did Adam not sin sooner?  God restrained the devil.  The devil and his lackeys were on earth before Adam and Eve…(s)atan is the God of this earth, is he not?  Did not our God exist before us?  (s)atan was upon the earth before humans…why did he not strike sooner?  The restrainer Hand of (s)atan’s LORD and Master.  (s)atan was leashed before his attack upon humanity, just as he will be leashed later as in Revelation.

What is the point of this article?  The point of this article is to show you how God will use (s)atan, His servant, to lead us into temptation, trials, testing as a means of chastening.  We are told in Scripture ad wrned by ministers of God that od will chasten those He loves,  How does God do this? Can you remember the last time you were chastened?  I bet you have to think about that. How does God chasten?
*God chastens as a loving and faithful Father and not as a judge.
*God chastens us as a Father Who awaits His beloved child that is late in coming home.
*God’s chastening, though loving, can be severe.
*God chastening is according to the child in need of the chasening. In other words, God knows what will work on each of us.  Christ chastend Peter with His three (3) questions of Peter’s love…this broke Peter.

Means of God’s chastening:
*Through the rebuke of a loved one (1).
*Through the rebuke of one (1) that is not thought of as a loved one (1) or one (1) that does not love you.
*Church discipline or the attention of a church leader…we see things; God gives a faith leader certain insights and God can direct a pastor’s eyes and spiritual eye and mind to something wrong in someone’s life.  We see the eyes the blushings, the movements that demonstrates one’s (1’s) discomort.
*God may take your sense of personal peace
*God may remove your sense of His Presence.
*God may take away spiritual in sight.
God may use the devil to lead you into a time of testing or temptation whereby you will be chastened or to bring something to your attention.
*A loss Peace in the home.
*A loss Success at work
*A loss of ease and liberty, and enJOYment at prayer
*Illness, pain

God has full access to your spirit, mind, heart, etc. He will make full use of this access.  God has the reigns of your life in His hands, God knows exactly what buttons to push, God knows just what to take away and what to send in.  There is even a sin unto death, says John.  This is how we can discern whether a person is really saved or not, in some cases.

I know a man that thinks he is God’s gift to earth. This man is wicked and loves to inflict emotional pain upon others.  He attends church, until he is asked to leave, he hands out Bibles, this man has not a single friend on this earth and not a single family member that is in his life.  How do I know God chastens those He loves and will even bring a saint home that wanders to far?  This man is still alive and living a worldy and carnally prospereth life.

if you want to study more on God’s chastening love, one (1) needs only look at the lives of God’s elect in the Old Testament and New.  Study the life of David and Abraham, look at Samson.  In the New, look at Paul’s writings on church discipline.  One can do a case study on Jonah.

In closing, why should should we count it all joy when we are tested/tempted? Reader, it is “elementary”…before we were His, sins were fun and a normal part of life.  Now that we are His, what was a normal part of life is a sin and a temptation. Before we were His, we could swaer with the best of’em.

Now we see it as a grevous sin and an expression of a heart problem and we seek God to put a guard upon our lips.  Before we would allow sinful thoughts into our minds and would entertain them all the day long, now we seek to bring those sinful thoughts under the obedience of Christ, though these thoughts may present themselves to us, we entertain them not and if/when we do, we take hold of our selves, cast them out and confess them before the One Who knoweth our thoughts afar off.

Reader, I trust this will be a help, either today or in the coming days. I hope you may have gained more understanding in the Ways and Works of our All-Wise and All Wonderful and All Worthy God.  God’s grace and Godspeed be with you all that share a place in Christ, Who loved us and gave Himself for us.


“It Is Better To Give Than To Receive” Or “A Birthday Wish From Me To You” Or “What In The World? And How Do They Pray So Long?”

“In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.”                                                                                                                                (1 Thessalonians 5)

“…when they knew God, they glorified [H]im not as God, neither were they thankful…”                                                                                                                                          (Romans 1)


Reader, My birthday gift to you is an article on thankfulness and we will begin with this: What marijauna is to the gateway drug; Un-thankfulness is to the gateway of sin.  It is plain and simple; when thankfulness is lost, ALL is lost. On the national Thanksgiving day persons say they are thankful.  But wait a minute, to Whom are these persons thankful to? Thanksgiving should be a day where persons acknowledge God’s GOoDness and Mercy, and Righteousnesss. But it will not happen and that is to our nation’s shame. There are many types(?) styles(?) of prayer. Here are a few:
*Worshipful prayers
*Petitionary prayer
*Repentance and Confessional Prayer
*Prayers for strength and other needs
*Impecortory prayers IE praying against something and not for something.
*Exorcism prayers

Thankfulness is the prayer we will (DV) concern ourselves with. Reader, this writer is a professional Thank-er. I thank God for everything all the time. Really, if you are a lip reader you will see me thanking God for everything.  Thanking God for everything keeps me near Him all the time. READER!!! READER!!! READER!!! That is the way to stay close to God.  Give Him Thanks for every thing all day long.  If there were a secret to getting on God’s GOoD side, this is it. BE THANKFUL ALL THE TIME and acknowledge your thanks with your voice. When was the last time you thanked God and really meant Thank YOU, GOD?

We will provide you with a list of thanks:
*Your body, your eyes, your nose, your nervous system, your hair, your defining qualities.
*Your mind…your ideas and imagination…the sanctified imagination.
*Your You-ness
*Born in America
*Body functions….Thank
*God when you pass gas, with out that ability you would be dead.
*Thank God you can urinate, some cannot….do you see how thankful you should be just to be able to realieve yourself?
*Red lights
*Green Lights
*Nutrition in our dirt
*The Sun
*THEE SON of God, Who loved you and gave Himself for you…For YOU…YOU Specifically for YOU AND YOUR SINS…Be Thankful.
*Be thankful for your salvation
Be Thankful you were chosen, Hand picked, elected, selected to be in Christ and not in Adam.
*Be Thankful you were not born in a third world country.
*BE thankful for He loved you and me before we loved Him.
*Be Thankful for family and friends.
*Be Thankful for hard times
*Be Thankful for good times
*Be Thankful for your time on this planet.
*Be Thankful for time and Order.
*Be Thankful for the persons that allow you to exercise your Longsuffering.
*Be Thankful for not being a crazy liberal
*Be Thankful for your hobbies
*Be  Thankful for jobs and careers
*Be Thankful you are not a different person in a differnt family.
*Be Thankful for pastors and ministers that care for you and your life far more than you know.
*Be Thankful for your Mother and your Father. You woudn’t be you without them.
*Be Thankful for the Bad days you learned much from.
*Be Thankful To God for loving you and the knowing and the understanding of what love is.
Be Thankful for what you perceive to be evil or bad in your life.
*Be Thankful for all the teachers that taught you what you know.
*Be Thankful for all the accidents you have avoided had God not directed you in a different way…..remember being thankful for red lights and green lights? SEE God is always protecting you…Be Thankful
*Did I mention being thankful for God’s great love for all peoples on this planet; He sent His Only Begotten Son, so that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but would receive eternal life through the Risen, Reigning, and Returning Son of God.

Reader, the best way to stay close to God is through thankfulness. Thank Him for every good thought that comes into your mind….give Him the Glory for that thought, you will never be sorry you did. Give God all the Glory and be a person that has all humility in Giving God Thanks for everything, for all things, and do it always. Never stop saying Thank You to God and your life will be an abundance of real living in Christ. I know Whom, I have believed and you can believe Him too



“Racism” Or “Racism = Bored” Or “Race-Baiters and Evil Empirical Business Men Are Setting America Up For A Race And Or Gender War”

“So we, being many, are one body in Christ, and every one members one of another.”                                                                                                                                           (Romans 12)

“…ye are all one in Christ Jesus.”  (Galatians 3)


Did you know that Christ was a the subject of Racism?  “And the [Samaritans] did not receive [H]im, because [H]is [F]ace was as though [H]e would go to Jersusalem.

The servants of (s)atan such as Al Sharpton and Jessee Jackson will face an angry Christ. These oppressors of their own people are not only lost or spiritually dead, they mock the Lord Jesus by even speaking His Name. These men are playing with a Consuming Fire. If they fell upon my door step and needed aid, aid would be given in the Name of Christ. But let there be no doubt I hate their movements and everything they stand for and pretend to stand for. These wicked devils are instigators, trained by their father the devil and the lusts of their father, they will do.  And they do it happily and with pleasure as they laugh at the black people from whom they con and grift and steal, kill, and destroy.

I remember Jesse Jackson saying that he is relieved when he sees white men behind him, meaning if they were black he would be scared.  Good Grief, Jesse!!! I praise God and I thank God that i do not see color…What I mean by that is, I do not see the color of a man’s skin as the first thing, I notice.  It is said that women look at a man’s shoes to see his potential.  That’s the opposite of what i’m talking about.  When I see a person of colour, I simply see a person. A person made in the Image of God.

Let me try and be more clear on the subject.  Remember the Terminator movies?  The Terminator would scan every person he comes a cross. The Terminator scans the dimensions of the person he is looking at. This is what I am trying to get a cross, when we see a person our scanning does not detect colour. The thought of judging a person based on colour or race is not in my make-up and I thank God for that.

When I was a child, I would spend my summers in Mississippi and I was exposed to racist comments and racial distain by some of the persons I would meet. I had a girl-friend in Mississippi, we fell intogether quickly. We were at a gas station and a black girl was walking into the convenience store, she spotted debris on the ground and she picked it up and put it into the trash. My soon to be ex-girl-friend said, ” That’s a good N*****.”

Reader, these are things I do not understand. I must conclude that racism is a thing of the world and has no place in the Kingdom. In the kingdom there is diversity BUT NOT diversity for diversity’s sake, No! Not at all. My beloved Christ-ian family through out the world and down through history were beloved servants of God and they so happened, many of them, to be of different races.

Reader, we do not see nationality or race or colour, we see Christ’s Blood bought family, we are all one (1) in Christ.  We all make up the Body of Christ with Christ as the Head. There is no prejudice or racism in the faith…God forbid.  Though there is no place for this kind of hatred in the Kingdom, we would be neglegent and remiss in our duty if we did not make a statement regarding the possibility of racism or prejudice in the Kingdom.

Brother and Sister, If you hold a prejudiced view upon any one for their race or colour, you are not right with God. Racism in the church? that is a kin of (s)atanism.  Christ came to drive a wedge, to divide believers from un-believers, but there was no racial division. Christ divided the elect from the non-elect. HOWEVER, We learn from Scripture that God HATES the person that seeks to divide brethren for their own gain. God will deal harshly and severely with the person who sews disruption, disunity, division, and schizms in the church. God HATES that kind of devilish  and impish manipulation.

(s)atan is one (1) to scatter, spread and divide persons, people and peoples based on skin colour, race, gender, and anything else he can dig up. Racism is of the (s)atanic mindset and if you, Reader, harbour anything resembling racial distain, confess it before God right now. Get rid of that wickedness.

Have you noticed Hollywood revamping old shows with different genders and different races for the show’s lead actors? Do not think they are doing it out of respect for other cultures.  This is low hanging fruit, this is easy money.
*”Doctor Who” is now a woman.
*”The Greatest American Hero” is set to be a hispanic woman.
*”The Honeymooners” were race changed.
*”Charlie’s Angels” will have a female Charlie.
*”One Day at a Time” is now about a hispanic family.
*Magnum P.I. is now hispanic with no mustache.
*Buffy the Vampire Slayer will install a black slayer.
*”Ghostbusters” are now women.
*”Charmed” has been race changed.

Reader, I have no problem with other cultures. But I am interested in the intent and motivation behind all of these gender/race changes. The tide is turning and me thinks there will be sharks in that tide. Did you know that 1/3 of our country believes there will be another civil war with in five (5) years? Hollywood is pushing the “Purge” franchise, methinks all of this is being sent to our subconscience. There is an element that is setting America up for a civil/race war. The Lord Jesus would have us “Take heed,”  “Be Vigilant and Steadfast.”  He has further instructed us to “Watch and pray.”

Soros, I think is the element that is working on America’s downfall.  If it be God’s will, let Soros be accursed, and again, I say let him be accursed.

These are some of the principlalities and dark powers in high places Paul spoke of.  Race-baiters like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and evil business men like Soros are seeking to steal, kill, and destroy. These are they that are subject to the pride of life, the pride of the eyes and the lust of the flesh. I cannot imagine what awaits them as they are appointed once to die and then stand before Christ.


“Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” Or “Wait A Minute, I Have To Change My Shoes” Or “Mister Rogers Is A Calvinist”

“A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.  (Proverbs 18)

“…given to hospitality…”  (1 Timothy 3)


Reader, a friend, a real true and abiding friend is a gift from God.  Those that know this writer know me to be friendly, but I do not have many friends.  Don’t get me wrong, I have Christ-ian brethren that love me and are loved by me. But a friend, I have not many.  My wife and children are friends in a sense….you understand? But i have had few friends.  Most of my friends from my past are in the past. I am not a friend type of person. There are fellows that I have known, I do not hear from them anymore, but my love has not diminished.  This is not how most see friendship, but I usually define friendship as friends at a distance.

Reader, that is how I am wired. I do not know how to be different and I do not want to be different. I have been a loner, in a godly sense, most of my life and the thing is, I think many of God’s servants are that way.  We all love each other, we like each other for the most part, but we need not spend time together to maintain our bond and unity.  We have our own walk with Christ and that is where we would rather be….with Christ and not each other. Does this make sense?

However!!! When I get to spend time with my Christ-ian brethren or other preachers, I’m in a kind of heaven. I love to be in the presence of God’s elect people. When I can speak of Christ with another, it is glorious.  When I get to spend time with another who “gets me” I am in a kind of paradise. BUT one (1) needs to be careful not to get too familiar with others.

Earlier in my Christ-ian walk I became very tight with a man of God and his family. It was nice at first. There were many things in common. BUT soon this man began sharing his thoughts and feelings about others…in a gossipy kind of way.  As a younger Christ-ian, what was I to think? This friendship turned ugly and we both were praying and asking God to remove the other one (1) from the church. I learned this years later. This is not a man that i would get along with, probably even today, do I love him? This man is a Christ-ian brother and I must love him, so I do. This man was blaming me for holding him and the church back. This man was indoctrinated by legalistic schools: I learned much about the pathology of the legalist through studying him.

Paul would choose to walk from one (1) place to another when his fellow laborers would use a boat.  Why would Paul do this?  I’ve read some commentators and they said it was due to sea sickness.  Reader, that is silliness. Paul chose to walk, instead of laying back and riding in a boat, because he was walking with Christ in meditation, in prayer, in thought, in Psalms, hymns and spiritual songs.   Reader, our best times are spent with God in study and prayer.

Reader, What do you think of this passage:  “And it came to pass, as [C]hrist was [A]lone praying, [H]is disciples were with [H]im: and [H]e asked them saying, Whom say the people that I am?”  Did you catch it?  Christ was Alone praying, His disciples being with Him.  He was Alone and in God’s Presence while He was surrounded by others!!! Reader, that is communion and prayer. That is the prayer life everyone should stive for and seek after.

I have heard a true friend is running towards you when others are running from you. I recall Billy Graham, early in his ministry, had a friend. This friend’s name was Charles Templeton. Templeton was a fellow preacher that traveled with Graham. Unfortunately, Templeton became an apostate and identified himself as an atheist. He fell for the tired and bored tripe….”If God is good, why is there so much misery?”  Many wondered how Graham would respond to this man’s apostacy.  Graham, to his credit, stood in the pulpit and conceded Templeton’s apostacy, but said, he would remain his friend. Templeton died from Alzheimers disease. Graham ascended peacefullly, mind in tact, we are told.

We have written recently and mentioned George Whitefield and the Wesley brothers.  These men were great friends in college. However, Calvinism divided them. They wrote tracts against each other’s views on the subject of election. Yet they loved each other still and Wesley preached Whitefield’s funeral.  Friendship and Christ-ian brotherhood abides as Christ’s Blood is the binding Agent.

At times I think my chest could explode; my happiness, and dare I say pride, over my beloved brethren fills this writer with joy and hope.

Mister Rogers is an example of a good friend.  Mister Rogers, I trust is with Christ. Mister Rogers is a Calvinist…you didn’t know that did you?  Everyone thinks of Rogers as a friendly teacher of children. However, Rogers could get real serious real fast and quick with parents. Rogers would ask the question, “Won’t you be my neighbor?”  Why neighbor and not friend?  Elementary, my dear Watson, Christ said, “love thy neighbor as thyself.”  He did not say love thy friend as thyself. He said anyone could do that, but it took grace to love neighbors and enemies.


“Your Mother Is So….” Or “Christ-ian Brethren In Disagreement But Still In Christ-ian Love” Or “No! We CANNOT Just Get Along…What Fun Is That???!!!”

“…the contention was so sharp between them, that they departed asunder one from the other.”  (Acts 15)

“But [H]e turned, and said unto Peter, Get thee behind [M]e, Satan…”  (Matthew 16)

“I withstood him to the face, because he was to be blamed.”  (Galatians 2)


The personal pronouns above do not distinguish anyone. I did that because so often when persons get into arguments, they are not themselves or not their right selves. Things can explode quick and very fast.  There can be outside devilish influences at work as well. However, this is not the type of disagreement we are writing about (DV). We are writing (DV) about theo- LOGICAL arguments. We are not writing of contentious debates to puff ourselves up and to leave a brother vanguished. This is not Christ-ian love, no where near Christ-ian love. It’s not even on the same planet with Christ-ian love.

*In the first (1st) Scripture quote it is Paul and Barnabas departing from one another.
*In the second quote we hear our Lord rebuking Peter for trying to talk Christ out of doing the Father’s will. (This is what Christ meant by hating others and loving Him).
*The third (3rd) quote is Paul standing in Peter’s face and rebuking him for placating to the Jewish spies and turning on the Gentile Christ-ians.

In the world and with the worldlings, relationships are not built upon a solid rock, but sinking sand. One only needs to look at the divorce statistics to see that disagreements kill marriages. Businesses are more committed to other businesses than men and women are to each other in the bonds of marriage. Today it seems that married couples have divorce in the back of the brain. If things don’t go their way, even before they are married, divorce is in the head. That is the world. That is not us. That is not Christ-ian.

Shallow persons and those with an inferiority complex and those who are not stabalized or steadfast in their own beliefs cannot abide any criticism or questioning of their shakey and un-assured faith. These are the weaker brethren Paul spoke of and we need to be careful with these babes in Christ.

Let me be clear: the babes in Christ can be very aged. But we still must treat them well. On the other hand, if one is a professional weaker brother or a legalist, one may handle them as one would handle a maturing believer, in other words, one can rattle them. One could be like Priscilla and Aquila. This Christ-ian married couple helped Apollos learn a more perfect way in Christ-ianity. This couple also put their necks on the line for the sake of the faith, so said Paul.

When brethren, that are likeminded and have had their hearts knitted together in love, disagree on theological points, it is not the end of a friendship.  Feelings are not hurt. No one takestheir Bible and runs home to the wife. The disagreement is a sparring sessions between loving BLOOD-bought brothers. It is Iron sharpening iron. This is the beauty of a brotherly love with Christ’s Binding Blood as the foundation.

George Whitefield and the Wesley brothers were great friends and brothers in Christ. However, Whitefield was a staunch Calvinist (I am one (1) also) and the Wesley brothers were not. There were letters written and published for public reading concerning their vehement disagreement. Their was no Love lost. John Wesley preached the funeral of his brother by Blood, Whitefield.

Martyn Lloyd Jones and G. Campbell Morgan were co-pastors in their Church. Lloyd Jones was a staunch Calvinist and G. Campbell Morgan was not. When Morgan died, he left the church to Lloyd jones.  Lloyd Jones and A.W. Tozer sat together in a church preparing to speak and Tozer and Lloyd Jones agreed that though they have differences, they got to the same stage. Lloyd Jones would not sit on a stage with Billy Graham because there were priests from the catholic stage show on the set. There were no hard feelings between Graham and Lloyd Jones. Do you see, there can be disagreements between brethren but no love lost.

Could you imagine Calvin and Luther in a room together?  Methinks they would not get along, there would be no serendipity. But they would fight to the death for one another. Luther was known to use colorful words, Calvin was more of a composed theologian. Luther would be in a t-shirt and Calvin in a suit and tie. These two (2) could not be more different, but they would have died for and with each other over the Gospel and the imputed Righteousness of Christ, their Lord.

I am convinced Peter and Paul were not soft and gooey with one (1) another. I’m not saying they were unfriendly to one (1) another but i doubt very much that the two (2) of them would have been a good team. I have a brother by the Blood and I love him dearly, but I have not seen him in a decade. He has been gifted with a good mind. This brother loves to use big words and he likes to debate theological issues with others. This brother is a 24/7 debater and I do not want to use energy to keep with him. He knows this and he knows I know this. Do I have a single hard feeling towards this brother, God forbid. I loved him when I met him, I love him now, and i will love him in eternity. In any situation I would have his back and I trust he would have mine.

I have disagreements with other pastors on secondary issues. I can be labeled a Calvinist, another pastor friend of mine says he has no use for Calvin. Am I offended? Should I take my Bible and run a way? Of course not. I do not offend him and he doth not offend me.  I love this man dearly. I think he is wrong on theological issues and he thinks I am wrong on those same issues. There is no love lost in this variance of beliefs. This man is beloved by me and i am, I think, beloved by him.

I have certain convictions: I cannot call God’s Son by His Name without His Title of Lord. A brother and pastor thinks i am wrong. There is no love lost. I also have a personal conviction about clothing. I cannot, with a pure conscience, wear a shirt with another persons name or logo on it.  I am bought with a price…I advertise for Christ Alone. To advertise for another person would be a breach of covenant…………to my mind.  I do not, and I thank God, I do not judge others who do not share my convictions.

To Summarize:  Christ-ian brethren CAN disagree and still love AND LIKE each other.