“God Knows” Or “Two (2) Words That Cause Different Responses” Or “The Innocent And The Guilty Hear Police Sirens Differently”

“For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil.”  (Romans 13)

“Knowing therefore the terror of the Lord, we persuade men…”  (2 Corinthians 5)

“Thou knowest…” (Psalm 139)

“…and Hezekiah went up into the house of the LORD, and spread [the letter] before the LORD.”  (2 Kings 19)


One of the very, very foundational and basic truths of the Christ-ian faith is God knows all things. In Acts 15, we are told, “God knoweth the end from the beginning….”  Paul tells the Ephesians and us that God knew us (loved us) before the foundations of the world. God tells Jeremiah that He knew him before he was formed in the womb of Jeremiah’s mother. Paul tells Timothy that there is a foundational truth, that has the seal of God upon it and that truth is that God knoweth them that are his from eternity pass. This truth and these passages and those above should give us tremendous, great and sobering confidence in God’s love and knowledge of His own and all things that pertain unto us past, present and future.

David took comfort in the fact that God could search his opened and pure heart at all times.  Peter said unto Christ,  “Lord, [T]hou knowest all things…” and this was comfort to Peter. In one of the chosen texts above King Hezekiah took comfort and was glad to know that the LORD saw the letter that he set and spread before Him. Hannah, with her open, pure and broken, yet hopeful heart laid her petition before God and knew He heard her.

Reader, the chosen, the few, those that are loved of God and love God WANT God to know all things in their heart, their mind, and their life.  This openness and purity of heart is a sign, a mark, a comfort, an assurance, a hope, a confidence, a comfort, a consellation to the person of God.  Reader, this is one of those realities that tell and reveal unto us our condition before the Lord.

However, this is not true of the lost.  Either the lost care not what the Lord thinks of their thoughts, feelings, or actions or they pretend and hope it doesn’t matter. If this is true of a person, they are an atheist even if they say or pretend to believe in a god or higher power, but have no experiential knowledge or walk with this god or higher power.

If a person who is lost, knows the condition of their soul and believes that God knows all things about them, they would be, and should be terrified.  If these persons knew that God is, and that God knows, and recognised their condition before the Holy and sin hating God, they would be, and should be terrified.  An analogy: Imagine what a horror it would be and what kind of feelings one would have if one learned that their spouse has found out about a long time extra-marrital affair.

Another analogy:  Remember what it feels like when are caught speeding?  Remember the heart drop or the knot in the pit of your stomach? Remember when you were a kid and report cards were coming out and you knew your grades would disappoint your parents?  Try and imagine what it must feel like when a political or religious leader finds out a secret has been found out.

Reader, Again, this is one of the great differences between a child of God and the unsaved. When we sin, we know God knows yet it is still a comfort to know this. This speaks to a pure heart…even when we sin we want God to know and we are comforted by His knowledge and then we are thankful and grateful to receive His Fatherly forgivenness. We are comforted because the God-incarnate Man knows about the realities of temptation for He was tempted in all points as we are yet He remained without sin and sins.  Even His enemies could not find fault, they had to make up faults to project upon Him.

A word about the temptation(s) that were put before Christ. We know He was tempted by the Arch-(t)empter and failed not to remain Holy, Pure, and Righteous.  We know that He faced temptations everyday, all day.  The temptation to lash out against His enemies, think about this, He knew everyman’s thought at every second every day. He heard the sins of the flesh barking at Him at every moment as a guard dog would bark at strangers as they approach. He heard, and felt the sinfullness of sin that oozes out of every person.

Let me be very, very clear on this point of temptation and the Christ. Was Christ tempted by outside agents of sin and evil? Yes, there is no doubt. HOWEVER, in Christ’s purity and hunger and thirst for righteousness, He never felt the compulsion and the call to commit sin.

Christ never struggled with, “should I  or shouldn’t I.”  With that said, He did and does know the strength of compelling sin and the compunction to sin. An analogy: it would be like knowing it is freezing cold, but not feeling the cold or being hindered or effected by it’s effects to the human body.

This sinlessness was absolutely necessary for His future work on the part and the behalf of those in Him from the foundation of the world. It can be likened unto Superman (Christ is, by the way, the Original and Preeminent Super God-man). Superman, in the comics, would know he is being hit with a spectrum of bullets, but there is no effect to Him.  This is a way to understand Christ and temptation.

Another way to understand Christ and temptation. One who has never had crack cocaine would not have any kind of temptation or drawing toward the demon possessive likeness. This is what Christ meant when He said, “Hereafter I will not talk much with you: for the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me.”

Christ had no strings of sin for the enemy to pull or play upon. It is because of His impeccability and purity and knowledge of sin and it’s power to kill that He could, would, and did hang upon your cross and my cross in our very stead and place. He put on the sinner and the sinner’s sin so that the sinner (You and me) could put on Christ and thereafter make no provision for the flesh. The grace, the faith, the hope, the love, the purity, the impeccability, the power, the strength, knowledge and wisdom of Jesus Christ was His defense and our defense against sin’s temptation and it still is.

We, with the Holy Ghost’s inhabitation, have a measure of Christ’s grace, faith, hope purity, power, strength, knowledge, and wisdom within us all and it is waiting to be used and appropriated, for He has given us “all spritual blessings.” As for Christ’s impeccability, it is still our future, our hope or expectation because God promised and predestinated us to that end.

The more we grow into Christ’s Image and likeness, the less will sin and sins call upon us and draw us.

God knows all of this and we do to. God knows we know all of this. We know that God knows we know all of this. God knows we know that He knows that we know all of this and that is one of the things that make our walk with God so Wonderful and assures us of His love.



“God Of The Big Picture Part Two (2)” Or “Answering A Common Question From Unbelievers” Or “There’s So Much More Still To Come”

“And [the martyrd saints] cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost [T]hou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?”                                                                                                                                       (Revelation 6)

“As it is written, For [T]hy sake we are killed all the day long; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter.”  (Romans 8)

“[A]s a sheep before her shearers is dumb, so [H]e opened not [H]is [M]outh.”                                                                                                                                               (Isaiah 53)


“How many times have believers been asked, “Why does God allow…”  or “If God is so good, why…”  Unbelievers think this is a deep question that shuts down the believer.  Some pose these questions as questions of and for the ages. These questions should not stump the Christ-ian nor shut us down.  Before we give an answer to these impertinent questions, let me say this: The Christ-ian is under no obligation to answer questions from unbelievers that are obviously asked with no real desire for an answer.

Paul says in his pastoral letters that one is not to bother with questions meant to cause strife. In the Gospels, Christ refused to answer some of the questions that were unjustly motivated by sinners. On the other hand, Peter advises us to always be prepared to answer questions regarding the hope that is within us. The Proverbs tell us that we are not to suffer a fool gladly or to humour questions that are foolishly motivated. The Proverbs also tell us to, “Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him” in 26:4 but then in 26:5, “Answer a fool  according to his folly, lest he be wise in his own conceit.”  In light of these Proverbs what are we to do?  We are to judge the intent of the question and answer or not answer according to the questioner’s intent.

After writing the above, and leaving the questions of unbelievers to the reader’s discretion, how could we answer the question of why God allows or ordains certain events. Some would answer that God does not cause certain events, but allows them to occur.  Some suggest that certain events are allowed by God because these events are the effects of the fall and are simply the reaping of a world that sows in sin. While there is truth in both of these answers, these answers do not answer fully. When persons respond with these answers they are trying to defend God, but reader, God does not need defending. We may defend and define truth but we need not defend God’s actions. God is good and God is sovereign.

In a trial a judge may disallow certain evidence from being used if it puts the defendent at an unfair advantage. This means the prosecutor cannot use certain aspects of the defendent’s past if it is not germaine to the present case. However, if the defending attorney makes the mistake of mentioning the disqualified evidence or bring something up that is not profitable to his client the prosecuting attorney may then use the previously disqualified evidence. This is analagous to God’s use of the fall and the effects of sin. God did not introduce sin or create sin but after sin was introduced God was and is free and justified in using sin and it’s effects for His ordained purposes.

Once the above is established the answer to the unbeliever’s questions of why does God allow X is simply, “it is what it is” or The God of all creation is the God of the BIG picture.  Our God is God of the Big Picture.  He and He Alone knows the end from the Beginning because He is the First and the Last, He is the Beginning and the End. the Alpha and the Omega, the Author and Finisher of all things…that will work together for our good, because we are called according to His purpose and we are beloved by God and we love God. If we are to walk in the spirit of peace and with the Spirit of Peace we must also be the godly that see the BIG picture. We must be those that walk by faith and not by sight or live according to our senses.

To live according to our senses or feelings is certain to leave us tossed to and fro. To follow our heart is foolish, the heart must follow the Christ-like mind that loves God with all it’s strength. It is true we should use our God-given senses to worship God, but faith over-rides senses and feeling, we are to walk by faith and not sight or other senses. The Scriptures tell us to “Taste and see that God is good,”  what does this mean? It can be applied spiritually and literally.

I like the literal application. When one sits down to a meal one should first give thanks and ask God’s blessing upon the meal and then we should consider the goodness of God as we taste and enjoy the food. When one bites in to a Resse’s peanut butter cup, one should think God is so good.  Taste is an extra, our food could be bland and tasteless but it is not…this testifies to God’s goodness.  We see with our eyes that the heaven’s declare God’s great glory.  We hear with our ears the written and preached Word of God and we hear the testimonies of other as to God’s intercession in their lives. With the sense of touch we feel pleasure and pain, we feel our humanity and think of God, Who became flesh and dwelt among us for a time. The sense of smell can cause us or allow us to remember events of the past.

The above speaks to the five (5) senses given us by God. All persons have these senses lest they be challenged regarding their senses as blindness or deafness. In John nine (9) we see Christ heal a blind man and He tells those present and us that this man was blinded from birth so that he might be given sight through Christ’s compassion and that is an example of the BIGGER picture.

In the life of David there is an event that is truly horrendous and cannot be excused. David sought food from a priest of God.  The priest gave David the shewbread from the sanctuary and he gave David the sword of Goliath. (k)ing (s)aul hears of this and he orders his men to kill the priest and all the other priests. The soldiers would not hearken to this ill advised command. However, Doeg, an Edomite, a descendent of Esau, whom God hates, accepted (s)aul’s charge and murdered all of the priest as well as the women and children and the livestock, something (s)aul did not do when God commanded him, in his dealings with Agag prior to this event.

If ever the question of why did God allow this was justified, this was the time.  Why would God allow over eighty-five (85) of His own priests to be killed and in addition all the women and children? Did God allow this?  Did God ordain this? Was this part of God’s plan? The answer is, yes. How did (s)aul learn of the prestly aid to Jesse’s son, David? Doeg, the Edomite, told (s)aul of the aid. Doeg is one (1) of the persons in Scripture that is reprobate. This man occasioned the death of all the priests and all the women and children and the livestock. Not only did he play on (s)aul’s self-centered paranoia, he killed the people, himself.

The question is why did God allow this and why does God allow things today?  Another question is why did not someone stop Doeg, the Edomite, whom God hates. The answer can be given in seventeen words  words, (17) “Now a certain man of the servants of [(s)]aul was there that day, DETAINED BEFORE THE LORD…” In other words, God put Doeg, the Edomite, who God hates, in the picture.

A word on perspective: What happened that day, “which the LORD hath made?” Were so many persons of God killed by a sychophan-tick psychopath or were the persons of God released and received into paradise? The BIG PICTURE demands the latter. This life is a vapour, just a moment in eternity. Yes, Christ-ians have been martyred. Yes, Christ-ians, our family, are being persecuted all around the world, but it is a moment, a moment in God’s Great and Grand BIG Picture. In our Scripture texts above, we are told Christ was led as a sheep to slaughter AND we also learn that we too are to be sheep led to the slaughter all day long and it is to be in His Name.

The “Official” Christ-ian perspective or standard of operational procedure on suffering and persecution is this:
“Though [H]e slay me, yet will I trust Him”   and   “For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.”  And, “If it so be, our God [W]hom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace and [H]e will deliver us out of thine hand, O king. But if not, be it known unto thee, O king, that we will not serve thy gods, nor worship the golden image which thou has set up.”


“A-theism” Or “The A-theist – There Be No Such Animal” Or “There Is No God And I Hate Him” AND….. “A Study On St. Paul, St. Augustine, C.S. Lewis, and A. Flue 2.”

“The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God.”  (Psalm 14)

“…that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them. For the invisible things of [H]im from the creation of the world are clearly seen…”                                                                                                                                        (Romans 1)


There is a restaurant chain called, “Famous Daves.”  This chain or franchise is known for their many meat dishes.  At the entrance to this restaurant there is a small sign that says, “We love vegitarians, they make us laugh.”  This can be adopted by Christ-ianity in reference to that species of the human race called atheists.  “We love atheists, they make us laugh.”  I know, I know we should mourn over the atheist. It is true we should mourn over the individual atheist, but we can shake our heads and mock atheism in general.

The truth is however, there does not exist such an animal. In Scripture we find the refutation of the so-called atheist.  In Romans one (1) the Bible dispels the notion of the true atheist. Paul tells us they see creation and know there is God as well as an internal witness that tells them that God is.  In Psalm fourteen (14) we read. “The fool hath said in his heart there is no God”  but in their mind they know God is.

I read something about atheism on Fb today and one of the comments mocked atheism with the following, “There is no God and I hate Him,” I think that is a perfect summary of atheism. Eight (8) one (1) syllable words sums it up perfectly.  There be no Christ-ians running around trying to disprove the existence of Molech or Baal.  The Christ-ian frets not over these two (2) or any of the O.T. false gods, why?  They exist not, they were shell companies for (s)atan’s false religions.  But the atheist, I mean the active and militant atheist kicks and screams against the Godhead, Why?  They know He is and it is as simple as that.

In my way of thinking there are three (3) types of atheists. There is the professing Christ-ian that denies God in their everyday life, there is the quiet atheist that simply thinks not of God and goes about their business with no thought of God or the soul, then there is my favourite, the militant atheist, the Evangelical Atheist, who goes about witnessing to God’s non-existence.

The “Christ-ian” atheist is the person that says they believe in God, they might even attend church but in their everyday life, in their practices and in their principles, will, and actions, they deny Christ over and over and over.  There are many “Christ-ian” atheist, you reader, may be one yourself.
King Saul is the perfect example of this type of atheist, King Saul spoke a good game, Saul spent time with men of God and outwardly professed God, but in truth Saul was an apostate waiting to implode.  King Saul killed many, many priests of God, Saul over-stepped into the office of priest when he had no right and God rejected him for this. Saul also sought to kill God’s true king over and over again.  King Saul stands as the example of the “Christ-ian” atheist.

The quiet atheist never has much to say about God and certainly nothing to God.  This atheist might be politically sound, this type may be a decent man, a good husband and a good father.  This type generally has nothing to say about God, God simply finds no place in his thoughts.  There are many atheist of this sort. This atheist will not get into discussions about religion and will simply go about his way. This type is generally harmless, they hurt no one except themselves and their family through their obliviousness to all things God. Though they be quiet and generally harmless to most, they will still face God’s judgment.

Then there is my favourite atheist, the militant. These be my favourites for a variety of reasons. One (1) reason is i Love to see them come to faith when God reveals Himself to their unbelief and causes them to believe and serve Him as a spiritual pitbull.  There is many of these in history. Saul/Paul of Tarsus was an atheist…yes, he believed in Jehovah but denied Christ, thus he was an atheist of sorts. This man was a great plague to Christ-ianity, he was a plague against Christ-ians as God was a plague against Egypt.  This man lived and breathed to condemn, persecute, and imprison Christ-ians. This man was a serial persecutor.  He was the cause of much pain that was felt for years and years in the Christ-ian community. Yet God chose this man to be His greatest witness to the gentile world. Paul was one of the great trophies of grace.

Then there is Saint Augustine. Augustine was a very worldly wise man given to many vices. Augustine denied the God of his mother by his words, actions, ways, and influence. Augustine’s mother, Monica prayed for years for her intellectually gifted son. Augustine was very, very sexually promiscuous, he had a bastard son and though no one says it, he might even have experimented with homosexuality with his very beloved and longtime companion.  Augustine was pompous, arrogant, and intellectually boundless.  BUT GOD.

Augustine was in his rear garden and heard the words, “Pick up the book and read.”  Augustine saw no children, could not think of any children’s songs or games that included those words and was then driven to open the Scriptures.  Augustine’s eyes landed upon the Romans 13:14, “Put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make not provision for the flesh, to fulfil the lusts thereof.”  Augustine was never the same and neither was Christ-ianity.

Augustine is claimed by the Catholic church but he is none of their’s.  Augustine is the grand-father of the reformation, Both Luther and Calvin learned at the feet of Augustine, in the bookish sense. Augustine wrote upon and taught all the main and major doctrines of the Christ-ian faith.  Humanly speaking, Augustine, like Athanasius before him, saved Christian-ity from heresy.  Humanly speaking, without Augustine, we all would be crossing ourselves and confessing to a man in a box.

The importance and value of Augustine cannot be over-stated. Augustine’s works on the Trinity cannot be bettered, his “Confessions” is a spiritual high. He has commentaries on Psalms, John, and a small commentary on Romans, Augustine wrote on politics, and his Enchiridon is helpful as a Christ-ian handbook.. One should begin with his “Confessions” if one desires to explore a great and godly and God-filled mind and one should desire to explore a great and godly and God-filled mind, Right? Right.

Yet another militant atheist was C.S. Lewis.  This man “lost faith” when he was nine (9) years old after he had prayed for his mother’s healing and was denied. His mother’s death ended his faith.  Lewis wrote much against God and mocked Christ-ians and even debated Christ-ians. Lewis is the perfect example of being very “angry with God for not existing.” Lewis had a rough childhood and a tough time in boarding school. One (1) of his instructor was committed to an asylum. Lewis wrote home to his father promising to kill himself if he was not removed from his boarding school. Lewis, being taken seriously by his father, was pulled from that school. [SideNote: All good fathers take their children seriously.  If my one of my children told me there was a ghost, spirit, demon in their roon, I would take her seriously, anything any of my children said would be taken seriously and considered with soberness].

After being pulled from the abusive boarding school Lewis was sent to an old friend and teacher of his father and brother.  This teacher’s name is William T. Kirkpatrick. William T. Kirkpatrick is also called “the Great Knock.” Metinks that name is due to his ability to knock down illogical fallacies or maybe he was known for knocking on doors loudly. W.T. Kirkpatrick is a very interesting person to study.  W.T.K. was the headmaster of a school in Scotland and was a teacher in the Presbyterian Church. Lewis called W.T.K. the embodiment of pure logic. On Sundays W.T.K. would dress in his finest and would work in his garden.  The sad thing about W.T.K. is one day he woke up and became an atheist, out of no where.

W.T.K. would make Lewis who Lewis would become, Humanly speaking.  Lewis was taught languages, logic, literature, and math by this embodiment of God-less logic. Lewis was so inculcated by Kirkpatrick that he began to dream in other languages. Here was Lewis a militant atheist, being taught and mentored by a former Calvinist turned quiet athiest and yet….and yet, Lewis would become one (1) of the great apologists and writers for the common faith and some wonder if God has a sense of humour.

An atheist turned deist for now is Anthony Flue.  This atheist wrote a book called, “There is No God” when he was a younger man. Flue is the son of a preacher, but he grew up to deny Christ, not only deny Christ but to fight against His very existence. Years later as an old man Flue re-published his book, “There is no God” but this time there is a line through the word no. Flue came to his senses, like all prodigals must do and he realized God is.  Flue is no Christ-ian, but a deist. A deist acknowledges A God that is impersonal toward His creation. This seems to be the route many militant atheist walk, Atheism to Deism to Christ-ianity.

I love to see the militany atheist be turned to God and there have been many because God is in the Christ-ian making business. If the heart of a king is in the hand of the LORD, then so is the atheist’s. We have my eye on a few atheists that thinks me will turn to God.

The really sad type of atheist however, is the professing Christ-ian that denies God in all their ways while they lean upon their own understanding. These, I call practical atheists. In name they may be Christ-ian, in principle and politic they may be Christ-ian, but in practice and in the outward workings of their will and imagination, and future expectations they utterly deny God. What is scary is these professing Christ-ians/practical atheists might not even know they are denying God. When a Christ-ian does not acknowledge God in all his ways and does not keep God in all his thinking, that Christ-ian is essentially and practically, an atheist.

Another reason I love the militant atheist is they be fodder for my faith. i know that sounds mean and nasty and maybe it is but …..wait for it…. wait for it…..It is what it is.

The militant atheist proves the Bible’s description of the atheist everytime. In their denial of God and His Word, they prove His Word and His Being. The atheist can be likened unto the man that looks at the sky and calls it green and looks at grass and calls it blue. The atheist is the criminal that sees himself on video but denies it is him. The atheist is the person who denies God while everything in their life is screaming God. The atheist is like the holocaust denier, the holocaust is documented, there is film documenting the holocaust, there are books documenting the holocaust, and there are living persons who endured the holocaust. But the Holocaust denier still says, “There was no Holocaust.” The reason the atheist is like the Holocaust denier is because the holocaust is within keeping with God’s pattern. God puts the Jew to captivity. It is an on going trend and is a pattern. To acknowledge the holocaust is to acknowledge the Pattern and to acknowledge the Pattern is to Acknowledge God.

We could go on and on profiling the atheist, but we think what is written is sufficient.


“The Most Famous Man In The Universe” Or “They Like Me, They Really Like Me” Or “I’d Like To Thank All The Little People”

“And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting Gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people…”  (Revelation 14)

“And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.”  (Philippians 2)


If you know me, you will know I do not like the celebrity awards shows.  These shows offs compare themselves with themselves and compare themselves among themselves, which Paul says, is unwise or to use another word, foolishness. These extravaganzas are the epitomy of this wicked world. These persons are dressed to the stars and the “lights, the cameras, and the action” are all present to glorify the persons of the hour. The celebrated persons bask in the glory and say the dumbest things.

Barbra Streisand: “I would like to thank the little people.”  Sally Field: “You like me, you really do like me.” But on occasion you see something that is surprising, Marlon Brando declining his Academy Award because he was not in competition with the other nominated actors. His thought was each actor would have to play the same part in a movie for it to be a contest. The irony is: all that glamour, that pomp and circumstance is, all of the persons involved, including the actors, are all “little people.” When compared to the Jehovah Godhead.

Fame is the name of the game for some persons. Some types of personalities strive for attention, celebrity, glamour, praise, worship, and even notoriety. With today’s social media, one can becomes famous for doing bad things. Some sinners will do anything to get noticed. Some serial killers do their “work” for the notoriety. The similar personality type is the attention seeking celebrity, who will perform acts in order to call attention to themselves. It is all rather narcissistic.

These types will exploit and provoke issues in order to be relevant. These persons will become political to be relevant. These persons will speak or write outlandish comments; these types are crying, Look at me, see me, pay attention to me, say something about me, let’s talk about me,  it’s all about me, myself, and I.

Think about it, why would anyone allow cameras and microphones into their private lives? It’s not about money, it is a desperate need for attention and about wanting to be celebrated by all the little people. Reader, do you celebrate these persons? You should not.

Reader, Who would you say is the most famous person in all the world yesterday, today, and forever? What Name has crossed most every person’s lips for good or bad? What Name is known in most all households? Reader, At Who’s Name will every knee bow and every tongue confess to being King of kings and Lord of lords?  That’s right!!! The LORD Jesus Christ.

There is a tract that reminds us that Christ never, humanly, wrote a book, Christ never led an army, He never reigned over any human kingdom, and He never invented anything. In fact,  “…we esteemed  [H]im not.”  He had  “no form nor comliness…there [was] no beauty that we should desire [H]im.”  “[H]e was despised and rejected of men…”  [H]e made [H]imself of no reputation…”  YET, He is known by most every person on this planet!!!  Reader, That is Fame.

There is no comparing any man to Christ. Their is no comparison to Christ. Buddah cannot compare to Christ, Hindu gods cannot compare to Christ, Allah and his false and pedopiliac prophet cannot compare to Christ. There is no one that can match up to, or be likened unto Christ in full. Some may have Christ-like attributes, some may even be characterized as Christ-like, these are called Christ-ians and the Christ-likeness is our predestined, prophesized, and promised end. No person can be compared to the Person of Christ Jesus, the Lord of the living and the dead.

Persons who caterorgize Lord Jesus with other worldly religious idols are lost and know not Christ, they are none of His lest, the light of the glorious Gospel of Christ shines upon them and, they be saved.

HOWEVER, even though His Name is known, many persons do not, really and in truth, know Who He is and What He has and is doing. To some He is an expletitive or expression of surprise or trouble. To some, He is or, in their shallow and uninterested thinking, was a good teacher or good moral example. To silly and probable reprobate atheists, He is a myth like (s)atan Claws and the Tooth Fairie; He never existed.

Many of the famed and celebrated persons of long ago have been forgotten. Mention a celebrity from a generation or two (2) ago and the person of today has no knowledge of that once celebrated person. But the Lord Jesus, Who lived, was killed, and yet lives again and for all eternity, some two thousand (2,000) years ago is still the most Famous Person on this planet.

Reader, that is true fame.

“Faith Versus Fear” Or “The Word Of God Versus Worry” Or ” ‘Fear Not Little Flock’ Is A Command”

“Fear not, little flock: for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom”                                                                                                                                                 (Luke 12)

“Be not afraid…”  (Matthew 28)


Fear is or can be deabilitating. Fear is a prison. Fear will stop many opportunities. There is a good fear and a bad fear. The Scriptures speak of “the Fear of the LORD.”  This is reverential respect. However, one should fear God if one does wrong just as a child would fear a parent if said child did wrong. The Proverbs tell us that there is strong confidence in the fear of the LORD. That means, if we abide in the fear of the LORD, we have reason to be confident. We have no reason, on the other hand, to be afraid, to be scared, to be fearful or filled with fear, There is no reason or logic to a Christ-ian’s fear. GOD IS FOR YOU. That’s the positive side of the passage. The negative side is, God is against those that would come up against you.

“If God be for us, who can be against us?”  This is a rhetorical question because the answer is obvious. No one, right?  But Reader, there is much that is against us. The world system is against us. Our carnality or our flesh is against us. In some ways, the Government is against us. The leftist mindset or progressive mindset is certainly against us.

Is the Word of God wrong in this one (1) case?……..OF COURSE NOT.

Our enemies, His enemies will not prosper in the end. Think war.  Many battles, you win some battles and you lose some battles but the war is already won.

Many years ago, I heard an evangelist say, “There is no man on this earth that I fear.” I thought to myself, Huh, How can that be? No fear of any man? It sounds a bit arrogant, does it not?

Reader, I can now say, I fear no man on this earth. Once one beholds the Greatness, the Awesomeness, the Awfulness (Full of Awe), the Amazing-ness of God, all other persons become puny and small. When one walks with God, there is nothing to fear because God is for you. God is for those that are His. God is for His peculiar persons. God is for His certain man and woman.

Faith overwhelms fear. David said, “Hear me when I call, O God of my righteousness; [T]hou hast enlarged me when I was in distress; have mercy upon me, and hear my prayer.”

Read that again.  God enlarged David to meet his troubles. God and His gift of faith is more than able to enlarge you to overcome your mountain, your trouble, your trial, your problem, your FEAR.  David was the giant and Goliath was a little man.  God was not for Goliath.  The lions were in Daniel’s den because God was for Daniel.  The three (3) friends of Daniel were not harmed in the fire because God was for them.  Reader, God IS for you.

David is very much like Samson. Samson is known to be the Strong man in Scripture. Samson was able to do great feats and exploits when the Spirit of God came upon him. David as well, David killed a little giant, a lion, a bear, and jumped a high wall when the Spirit of God came upon him. Reader, our God is the same God. Our God is David’s God. Our God is Daniel’s God. Our God is Samson’s God.  Do you see my point? What God has done for them, and with them, God can do for you.

Reader, you and I are indestructable. Nothing can harm us lest God allows it. If God allows it, then we know it will be for our good.  You see, no one can stand against God’s person. Faith overwhelms fear.  The Word of God overcomes worry.  The Amen of God ankle-hooks anxiety.  “Fear not” is a command of our Lord Jesus. Our Lord would say to those that would be afraid, “Ye of little faith.”  God gave you and me Faith in order to cast off fear,  “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

Reader, Reader, Reader, God gave us His Spirit, the Spirit of Christ.  God gave unto us the Spirit that allowed the Old Testament saints to do their exploits and feats. Reader, the Omnipotent God, the Omniscient God, the omniPresent God lives inside of YOU.

THE LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid? 


“The Salvation Of Another Is A Gift To Their Loved Ones.” Or “Spending Time With Family” Or “A Little Piece Of Heaven” AND “The End Of This Article Should Blow Your Mind”

“For I long to see you…”  (Romans 1)


I was blessed to spend time with family in Mississppi recently.  I took a twenty-one (21) hour train ride to see my family, “for I long[ed] to see [them].” We visited my Aunt, two (2) cousins, one (1) cousin-in-law, and Three (3) second (2nd) cousins, all bloodbought by the Lord Jesus.  It was a little taste of Heaven.

My Aunt was probably the very first person to really show me God. She drove a van for a church, where she attended for decades and decades and decades until they treated her like a dog.  [SideNote: I wrote about that two (2) years ago and I spared know one, especially the pastor that was so “growth” minded, he forgot about the faithful. He’s gone now as most of his type usually leave because the congregation “just isn’t serving enough.”  Whenever a preacher gets “counting” on the brain remind him of 1 Chronicles 21, where (s)atan caused David to number his people for war. Enough on bad preachers and worse pastors].

Back to my Aunt. She was, like I said, my first taste of God. She would drive the church van year after year and I would visit each and every summer from as early as I could remember well up to my late teens. In fact it was she that took me to the pastor’s pasonage when I was seventeen (17) when the Spirit was drawing me to Calvary.  (By the way, the pastor I just spoke of is not the bad pastor).  She sat with me as the pastor spoke to me about Christ.  Thank God for my Aunt of aunts…I will for all eternity be thankful to that dear, dear and much loved woman…humanly speaking, without her, I would be lost.

The rest of my family in Mississippi love the Lord, too. God is blessing my cousin-in-law with two (2) promotions within months of each other and his raise is GREAT.  His raise equals some persons annual income.  Reader, that is of God.  His wife, my cousin, and daughter to my Aunt, is just a few years younger that me and she home-schools her two (2) very adult like children. Her son is like Dexter, the child Genius. and her daughter is excels all the young girls around her. My other cousin, is a few years older than me, she and I are very similar in many ways. I also saw another second (2nd0 cousin, mentioned above.  I see her turning into such an accomplished and very smart young woman. If anyone ever targets her for anything ill-intended, they have chosen the wrong person.

This family of mine, who are so like-minded with me and me with them, are a joy to be around.  This family listens to Christ-ian music, wears Christ-ian t-shirts, attend a good church, and the Lord Jesus is very Present in their homes.  It has been said before, the persons you love the most are always the farthest away.  Most of my family are either in Mississippi, Iowa, or Tennessee, or Indiana.

My Miss. family live on a road in a very rural part of town.  A cross the road from them, they have pet cows and pet Donkeys. To northerners or elitist types that may sound “hill-billy.”  This family is a classy, composed, and Christ honouring family you would be blessed to even know. Oh, and by the way, there’s nothing wrong with hill-billies.  There is plenty wrong with elitist and judgmental thinking, though.

My Aunt is a do-er, if ever there was a do-er.  She cannot do enough for you.  She has not been well lately, and I thought this the opportune time to visit and help take care of her.  It was my joy to do things for her, but like Peter’s wife’s mother, as soon as she was feeling a bit stronger, she’s ministering. She is a good balance between Mary and “Martha, Martha,” and that is not easy to do, but she pulls it off nicely, and makes it look easy.

I have been blest with good aunts and uncles and cousins. One of my favorite aunts on my Mom’s side (my Mississippi family is on my Dad’s side.) went to be with the Lord a number of years ago and she left a void as all loved ones do. We have a picture of her and it just doesn’t seem possible that she is with Him and not here now. My Uncle Jerry was a bif influence on me in my younger years, when it is important. To name all of my family would not fit the scope of this article, you know who you are and you know you are loved by this writer.

For those of you, that hold to a more “Calvinistic” or correct view of things, think about this….If God knew/loved us before the foundations of the world, in Eternity past, we who are saved, must be…must be…must be, who we are.  If Christ died for our sins, those sins are particular to you and me, right?  Well, then let us think backwards.  For you to be chosen by God and for Christ to live, die, and live again, specifically for you, you had to be exactly who you are. Which means your parents had to be exactly who they are for you to be who you are. Now continue backwards. For your paraents to be who they are their parents had to be who they were and …………. Are you getting the point?  Our family was as preordained as was your salvation…….MIND BLOWN…..POW.


“What Does ‘Jesus’ And ‘Mr. Trump’ Have In Common?” Or “Receiving The Word Of God As It Is In Truth…The Word Of God And Not Man” Or “Ye Call Me Lord And Master And Ye Say Well” Or “Give Him His Title: Part Who Knows Anymore?”

“Ye call [M]e Master and Lord: and ye say well; for so I am.”  (John13)

“…[N]o man can say that Jesus is the Lord, but by the Holy Ghost.”  (1 Corinthians 12)


Sometimes a preacher has to get a little tough with those he ministers unto. We see this toughness with the patriarchs and early saints in the Old Testament. Moses was ready and able to get tough when necessary.  The Judges, the Prophets, The Christ, the Apostles, the pastors, preachers, and teachers.  Any and all of God’s ministers must be able to tough love those God has made him responsible for.  Did you know each minister will give an account of himself and those whom God has given him.

I have experienced a number of church services in different parts of the country lately.  I have fellowshiped with a great number of God’s people. I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news.  The good news is, there are a lot of persons claiming Christ as their Saviour.  The bad news is Christ is not honoured so much with His title of Lord.

Can a believer actually worship God’s Son if they deny Him His title of Lord?  Lets us make some simple comparisons:
*Pundits call President Trump, “Mr. Trump.” They do this to deny him his rightful and respectful title of President or Mr. President.  I can guarentee you, if you had the honour to meet the President, you will be told before hand to call him, Mr. President. Donald would not do.  Mr. Trump would not do.  Trump would not do.  YET…Christ-ian, you have the audacity to call your Lord and Saviour, The Only Begotten of the Father, “Jesus.”  Christ-ian this will not do. This simply, will not do.
*What if you were to meet the queen of England?  Would you deny her the title of Queen as you do your Lord?  Did Queen Elizabeth die for you and take away your sins? Of course not, but you give her the title of Queen!!!
*What would happen if you, when you were a child, or if your child, ever called his or her school teacher by first name and not Mr. or Mrs. or Ms. or Miss.?  But the Lord Jesus is still just, “Jesus.”
* I dare you to call your doctor by mr. or mrs. and see how quick they correct you and take offense.  You’d never think of such a thing.  But The Lord Jesus does not receive the same response or respect from you!!!
*What would happen if your child called you by your first name, instead of Mom or Dad?  Hypocrite….you call Him by His first Name, that is above every Neme that is Named, but demand your title of Mom or Dad.
*What about the legal system?  Officer, Judge, Counselor, etc…  But God from Whom all law comes is just, “Jesus.”  Next time you get pulled over or go to court, call them by their first name.

What does Scripture say?
From our texts above we find the Lord Jesus Himself, complimenting his disciples for calling Him Lord and Master and then He say, “for so I am.”  Not for so am I….No, it’s “for so I am.”  The Old Testament Name of God.  Reader, from His own Lips, He is telling you to call Him Lord and Master. Can it be any plainer?
*Then we have Paul telling us that no one can call Christ, Lord except the Holy Ghost make him able.  It is a gift, it is an allowance to Call Him, “Lord Jesus.”
*In other passages we learns that every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus is Lord.  This is a warning to sinners and an encouragement to saints….but saints of God….YOU ARE NOT DOING THAT NOW!!!!
*His disciple always addressed Him as Lord or Master.  His enemies, like demons, and Pharissee called him, “Jesus.”  The Apostles in their writings gave Him His title and it was very, very rare for them to speak of him as, “Jesus,” lest they were speaking to His humanity and humiliation.  Some might say, “yeah, but, the narrative calls Him “Jesus.”  Reader, Who is the Narrator?  It is the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit can call Him Jesus, just as Mrs. Trump can call her husband, “Donald.”  Just as the Queen’s husband may call her Liz in the privacy of their home.  Just as a Mom and a Dad may call each other by their first (1st) names and a child cannot or should not.

Reader,  Please do not think I’m harping on a pet peeve or beating a dead horse.  Research it for yourself.  AND BY THE WAY, if it is such a problem to address Christ as Lord Jesus, maybe there is something going on.  The saint should have no problem calling Him and submitting to Him as Lord.  Maybe you are not submitting to Him as Lord and therefore you cannot address Him as Lord. Maybe the Spirit does not allow you to call Him Lord. Much to consider.

Reader, We have made a tight case regarding this issue.  It seems to us that if you continue to disrespect God’s Son by denying Him His title and addressing Him as did the demons and His enemies, you are going against what you now know to be right and respectful, and reverential.

The earliest of the creeds was “Jesus is Lord.”  Those of you that refer to Him as Saviour but deny Him His Lordship, You deny the very fact that It is the Lord Jesus Who is you Saviour.  In Scripture Lord comes before Saviour.  Look it up in a concordance…if you dare.


“How Do You Differ From A Moralist, Or From The Ethical, Or Even An A-theist” Or “What Do You Call Something That Bites, Barks, Sniffs, And Bites…..No, No, No, You Call It A Good Pastor” Or “Ruff-eth!!! Ruff-eth!!! Ruff-eth!!!

“…[A]re ye not carnal. and walk as men?”  (1 Corinthians 3)

“As ye have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ye in in [H]im…”                                                                                                                                      (Colossians 2:6)

“He that saith he abideth in [Christ] ought himself also so to walk, even as [Christ] walked.”  (1 John 2:6)


Christ-ian Reader, This may be my last post for some time, therefore we will seek to provide you with something to remember.

As a pastor, I am required to meddle, snoop, or sniff around those I minister to.  This is what a shepherd does with the flock he has been given the responsibility for.  When a preacher begins to minister to persons, those person are his responsibility and he must take that seriously and the flock seriously.  Sometimes, the shepherd will us his staff to draw a sheep towards him and then use his rod to lift the wool and look underneath. The shepherd does this in order to inspect the skin under the wool.  In other words, the sheep may look great on the outside, but underneath there may be sores, scabs, bites, injuries, insects, etc. “Thy rod and they staff, they comfort me…”

One of the responsibilities of a minister is to see to those whom God has given him, and to help them to their predestinated end, which is Christ-likeness. You, Christ-ian reader, are to become more and more like Christ in your ways, thinkings, will, actions, deeds, and feelings, PERIOD, “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus.”  My question to you, Christ-ian reader, is this, “How do you differ, specifically, from a person that is moral, ethical, or even a-theist?”

I have known a-theists and lost person far mor moral and ethical than ssome Christ-ians.  I’ve said it before, I worked for an a-theist (who is now a believer) who was the best man I ever worked for. He was extremely ethical, moral, by human standard, a very, very, good man that treated me, others, and clients very well. I could not say anything about this man in any sort of negative way.  This man was replaced by another person (My former boss was released on Christmas Eve for doing right by his clients and employees  which was a BIG mistake by corporate…which is like it’s father the devil….you understand; i’m not a fan of “corporate” anything).

My boss was released and another person replaced him, this person was a hire from a mega church in the area. This person managed a large number of persons in his position at the mega church.  I’m not going to speak to his salvation, but he was not comparable to the former boss, in regards to character, care of employees, or clients. This person was very pliable and was not one that could be embraced and comfortably trusted…unfortunate, but true.

So, what is it that differs you from a person that is moral, ethical, or even an upright a-theist? Christ-ian, are you judgmental? easily annoyed? do you have a short fuse? do you focus on the temporal? are you more carnal and worldly, than spiritual? Are you concerned with others, do you treat others in a way you would want to be treat by persons or by God, do you expect too much from others, do you expect too little from others, do you treat others in ways that you be would offend by if you received the same treatment? Do you realize if you treat persons in a certain way, they might begin to push back a little?

Reader, do you know when you mistreat another Christ-ian person, you mistreat God? Do you understand, when you dishonour or treat a person with disrespect, you are dishonouring God and treating Him with disrespect?  “Saul, Saul, Why do you persecute me?”   “Against [T]hee, [T]hee only, have I sinned, and done evil in [T]hy sight…”  When a wife is disrespecting to her husband, she is offending God and vice a versa.. “husbands love your wives.”  When children are dispespectful and dishonouring to their father, they are dishonouring and disrespectful to God, and vice a verse, “Fathers, provoke not your children to wrath.” When an employee dishonours and disrespects his employer, he does so to Chris.

Reader, I have said this before and I will say it again, (DV),  The only difference between a Christ-ian, who walks as men, and not as Christ walked, is the love of God!!! The love of God for that carnal thinking, and acting Christ-ian is the only thing that makes him or her different from a moralistic person, an ethical person, or even an upright A-theist!!! Christ-ian reader, are you longsuffering? are you gracious? do you extend mercy to others? Do you treat others as Christ would treat them or as you would hope Christ would treat you?  Are you compassionate? Do you marvel when others show faithfulness?  Do you appreciate others?  Are your standards and expectations too high for a loved one?

Reader, do you think before you speak to another, or shoot a look at someone, or wag your head at someone?  Reader, Are you walking as men or as Christ?  Are you focused on the world? are you envious? Reader, do you know you can effect others with hasty retorts, actions, or gestures? Do you think of others, and esteem them better than your self?

What DIFFERS you from up-right a-theist, moralsts, and ethical persons?  Think about it, how do you differ from lost persons you work with, go to school with, anyone else you spend time with? Okay, yeah, you go to church on Sunday. Other than that, how do you differ from others?

Think about it Reader, How do you differ from the lost persons in your life? Okay, maybe you pray, but outwardly: in your actions, in your will, in your personal ways and thinking, how do you differ from other persons who know not Christ?  Reader, persons could always recognize persons who have been with Christ, can that be said about you? What differs?

Persons who love Christ and walk with Him speak to Him often and speak about Him often, Persons that love Him want to be around other who love Him and are loved by Him. Reader, do you love your spouse? how do you act to that spouse?  Do you speak well about your spouse? or do complain and murmur to lost friends?

My reader, do you walk, talk, and think as [lost] men, do you will as [lost] men will, are you controlled by feelings as are [lost] men are?  Or do you “walk as [H]e walked?”  do you think as He thought?  can you say you will whay He wills?

These are important questions and the way we answer them reveal or betray our true heart and person.

Do you walk as [lost and worldly] men walk or do you walk as Christ walked?








“how to be humble AND BE PROUD OF IT” Or “Godly Humility And Ungodly Humanity Cannot Co-Exist” Or “Humility And Arrogance Confused Part Two (2)”

“He that is not with [M]e is against [M]e…”  (Luke 11)

“…I am meek and lowly in heart…”  (Matthew 11)


Reader, Look at the Scripture texts again. The first (1st) text states, if you aren’t on the Speakers side, if you don’t agree with the Speaker, if you don’t see things like the Speaker  does, you are the Speaker’s enemy, period.  In the second (2nd) text the Speaker says, of Himself, in essense, I am humble. The Person, the August and Regal Person, in both passages is the Same Person. That Person Is the Lord Jesus. He declared and proclaimed, all that He was, is, and will be, all that He does, all that He says, is due to the Father’s pleasure and purpose.

I remember when George W. Bush expressed the exact same position with the exact same Words, as the first (1st) passage above, the media, persons, people, and peoples hit the roof, went nuts, had coronaries, went ballistic, freaked out, and went crazy. The media agents jumped and shomped upon these words; their eyes rolled back into their heads like a Great White Shark, or  like the girl in “the Exorcist,” their heads spun around, their eyes rolled up into their heads, and they vomited all manner of upchuck in black and white.

The “jounalists” called him arrogant, cowboy President and they could not accept the idea or thought of America acting on her own, reponding unilaterally, and not being concerned with nations that decried his decision.  Bush said, any country that is not with the U.S.A. are choosing to be against the U.S.A, and to be seen as an enemy & in the line of fire. Persons, the media, other political leaders could not handle this, Reader, know this, persons do not like a person with a strong personality. Persons do not like someone or something they cannot understand or identify with. Persons who are confident, content and complete in their make-up or wiring are not well received by those that are not confident, content, and complete.

The person, as described above, in the second (2nd) half of the paragraph, are thought to be overbearing, overwhelming, pushy, arrogant, alpha, conceited, self-focused, etc. Depending on the person, the adjectives, in the last sentence, could be fitting but for others it is not fitting. This is where humility and arrogance can get confused in the mind’s of observers.

In the Scriptural texts above, Christ said plainly, if a person is not with Him, loyal to Him, devoted to Him; if a person does not see Him as Preeminent, that person is not worthy of Him and will be considered an enemy.  Reader, Bush was escoriated by the world for making the same comments after 9/11. So, a person that says such things will be thought arrogant, yet Christ also says He is meek and lowly in heart or humble.  WHAT????

Let us put this into perspective, this Man, the Lord Jesus, drew a line and said, if you are on My side of this line, you’re good, if you’re on the other side, you’re doomed.  That is a staggering and shocking statement and we see by G.W. Bush, how most persons will respond or react to someone who says something like that. Christ said many things that caused hearers to want Him dead and some of these hearers even tried to kill Him!!! Some wanted to stone Him and others wanted to throw Him off a precipice.

Reader, Why does a meek and humble Man provoke such reactions?  Isn’t a meek and humble person more or less, a wall flower?  Isn’t the meek and humble happy to be called, Matt, and be walked on?  The meek and humble would never dare to incert himself into the business of others, would he? The meek and humble would never boast upon his or her talents or gifts, would they? The meek and humble would never say, “Hey, pay attention to what I am saying,”  or  “If ye believe not that I am [H]e, ye shall die in you sins.”

The meek and humble doesn’t do and say the things written in the above paragraph, do they? Reader, the meek and humble do all manner of great exploits, the meek and humble have terrific confidence, the meek and humble are resting assured, the meek and humble are complete in their person and they know it and they demonstrate it and, at times, it is thought or seen to be arrogant, haughty, high minded, uppity, and prideful, by the truly arrogant, haughty, high minded, uppity, and prideful.

How can these traits exist together in one (1) person and at the same time?  Why and how do the meek and humble, draw such negative and vitriolic attention upon themselves if they are quiet, meek and humble?

The world and the church have misunderstood humility and meekess. Reader, meekness implies strength. Strength and power is a necessity and is required in the meek.  Confidence, comfort, and a sense of completeness or certainty is necessary for a person to be humble. A person must have many traits, gifts, benefits that could cause the pride of life, in order for a person to be humble.

If a person is weak and fearful and gives in to that weakness and fear, that person cannot be meek. A person who has nothing, is worthless, and a drag or stain on society, IN THEIR OWN MIND, is not a humble person.

The truly meek and humble person is a spiritual person. Pauls says, “…to be spiritually minded is life and peace. Meekness, humility, peace and the abundant, abounding, and abiding life is spiritual and not carnal. No one can be meek in the flesh, no one can be humble in the flesh, no one has peace from God, in the flesh, and no one can live a vibrant, exciting, hope-filled, abundant, abounding, and abiding life, lest they be spiritually-minded.

To be carnally minded, Paul says, in contast to the spiritully minded, is death. To be carnal is to live a spiritually boring and dead-like life. To be carnal is to walk as (unsaved) men walk. It is to have a saved soul and a lost life. Reader, Reader, Reader, Be spiritually minded, where your heart and mind is there will be your treasure.  If you are carnal or worldy, your treasure is man-made and materialistic and life is ALL about you, all about the here and now. You are living the best life you will ever live in relation to Eternity. When you enter Eternity in a lost, carnal or worldly state, you enter into torment. If you are a Christ-ian who is carnally minded, when you enter eternity, you will suffer loss.

In summary: We should see that a Christ-ian can glow with confidence, comfort, completeness and certainty; it will be derided and thought to be arrogant and un-Christ-ian by the fleshy and carnally minded to be sure.  Just as the Pharisee labels Christ with arrogance, blasphemy, and wicked-mindedness, so will the carnally minded, though they may be saved, will label you. So, how can a Christ-ian have all of this and still be meek and humble?

The answer is simple, Nothing you are, in the spirit or what good you do in the flesh is of you, it is all Him, “Ye can do nothing without [M]e.” All righteous exploits, works, and service done, in His Name and done by or through faith, is wrought by God through you. Even faith is not of you, “[faith]  is not of yourselves, it is the gift of God.” Meekness and humilty is knowing and acknowledging all that one is, all of what one has, all of what has been and will be, is of God, is from God, and is for God.

Some might think, “Even so, I do not want to be thought of or judged as being arrogant or conceited.”  Paul has a word for you, “But [s/he] that is spiritual[lly minded] judgeth all things, yet [s/he] is judged of no man. You see, the Christ-ian is to judge all things, “Try the spirits,”  “Prove all things” whether they be good/bad,  right/wrong,  true/false. We judge things through the Word of God, we are  judges, we are saints, we are the called, (OWN IT, RECKON IT, UNDERSTAND IT) yet we remain meek and humble, because everything is from God.

Again, (I’m inculcating you, beloved reader), weak persons cannot be meek, only strong persons can be meek.  A fearless person cannot be courageous, courageous implies acting in spite of fear. The Christ-ian person who is CONFIDENT, COMFORTABLE, CERTAIN, CONTENT and COMPLETE is the meek and humble servant of God.

“In the fear of the LORD is strong confidence.”  (Proverbs 14)

All of the above explains how and why, “Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the [new] earth.

“No Prophet Is Accepted In His Own Country” Or “For Neither Did His Brethren Believe Him” Or “Joseph, David, And Lord Jesus Are Examples For The Minister”

“And Eliab’s anger was kindled against David…”  (1 Samuel 17)


Reader, We have in the titles and the text above a Scriptural principle that all ministers of God will realize and maybe struggles with in life. This principle is, the minister will not be seen by his family and friends and those very familiar with him as do others. Examples are given us in Scripture.

Joseph was despised by his brothers and the brothers went so far as to sell him to traders and told Jacob, their father, that Joseph was killed.  David, also had a good number of brothers and they too despised their brother, David.  We see in the life of our Lord, His brothers did not believe in Him and His claims.

Reader and fellow labourers especially, do you wonder why others respect you, seek your counsel, sit to hear what you have to say, and in some cases even pay your for your service and yet at home you are “just” Dad, or the little brother, and no one sees you as do others? Have you ever wondered why? Now you have your answer. This should not bother you.  This difference in treatment is for your good.

How many times have we seen a minister begin to believe his own press and then fall?  Fellow labourers, we need to remain humble and this is one way God saves us from our self and from ruin. God uses a number of means to keep us in our place.

God will use the familiarity of family and friends to keep us humble as written above. God will use a thorn in the flesh to keep us humble.  God will use sin to keep us humble. Brethren it is a great importance that we remain humble before God and man. When we begin to believe our own press and we begin to think highly of ourselves, it will not be long until God abases us, it will not be long before He sets Himself in array against us. God hates, hates, hates spiritual pride, He hates the proud look.

Brethren never forget, we are ministers, that is to say servants, and yes!, slaves to Christ. There is no room or place for pride and self-centeredness, self-promotion, self- honour. Humility and meekness are absolute necessities for the man of God. However, we are not saying the minister is to be a push-over. Some imagine humility to be a depressed, poor, and weak man.  This is not humility. Humility is simply the acknowledgement that all one is, all one has, all one will ever be, and all one will ever have comes directing to him from God. Humility understands we have nothing that has not been bestowed upon us by God’s grace and mercy. Once a person forgets that, humility is dead.

A minister can proclaim his gift of preaching and teaching, he can speak well to his gift and some might think he is arrogant, but the minister, while loving, using, and confessing his gift, he acknowledges God as the giver, gifter, and maintainer of said gift. I have heard persons compliment others on their gift or service and the person begins to deny the talent of gift and pretend they are just so-so.  Reader, this is a great affront to the Giver and Gifter!!!.

Imagine you give a loved one a great gift, a precious and novel gift,imagine someone compliments that gift, and then imagine the one to whom you have given the gift says, Eh. Whatever…it’s not that important to me.” Reader that is what we are saying when we pretend a grotesque-humility in order to be thought meek and lowly. While we are acting so stupidly, God is in Heaven and He is saying, “WHAT!? WHAT did she say about the gift I gave her!!???”  Reader, recognize the gift, receive the gift, own the gift, treasure the gift, honour the gift, share the gift with others, speak well to your gift, and acknowledge the Greatness of the Gifter.

Reader, God has gifted me with preaching, teaching, faith, prayer, discernment, and understanding. I am so thankful for these gifts, these gifts and the Giver defines me and my life. We are not being arrogant, but factual. Some may think this is boastful and maybe it is, but if I am boastful, I boast in the Lord, as did Paul and all of God’s right-minded servants. Samson is a good example here. Samson had great strength, he served the LORD as judge, and he provoked with great exploits. The thing is, Samson always knew where his power came from and that power came from God. But if you were a contemporary of Samson, you would think him arrogant, bold, deceitful, womanizing, and licensious. What you wouldn’t know is it was all according to God’s BIG picture plan.

Samson was usually going out to other towns and cities. Could this be because it was in these places he was recognized as something special, whereas at home, he was Samson and thought to be as described above.

Having written the above, we must warn fellow labourers about the pitfall of pride. Fellow labourers, your sin and sins should keep you humbled. Acknowledging the LORD in all your ways will keep you humbled, those who are familiar with you, like family and friends will keep you humble. A great ugliness is a pride-filled minister who has forgotten what God does not, we are made of dust.