“X-Mas Or Christ-Mas” Or “Bah! HumBug” Or “Does Christ-mas Break The (2nd) Second Commandment?”

“Thou shalt not take the [N]ame of the Lord your God in Vain, for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh [H]is [N]ame in vain.”                                                                                                                                            (Exodus 20)


I know this is a tricky topic and it seems like Christ-ians should stress the Christ in  Christ-mas. I’m not certain, though.  It’s the same with prayers in school, I’m not certain that prayer in school is a wise thing. These comments at (1st) first read may sound contrary to the faith, but let me suss out my thoughts while you read this article. I am not taking a doctrinal or dogmatic stand on this topic, no, not at all. I am not taking anykind of intellectual or moral high ground. I am simply typing some thoughts on a blog for others to read if they want to. I do not press my personal view, nor do I judge others that have contrary views. So here we go.

I, personally, do not see Christ-mas as a Christian holiday. That is not to say I do not enjoy the season, i do enjoy the time of year when others try to be better people, if only for a few days. I have no problem with vendors or businesses saying, “Happy Holidays” as a policy.  Neither do I try to cast a shadow on others who enjoy this holiday. I would draw your attention to a few considerations, however.

There should not be any debate among Christ-ians on the exaltation of the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. So when the church tries to make it a point to say, “Merry Christ-mas” and want others to do so as well, the others being lost persons that have no real vested interest in Christ, is this not causing our Lord’s Name to be used in Vain?

I would rather not have persons, who care not for my Lord, throwing and tossing His Name around for a couple of weeks in December.

Like I said, I enjoy the holidays season, of course I enjoy giving gifts and getting gifts…thoughtful gifts from others who love me, but I need not pretend that it is a celebration of my Lord’s birth or that I am giving gifts to others in Christ’s Name, I do that all year long, by paying for persons items in convenience stores and making it clear that it is because of my Lord’s goodness to me that I share His goodness with others.

I celebrate my Lord’s Birth, Life, Death and Resurrection, His Ascention and Promised Return each and every day by getting up, per God’s grace and mercy, as they are new every day, and doing what pleases God as well as I can and confessing my sin when I displease Him and taking comfort in the fact that Christ’s defeat of sin and death promises me the Godhead’s forgiveness and comforting love. Therefore, I enjoy X-mas as each and every day as it is a day that the LORD has made,[and] i will rejoice and be glad in it like I am priviledged to do each and every day.

I suppose the point I am attempting to make is celebrating (1) day of the year as a celebration of my Lord so that I can give and get is a little to close to crossing God’s commandent than i should dare.

Another reason I shy away from looking upon the (25th) twenty-fifth as a day of celebration is, I do not want to celebrate a day with the world, that is God’s enemy, in the Name of His Son.  Again, we do enjoy that day and enjoy all the festivities, all the giving and getting, all the family and all the friends, but it is not done so in my Lord’s Name. It is done as another day that the LORD has made and it is another opportunity to rejoice and be glad with others who do not rejoice and are not necessarily glad the other (364) three-hundred and sixty-four days of the year.

Also, It is very close to idolatry, if not blasphemy, when persons celebrate Santa Claus and God’s Son on the same day. One cannot serve God and mammon, as Christ has said. In any event, we will enjoy the Christ-mas/ Xmas/ Holiday season but we will not exploit Christ’s Name when doing so or pretend that it is acceptable when the world (God’s enemy) is exploiting Christ’s Name.

Thinks me, this is a reasonable stand on this topic. What say ye?





“Walking By Faith Does Not Negate The Use Of Our God-Given Senses” Or “God, Common Sense, And Reality Require The Responsible To Be Hyper-Vigilent” Or “You See But You Do Not Observe”

“Seeing many things, but thou observest not; opening the ears, but he heareth not.”                                                                                                                                                (Isaiah 42)

“And Jesus entered…into the temple…and [H]e…looked round about upon all things…”                                                                                                                                                   (Mark 11)


“You see, but you do not observe.”
Sherlock Holmes

“The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes.”                                                                                                                                  Sherlock Holmes


We have spoken upon one of our theories several times. The theory we speak of is the unconscience plagiarism of Hollyweird. We believe the Gospel of our Lord Jesus is the greatest event in all of history for it was planned and willed by God before there ever existed anything that can be considered a human kept historical record. Readers, God is From Everlasting to Everlasting: God is He Who is Eternal and Forever, as are His Holy and Glorious attributes.
As to our theory, we think that all human works are inspired by the Gospel of Christ. I do know and am fully aware of the myths that predate and resemble our Lord’s Gospel. These myths are what Hell’s kindling, oops! err rather the atheist cite in order to pour scorn upon our Lord and heap accolades of wisdom upon themselves (or so they think).

These devils are simply filling their cups of sin and they will continue to do so until their cup overflows and they gag upon the gritty dregs of their defiance, rebellion, hate, wickedness, sin and unbelief. In that last sentence I speak only of the militant and “evangelical” atheists that spend their lives fighting the God they do not believe in and live their lives under the sheer mercy of God, Who could open the earth and swallow all of them any time He deems fit but does not. God’s mercies, kindnesses (not Love) are forever being taken for granted by God-haters and the Christ defiant and all of them are abusers of God’s Mercy and Grace.

C.S. Lewis puts it best when he says Christ and His Gospel are all the pre-Christ myths made true. The myths were to prepare the world for the real thing. Thinks me, this may be happening again….Call me crazy, but I think all the Super Hero movies and the Apocalyptic movies are all the buzz in order to prepare a sleeping world for Christ’s return. In these films they portray the heroes as Christ figures. All of the spiritual undertones are quite blatant in many films these days. I’m not implying that the writers are Gospellers in disguise, but God did make a donkey speak, God caused King Saul to speak prophecy, and in the New Testament certain men would say things contrary to their persons, Caiaphes for example speaking truth and wisdom.

We have gotten of track. However, I do want to draw your attention to the quoted texts above. We do so as an example of authors, writers, producers, etc. pulling their inspiration from The Greatest Event that has ever happened and that great event is Christ Jesus and His Gospel. That is my personal theory. Now onto our purpose.

The Bible, THe Book, Holy Writ, Scripture, THe Word of God, call Him what you will. Most persons see the Scriptures as spiritual, many think Him to be useful only upon the invisable and eternal things of God. I have heard over and over, that there exists no manual for parenting. This cliche is untrue, for the Word of God is the manual for  parenting and He is the Manual for all of Life.

The Bible is certainly the Book for the elect, and spiritual minded but it is a Book of practicality too. From the text out of Mark, we see that our Lord, when He enters a building or when He He speaks, He “looks upon all things.” Our Lord takes in and observes all that is. In the Gospels we find our Lord pressed upon and being made the Focus of unbeliever’s and religionists’s fury and wrath many times. Many times do the puny humans seek to take our Lord, but He always escapes the toil and futility of the God-haters.

How does He escape all of His would-be killers over and over again. We do understand that He escapes these riots because His time was not yet. In this article we have been speaking of the humanity of our Lord. How does He escape all these traps? Our text from Mark tells us plainly,  our Lord looks upon all things, Our Lord is vigilent. Our Master/Teacher shows us how to be safe and He shows us how we can keep our families safe…Look…See… Observe…take in all things that you can….observe persons and know where they are at all times. This is the vigilence that our Master used when He was upon this earth.



“Is Blood Really Thicker Than Water?” Or “Does Loving Christ Really Mean That Christ-ians Must Hate Their Blood Relatives?” Or “Does God’s Call To His Elect Imply All Ties Must Be Cut?”

“If any man come to [M]e, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea and his own life also, he cannot be [M]y disciple.”                                                                                                                                                (Luke 14)


We can remember years ago, when mentioning this passage in Luke, a man in a service actually stopping me and demandingan explanation on the principle behind Christ’s teaching.
I readily admit that my Master has said some very outlandish things like, “…[I]f you are not for [M]e you are against [M]e,” and saying those that will be with Him must drink His Blood and eat His Flesh and stating very publically and categorically that if one does not believe Him to be the I Am of the Old Testament, one will certainly die in one’s sins.

The passage from Luke (14) fourteen is equally harsh and hard to take in. However, all that He says, no matter how harsh or how hard, is all true. So, when He says, those of us that will be with Him, must hate our family, He means it.

What does He mean though? In other Scripture the Christ-ian is told to love and honour parents, Christ-ians are told to love their wives, Christ-ians are told to love their children, Christ-ians are even told to Love their neighbor and their enemy. How then does Christ’s message in Luke (14) fourteen line up with other Scripture? How can we love our families and also hate them?

First of all, let us define terms and put things into perspective, and words into their righftul context. Christ is not instructing us to emotionally hate our families. Christ is instructing us to be fully prepared to go against the wishes, the likes, the desires of our loved ones if they counter or contradict Christ’s purposes and pleasures. There should not be and must not be any question within the Christ-ian mind that asks, “What should I do, who should I listen to?” Christ demands preeminence in all things.

This can be seen in the life of Abraham. God called Abraham to leave everything and to follow God’s unrevealed will for his life. This is also demonstrated when Abraham was willing to sacrifice Isaac to God. This fundamental and foundational Christ-ian principle can also be seen in the record of Jepthah and his daughter. John and James, also demonstrate this principle. When Christ called John and James to follow Him, they left their family business, their father, and all that they knew. Matthew gave up all to follow Christ. This truth cannot be overstated. This principle can be seen in the negative as well. When un-called men would approach Christ and ask if they could follow Him, He would tell them to give up everything before they could follow Him, but they would not. Because of their hold on life, they could not follow Christ.

“Blood is thicker than water.” If I am correct, this can be interpreted as meaning, the water of believer’s baptism will not replace one’s loyalty to family and kin. In other words, when it really come down to it, a person will always side with blood relatives and not their brethren in Christ. Is this true?

If we take Christ at His Word and we be loyal to Him and our holy calling, it cannot be true. One’s loyalty must reside, abide, and remain with one’s Christ-ian, Blood-bought family at the expense of family and kin relationships.

Why must it be this way? We will give (2) two reasons:
1. Christ demands the preeminence and the complete giving over of ourselves as a living sacrifice unto Him. A sacrifice has no more ties with life or the living. The Christ-ian is commanded to *die daily, to *die to self, to *be crucified with Christ, and to *crucify the world. The Christ-ian is further commanded to *deny even himself and to *take up the cross and to *follow Christ and to follow Christ Alone and to never look back (Remember Lot’s wife).
2. In the time of tribulation, we are told that family and family love will grow cold and family members will betray family members that are Christ-ian.

To be clear, we are not saying that you should cut all family and friend ties. We are not saying you should look at your family and friends with hate and disgust. We are not saying or implying that Christ-ians should leave their families, their careers, or the life that they know. I don’t think any of you would think we were saying such things, but we would rather be safe than sorry…you understand.

To summarize our article:
Christ does not expect us or command us to drop everything and to hate everybody and to love Him only. However, He is saying we should be prepared to do so if called upon.

A couple of hopefully helpful analogies:
1. Certain members of certain military branches keep a “go bag.” This bag speaks to their (this is going to sound cold) readiness and preparedness to leave everything behind, family included, in order to serve the country.
2. The smart or rather wise and prudent employee also has a “go bag” in the case of their unexpected termination. In this bag is all that they would need to pick up and go, leaving everything else behind.

Some may think this principle as being extreme and radical, but this principle is a foundational principle that Christ-ians must build their lives upon.



“More Thoughts On The Enemic Church” Or “What Has To Happen To Get A Response?” Or “Can’t We Just STOP Getting Along”

“And it came to pass, when Ahab saw Elijah, that Ahab said unto him, Art thou he that troubleth Israsel? And he answered, I have not troubled Israel; but thou,… [hast troubled Israel…]  (1 Kings 18)

“And the LORD said unto Moses, See, I have made thee  a god to Pharaoh…”  (Exodus7)

“And all they in the synagogue…rose up, anmd thrust [H]im out of the city, and led [H]im unto the brow of the hill whereon their city was built, that they might cast [H]im down [H]eadlong.”  (Luke 4)


While it is true, there is great persecution in other parts of the world, there is little to speak of in the west. This speaks to a sleepy, indifferent, or an enemic church. With the exception of men like John MacArthur, Franklin Graham, and Jeffries, a Pastor and Fox News contributor that has his weaknesses there is very little holy rebellion in this country. Now, I know that there are Christ-ian preachers and little known church pastors, and Home preachers like myself that do keep the faith and do cry out for Righteousness’ sake, but we have no outlet other than blogs and Youtube. And even with these outlets, no one is being stirred up with righteous indignation.

Good grief, even a leftist like Bob Beckel (who I must say is a descent, moral and maybe even Christ-ian man) asks where the American preachers are. With all the wickedness of (s)atan’s Islamic death cult in full display, no one but the men I have named and the little known ministers are saying anything!!!

I know full and well, as I have written before, God is in control and all of this is going according to His purposes but this does not excuse the church’s silence. God told Jeremiah that no one would listen to him and that his ministry would not see much fruit, but God called him to prophesy and to preach anyway. God intended to save only Noah and (7) seven others during the flood but Noah still preached God’s Righteousness and coming judgement. Some know that God will save His elect in His time and in His way, yet we preach the Gospel to all creatures.  Even though we know the end of God’s play, we must still play our parts. Even though we may know the outcome of a movie we still find ourselves hoping it will be different this time!!!

To understand what I’m ranting about, rent or purchase the movie, “Luther” that has Joseph Fiennes in the role of Luther and you will see a nation that is passionate about religion. In Luke (4) four, quoted above you find a people doing wrong, but are  passionate about God and religion. I cannot tolerate the cult of the jehovah’s Witnesses. I challenge them, flout them, and run them off each and every opportunity God gives me. I know they will be judged harshly for adding to Scripture, subtracting from Scripture, deceiving many, and taking God’s great Name in vain, but at least they are passionate about their wicked lies and beliefs.

The same can be said about (s)atans death cult of Islam. Of course it is a vile and wicked religious cult, of course they deceive and are deceived,of course, they will be made to drink from God’s cup of wrath, but again, at the very least they have passion as wicked as it is.

Let me be clear as the Chrysal sea, I am not complimenting or praising the cults listed above. I only point out that they have a passion that the American Christ-ian church does not.

I do not brag upon myself and i am not glorying in my flesh when i say i am so thankful for a boldness that God has given me. Anyone that has known me in the past could tell you I have always had a quiet and reserved nature. In all of the personality tests I have ever taken, i was always classified as reserved and complient, the farthest thing from an “Alpha male.” One who detests confrontation.
Anyone that knows me now can tell you that has all changed. God has downloaded, infused, released with me a spiritual and very vocal boldness. I am so thankful for that and I did pray for that for at least (15) fifteen years. I dare not take any ounce of credit for any boldness that I have, all glory goes to God’s gifting Alone.

Due to this recently given boldness or liberty may be a reason I can see the indifference of the Christ-ian church so plainly. I can liken it or explain it with an analogy: Years ago I began to study logic, clear thinking, and critical thinking. This was a blessing and a curse. A blessing in that i could use my mind, my thinking, my thoughts, my emotions, etc. better. A curse in that I could now recognize the lack of logic, clear and critical thinking others did not use.

I am sorry to see the indifference of the church and i am also sorry to know that it will take tribulation, trials, and persecution to stir us up.  How do I know this? I know this from Scripture history and i recognize this as a pattern of God’s people.


“Abridgements Are Abominations” Or “It Is Intellectual AND Spiritual Dishonesty To Edit Writers From Christ-ianity’s Past” Or “An Open Letter Of Holy Rebuke To Fellow Preachers”

“[H]e that cometh to [M]e I will in no wise cast him out.”  (John 6:37 B)

“I have manifested [T]hy [N]ame unto the men which [T]hou gavest to me out of the world…”  (John17)

“Thou shalt not add to or take away from…”  (Deuteronomy, Proverbs, and Revelation)

“Repent and believe…” (Mark 1)

“Be ye holy for I am Holy.” (Leviticus 11; 1 Peter 1:16)


Beloved Readers, Fellow Believers, Independent Thinkers,

The above passages are doctrinal truths that are either forgotten or forsaken by many of those in the pulpits, on the television, on the radio, or on line. The text from John 6:37 is a familiar verse to many if not most. However what many do not realize is that it is only (1/2) half of the verse. The first (1/2) half states, “All that the Father giveth [M]e shall come to [M]e… and then the verse continues with “…and him that cometh unto [M]e I will in no wise cast out.”

You may ask what is the big deal? The big deal is this, many preachers for many, many years do not speak or proclaim the entire verse. The (2nd) second portion of the verse allows man to think it was them that came forth and was saved, it was according to their wisdom and decision to escape Sin’s penalty. However, if the (1st) first part of the passage is taught properly, if at all, it will show man that salvation is of God. It teaches that God is the Author and Initiator of man’s salvation and with this teaching man is made to be thankful, grateful, and alway humble due to God’s so great salvation. By the forsaken of the doctrine of God’s free election believers are not as thankful as they should be, they do not serve God out of a grateful heart as they should, and they are not perpetually humble and at the Feet of their Lord and Saviour.

The (2nd) quoted text is from John 17, where Christ, in His prayer for those that are with Him and for those of us that will believe in Him according to the Apostles teachings (The Bible), speaks over and over again of the men that God has given unto Him. Who are these men and what is Christ speaking of? In His Prayer to the Father, Christ is speaking of the individual persons past, present and future as those specifically given to Him for atonement, salvation, and redemption. He states clearly that He is not praying for the world of ungoldy unbelievers. Christ’s prayer is specific and peculiar to those whom the Father has given unto Him and those only.
It is unfortunate that these great truths have been abandoned, forsaken, forgotten by preachers of The Gospel.

To be fair, however, let me say this, I do not believe that preachers should preach election to unsaved persons. When we would preach at Pacific Garden Missions in Chicago (a great honour that shall never be forgotten as are all my opportunities to preach Christ) we would not speak of election but of man’s responsibility to repent and to believe, ie. to submit to Christ’ ways, to love Christ, to trust and to obey Christ. However, in the process of teaching Christ-ians, old and new, the doctrine of election should be taught faithfully.

The Scriptures are very clear, those that proclaim Holy Truth cannot, must not ever add to or take away from Scriptures teaching and or meanings. This rule is written twice in the Old Testament, and once in the New testament. As well as being alluded to in many places within the Gospels and the episles. However time and again, for years and years, man has added to and subtracted to God’s  written Word. Parts of passages are ignored as we saw above, principles are ignored, laws are ignored, church discipline is all but forsaken, their are exceptions of course, but these exceptions proves the reality and the truth. Brethren, even in books from past Christ-ians such as A.W. Pink and Charles H. Spurgeon are being abridged in order to make their teaching more acceptable to the current day Biblical illiterate and deceived church goers and BOOK BUYERS!!!

Repentance and belief have been forsaken or watered down. Repentance has become a mere change of one’s mind concerning the Person and the works of Christ. Belief has become a mere cognitive acceptance or carnal acknowledgement of Christ’s Person and Works. Whereas the Scriptures teach that repentence is a complete turn around from one’s rebellious life and enjoyment of sin to one’s submissive life and eshewing of unrighteousness. This doctrine does not include sinlessness or perfection, but it does include and insists upon one’s desire to change for the better.
Belief is far more than a mental ascent, cognitive acceptance or carnal acknowledgement. Scripture shows many disciple that merely gave a nod to Christ’s Person and Work deserting Him, they are even said to believe and to be His disciples!!! Read that last sentence again and maybe a few more times. James tells us that even the devils believe and at the very least tremble before our Lord’s Person and Majesty.
Can one honestly say that the Jews of the Old Testament, King Saul and Judas were not true believers? Read that sentence again. Of course, they were true believers, they saw what we wish we could have seen. The Jews saw God Presence, King Saul fought and warred in God’s Name, God even took His mind over and prophesied through Him. Saul saw the words of God’s prophet Samuel come to fruition time and again. Saul was a true believer.
Judas, was he not a true believer? Judas was given power to exercise demons, he saw the Lord’s miracles, he recognized the Lord Jesus as the Old Testament’s prophesied Messiah. Judas was a true believer.
However, All of the Jews in the Old Testament Exodus perished, save a few. Saul was rejected and died in sin, and Judas died a sinner and went to his own place. But they all believed!!! Does this not, common sense thinkers, insist that there is far more to saving belief than mental ascent?
The Scriptures state plainly, if a believer does not live a life of perpetual living faith that translates into obedience they will not be saved (John 8; Colossians 1; 1 Peter 1; Hebrews 5). Paul teaches the harsh truth, if a believer does not love Christ, that “believer” will be proven false at the last day and will be God-damned forever.
My Readers, these are teaching and doctrines of Holy Writ, they maybe and are often challenged but time and great surprise and eternal sorrow shall prove them as true and Christ is Truth.

“Be ye holy as I Am Holy,” is said by God Himself in the Old Testament and is backed up by God inspired Scripture in the New Testament. My Readers, It is written, Those that are holy shall see God. The negative side of that truth is, those that are not holy shall not see God. In the docrtine of holiness there are (3) tree states of holiness, if you will.
1. The state of holiness.
2. Principle holiness.
3. Practical Holiness.

The state of holiness is the state of being in Christ. It is the divine truth that God has chosen to set an elect number of certain persons, according to His grace, aside to serve His purposes and His pleasures, which are in line His perfect and all wise, as well as, His Sovereign will and free choice. This is all of God, we have no part in it. This state of holiness also speaks to God’s free will and gracious choice to see us as He sees His Son. This state of holiness is completely, utterly, and solely due to Christ’s life, death, and resurrection in our stead. This state speaks to God’s sanctifying election of certain persons, His effectual calling of certain persons, His justification, sanctification (In time and progressive) of certain persons, and glorification (which is spoken of in the past tense) of said certain persons.
Principle holiness speaks to our thoughts, morals, ethics, beliefs, and world view being in line with God’s revealed will. This does not teach that we will always do right but principally speaking, we are in line with God’s purposes and pleasures. We do have a part to play in this. In order to be principally holy we must know God, His Word, and be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s will.
Practical holiness speaks to our voluntary will and fervent desire to please God and to be Christ-like in all that we do, think, and feel. We will, of course, falter, fall, and fail often, but in general, it can be said that our general tenor of life will be a life pleasing to the Lord. Practical holiness requires honesty with ourselves and with God, it calls upon us to confess our sins and to be ever seeking for God’s forgiveness and grace to do better.

Where are these truths being proclaimed? One might object and ask me, “How do you know these truth are not being taught?” I would respond this way, “Of course, these truths are being taught somewhere, but generally speaking, these are not the teachings of many or most local churches. How do I know that? I do not need to see a parent neglecting their child or a pet owner abusing their animal to know something is going on.” I would further respond by saying, “Your objection only proves my point, as The Christ taught, ‘Ye shall know them by their fruits’ has also been forgotten, forsaken or simply ignored.”


“The Double Standard” Or “Even Your Friendly Neighborhood Preacher Can’t Get Away With It” Or “They Talk And They Talk And They Talk But Nothing Ever Happens”

“Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth”


If you pay attention to the news or current events you have seen that the media reports on things that are most unjust but nothing ever happens. This is true of those in power or have any kind of celebrity. However, if a citizen did the very same thing or less they would be punished to the fullest extent of the law and rightly so. Public officials do things or don’t doing that they should or should not do and nothing happens. Even the court of moral opinion doesn’t seem to have any power, though the mob mentality and mob rule of the lost left does.

Let us give some examples: Ex-President Obama did everything he could to harm this nation and to punish this nation for being great. He did everything he could to elevate muslims and their (s)atanic cult but nothing ever happened, except his success. President Trump however, comes into power and demonstrates, in less than (1) one year, Obama’s treachery and failed presidency and yet nothing happens, except the media and the wicked liberal progressives blatantly lie about Trump and defend Obama!!!.
Instead of Obama being humiliated and being publically proven as a traitor and betrayer of this country, he still makes appearances and speaks of his successes and of Trump’s presidency in negative terms and nothing happens and the wicked left eat it up.

Another example is Hilary Clinton. This woman has been shown to be a criminal time and time again, yet nothing happens, nor does public opinion shame her. These (2) two treacherous traitors have been shown to be criminals at the highest level but they are still free and living a life of luxury.

Some examples of their crimes that have been proven time and again: *”Fast and Furious”, Obama sells guns to the drug cartel that cost American lives and nothing happens, *He trades (5) high ranking terrorists for a war-time traitor (i’m not against getting him back onto American soil but not the way it was handled) and it has been proven that a number of these terrorists have returned to terrorism…what a surprise. *Obama also freed many terrorist from U.S. custody. He has also released, I believe the number is (137,000) One hundred and thirty-seven thousand, criminals from prison. These terrorists and street criminals return to their lives of terrorism and crime…again, what a surprise. Hilary Clinton sells Uranium to Russia and nothing happens. Clinton is also, as i believe the evidence has shown, is responsible for (4) four americans being killed in Benghazi.

Other examples of crimes that have come to light yet nothing is happening: Many persons in positions of authority and power, who use their control for evil purposes have been called to public attention.

The powerful of Hollyweird and Washington have been shown to be abusers of power and it has been shown that this abuse has been well known for decades in some instances. Film producer Harvey Weinstein, Actors Ben Affleck, Kevin Spacey, and politicians Al Franken, Conyers, Bill Clinton, Teddy Kennedy, possibly Roy Moore, and others have been brought into the court of public opinion for sexual harrassment and even charges of rape, in some instances, but what has happened? Some have admitted it some have not, some have entered into “rehab” and some haven’t, some are denying it, but all in all nothing is happening.
There seems to be no criminal charges being brought forth and if that is due to statutes of limitations let those be changed. I have long believed and have stated publically on this site and from the pulpit serial rapists should be considered a capital crime worthy of the death penalty.

When I make that statement concerning rape and the death penalty, let me be specific. Each case must be taken individually and not applied to all cases. A serial rapist should be executed, a serial child molester or child rapist should be executed when and if they are found guilty beyond any reasonable doubt and if DNA proves their guilt. However, if a person in their teenage years, when hormones, and public exaltation of everythig sexual (bill boards, films, T.V., etc) may have influenced a young person to some indiscretion, mitigating circumstances should be considered (i’m not speaking of forceful and physically abusive acts of rape).

Another example of careful consideration is the registry of sexual crimes. If a boy at the age of (18) eighteen is having relations with a girl in her younger teens, this boy should not have his life ruined by being known as a sexual predator or deviant. If the law concerning statutory rape remains in effect, then all boys when they turn (18) eighteen should be removed from public highschool and put into a school for boys only.  I think I am being reasonable when I write this, let me know in comments if i am off base and explain why.

The crimes mentioned above prove (1) one of (2) two things or maybe both.
1. The progressive left is unashamed and happy in their deviant behaviour and nature and are fine with their depraved opinions being broadcast and causing harm or
2. God has sent a dimness, a blindness, a intellectual dumbness, so that the liberal left does not realize their own lapse in moral and ethical beliefs and actions or
3. Both are true, as either the latter is the cause of the former or the former is a judgement of God for the latter, Methinks that Roman 1 would line up with the blindness and intellectual dumbness of humanity being a judgement.

If these crimes and abuses of power have been known for so long, why would God allow them to go on? Why would those in the know not speak up about all these injustices? Is God asleep? Are the deists correct? Whats going on?
My reader, We can tell you what is going on. The Bible speaks of cups being filled up and certain ones being made to drink therefrom. Our Blessed Master drank from God’s cup of wrath when He died in our stead. David was made to drink from his cup of temporal weakness, we are made to drink from God’s cup of chastening love when we wander off as we are so proned to do.
There also exist the cup of sin, which all sinners and, rebels, and God haters will be made to drink from. However, God allows these reprobates time to fill their cups so that they have much to drink, to choke from and to gag upon. If God were to bring those mentioned above to light at the very beginning of their wicked abuse of power they would have had little to drink and other reprobates may have been warned off from their future abuses of power. But God was willing to allow them time to fill up their cups of sin which allowed others to take part in the abuse of power. Then at the right time, God drags them all into the light of truth and exposes so many in power and authority. He forces them to drink their self-poured cups of sin down to the dregs.

Other reasons God allows the sin cups to be filled:
1. It demonstrates that power and authority will betray a man’s character and depravity, which vindicates and verifies God’s eternal truths of man’s fallen nature and utter depravity.
2. It will show that men in power cannot control themselves lest they fear God.
3. It teaches us that God will expose all secrets and sins of the prideful and abusive and that they will be held accountable unless they seek God through repentance and submission to righteousness.
4. Another reason God allows wicked men in power and authority, who wield control over others is to show God’s goodness and kindness to all of humanity.

Our God is Supreme in Power, He holds all authority and control, every life is in His hands and He may do as he wills with each and every life. (Psalm 115, 135, Daniel 4, Ephesians 1). At the beginning of Christ’s ministry it is written that His message was the Gospel of the Kingdom. Do not be confused, this is not the Gospel of Christ’s death and resurrection, no not at all.
This Gospel of the Kingdom teaches the good news that God is almighty, that He is supreme in power, that He is Absolutely Sovereign over each and every thing. The way this sovereignty and supreme power, control, and authority is demonstrated, is made manifest, is shown and is seen and is experienced is by God’s graciousness. God’s power and authority, control, and sovereignty are seen through His acts of love, kindness and condescension.

Christ, with all power over all flesh gives sight to the blind so they may see God’s greatness in Creation, hearing to the deaf so they might hear the Word of God being read and so they might hear all of nature declaring God’s great glory, strength to the lame so they might love God with all their God-given strength, the power and freedom to the dumb, so they might speak praises unto God.

Yes, God allows men to abuse power, control, and authority in order to demonstrate what He does with Absolute power, Absolute control, Absolute authority.

I mentioned in one of the titles that I cannot get away with anything and what I mean by that is Christ-ianity does hold itself accountable as does the world, which is a good thing even if they mean it for evil. Catholicism may not hold their own accountable unless or until they be outed by an outside source or a victim of their abuse of power, but the true faith does and by saying that, I am stating very clearly that the (c)atholic church is not of Christ, though there be some, among the deceived, that are saved in that religion.

If I write or say something doctrinally unsound I will be called out for it. When spiritual leaders have been shown to have abused their power or liberty, the Faith has held them accountable. Whether it be a preacher or pope or (2) two in Indiana or a preacher and president of a college in Florida, if they are shown and proven to be guilty of the abuse of power and liberty, they are summarily dealt with.

In the Old Testament, it was law to dispatch, ie. kill a prophet, if they be proven false. This was, thinks me, because they were guilty of soul-murder and pretending to speak for God. One can read of Elijah’s contest with the pagans; Jeremiah has much to say, as does Peter about false prophets and false teachers. Our Lord Jesus has very much to say on the subject as well.
Let me say this, that law in a sense, is still in effect! I’m not saying we should kill false prophets (We must not, should not, and cannot) such as: Joel Osteen and most if not all on TBN, or those that call them themselves the “Returned Jesus Christ,” nor should we kill the likes of Robert Tilton, but I am saying their ministries should be terminated. However, there does not exist enough biblically literate saints that can cause that to happen. The happily and self centered and co-self deluded and deceived line up and fill arenas and auditoriums to hear what these wolves have to say. I would not have a problem, necessarily with the likes of Osteen if he pushed his self help as self help and left our Lord’s Name out of it.
I’m also not saying that these wolves, liars, and children of the devil should have their (2nd) second ammendment rights taken away. If the church or even false believers were more Biblically literate or had more common sense, they would not attend these (s)atanic imspired ministries that act in our Lord’s Name.

Things are as they are; it is what it is…but all things will be made right at the right time. Do not faint, do not lose hope, let not your hearts be troubled, be not soon shaken for God knows and is in control, be not among those of little faith or fall away. Know that God is longsuffering and God does all things in their right time and in their season. At some point God will act and will tarry no longer. All will be made to drink from their cups of sin and cups of divine wrath.
God, His Holiness, His Righteousness, His Wisdom, and His Goodness shall all be verified, vindicated, and avenged. Justice and all His promises shall be fulfilled and satisfied. All wickedness shall come to pass and be remembered no more, any evidence of their sin and their sin, and their abuses will exist no longer.
Those in Christ will live happily ever after in the Presence of their Lord, their Only Saviour, their Master, their Maker, the Lover of their souls, and their All in All, Who is Altogether Lovely; We will forever be with Him, Whom we have believed; Him Whom we have loved, having not seen, when our faith is made sight.

Hallelujah!!! and Godspeed.




“The Art, Beauty, And Need Of Controversy And Provocation” Or “Lightning Rods May Not Be Liked, But They Are Useful To God” Or “Why I Gleefully Write Truths That May Enrage And Engage Others.”

“Ye are of your father, the devil…”  (John 8)

“[I]f ye believe not that I [Am] he, ye shall die in your sins.” (John 8)

“…[G]o and tell that fox…”  (Lord Jesus calling Herod a fox in Luke 13)

“Ye have no power over [M]e…”  (Christ says to Pilate as our Lord stands dripping with Blood.)


The quoted passages above demonstrate our Lord provoking His enemies, He would also provoke and make fun out of His friends, if you will,  by telling them that they have “little faith,” or by calling Peter, “(s)atan. He also called Judas a devil in order to provoke him to action.

The Words above were spoken to cause controversy and provocation. Christ, at His illegal trials, would remain silent at times, this was to show that the puny humans were beneath Him and He would not bother to condescend to their lowly estate. This was provocation to their prideful flesh to do what God has ordained and elected them to do of their own precious free will, and then to suffer under God’s wrath for doing what God had ordained and elected them to do…Yes!!! They were punished and are being punished for doing God’s will.
My readers,
This is the Omnipotent God we serve and are to love. If you idealize God in any other way, you are committing idolatry. God is the Govenor, Director, Facilitator of all things and what all things do.
As written above, Christ would remain silent as certain reprobate persons were in His Company. [SIDENOTE: One must have a proper perspective here. As Daniel was not in the Lions den, but the lions were in Daniel’s den, so are the overflowing, pride filled, clowns and puppets in Christ’s court. Christ is not in man’s court or at man’s mercy….God forbid.] Christ would also speak words of provacation to His enemies, when He Confesses Himself to be God, and that those present are right where they should be, they will at a later date see Him descending from Heaven with all power, and great Glory. Christ, with silence and with words would provoke His enemies to fill up their cups of sin, which they will be made to drink. Christ was always (and is always) in total control of the events that came upon Him.


Like our Master, Lord, and Example, some Christ-ians (not all and not many)  are called to be lightning rods, agitators, provocateurs, and those who would stir up trouble. Christ, Moses, Elijah, Isaiah, Jeremiah (the list could go on and on) were all agitators and troublemakers. Agitation, provoking, stirring others up are ways to get sleeping persons into action and animation.

John Baptist was a provoker, did he not draw out the prideful religionists to his waters? Paul was a provoker as he used the greeks and other gentiles to cause jealousy, in the Jews,  of God’s blessings.

We have a brother that is very good at provoking others. He is so good that some do not want to be around him. He can be annnoying and irritating, he uses words that others do not readily understand, with that being said, he is serving a good purpose. He is stirring up the otherwise indifferent, and making faith and religion, if you will, relavent in the live of others. It is a bad state of affairs when this world, the lost included, become indifferent to religious matters.

It is necessary to wind persons up, to draw persons out and to anger sleeping saints and reprobates. When a saint makes a controversial statement and no one challenges him, it is proof that the world has become indifferent to God. A world indifferent to God is a dead and hopeless world, a world of sleeping saints that are not stirred up by the things of God. God forbid this type of world. There should be and must be anger and arguements at the family table over religious differences, there must be saints growing irritatated with other saints over matters of faith, lest it all dies and becomes forgotten.

For Example: I do not support prayer in public schools, I hate abortion, yet I understand why it must be allowed in this wicked world and that is why i do not fight against it. I am definitely pro death penalty, and would be glad to be used as the person to apply the mode of death, hanging, decapitation, gas, needle, or shooting. I say these things in order to stir up differences of opinion and this is also why a person like our brother (Spoken of above) is annoying and irritating to the point others might not want to engage him.

We write about doctrines that others do not like thinking about, so that they will be provoked and be made useful to God. I enjoy writing on election, predestination, adoption, and sanctification so that others will get agitated and irritated. I speak of Christ dying for a definite number of individuals and not for all of mankind because it is true, it is right, it is controversial, and it is provoking.
I also enjoy and provoking (spiritually) Jehovah’s Witnesses. I also enjoy challenging Christ-ians in coffee and eating places. I provoke them to give glory to God by asking them if they truly believe in a God, I will demean their intelligence and their ways of thinking, they respond by standing up for our Lord, Master, and Saviour. When the time is right I applaud them for their love and devotion to our Lord and confess myself to be a Christ-ian also and then we pray prayers of thanks in the sight of others in the coffee house. This may sound like i am being condescending but i am not. Even our Lord would diguise Himself as another in order to teach a lesson. To provoke others is a Christ-like attribute, but to provoke must be used with wisdom and prudence and never for pride, haughtiness, or the exaltation of the flesh and self.

Other ways to provoke is to state that Christ-ians are better than those still in Adam. I say this because it is true, the Christ-ian is the new creature or creation in Christ. In his own person he is just like everyone else, but in Christ, he is made better than others in the sight of God. In Christ, the Christ-ian is royalty, we are prince or princess to our Lord’s Kingship.

God used the Gentiles to provoke the Jews to jealousy and or envy by bestowing blessings upon blessing upon the Gentiles.

To summarize:
To provoke others (Saved and lost) to anger, irritation, and  to cause others to seethe is one way that Christ-ianity lives eternal and the Godhead is greatly Glorified in the sight of believers and unbelievers.