“Determining One’s Spiritual Age Part (2) Two” Or “Years Saved Does Not Equate To One’s Spiritual Age”


“Judge not…”  (Christ’s Sermon From The Mount)


Another action that demonstrates one’s spiritual immaturity is the judgementall spirit and enjoyment in judgeing another. The subject of judging can be a confusing but it need not be. To clear up this subject we will put it this way. The Christ-ian is to judge all things but not to be judgmental.

In other words the Christ-ian is to judge all things such as right/wrong, good/bad, true/false. However he is not to do so with a judgemental spirit. He is to judge all things on the merit of that which is being judged. If something is bad it is bad based on the Word of God and not upon the person performing the act.

As to the often misinterprted, “judge not lest thou be judged…” This passge being one of the most often misinterperted and misapplied passages need not be.  The truth simply means, the one judging will be judged according to the standard of judging hhe has set. In other word, If you state that a person should have his/her hand chopped of if he steals, then you have subjected yourself to the same manner of judgement if you steal.

If you take pleasure in the judgement of another your heart is in the wrong place you are spiritually immature. If you find yourself on the wrong side of the truths as laid out up above, you are spritually childish.

If we are to judge all things according to 2 Corinthians 2, how are we to go about that?
First, we are to judge our selves before we judge another. Before we set out to judge another individual, let ss judge ourself and and determine where we went wrong and confess this to God before we ever judge another. Once we have examined ourself and made confession, let us determine to me merciful when judging another before we detremine anothet to be guilty. Once all of that has been accomplished, let us bring up our brother’s sin before him in love while a;ways remember our weaknesses.

Let us remember that the whole purpose of going to the brethen with his sin is to help him get things right before him and God. If all is rectified between God and the brother praise God for His mercy to the brother and yourself and God. You have won your brother back to God and love has covered a multitude of sin!!!
If your brother takes offense and refuses to come to God, then he must be approached again but this time you must bring another along. If the brother agains to repent then he must bee brought to God and the entire Church body. If this also fails, he must be sent from the body of Christ until he repents. This is never easy but these stepd must be followed in order to keep order in the Church.

But again, no enjoyment must be had in this process.

And again, if you find pleasure during any part of this process, you are spiritually immature and this immaturity should be dealt with before you take part in any part of what we have just written.

Another trait that determines spiritual immaturity is pleasure in legalism.  I have spoken to many different “stripes of professing believers and I must confess that one of the most trying to my patience is the legalistic believers.  The legalist will always find away to turn a conversation to legals no matter how spiritual the discussion may be.  One can be discusssing prayer and the legalist will change it into women in pants or listening to the type of music being played while one is praying. The legalist will change a discussion into something that will point to himself and he will have a self satisfying smile as he does so. The legalistic believing is on of the last persons I find myself seeking to dialogue with.

My point being, the legalist is one of the most sriritually immature believer there is, for he is the type that will always turn the discussion to himself and he will do so while judging another…ugh.



“Things I have Been Told Not To Ask, Say, Or Do” Or “Loder?, What Did You Just Say!?” Or “If You Aren’t In Trouble With The Right People, You Aren’t Having Any Fun!!!”

“…[F]or if I yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of Christ.”  (Galatians 1)

“Readers, this article will seek to answers many unanswered, but easily answerable questions. The passage tells us why politicians and celebrities are so off track and always on the wrong side of issues?” Celebrities and politicians are often wrong because they are overwhelmed with the need to be man pleasers. Their problem….they are always pleasing the wrong people and I doubt that even they believe the insane and illogical statements that they pronounce and proclaim before cameras.  I think it is a “catch 22.”

This is the “catch 22,” The politicians / the celebrated / idolized persons speak their unrighteous lies because their fan base believes the them. The fan base believes them because they know nothing else. Therefore the fan base accepts what they are told with out any qualification or thinking for themselves.  They are told to believe what they are told and they fan base,therefore believes what they are told time and time again and the celebrated person keeps speaking non-sense because they think this is what the base wants and believes. If the celebrated persons would stop the speaking non-sense, the sycophantic base would not know what to think or what to believe. It really is a vicious and damaging circle.

With all that said, here are the things I understand one should never do: 1. Congratulate a heavy set woman on her pregnancy because she may not be pregnant.  2. Ask a woman her age. 3. Pull on Batman’s cape. I….err rather, he doesn’t like that.

We are going to break the (2nd) second rule but not in a way you might think.  In this article and maybe a few subsequent article we will ask your age…not as in when were you born but rather how old are you, spiritually. Some persons can say they were born again many, many years ago but not have aged spiritually…they may still be a spiritual infant of toddler. While others may have been saved only a few years, yet they have matured, spiritually, to an older spiritual age. So we will seek to investigate (DV) our spiritual age through is article.

Allow me to be clear and explain whay I said above so that there is no confusion. There are example in Scripture that will clarify. Bezaleel from Exodus is an example. God “downloaded” knowledge into Bezaleel in an instant what it took others years to learn through experience and many years of on the job. Paul is another example, God gave Paul a great amount of knowledge and understanding that the (11) eleven other disciples spent (3) three years learning. Another example is the imputed righteousness of Christ. Christ lived a righteous on this earth for (33) thirty-three years and we that are saved spent years racking up our sins, yet in a period of hours on Calvary and only moments on our knees did God transfer our sins upon Him and His righteousness to you and Me and all that have been and will be saved.

Therefore, spiritual age has nothing to do with our physical age or the years we have been saved. Our spiritual age is determined by our time spent with Christ. Let me carify with another example. We have seen elderly saints that are still spiritual toddlers and we have seen young persons that are spiritually ancient. Age is determined by one’s growth (or aging) in the grace and the knowledge of Christ. We have met elderly saints that are years younger, spiritually, than ourselves. There are elder saints that are still wasting their time on do’s and don’ts than on growing in their knowledge of God and His grace.

Okay, Methinks we have claified our points and remarks. Let us move on to determining our spiritual age and ways to spiritually mature in Christ. We trust that saints will not be offended by what is written and read. We are simply going to speak on Biblical principle and truths.

Since you brought up the sublect of being offended, let’s discuss that subject… or as Eddie Murphy would put it as he mimicks Buckwheat on SNL, ” OOO’tay.
1. If you are a Christ-ian and you are easily offended or look for ways to be offended you are not a mature believer. Yep! You are being called down to the ring. If you are the type that is easily offended and even goes so far as to look for offenses, you are a spiritual infant. If your spiritual self or your spiritual senses goes off easily or bothered by little or even big things, you are not spiritually mature. The spiritually mature experience a peace that passes all understanding. The spiritual mature rests in the knowledge that God knows. This is one way one turns the other cheek. The mature Christ-ian soars like eagles and the immature believer runs through the mud like a chicken with it’s head cut off.

2. If you are slow to to forgive, you are spiritually young. But, before we expand on this topic let’s explain and clarify what forgiveness is and how it works. Forgiveness can not and must not take place or occur unless there is a confession of wrong doing and an acceptance of that confession, period. One cannot and must not forgive another if the offender is not remorseful or is not seeking to explain or is not seeking forgiveness. To forgive one who has not or is not sorry is immoral and unrighteous, and even ungodly for even God does not forgive lest forgiveness is sought and God is the Epitomy and Definition of moral, righteous and Godly. HOWEVER, Though you cannot, must not FORMALLY forgive an offender without their desire and request, you cannot and must not hold bitterness in your heart.
When a person that is “godlier, more moral, and more righteous” than God says, “Oh, I have already forgiven you,” if or even, when an offender seeks forgiveness, is wrong and has condoned the offense. What is really going on or what is being said is the offended party holds no bitterness inside, which is proper, but formal forgiveness has not taken place; forgiveness is a formal and humbling act of contrition and mercy, humbling on the part of the former and mercy on the part of the latter. Now let us speak to the immaturity of the unforgiver.
If you are one who does not forgive others when they seek it and would, in stead, retain the feelings of bitterness, or power or control, you art spiritually immature. Though that is bad there is a worse problem at the root of things. If you are not a ready, willing, and waiting forgiver, you have never truly understood the forgiveness of God that is found only in Christ, In fact, you, the offended, should be so ready, willing, waiting, and wanting to forgive the offender you will go to the offender and bring said offense to said offender’s attention in a loving manner. Reader, if you are not a forgiver you may not even be spiritually immature, you may have never been born again and are still under the penalty of sin. Forgiveness is one hallmark of the forgiven.

3. Prayerlessness is a sign of and a reason for spiritual immaturity. Spiritual maturity is the sign or evidence that one has spent and does spend much time with Christ through prayer, Christ conscienceness, and time in the Word of God. Christ-likeness can come only through time spent with Christ. The Proverbs tell us, he who would be wise must walk with the wise and one who will be a fool walks with other fools. Therefore, one who will be Christ-like or wills to be Christ-like must walk with Christ.

4. If you are one who delights in gossip, back biting and lives in the spirit of a judgemental attitude, you are spiritually immature. The thruth in that sentence speaks for itself, let’s move on…

5. If you delight in another’s fall, you are spiritually immature. Proverbs tells us, one should never pleasure in God’s judgement of another because God may very well turn from His wrath of the guilty and turn to you for you are guiltier that the guilty due to your pride-filled pleasure. I’ll be more clear by way of an Old Testament example. In the Old Testament there was a legal licensing for one who is called, a avenger of blood. In other words, if a man killed an innocent, a family member, a relative could be designated to hunt the killer down and take that killers life. HOWEVER, if that designated avenger of blood took a personal pleasure in the killing of the murderer then God’s justice was not served but man’s wrath and vengeance was. God therefore said, if the avenger of blood takes personal pleasure in the slaying of the murderer of an image bearer of God, He shall be called a murderer and shall be hunted. There must be no pleasure in justice except in the fact that justice has been served and civility has been retained. Justice is a concept of balance, if one takes a life, the taker of life has forfeited his or her own God-given right to life. The termination of the killer’s life is meant to bring balance back to God’s moral and ethical universe.

We’ll stop there.
God willing, we will continue with signs of spiritual immaturity and ways one can gain spiritual maturity, like how to spend all you time in prayer or to be God conscience at all time or what to pray for or about when you run out of things to pray for or about…good stuff and important stuff.



“What Is A Christ-ian?” Or “What Are The Marks Of A Christ-ian?” or “Are You A Christ-ian And How Do You Know?” Or “What Makes One A Christ-ian”

“All that the Father giveth me shall come to me….”  (John 6)

“…[I]f thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God Raised [H]im from the dead, thou shalt be saved.”  (Romans 10)

“Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on [H]im, If ye continue in my [W]ord, then are ye [M]y disciples indeed…”  (John 8)

“If any man love not the Lord Jesus Christ, let him be Ananth-e- ma Maranatha.”

“And being made perfect, [H]e became the [A]uthor of eternal salvation unto them that obey [H]im…”  (Hebrews 5)

“Ye see then how that by works a man is justified, and not by faith only.”  (James 2)


Sometimes a preacher knows that what he is about to say will get him in trouble. He knows that some persons will be upset with what he says or writes. This is one of those times.


Anyone with any knowledge of Biblical prophecy knows we are living in the last days of the last days. All of Christ’s prophecies and other Old Testament prophecies are all converging as they never have before. We are told in Scripture that the next scheduled prophecy is the falling away and revealing of the anti-christ. I’ve got my pick on anti-christ but we will be discussing more of the falling away in this article.

People will be offended who think they’re right because that’s how they were taught. This type of “believer” has been told what to believe but not why. In the above passages we highlighted parts of the passages to draw your attention to them. We will now define the Christ-ian.
1. The Father gave certain persons to Christ and Christ lived the perfect and righteous life for those certain persons. He died in the stead of those certain persons, and rose again for those certain persons in particular.  Those certain persons, in their lives were called by God…drawn by God to and by the truth and revelation of the Gospel. Those certain person were then justified because of Christ’s death in their stead or in their place…He paid the price and penalty for the sin and sins of those certain persons only, those persons who have and will believe. Now those certain persons are Christ-ians and are living a sanctified life unto the Lord, The Lord and Saviour Who purchased them. What I just said is a Christian is one whom the Father elected to be saved. God passed over others leaving them to die in their sins and chose to save certain other persons, Hand picked by Him. It is what it is, readers. So now we know that the believing persons were chosen by God…that is who a Christ-ian is…hand picked by God. The mark, therefore, is a mark of passion, humility, continuous thanks, praise, worship and love for Christ.

2.  The Christ-ian Submits his life as a living sacrifice. The Christ-ian submits himself to the Lordship of Christ. As the passage from Romans 10 states, if a person confesses the Lord Jesus they will be saved. This confession is the confession that you have submitted to the Lordship of Christ.
The term Lordship causes a problem for some but it should not. Anyone, for whom Christ lived, died, and rose again and were called, justified, and sanctified come to him in repentance and they gladly live a life that is pleasing unto Him…that is Lordship. The person that is drawn to God takes the Lord’s yoke and gladly lives in service to God…we seek to please Him and shy away from the things that will displease Him….that is submission to Christ’s Lordship. It’s not a formal declaration, “Christ, I receive you as My Lord and Saviour…I will submit to all thy pleasure. etc.” Though that last sentence is true, one does not have to have all of it in mind…in other words, submission to the Lordship of Christ is built into your Salvation, if your salvation is real and is of God. The mark of the Christ-ian is the gladness to follow the Lord in the spirit of submission. After all, if Christ submitted to all of the Father’s good pleasures and purposes, should we not do the same unto our Lord and Saviour? Were we saved to continue living the old lifestyle of sin and rebellion to holiness?

3. Our (3rd) passage has the words, “if ye continue” highlighted. Christ teaches us and the world that a true disciple of His, a Christ-ian, will continue in His word, works and commands. “If ye continue,” the word continue implies a continuing or a continuation from a point or a place. Our Lord is simply saying that the Christ-ian will continue from one point or from one command to another. Once a person has come to the understanding and meaning of the Cross and comes to the Lord and is saved, the very next step of obedience or evidence of your belief and submission to Christ is baptism.
I have observed that baptism serves many purposes. Baptism demonstrates one’s salvation and humble obedience to the Lord, it is an outward showing of God’s inward grace, and in it’s absence, it betrays a person’s false confession in Christ. We and many pastors have seen it many, many times. A person makes a profession of faith and as soon as you mention baptism, they are gone. A person that makes a profession of Christ but refuses to be baptized demonstrates a false confession and a commitment to follow Christ in obedience. The mark of the Christian is-they follow up their confession of Christ with their baptism and continuing will to please God.

4. Our fourth passage from above has the word love emboldened. Love is a mark of a Christ-ian. One’s passionate and all consuming love for Christ is a hallmark of one’s faith. If a person shows no love for Christ, he is none of His. One may object and say, “You can’t see or tell how I feel about Christ.” That objection is ridiculous. Love can be seen and recognized. If a man loves his wife and or children, that love is manifested by his life laid down for them. All that he does is for the betterment of his family. His love can be seen.
The same is true of one’s love for Christ. Peter said, we “love Him (Christ), whom we have not seen.” People will see and recognize that we do love Him by seeing our love for the One Whom we have not seen. The Bible tells us that grace, faith, and love can be seen. How do we love our Lord and how would others see that love?
Our love for Christ is manifested through our words, our works, and our ways…This is the same way persons recognized Jesus Christ as the Messiah, by His words, works, and ways. Others will see our love for Christ by the way we love others, IE. others will see our love for Christ by treating them and engaging them as Christ would. Our love for Christ is seen by our continuous loyalty and determined dedication to the Word of God, to the people of God, to the ways and the words and works of God. The mark of a Christ-ian is determined dedication to Christ, to The Church of Christ, to the Words, works, and ways of Christ.

5. The next passage, from above, has the word obey highlighted. To obey really is the mark that defines one as a Christ-ian. One who does not seek to obey the words or follow the ways of Christ is no Christ-ian. For Christ-likeness is the point of our predestinated end. God loves His Son So much that He wants us to be just like Him. As you read above, “he that continues in my word is [M]y disciple, indeed.” In other words, if you are not concerned with obeying Christ, you are none of His, for the Christ-ian lives to please Christ. But let me be very clear on one point, none of us pleases Him all the time. We are saints and sinners at the same time. The Christ-ian sins…a lot, but less and less as he grows in grace and the knowledge of Christ. In our own person, we are sinners extrodinaire, but in Christ we are saints alive . The mark of a Christ-ian is obedience and sorrowful confession when we falter before our loving Father…He remembers that we are made from dust.

6. In the last passage above the word works is highlighted. As we have been saying a mark of the believer is the work he does for Christ and others. Let us be clear, works do not earn us salvation with God….they do not. Works, however are a mark of our faith and dedication to Christ. Our works are not wrought to be seen by men, but by God. Work has many definitions and unfortunately works in the church has become the standard of the faithful Christ-ian, “If I’m not seen doing good works, then it’s a waste of time.” Good works is a smile and acknowledgement that you care for another person, Good works is doing the right thing when no one is looking, Good works is loving others as we love ourselves and how we love Christ, good works is esteeming others above ourselves, good works is the spirit of longsuffering others, good works is looking out for others and taking an interest in them and their circumstances, good works is doing what Christ would do in any situation.

To wrap this article up, we will summarize the hallmarks of the Christ-ian: The Christ-ian is one who is chosen by God to be saved and become Christ-like, the Christ-ian is one who confesses Christ as Lord, the Christ-ian is one who continues, perseveres, endures, and keeps on keeping on in the faith of Christ, the mark of the Christ-ian is a passionate love and loyalty to Christ, the Lord and Saviour of our lives, souls, and our eternity. The mark of the Christ-ian is a passionate and loving obedience to Christ. The mark of the Christ-ian is following Christ in His works, in His good works and in His good ways….The determining and indelable mark of the Christ-ian is Christ-likeness period.


“Missionary Or Skake-Down Artist” Or “What Is The Mission, Anyway?” or “Angry And Sad At The Same Time” Or “Who Is The Better Missionary…The Calvinist Or The Arminian?”

“Go ye into all the world, and preach the [G]ospel to every creature.”


I have a high regard for Christ-ian missionaries. I see them as being on the front line of activity. There is almost a romantic aire about the mission field. I enjoy hearing all that happens in those far a way places. It sounds and seem very adventurous. And then…

I have heard from many missionaries over the years. I have seen some missionaries mistreated by the brethren. They can say, “I have been in peril by the brethren,” along with Paul. I have seen missionary do a very questionable thing with support money and i was angered and am still unhappy about the situation. A church I had been a member at took up a collection for a missionary’s wife’s surgery. The missionary was so thankful. Later, we learned he used that money for the mission field. He may think it spiritual, I think it wrong and loveless. But he is one example of a bad missionary to the many more good examples.

One other thing that causes me anger and sadness at the same time is a “missionary” who  is more of a shake-down-artist than a man of God. I have sat in seething disgust, anger, and sadness, as I listened to a man of…something equates a financial gift or offering with a person’s faith. (Little faith = Little Offering; Big Faith = Big Offering). This “missionary” is no better than any of the televangelists calling for “faith-filled giving.” This “missionary” had so much anger in his presentation. It seemed as though he was trying to bully the money out of the church. Normally the questionable “missionary” uses guilt, “Don’t you care, people? Don’t you care about these poor children that have no…?”

As high of an opinion as I have of good missionaries, I have an equally low opinion of “missionaries or better yet, mercenaries.” I would even call into question the church and the minister that supports such tactics. It reminds me of a hireling allowing the wolves to slaughter the sheep. I know these are harsh words. And I know some may read them, disagree, and even suggest that we would not say this to the “missionary’s face or the supporting church’s pastor. Some may charge me with hiding behind a keyboard. If this sounds like you, know me you do not. They are being hidden behind my keyboard. This is not tough talk either. Read Paul’s words in 2 Corinthians.

What, then, should a missionary present to the church? or How should a missionary behave in his presentation? The answer is so simple, I am shocked that so many have missed it. If a missionary wants my support, set before me the facts. Tell me a little about the place you are going (Dv), what your hopes are, what you intend to preach, and what you intend (Dv) to do. And then……tell me a whole lot about Christ. Tell me about your love for Christ and Christ’s love for you. Don’t use guilt tactics as that is equal to the enticing words Paul refused to use. In other words, tell me about yourself, God’s call upon your life, the people you seek to reach, the how and why of it all, and then tell me about Christ.

To use anger, bullying tactics, or guilt is all flesh, it’s all carnal, it’s all man-centric, and nothing to do with the moving of the Holy Spirit. The use of these tactics manifests one’s lack of trust in God and the will of God. If God is not ordering this “missionary’s” steps, then this “missionary” is not a good man for the task at hand.

This type of “missionary” seems to come from a legalistic school of thought. I have attended a “Pastors’ Week” at a certain college years ago. We didn’t attend the entire week. We attended the last day. We sat in this auditorium for (2) two hours as a man was praised, idolized and dare I say, worshipped? At the end of this show, there was an invitational. The invitation went like this, “If you want to have a life like this…if you want to be a man like this then get up….come up here and give your life to God.”   If you think that was bad, wait…. “You do not need to be called…..if you aren’t called, then volunteer your life to God.”  By volunteering this mouth piece meant, guit your job and go into full time service to God, whether God wants you too or not.

To be fair, I know persons that have come from this school of thinking and they are fine men of God, Some pastors, some not. I also know men in the November-December of their lives that still buy into all of it. I was told of a man that said, “If there isn’t any work in heaven, then I don’t want to go.” This is the legalistic mindset. It’s ironic that the legalistic believer in something hates the catholics so much….it’s because they are from the same mold.

I love the faithful missionary…I loathe the man-centric mercenary.

As to the question of who is “the better” missionary, the Calvinist or the Arminian.  Christ-ian history has already answer this. Research the history of missions and you will find it is the Calvinists that saw the great reapings. You see, the Arminian goes to the mission field wanting and wishing to see persons saved. Whereas, the Calvinist missionary knows God has many persons reserved unto Himself. The Calvinist missionary also knows God has sent him to find His elect, just as God sent His Son seeking him.




“The Truth Can Kill Your Credibility” Or “Do You Believe In Demons?” Or “Do You Believe the Lord Jesus Saves?”

“And the evil spirit answered and said,  Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are ye?”                                                                                                                                                   (Acts 19)


Do you believe in demons? I am not asking if you believe the Bible speaks of them but do you believe they are active in the present day?  We will make a bold statement at this point. If you do not believe in the current day acttivities of the demonic you do not believe that Christ saves in out current day. To say you believe that demons were active at some point in the past you must also think that Christ was active at some point in the past.

Demons activity is spoken of in Scripture as if they are here and now. Paul writes and teaches that (s)atan’s angels of darkness are transformed into God’s ministers of light. Paul also warns us of doctrines of devils. The book of Revelation has plently to say on demons as do the book of Acts, the epistles, and the Gospels.

I believe that some of the crime we see today, especially the crime that is hard to explain has demons behind it, especially the crime that has no M.O.  When a loving son kills his loving mother with an axe, cuts her heart out with said axe, sits atop her lifeless and heartless corpse, playing with that heart until the police arrive it speaks of demonic activity. What the police find adds to my conclusion: the son is in a fit of hysterical laughter. All of this is out of no where and there is no apparent mo, it sounds of demonic inspiration or possession.
This past “motiveless” slaughter in Vegas also could be an act of demonic possession, especially when the murderer has no “religious affiliation.”

We have experienced demonic activity and even attacks in the past. We have shared this with only a few until now, as the truth can kill ones credibility. It is interesting to see who has accepted my word as true and who hasn’t. There have been Christ-ian preachers that will not accept my word as truth and there have been some that have humoured me, but it was obvious they believed not. Then there have been others that have believed without hesitation. None of these have upset me or affirmed me as I know what I know.

I will relate to you a few of these events. (2) two of which had eyewitnesses. (1) one, I had spend hours searching for a object. I had torn the room apart or to be more accurate, I cleaned my room and put everything away. The room was spotless. This object was no where to be found…I was frustrated to say the least and I was outraged to say the most. I finally gave up the search. The next day, after services were held, I entered the bedroom and found this object in the very center of the bedroom floor.  (2) two, I was alseep on the bed. Debbie had fallen asleep in the living room. Out of nowhere I awoke to the sense of my ankle being grabbed and then my body was thrown to the floor. I did not simply fall out of bed as I would be laying next to the bed. I was thrown nearly (6) six feet and landing close to my dresser. I had a large bruise on my right thigh as a sovenir. My twins heard it all. (3) three, I could not find my wallet. It was no where. My wife and I searched everywhere. I again was angered. We decided to take a break and cool down. I went back to the bedroom to seek grace and to confess all that I was thinking and feeling. Lo and behold, the wallet was at the foot of the bed. My wife and I both had looked under the bed a number of times.

There have been, of course, the hundreds of time an object had been moved from one spot to another. I share these with you knowing that there will be a number of different responses. (1) one, Some of you will think I am absent minded or you will come up with some other rational explanation. (2) two, Some of you will write me off as having “finally lost it.”  (3). Some will humour me with a nod and a smile and maybe a, “Wow!” (4) four, Some will accept it as true as you accept it as a real spiritual and Biblical phenomona. (5) five, Some of you will think, Finally someone is acknowledging my experiences as true and Biblical. (6) six, Some of you will not know what to think. (7) seven, Some will put me in the class with the other whackos.

To numbers (1) one – (7) seven, Your conclusions are all perfectly understandable and they are all valid (except (2) two and (7) seven). Your conclusions a related to your own experiences. There are experiences that are Biblical but hard to accept, even by Bible believers. The Baptism of the Spirit or what is also called the filling of the Spirit, is difficult for some to accept as they have never experienced it and their denomination frowns upon such things or they fear being thought too Charismatic. But those that have experienced it have no problem believing others when others say they have experienced it. Those who are familiar with Jonathan Edwards, Moody, Martyn LLoyd Jones, Wesley and a few others know that these men speak of the phenomona as being personal and experiential. Therefore being familiar with these men and their soberness and gravity accept the experience as factual and Biblical. Wesley, by the way, had many experiences with the demonic.

I do not and am not putting myself in a class with the men above. I am merely using them to make a point. My point is this, those persons that read this and know me well know me to be “grounded,” sober, grave, seriously minded, and not one to draw attention to myself. I have nothing to gain by writing this but instead, much to lose. On the other hand, there may be some that gain much from this.

Why do demons do these things? Demons have an agenda, a network, and an hierarchy (See Billy Graham”s book on Angels). Their purpose, in the case I am writing about, is to *weaken the mental faculties, *cause persons to distance themselves from the demon’s subject, or in one word, isolate him or her, *discredit the subject and his or her teachings, *cause him or her to be a laughing stock, *to oppress the subject, *to cause the subject to doubt God, and *ultimately to dishonour God when the subject falls in view of the public.

How does one stop this activity? Stopping this entity depends upon how much strength it has gained over it’s subject. If you believe you are the subject of such an entity and it is new, simply recognize it for what it is and it should lose all power and control over you. If you are a believer, you may simply say, “In the great Name of YOUR LORD and Master, Christ Jesus (for Christ is their Master), You must leave this place right now and never return. In the Great and Mighty Name of Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, you are commanded to depart, thou unclean spirit.” This must be said in faith, nothing doubting. You need not trust any power of your own because all the power will be of God and there is no doubting of God’s power in the believer. This is not your battle, this is a battle between the Sovereign Holy Spirit that resides in you and the filthy demon. This is true of possessions, the battle is between the Spirit of God and the puny demon inside of the person possessed. The exorcist and the possessed are merely the battlefield and the two factions at war are God and a demon, God’s lap dog.

If the entity is dug in and has much control over a person or a home, one should seek help from a man of God. DO NOT seek out mediums, psychics, or reality T.V. stars. DO NOT seek out a Catholic priest. DO NOT seek out an exorcist that is exclusively an exorcist as in that’s all he does. One who is being oppressed or possessed must seek out a man of God, who loves God and is loved by God, one who believes the Word of God and preaches the Word of God, one who is known by the demonic realm as in our text above.
All Christ-ians are exorcists, all Christ-ians have power over the demonic realm if their faith is at a level that they know God can use them as a vessel for exorcism. The Christ-ian that says, ” I can’t do that” cannot be used as a vessel of exorcism. The Christ-ian that states, ” With God all things are possible,” can be used.

The Catholic exorcist is all show. The priest has no power over the demon as he puts his faith in man written words called, the “Rites of Exorcism.” The only reason a demon would seemingly submit to the power of the priest is to keep persons and peoples enshrined in the ritualism of Catholocism or the demon simply grows bored of the blah, blah, blah, of the priest. The Catholic church holds no power over the demonic as they are empowered by the demonic. One might call it a Catholic-demonic conspiracy.

The mediums and psychics, the real ones are not gifted but are toys and play things of demons. The medium is simply the puppet and a demon is master puppeteer. A person who is being attacked, oppressed, or is the focus of a demon will not find help, real and pure help from these puppets. The majority of mediums are no more than talented in the art of reading persons on sight. Sherlock Holmes would have made a good “gifted psychic,” no doubt. One can find books on how to do this at Amazon. On the other hand, there are the real articles. The real article is however, as I said before, a puppet being used, voluntarily, and at some point involuntarily, by a demon.

How to find a man of God: Simply approach a preacher, pastor, missionary, evangelist….a minister of God, and ask them if they believe in demonic oppression and possession. Read his reaction more than listening to his words. The Holy Spirit that lives in your instincts will guide you as to who you should trust.

The man of God should ask many vetting questions. He will want to know, if this is a case of possession, if the subject has seen a doctor or psychiatrist, as some mental diseases can present as demon possessions.

As we draw ever closer and closer to our Lord’s return, we should expect to see demonic activity increase. To those who believe that demons are real but doubt their activity, ask yourself, “What are they doing?” If they are not attacking God’s people then what are they doing here? Some are oppressing unhappy families, some are possessing occultists, some may even be possessing animals, (Mark 5). Some may be possessing politicians (Not, I say not a sleight against President Trump), some may be possessing men and causing them to commit unspeakable acts against others.

The greatest defense against any demonic activity is a happy family and a saved, Holy Spirit indwelt soul. However, preachers of God, you may have a happy family and a saved soul, but in our case we are target #1. Before Anti-christ is revealed, Paul says there will be a great falling away of professing Christ-ians. Might this falling away begin with men of God falling from grace? I’ve seen it before, a preacher falls and many of the congregants leave the church altogether, even some that were members from the very beginning.

Take heed to the Words of our Lord, “Watch and pray.”


“In This Case, All Really Does Mean All” Or “The Mindset Is Everything” Or “Thinking Really Is Believing”

“Jesus said unto him,Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment and the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and all the prophets.”  (Matthew 22)

“Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind.”  (Romans 14)

“A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.”  (James 1)


I have learned in my many years of Bible study and walking with Christ, that when the Scripture say, ” Jesus said,”  I should  “Take heed,”  “I should behold.”  That is not to say that others words in Scripture are less valid or less important. “All words are pure words,”  “All [S]cripture is given by the inspiration of God.” I am simply stating that when the Captain of my Salvation speaks, I listen and take not.

In the (1st) passage above, “Jesus said unto him, thou shalt love the Lord thy God …with  all thy mind. The (2nd) second passage states one must be “fully persuaded,” and the (3rd) third passage warns us against being double minded and being careful with other double minded persons.

The passages above are all driving at one point. The point that Scripture is making is this, To do something properly and successfully one must be “all in.”  “With all thy mind,”  “Fully persuaded,” and no double mindedness. This truth is applicable to everything in life. If there were a “key to success” this would be it. This speaks to the moment that you move from thinking or wishing to knowing.

This is true of our salvation. Paul says it this way, “…I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that [H]e is able to keep that which I have committed unto [H]im…” Paul with all his confidence tells Timothy that there is no doubt in his mind that Christ is able to keep and preserve his soul against the day of his home-going. Paul had no doubt that he had a soul and that his soul is everlasting and ever-living and he has trusted Christ with the possession of so much value. He is all in. He knows that Christ died at Calvary for his personal sin and sins. He Knows, as a matter of fact, as his faith is the evidence as well as God’s honouring of that very precious faith, which is iworth so much.

The Lord ponders the value of the soul in Scripture. He makes the startling observation that an individual’s soul is worth more to the individual than the entire world and all that it offers. He tells us that a person may have the entire world at his feet, but what does all of that really matter if when he dies he loses it all just to spend eternity, outside of God’s mercy and kindness, in hell? Not only does our Lord teach this to us but He shows us by way of His example.

When our Master was in the wilderness, He, too, was offered the entire world and all it’s kingdoms and all that goes along with it. Yet our Master, our Example, did not take the offer, for “Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and [H]im only shalt thou serve, ” said he to the tempter. Please note: His answer hearkens back to the first of God’s commands, therefore to worship God and God Alone is equal to loving Him with all thy mind, from what our Lord has said in our first passage above.

To love God with all thy mind is to worship Him rightly and to worship God rightly is to love Him with all thy mind…with everything you have inside of you….to truly love God is to love God greatly and to love Him above all else and all others.

As was written above, being fully persuaded in our minds is being all in. We stated that this is applied to our salvation. This fully persuaded mindset, however is applicable to all of life.

Whether we are taliking about loving God, being a good parent, being a good employee, defending one’s self (One must be fully persuaded if one is to defend one”s self againt an attack. One must also guard that mindset when the attack comes. If attacked one must “hit pause” get into the proper mindset of defense, living, and hurting the attacker, nothing doubting: biting, elbowing, kneeing, using your heel if on the ground, headbutting the nose or jaw, eye gouging, etc. To survive one must have the proper mindset, one must smile, and one must become the predator instead of the prey), all of it depends upon the fully persuaded mindset. I am not talking about “positive thinking,” I am speaking about being determined, I’m talking about being fully persuaded or fully convinced. However, the one ingredient that cannot, must not, be left out is the will of God.

No Christ-ian should be fully persuaded, convinced, all in, lest God is in it. Proverbs 3, “Acknowledge God in All thy ways…” The Christ-ian must never, ever, ever be fully persuaded or do anything with all the heart, with all the strength, with all the mind, lest God be acknowledged and God be in it. “There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the ends, thereof, are the ways of death.” or failure.

The Christ-ian should know and be fully persuaded that God might put stumbling blocks in the way of the believer, if said believer arrogantly decides upon his own way. In the Old Testament, If Moses or David would decide upon some thing without consulting God, failure was imminent and much was lost.

Reader, Never be fully persuaded on anything, no matter how good it looks or sounds without bringing God into it. As James teaches us, don’t say I will do this or that but instead say, God willing, I will do this or that. Remember, the “I will spirit” was that which brought Lucifer “down to earth.”



“A Peaceful Preacher’s Take On The Gun Issue” or “A Peaceful Preacher’s Take On The Club Or Big Stick Issue” Or “I’ve Always Taught My Girls That My Mind Is My Greatest Weapon.”

” Cain rose up against Abel his brother, and slew him.”  (Genesis 4)

Years ago in a promo Jake “The Snake” Roberts, a pro-wrestler said, “This [snake] was never the dangerous one, I’ve always been the real snake you needed to fear.” This promo was in response to his very real cobra being banned from ringside. Roberts, for most of his time in the WWF would bring a large python, Damien to the ring. After he gained a victory he would open his green gunny sack, where damien was kept safe, and would then drape Damien, a (15) fifteen foot python all over the proned body of his opponent. The commentators would always speak well of Roberts and Damien. However…

However, once in a while the script calls for a wrestler to turn heel or turm into a bad guy. When this would happen to Roberts the commentators would speak ill of him AND of his practice of draping Damien upon the bodies of his victims, now they were victims and not opponents. When Roberts really went dark he began bringing a Cobra, a very large (8) eight foot or so King Cobra to ring side. In one instance he actually tied another wrestler, Randy Savage. in the ring ropes, and let the Cobra bite (chew on) Savage’s arm. Obviously the cobra had no fangs and if it did it was de-venomed.

After a while Roberts left the WWF scene and went else where with his snakes. In the mid (90’s) nineties he returned with a preacher gimmick and an albino python, named Revelation. Once again the commentators loved Roberts and loved to see Revelation draped upon Roberts opponents. O’ lest I forget somewhere in the years spoken of above Damien was “killed” (Scripted) by Earthquake, a huge man, squashing Damien. After Roberts recovered from this “loss” he returned with a much larger python, named Lucifer. Lucifer was years before Revelation.

What does the above have to do with the gun issue? Simple, the pythons and the cobra were never a danger to anyone until it was released. Everyone loved to see the snake draped upon another wrestler unless Roberts was the heel and the victim was a beloved babyface or good guy. Roberts made it clear in the promo, i began with above, the snakes were never the real danger, he was.

All that I have written concerning Jake “The Snake” and his snakes can easily be applied to the gun isuue, as Sherlock Holmes would say, “The parallels are exact! HA!” and they are exact. A gun is a non-living object with no awareness or motive to do anything until a living person makes it an extension of his mind, of his hate, of his prejudice, of his psychopathy, of his determination.

We can also apply the circumstances of Cain and Abel. Cain used a large stick or club to kill Abel. By his use of a club we could note that he had doubts about his actions as he knew he could not bring himself to strangle Abel. Also by not strangling Abel it might speak to the fact that his issue was Abel’s acceptance by God and not Abel, himself. As a club is quick and impersonal. Cain was angry at God and released his anger upon one of God’s image bearers.

The last word of the (2nd) second paragraph up is determination. Determination combined with a pathology of hatred or prejudice eguals intent to murder. When a person is determined to kill that person shall kill. That person will kill unless he is met with another person determined to live and has a defense equal to the killer’s assualt. That is to say, if the focus of rage even sees the attack coming. A cowerd  or physically weaker killer will most likely never let you know it’s coming, this is why cowerds use arson as a weapon and women use poisons. The fact is this, if a person is determined to kill another he will kill another.

If one wants to kill, one can use a knife, a pencil, a car, a book, a pillow, rat poison, anti freeze, a pipe bomb, hands and feet, knees and elbows, the inside cup of the elbow, an animal and a gun. I wrote animal. There was a case where a dog, out of nowhere, attacked and slaughtered a person said dog knew and loved. No one could figure out why this dog would snap like that. It was later discovered that the dog heard a voice mail message with a trigger word in it and the dog upon hearing the trigger word attacked and killed. The weapon, in this case, was not only the dog, but the spoken word of a determined killer. Therefore it seems to me that determination is the real weapon of mass murder and mass destruction.

A few word concerning the media and the (s)atanic supported left. Yes, I said (s)atan supported.  A few weeks ago there was an article by a “leading satanist” that they supported Hilary Clinton and the democratic party. The real satanists with an outlet and power are the media, the left, and ISIS. I shake my head in wonder at the stupidity of poiticians and, celebrities, and late night talk show parrots of ignorance. Peter spoke of these persons in the second chapter of his second epistle. Peter said they are speaking evil of dignities or dignitaries and about things they do not understand. He likened this type of person to the brute beasts that are bred for slaughter…they are simply stupid cattle chatting amongst themselves not understanding anything.

Some of the talk show hosts with brains point out that this ilk of stupidity (my words) are very hypocritical. The celebrities are hypocritical because many of them make their ridiculous amounts of money playing gun toting action heroes. The Talk show hosts also point out that these celebrated and idolized persons are protectected by gun toting security.

Our Lord might say something like this, “Ye gun protected hypocrites, ye wander about in safety because of your gun toting security, but you rail against the everyday persons that use guns to defend themselves.” He never said that, I am only making a supposal as C.S. Lewis would call it. He may also say, “Ye that have made millions of dollars from playing gun loving action heroes, Ye are speaking ill of the citizens of America that own and use guns properly and pay you to play the gun toting action heroes.”

These celebrities make their living playing fictional characters. They then have offensive award shows celebrating themselves, each other and the fictional piece they have authored. They compare themselves among themselves, St. Paul would say. He would go on to say, this type of person is not wise.
One must ask the question, do these celebrated persons know the difference between a fictional world and a non-fictional world. Do they ever stop playing the part of the pride-filled, ego maniacle, self-centered, ignorant and dumb-defining fictional persons they really are? Maybe someone should shout, “CUT, Thats a Wrap, people.”