“Rene Descarte v. Kathy Griffin” or ” The Philosopher v. The Comedien or “Thinking v. Feeling”

“Jesus perceived…”  (The Gospels)

“…Think on these things” (Philippians 4:8)

“As a man Thinketh, so is he.”  (Proverbs 23:7)


Rene Descarte (Rah-nae Day-cart) was and is (He’s in Heaven) a philosopher and a great one at that. He is known for and by his quote, “I think therefore I am.”  His meaning is that a person that exists thinks, that is to say, if you are thinking, you are living. A person who thinks thinks things through thoroughly will live a good life, will make sound choices, will be confident in his ways. will be successful in his ventures.

Ms. Kathy Griffin is a comedien and actress. Her hook is the revealing of the flesh and blood world of the celebrity that is, up front, plastic and “man. u. factured.” She reveals what the celebrated are really and truly like. She tells us what goes on behind the scenes. She is ToTo that reveals the wizard to be a man. She shines a light upon the sycophantic and idolatrous world of celebrity and those that do not see themselves as equal to the celebrity or those that see themselves as “not as god as…” or “less than x.” Persons, people and peoples celebrate that which they do not find in themselves or have not realized to be in themselves. They… I say They and not we, because we know that we are complete in Christ and we are indwelt by the Godhead, and we are God’s new and much better creation. We are much more than their equal.

There has been a lot of attention focused on Griffin as of late. There is a photo of Ms. Griffin holding a likeness of President Donald Trump’s decapitated head as it drips with fake blood. Many were angered by this and Ms. Griffin was pressured into saying, “i’m sorry.”Ms. Griffin went on to say that she “feels” like Trump and his family are seeking to destroy het life and that we all know how he is. “You all know how he is…” is a logical fallacy, she is appealing and resorting to the popular opinion, association, attacking the person, and false dilemma and these are among many others.

While I have enjoyed Ms. Griffin’s iconoclastic comedy, I noted some negative traits that were being manifested in her press conference. (1st) first, “I feel like…” I have noticed these words in many t.v. shows.  The term, “I feel” has replaced “I think.” There is a difference between thinking and feeling. In the past terms like, “methinks” and “thinks me” were used to denote that one is basing an opinion or a thought or a decision or choice upon the thought process. When a person says, ” I have decided…” they are implying that they have closed the thinking process because they have come upon a decision or choice and that is that.

In today’s world we hear person’s saying, “I feel.” While it is true that a thoughful decision can be changed with further information, the feelings are much more swayable. Paul warns us not to be, “tossed to and fro with every wind of doctrine.” James tells us that, ” a double minded man is unstable in all his ways.” A double minded man is a man that allows his feelings and emotions to change what he thinks is proper. Persons that are tossed to and fro with every wind of doctrine is easily swayed in their beliefs because a person they like “said so.”  Equally true is the opposite, if a person speaks truth the feelings-inclined person will not accept the truth because of his hard feelings toward the speaker.

Ms. Griffin is also using this attention to further her career. This is due to her feelings of ambition (Methinks). She said, “I live to make people laugh.” Being interpreted, “I live for the high I get from pleasing other persons.” Her feelings are keeping her captive to her self centeredness at the cost of the reputation of the President and his family. She would like us to forget that she has, in the past, admitted to a premeditated decision to target Trump’s youngest child and make him a focus of her comedic attacks. Her thought process or decision making process is being over-ruled by her feelings of hate and the feelings of needed-acceptance when her audience applauds her views and vile words. Persons, celebrities, and her ilk are similar to sharks as they both attack when they see blood or weakness in prey. In a shark it is biology; in a person it is cowardice. These types do not attack until they see others attacking and they see that sycophants applaud the attacks. A person that is given to their emotions is a weak person and is lazy in thought. They are too weak to labour in thought and too fearful to take a stand on their own.

The Christ-ian is not like this or rather the Christ-ian should not be like this. Paul said, “Judge all things…”  “Prove all things,”  “….Think on these things.”  Both our Lord and His Apostle say, “Take heed (Thought),” Behold,”  “Be not deceived,”  “Consider,” Peter says, “Be vigilant,”  “Gird up the loins of thy mind.”  John says, “Try the spirits” or in other words put all things on trial before accepting them as true. Moses was told to, “Judge righteous judgement,” by God. God told Joshua to, “Observe all…”  God, through Isaiah says, “Seeing many things, you observeth not…”  The Christ-ian is a person of thought. The Christ-ian is a thinker. The Christ-ian observes. The Christ-ians considers matters. The Christ-ian judges all things to be True/False, Right/Wrong, Good/Bad. The Christ-ian is vigilant and proves a matter before accepting it as true. The Christ-ian beholds, takes heed and is not easily deceived….because the Christ-ian is a thinker, an independent thinker. Christ-ianity is the thinking man’s “religion.”

The wise man says in Proverbs that a man that answers a matter before hearing it is foolish and is a person of folly. Hu-mans feel before they think. For example: in today’s lingo bad means good (prophesied) and phat means “dope” or good or cool.  Not all persons are up on this slang so if someone, who is not up on their slang, were told that they are, “a phat and a bad dude!” they may feel anger or become offended.  However, if they thought this through, they would realize, “this is my friend, so bad and phat must be a good thing.” Hu-mans feel first and think later. It is a temptation to give into our feelings and at these times but we must seek grace to endure and overcome and forgiveness when we fail.

A closing thought on feelings: Feeling are not bad for God gave them to us. It is written, “Jesus being angered…” and “Be ye angry and sin not.” Also, “Jesus wept.” and “Jesus had compassion upon…” and “grieve (anger) not the Spirit.  Paul tells us not to be overly sad and hopeless when a loved one leaves this world for the next and greater world. Our Lord says to us, “Let not your heart be troubled…” Emotions are good for they are from God but these emotions should not control our thoughts and actions and decisions. Our “renewed” thoughts and way of thinking must control and rule our feelings lest we be fools and persons of folly.

God told one of His prophets that his family was to be taken away from him and to enter eternity. The prophet was instructed by God not to cry or weep over this great loss (methinks, publically) Therefore, we see that emotions and feelings can be controlled and over-ruled by proper thought.

In closing, happy is the person that balances the thoughts of the mind and the feeling of the heart. Happy is the man that answers a matter only after hearing it.

“The (3) Three Days In Between The Death And Resurrection Of Christ” or “The Unseen War” or “Christ, Mighty In Battle”

“And having spoiled principlalities and powers, [H]e made a shew of them openly, triumphing over them in it.”  (Colossians 2:15)

“Who is this king of glory? The LORD strong and mighty, the LORD mighty in battle.”                                                                                                                                           (Psalm 24:8)


The question our text from Colossians 2:15 seems to raise is where and when did this spoiling of pricipalities and powers happen and where was this open show of triumph? The answer most would give would be the Cross at Calvary. While the death of Christ truly is a triumph over evil it was not an open show. No, when Christ died at Calvary it appeared a great defeat to our Champion. Another question that is raised in our next text from above, when was this great battle won by our King? Another question that has been asked over and over again by many thinkers is what did Christ do and where did He go for the (3) three days between His death and Resurrection.

It would appear from the texts above and other texts we will consider (DV) that our Champion descended into the heart of the earth. This is not to say…and let me be clear, Christ did not descend into Hell in order to suffer for sin. No, He descended into Hell to square of against the enemy and to take captivity captive, that is to say, He descended to take His chosen people out of Abraham’s Bosom and to deliver them to Heaven.

To make my case let me appeal to Scripture and logic. (s)atan sought to do all he could to eliminate the blood line from which Christ would come. This is the reason for the sons of God (fallen angels) taking the daughters of men (Genesis 6) and impregnating them with demonic seed, this is the reason the Children of Israel were always in danger from her enemies like Haman in Esther. This is the reason that Herod sought to kill the young King of Israel, and prior to that (s)atan put it in Herod’s heart to tax the world which would force a pregnant Mary and Joseph to travail dangerous terrain.

Using logic, does it not make logical sense to expect (s)atan to attemp one last coup while Christ was rounding up His chosen and preaching righteous condemnation to the damned in Hell?  Of course, he would, that’s what he does. (s)atan seeks to thwart all of God’s plans but is always foiled by God in the end…silly devil Victory is for God.

It would seem then that there was a battle in Hell/Abraham’s Bosom (Paradise). We know from the revealed events (Lazarus and the rich man) in the heart of the earth that there was a great gulf that separated the (2) two sides. For the sake of undisputed power and for the Glory of God these (2) two sides must have been bridged and at this bridging a war or battle was had and won by Christ and His Chosen.  What else could our texts speak to or a text from Hebrews 2:14b, “…through death [H]e might destroy him that had the power of death, that is, the devil…”?  Are we told anywhere else what our Champion did for those (3) three days?  What else does “taking captivity captive” mean and from where were they taken? and when was that done? and furthermore who were those saints that came forth from the graves after Christ’s resurrection and walked among the people?

This event combined with the transfiguration, I believe, are microcosms if you will, of Christ’s return to earth and the rapture of the saints and the defeat of the enemy. Before the transfiguration, Christ said that there were some standing with Him that should not see death until they see the Coming of the Kingdom. We are then told that He taketh, Peter, James, and John and was transfigured before them. They beheld our Lord change into an Image of great glory, they saw Moses and Elijah attending Christ and speaking to Him. For all intents and purposes the men of Christ’s inner circle saw the King in His Glory, they saw The King enthroned over His Kingdom., they saw “[His] Kingdom Come.”

When we think about the events that seemingly took place in the heart of the earth we see, Christ descending from above, calling His own to His side, taking captivity captive, and proclaiming condemnation to His enemies (a picture of the sharp sword of Revelation 19). And then defeating the enemy, spoiling the principalities and powers (of Ephesians 6), and making a shew of them openly, triumphing over them all.

After Christ gained the victory and utterly shamed and defeated the enemy, He rose from the dead, and brought His saints with Him and they all were seen by many persons. Over the course of many days Christ would be seen by over (500) five-hundred persons and i would guess the risen saints were to. At some point either before or with Christ all ascended into Heaven and were welcomed with the song of Psalm 24.

A word concerning the whereabouts of (s)atan.  I know he is not confined to hell, nor is he the king of hell. (s)atan is a spirit that is very active in our times and he will remain active until He is deactivated by the Brightness of our Lord’s Glory. How would (s)atan be involved in the war during the (3) three days in between Christ’s death and Resurrection? We see from Scripture that (s)atan has a free reign (within God’s boundaries) for He was present in Heaven when the events of Job took place and we see him as the cause of David’s weakened faith in 1 Chronicle 21, and the empowerment of Judas prior to the crucifixtion. So it would follow that he is able to descend as well as ascend. And if (s)atan wasn’t present, it was his forces that were humiliated and defeated.

These events spoken of above should embolden our Hope of evil’s full and final overthrow and utter defeat, defunction, and deactivation at the edge of our Champion’s wetted and glistening sword. Our Lord Jesus is the King Who is Mighty in Battle. Hallelujah!!!



“COWARDS!!!!! Part (2) Two” or “Let Me Clarify” or “(0) Zero Tolerance Required”

“Judge Righteous Judgement.”  (Deuteronomy)


In our last article we wrote on the cowardice and hatred of the Islamic religion and those that perpetrate heinous acts of violence upon non-expecting people. The most recent being the attack upon children at a concert in England.  We made the point that if a religion is founded upon a bad guy and a pedophile goodness should not be expected from that religion. Also if a book, full of hatred and instructions to murder, is the foundational document of a politically motivated religion that entire religion must be tainted as “a little leaven leavens the whole lump.”

We further wrote upon the need to be vigilant and to be prepared to defend one’s self, one’s family and others. However, we want to be very clear on a point that was also made in that last article.  The point I’m referencing is that any assault upon our enemy is to be left to the professional ministers of God and by that i mean those that are part of the U.S. Armed Forces and those that are members of the Police Force (Romans 13).  We as private citizens are NOT to assault anyone. We only have the right to defend ourselves.

In a recent episode of “Law and Order SVU,”  there was depicted the rape and murder of a young female Muslim working in a restaurant. This young woman’s father was also killed as he was working in this restaurant. This woman’s mother and sister was also assualted but lived. The cowardice rapists and murderers were Americans in black masks.  In this case the terrorists were not Muslim but were American or American so called and in name only. These cowards did not display any true American values.  What should be done with the American (in name only) cowards? They should be judged with righteous judgement. They should be executed upon being found guilty beyond any reasonable doubt!!!

During the Reformation Martin Luther was thought to be dead by all. However, he had been hidden away by his king. While Luther was hidden away he translated the New Testament into the German language. While Luther was performing this labour of love, many other wrong minded reformers were terrorizing and killing those that represented the Catholic Church.

It was thought by the king that only Luther, himself could stop this terrorism.  Luther was called for but he first studied the range and all that was happening under the guise of “Junker George,” an aristocratic knight. As Luther beheld this…this …these acts of cowardice he revealed himself to be alive and condemned all that took part in these murderous acts. He promised to see that justice was done and these rioters and terrorists would face justice for doing this is his name…Luther said something like, “This is not my work, this was never my work!”

While we see islam as anything but peaceful, we must remember that Islam is merely the vehicle that is used for fallen and depraved humanity to demonstrate their depravity and fallen state.  The wickedness that the islamic religion has released upon mankind is the same as what the Nazi’s released upon the Jews and the white supremacists release upon their victims or a man releases upon a woman when he rapes her. The only difference between the Muslim’s and the Nazi’s and the white supremacist and the rapist is that the Muslim’s do it and the Nazi’s did it on a grander scale. Other than the scale the murder, hate, persecution, and cowardice is all from the same source, the fallen state and depravity of man.

Just as the loved ones of the victims of white supremacists, premeditated murderers, and rapists might have a desire to take the law into their own hands they do not, they entrust these criminals and cowards to the professional law enforcement.  This must also be the decision when being angered by Islamic attacks, especially if you think about attacking a muslim that had nothing to do with an attack. Remember we must judge with righteous judgement. Also, if you were to take the law into your own hand and harm another you will be put into prison and who will defend your family if they decide to take vengeance.

Christ-ian reader,  The Scriptures…our Scriptures tell us that the wrath of man does not work or demonstrate the works of God nor are we to return evil for evil but to overcome evil with good. They further tell us, however, that we should live in peace with all men with as much as lieth in us. This seems to give us warrant to defend ourselves and our loved ones as does the instructions the Lord gave His disciples to purchase swords. [Sidenote: I believe that moreover than giving us warrant to purchase swords, Christ was stating the importance of the Gospel message and that that message must be guarded by all means].

Let me be clear on another point, the prejudge a matter or a person is folly and evil. This may seem to contradict some of the comments I have already made concerning the Islamic religion. If so let me use an analogy. The Catholic church is an evil entity but those in the Catholic Church are not evil but blinded, but the leadership in Rome is not righteous. Likewise, the very foundation and the leaders in the Islamic religion are evil and many of their followers are blinded by (s)atan (2 Corinthians 4:4). To be sure the human founder of this religion was Mohammed but it’s spiritual founder was (s)atan.


“COWARDS!!!!!” or “When A Religion’s Very Foundation Is A Book Filled With Instructions On Hate And Murder The Entire Religion Is Tainted” or “If A Little Leaven Leavens the Whole, What Would A Whole Lot Of Leaven Do?” or “If Islam’s Founder Was A Pedophile And All Around Bad Guy What Should We Expect From (h)is (f)ollowers?

“Whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the [I]mage of God made [H]e man.”  (Genesis 9:6)


There maybe some portions of Scripture that may seem to be a “hard saying.” However, the teaching and meaning found in our text is not a hard saying, in fact one would have to be an imbecile or playing one not to understand it completey.  But for the imbecile or the one playing an embecile let me spell it out.

God said and meant- if a man or hu-man kills another hu-man hu-manity must kill the murdering hu-man for the murdered hu-man is made in the Image and likeness of God Himself, therefore the murderous assault upon the dead hu-man was an assault upon God Himself. This does not give every hu-man the right to kill a murderous hu-man for this order was given to Noah, the representative of all hu-manity or the governing leader of the new world. Still confused?  Let me try and be even plainer, If you kill another person your life is forfeit and you must be put to death.

We have seen time after time acts of cowardice and murder perpetrated around the world. Just this week we have seen many children slaughtered in a concert in Manchester England as well as many injured. The last count I remember was (22) twenty-two murdered and (59) fifty-nine greatly injured. These young people were murdered while enjoying a concert (A note to legalists, Please keep your ridiculous comments to yourself, comments like, “If they were not their enjoying the devils music, or something equally as silly or equally as hateful, they would not have been harmed. Humanly speaking and using some of your man centered theology; Many of these young people may have “gotten” saved later in life but now they are lost forever and you seem to feel vindicated in that thought.)

The same cowards from a hateful religion that worships death are responsible for this heinous and cowardice attack on these children as well as so many others. (A note to the progressive, liberal, and leftist minded persons,  Please do not bother responding to my comments from above or those which are to come.  Do not waste your time and try to convince me that i am blaming an entire religion based upon the actions of a few.  First of all, these actions are not being commited by a few….They are, have been and will be committed by a large number of Islamic followers.  When a book that is as unholy and satanic as the Quran and is their foundation, the entire religion is wicked and unholy. “A little leaven…” Many of the murderous and cowardice followers would have been “nice people” before they murder so very many.)

Someone might say that those that kill often die themselves so they shouldn’t be considered cowards.  These cowards kill because they expect to gain some wicked rewards when they arrive in Heaven.  They expect to gain (72) seventy-two virgins and a large number of their wicked family members will obtain glory in Heaven as well and they are willing to kill or rather slaughter untold numbers of persons to obtain this wicked reward.  But these cowards and murderers will obtain the same ruin and punishment that the pedophile Muhommad received in Hell and instead of receiving virgins he has received the fury of Jehovah and their relatives have and will receive the same reward. Not to mention the death these murderous, foolish and cowardice devils die is instantaneous.

Again the death these muslims die is instant.  Let’s compare their death to those that die at their filthy hands. Those that survive their explosive attacks often endure pain and loss all the days of their remaining lives.  They live in fear of another gutless attack at the hands of “Peaceful” muslims.  While others await their painful be-heading.  Have you, my reader, ever seen a be-heading? I have.

Let me describe it for you my sheltered readers.  First the Christi-an (whether they are truly Christ-ian or not these cowards consider them to be) is dragged in front of the camera, sometimes they are given a last opportunity to convert or die, (5) five men will hold the one sentenced to death (2) two on his left arm and (2) two on his right arm. These (4) four mice will twist the arms so that the man, that is upon his knees and awaiting death, will be forced foward. His face now in the sand, the (5th) fifth coward will lift his head by his hair, and they will saw…yes, saw his head off with a knife. This man will die while squeeling like a pig because that is the sound that will exit the gaping hole in his neck until the (5th) fifth man puts his knee into the dead man’s back and pulls his head off his body by using his hair. The body will fall forward into the blood soaked sand and the head will be laid upon his back for all the world to see.

These cowards (I know I am using this word alot and it is by design) believe they are demonstrating their strength by killing others in this fashion.  What they don’t realize is that in America a (5) five on (1) one attack is a cowardly attack, especially when the (5) five need a weapon to finish off the braver and better man.  My muslim reader, Let it be known that some of us are capable of taking on multiple attackers and defending ourselves to the very end with a simple and almost effortless twist of the neck…

Calm down my Christian reader, these are the perilous times Peter spoke of and we are in them.  His warning is to be vilgilant and we are not to be vigilant so that we might die knowing who killed us. No! we are to be vigilant so that we might fight back and defend the Christ life that dwells within us.  My readers, if you are the focus of a prepared attack or are the focus of an attack in the works you will not be given the opportunity to discuuss anything…you must put up or be shut up for good and know that your family may be next.

To those who know me, I am a man of peace as is my Master, but as He knows there is a time to do differing things.  There is a time to use mud to heal and a time to use the scourge to scatter. I am not seeking to entice anyone to go out and actively seek and or do any harm to any muslim, God Forbid.  If you go out and hunt trouble you are looking for trouble and you must know that “the wrath of man does NOT work the righteousness of God.” When I speak of using violence of anykind it is in self defense and in defense of family and others. It is a soldier of God’s Kingdom defending that Kingdom. If a soldier of God’s Kindgom goes rogue, we of God’s kingdom, will see him or her face judgement.  We must play by the rules even if they do not.  Proactive assaults upon the enemy must be left to the professional ministers of God.  We must play by the rules; the first time we make a mistake the entire nation if not the entire world will descend upon us and we will be branded extremists and anytime one is converted to the faith they will be called radicalized.

There is something you can do pro-actively. You can tell members of this vile religion about Christ. I would advise you to start with and possibly finish with a tract. If you decide to give a tract to a Muslim do so in public for we know not their reaction and for that matter we know not anyone’s reaction so it is a good rule of thumb, in these perlious times, to witness in public or when others are around or to those you know and are comfortable with.

I do not advise my method. What I do or have done is this…rather I’ll tell you a story,  I was at a flea market and I observed a vendor selling “religious” materials and also giving some away. This always attracts me like a bat to an insect.  I approached and somewhat surveiled the area. I noticed one book on the “True Jesus,” which would be a lie and many others if not all the others on Islam. I approached the vendor and said something like, “Good morning, may I ask you some questions? The vendor agreed. I said, “I do not mean to offend (but I did….mean to) but how does one follow the religion of another who was a pedophile and an all around bad person?”  To this the vendor smiled and said, “We do not worship in any one religion, we are more spiritual than religious.”  Being interpreted, “We don’t believe in any of this, we’re just trying to make some money.”  I believed them not, they clearly have a leaning to the wicked and cowardice religion of “peace.”  This Islamic vendor is there to try and convert the hispanic people to Islam. This vendor was there to try and turn the Hispanic people against America because of all the “hatred” and “indignities” they receive from Americans. Reader, There is something else we can do and that is to pray and that is where our true power lies. Our true unified power lies in the One True and Living God that inclines His Ear and His Heart unto His praying people.

My readers, This threat, this enemy, our enemy, God’s enemy will not go away until they are confronted and stopped.  These cowards are no different than a serial killer in this way, they will not stop until they are stopped.  They will be stopped either by our united prayers unto God, or the professional Ministers of God, or (1) x (1) one by one as they come for us, God’s united and prayerful and prepared people or better yet, the Returning Christ of God but until that great day arrives we must look to Him and Hope in Him.

As to Capital punishment.  This is a war therefore, those that commit such heinous and cowardly attacks should be judged in a military tribunal and if found guilty they should be presented with the Gospel of Christ, and then executed and sent to God for His judgement. This form of punishment should be enacted upon all premeditated murderers AND serial rapists, though it would be decided in the courts and not a military tribunal. We must do all things decently and in order.

Whenever I write an article like this I wonder if readers will think that I’m trying to sound tough?  Readers, I am not trying to sound tough. I am trying to be as clear and as plain spoken as I can be.

If I am wrong, O’ God, show me and forgive me.



“One Needs Not Be An Evil Genius To Take Over The World” or “MWAA Ha Ha Mwaa Ha Ha Mwaa HaHa….” or “The Great Commision =’s A Divine Coup”

“And [Christ] said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the [G]ospel to every creature.”  (Mark 16:15)

“These that have turned the world upside down are come hither also.”                                                                                                                                          (Acts: 17:6b.)

“Go ye therefore [because “All power is given unto [M]e (the Resurrected Christ) in [H]eaven and earth] and teach all nations, baptizing them in the [N]ame of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost…”  (Matthew 28:17b.-19)

“… [R]epentance  and remission of sins should be preached in [H]is [N]ame among all nations…”  (Luke 24:47b.)


I enjoy movies greatly (sorry to my bound legalist friends). In movies, especially action adventure or war films or post apocalyptic movies there is normally an element that is seeking to take over the world or their spot in the world.  These elements are usually depicted as evil geniuses or mad men with power and as in control of others; whether it’s “Cobra” from “G.I. Joe” or The “League of Assassins” from my past….err….I mean Batman’s past, or Kryptonian Aliens from Superman’s former home, or “Pinkie and the Brain.”

Even in real life, there is the very real, very clear and very present danger of ISIS, who are seeking to take over the world with their wicked and (s)atanic ideas as they are of their father, the (d)evil who are performing and manifesting his lusts and desires… Silly (s)atan, the Earth is for the meek.

However, I wonder if the “Starship Church” has forgotten their “Prime Directive” given them by the “Captain of their Salvation?”  The Church’s “Prime Directice” is to Overtake, over whelm, over throw this “present evil world” that “lieth in wickedness.”  Our prime directive or great commission is to support the rebellion behind the enemy’s lines and to break down the strongholds.

To be true to Scripture I must teach within the context and intent of Scripture.  Some may disagree with my sound theology but I ask them to bear with me and I trust they will not see me as a heretic. The (1st) first, (3rd) third and (4th) fourth passages above were spoken by Christ to His Apostles. They were told to preach, teach and to baptize. The Christ-ian believer is not told from these passage to go ye in to all the world preaching, teaching and baptizing. My proof or point is simple…does the Christ-ian believer have the authority to preach, teach and to baptize or are these reserved to those that are called by God to fill the office of Minister?  It seems to me Christ was giving orders to those that are called to His service in ministry as prophet, preacher, missionary, evangelist, pastor, or teacher.

The great commission was and is meant to authorize those called to leadership, for it is written, prior to the commission itself, that all power has been given the Son of God and He, in turn, bestows that power upon His chosen and called ministers. He further states that the Holy Spirit would descend and empower the called ministers to witness to Christ’s death and His Resurrection. I believe this is still true today. Those that are called to fill a spiritual office are charged, by Christ. to preach, teach, and baptize. Therefore, the great commission is not charged to all the Church but to the called ministers of God.

HOWEVER!!!, HOWEVER!!! HOWEVER!!!…….Scripture teaches that like calls unto like as in deep calls unto deep, and the spirit witnesses to those with like spirit, or the order to be fruitful and multiply and beget offspring in the likeness of the multiplier.  God said, “Let us make man in [O]ur [I]mage” and this creative spirit is intrinsic, methinks, in all born again believer priests (2 Peter).

It is seen in life begetting life; a woman gives birth to another of her likeness and that child, generally speaking, will go on to give birth to another of her likeness. Scripture also states that things done on earth are a shadow or picture or type of how things are in Heaven, is it not written, “[T]hy will be done on earth as it is in [H]eaven?” God is the Creator and those like Him, made or remade in His Image, should then also have a creative spirit within that causes them to call out to others like themselves.

Having said all that has been said, let me summarize thusly, While Christ’s commission was and is specific and particular, in its charge, to those especially called to be spiritual helps, and leaders and to fill offices as prophet, preacher, pastor, missionary, or evangelist…in other words, God-called minister, those numberless members of The Good Shepherd’s flock will also beget others in their likeness as it is spiritially biological.

All the members of Christ’s Body have an intrinsic need to “take over the world” and it must be awakened. The manner in which we take over the world is by calling unto others that are or will be like us. I’m talking about those that are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life, those that “must needs” be saved, I’m talking about the lost for whom Christ came seeking and and saving and whom God is not willing that they should perish.

We know not who’s names are fore-written in the Lamb’s Book so we, the Church, the Body of Christ, we the sanctified, we that bear His Son’s Image must call out to all persons, people, and peoples for He said, “And I, If I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto [M]e.”  He also said, “All that the Father giveth [M]e shall come to me; and him that cometh to [M]e I will in no wise cast them out.”

Paul, from Rome, wrote to the Thessalonians (methinks the Thessalonians), that their faith is being spoken of through out the world. One should infer from that that the Thessalonians were speaking loudly and speaking often about their faith and of much, much more import, the One in Whom their, God-gifted and God granted faith, is placed.

In summary, those called to fill certain spiritual offices are charged with, directed to, and commissioned to “go forth” and “preach repentance and remission of sins in [H]is [N]ame” “to all nations”, “teaching them to observe all things whatsoever [Christ] has commanded”…and baptizing these nations of the world “in the [N]ame of the Father and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.”  And thereby we shall take over the world…Mwa Ha Ha Mwa Ha Ha………

And those that are called to salvation but do not fill an office of ministry, they too, have the right, the priviledge, the honour, and the authority to speak of and to witness to the Life, and Soul Saving Son of God, Whose Name is Jesus Christ, the Lord of the Living and the dead, Who can save to the uttermost

To be a witness to Christ is not a task or a responsibility one begrudgingly performs but to be a witness to Christ’s love, compassion, and power is a great honour and a great priviledge for it is written, “that no man can say that Jesus is the Lord, but by the Holy Ghost.”

I’m not heritical; this is sound and contextual teaching……Mwaaaa Ha Ha Mwaaaa Ha Ha….MWAA HA HA!!!….


“Practical Counsel For Christ-ians” or “People, It Isn’t That Difficult” or “Spiritual Bathing”

“If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit.”  (Galatians 5:25)

“He that saith he abideth in [H]im ought himself also so to walk, even as [H]e walked.”                                                                                                                                              (1 John 2:6)


The Christ-ian life or rather the healthy Christ-ian life revolves around (3) three basic actions and they are 1. Prayer  2. The Reading of Scripture and 3. The fellowship of the saints or in other words, other Christ-ians. Other things one can do to deepen their faith is to listen to Christ-ian music, sing songs to self and God,  and preach to self.  These actions are means to bathe yourself in the faith. The more you interact with the faith the more it will grow and become part and parcel of your person. In this article we will give practical counsel concerning the (3) three actions from above.  By bathing yourself in your Christ-ian faith you will grow in your faith and you will become more like Christ.

By bathing I mean burying yourself in your faith or as Paul said, “If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit.” St. John adds that we ought to walk as [Christ] walked and we know He lives and walked in the Spirit. If we are to be like Him, we too, must walk “even as [H]e walked.”  Christ said that he does “always those things that please the Father.”  Pleasing God should be our sole motivation as it was our Lord’s focus. Now, on to the (3) three actions that will allow us to live a healthy Christ-ian life.

  1. Pray:  Beloved, prayer is to your spirit what air is to your body. It is written concerning Paul, “[B]ehold, he prayeth…”  This was said by the risen and already ascended Christ to Ananias, a disciple.  Paul, then called Saul, was a new Christ-ian and as a new Christ-ian, “he prayeth…”   I have been blessed by God with a trinity of daughters. I was present at their births and when they exited the womb and entered the world they all took their (1st) first breath outside the womb and they cried. When a sinner is born again, born anew, or born from above s/he, like a newborn baby, cries out to God and behold s/he prayeth.

Like the Geiko commercials say, “If you are a Christ-ian you pray, that’s what you do.” Beloved, the Christ-ian is a person of prayer. David said in one of his Psalms, “I [am] prayer.” He saw himself as prayer personified. We should be prayer personified. Paul exhorts us to “pray without ceasing” and to be “instant in prayer.” To be instant in prayer implies that the pray-er is already in the spirit of prayer or is already fellowshipping with God. To pray without ceasing is to remain in the spirit of prayer and that means we should consciously walk with God as Noah and Enoch “walked with God.” Another way to explain this ceaseless prayer is to use the word state. A Christ-ian can and may enter into a state of perpetual fellowship with God through a constant awareness and acknowledgment that God is Present and your thoughts are towards Him.

A simple acknowledging of God’s Presence and your cognitive awareness of the Blessed Presence is silent and wordless prayer. An analogy to help: When (2) two strangers are in each other’s company, whether in a car or a small office space they tend to make small talk in order to alleviate the awkwardness and the silence. I’m sure you know of what I speak. When you are with someone you know and are comfortable with the silence does not produce awkwardness. The silence is fine, this is what it is to dwell perpetually in God’s Presence and to remain in the spirit of prayer.

Our formal prayers should be full of thanks and praise to God. Our prayers should have in them our confessions of sin and our petitions. This is the format Christ gave us in John six. However, to dwell perpetually in God’s Presence we should speak to Him often as one would speak to a revered and beloved friend. We should speak to Him as if He were actually present because beloved, He is.  I am exhorting you to treat your Lord as being very present…if you burp, ask His pardon. If you receive news of any kind, ask the Lord for His thoughts upon the subject. To fellowship with God is a state of perpetual awareness can be likened unto a child with an imaginary friend, the difference is your Friend is not imaginary…your Friend is Almighty God.

2. Read your Bible: We do not read the Bible like we read other books. Other books can be picked up and read without any preparation. The Holy Scriptures, however, are not picked up and read, the Scriptures are to be engaged as one engages a friend. If you desire to benefit from your Bible reading, I mean really benefit in a great way you will read it prayerfully. You will read your Bible interactively.

Before you engage the Scriptures ask God to bless your reading of His inspired and inspiring Word. As you read the Scriptures you will come a cross exhortations and commands, at these points, stop reading and pray in regards to the exhortation or command. For example: “Be ye holy for I am Holy.” At that command stop reading and look to God and tell Him of your desire to be holy like Him. Ask Him to grant you the grace that you might grow in holiness.

If you happen to be reading about Elijah, you might stop reading and ask God for a spirit of boldness like Elijah has. Maybe you are reading the (4th) fourth Psalm and you read,   “[T]hou hast enlarged me when I was in distress…” You might then and there call upon God and ask Him to enlarge you so that you might also face your whatever as David did. As you read through the book of Acts you will find the Apostles saying, “For we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard.” After reading those words you might ask God to grant you the grace and boldness to speak of the things you have seen and heard from Him.

As you read the Word you will become familiar with the men and women in the Word. You will learn of their exploits and adventures; you will learn of their character traits. You will see the attributes that make them the person they are. When you find a trait that is good and you realize that you do not have that trait, ask God for that trait. If you read about someones’s bad trait or traits, you might realize that that trait is in you too. Then and there pray and ask God to help you curb that trait or mortify that trait altogether.

When you are reading the Gospels and you behold the courage, compassion, charity, and the character of Christ, fall upon thy face and beseech God to conform you to His Likeness… Tell Him that you want to be a little Jesus and that you want your light to so shine before men so that they will glorify your Heavenly Father.


3.  Fellowship with other Christ-ians: This is essential to a healthy Christ-ian life as are the (2) two actions above. If you take a charcoal out of the grill it will soon cool off. Likewise, a lone Christ-ian will cool off if s/he is alone, especially a new believer, in fact, God said from the very beginning that it is not good for man to be alone. Christ-ian fellowship, whatever the form, is that which will edify you. The author of Hebrews exhorts us to provoke one another unto good works. In order to provoke one another we must be in each others company. The wise man said, “Iron sharpeneth iron” or in other words, Christ-ian edifies and encourages Christ-ian. If you want to benefit from your faith and grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ, your Lord, you must engage the faithful and be engaged by the faithful…it’s that simple.

To summarize: “[L]ittle children,” as John calls us, Pray, read your Bible and fellowship with your holy family and you will find that you are holy and healthy.









“Witnessing And Various Approaches” or “As We Are All Different So Shall Our Approach Be” or “There Should Be A Liberty In One’s Witness To Christ.”

“But you shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and you shall be witnesses to me…” (Acts 1:8a.)

“For we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard.”  (Acts 4:20)


There are pre-requisites to witnessing to the Lord.

  1. You must be saved and indwelt by the Holy Ghost.
  2. You must understand the doctrine of salvation and be one with the Gospel for you are part of your message and your message is part of you.
  3. You must know that you will be rejected or rather Christ will be rejected through your rejection.
  4. You must know that some will come to Christ.
  5. You must know that witnessing can be a (10) ten second Gospel presentation to someone you meet as they are living life or a many year endevour as you witness to a single person.
  6. You must know that one plants the Gospel seed, another waters that Gospel seed, but it is always the Lord that gives the increase.
  7. You must know that prayer is absolutely essential before, during, and after a witness to Christ is given.
  8. You must know that salvation is the Lord’s work and you are His instrument.
  9. You must know the purpose of your witness. Our purpose in witnessing is of course the individual to whom we are speaking however, the greater and larger purpose is God’s glory.
  10. You must know that to be a witness to Christ is a high and holy calling as well as a priviledge.


Once you meet these requirements you will develop your own style and method of sharing the Gospel. Paul calls the Gospel of Christ, “my Gospel.”  So it is with you and me; the Gospel of Christ is my Gospel…is your Gospel and with anything else you and I must become familiar with our Gospel and we must be completely persuaded to it’s veracity and it’s power to save.

In a discussion with Pastor Ron Ruben of LightHouse Baptist Church on this topic he said that one should begin with handing out tracts and getting comfortable with this style of witnessing and then move on to a more personal style. This seems to me to be a sound and painless method. Another way to witness is to make it known that you are a Christ-ian. This can be done verbally if one is of a bolder nature or it can be done quietly by taking a Bible to work and being seen reading it. One might put passages of Scripture at their work station or cubicle. By having these things seen is not a replacement for the personal one on one witness, however, once you are known to be “religious” it will be easier for you to share your faith and witness to Christ.

Another method that has been useful to me is the word Amen. I use the word Amen in place of nodding my head or other mannerisms one uses to acknowledge a person that is speaking. Amen lets the person know you might be a person of faith. One might use Scriptural language in everday discussions with others. I rarely leave a person without a “Godspeed” (Except Jehovah’s Witnesses…to wish them Godspeed is forbidden.) T-shirts are great witnesses if you are a t-shirt person. Instead of advertising for a television program or a sports team you could advertise for your Lord, the Lord, Who saved you from your sin and it’s penalty, power, and pleasure.

Another simple way to witness to Christ is by way of inviting a person to church.  You might say, “I’d like to invite you to Church this Sunday. Our Pastor talks about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Lord, and how He can save a person from sin and it’s aweful penalty.”  You might say, ” You should come to Church with us this Sunday and hear about the resurrection of the Lord Jesus.

When you witness to a stranger you probably will never see him or her again anyway, so what is there to lose? The alternative to the last sentence is the person may have ears to hear and may very well come to Church to hear more so there is everything to gain.

My method of witnessing to a stranger is this: I simply ask them if they attend Church and where. I ask them if they know Christ as their Lord and Saviour. If they answer in the negative I slant my head a bit, furrow my brow  and act as if I have come a cross a new species of human (my purpose is to cause them to feel like the odd man out and that it is right and normal to attend Church). I then suggest to them that they should attend Church because it is at Church where they can hear the Gospel of Christ’s death and resurrection and how He can save them.

Another method I use is challenging persons having a Bible study at coffee shops. I’ll ask them if they really believe in the man in the sky and then I begin to tell them that it sound ridiculous to me, by then the persons are defending their faith for all the other customers to hear. I then congratulate them on their steadfastness and reveal myself to be a fellow lover of Christ. We then pray over these persons and thank God for their faithful witness.

Another way to witness is to tell the person you are talking to what the Lord Jesus has to say upon the subject you are discussing. For example:

Person A, “This country is going to destoy itself.”

Person B, ” You know what…you’re right! The Lord Jesus said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

As you can see there are a myriad of ways to share Christ with the lost.  Let us be faithful to the One we love by speaking of Him, His Works, His Words, and His Ways.