“Being Put In One’s Place” Or “A Perspective That Humbles” Or “Persons Possess No Premise For Purporting Personal Pride, Period”

“For who maketh thee to differ from another? and what hast thou that thou didst not receive?  now if thou didst receive it, why dost thou glory, as if thou hadst not received it?”  (1 Corinthians 4)


Pride is hated by God, especially spiritual pride.  Pride is an enemy to man. Pride destroys persons. Pride wrecks friendships, marriages, all types of relationship whether the relationship be personal, public, or business. Pride is the cause of words that hurt. Pride hinders and hampers forgiveness. Pride destroys the souls of persons, people, and peoples. Pride is the pinnacle of sin. It was (l)ucifer’s pride that expelled him from the third (3rd) Heaven. It was 9l)ucifer’s pride that put him in the garden and put him in a position to tempt Eve.  Pride, we are told, goes before the fall. Pride is a destoyer of men.

It has been said that there are four (4) motives for murder: money, revenge, sex (envy), and drugs. The fatal four (4), however there is a kingpin behind the fatal four (4), there is a George Soros behind the fatal four (4), there is a power behind the fatal four (4) and it is PRIDE.

The word itself has within it the words ride, dire, rid, ripe, and pried.
*Ride: Pride will ride and drive a person to destruction, causing pain for many others. Pride will keep a person from forgiving, admitting fault, confessing sin, confessing one’s lost condition, enjoying life, making friends, etc.
*Dire: Pride will put you, position you, point you to dire straits, a place of despertness and Folly. Pride will cause a person to make decisions that are not thought through. Pride will cause a person to answer questions he know nothing about.
*Rid: Pride rids a person of friends, family members, associates, business, co-workers, a good reputation, character, morality, ethics, money and worst of all, God’s blessings and will bring about God’s anger.
*Ripe: Pride makes a person ripe for perniciousness, perdition, and prepares a person for perishing.
Pried: Pride will cause a person to pry into places, not profitable for them.

The reason pride is so wicked is it is one of the greatest affronts to God. Pride offends God greatly. God will deal harshly with a prideful person quicker than any other type of person.  Herod was a puppet king in Jerusalem, and he was a great orator or speaker

The people praised his ability to speak and all that praise went to his head.  The persons, hearing him, said he speaks as a god. Herod revelled it that, and then he was eaten alive, from the inside out, by worms.  Pride caused a king to be killed by worms. A great person wants to die an honourable death by another great. This great and regal person died by worms, not an honourable death, this speaks to God’s hatred of pride.

Pride is not logical, nor is it reasonable, ever. Pride is non-sensical. Pride should be evicted, dismissed, dispatched, done away with, mortified, killed, slain, smitten unto death, etc.

Why is pride such a problem?

Pride is a problem because it denies God, it denies persons that were helpful and caring, it denies everything and everyone, but self. No one on this earth has anything that has not been given and received. Given by the many mercies of God. Without air, we die.  Without water, we die.  Without soil and elements, we die. Without the sun we die. Without the Divine breathe of life, we never would be.

*Strong persons owe their strength to God
*Beautiful persons owe their beauty to God.
*Intellectual persons owe their intellect to God.
*Talented persons owe their talent and it’s glories to God.

The persons pointed out above, rarely give God the glory for what they have, lest they be in Christ. Persons thinks they did it/do it all. These persons deny God His glory and they fail or refuse to acknowledge His mercies, grace, and kindness, OH! AND His longsuffering. These persons, by taking the glory that belongs to God’s goodness and kindness, bring upon themselves His anger, wrath, and fury. The persons remind Him of the enemy, (s)atan, because these person are of their father, the devil.

Reader, If you want to be proud be proud of what God is, and of Who God is. If you want to be pride-filled be filled with pride in your God.

Please forgive errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar. The wife of my youth wanted to sleep, so I did not look over this article.





“Sometimes It’s That Simple” Or “No! Really, Sometimes It Really Is Just That Simply” Or “LOOK, BUDDY, I’M TELLING YOU!!! IT IS THAT SIMPLE!!!” Or “How The Heart Betrays The Mouth”

For we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard.”  (Acts 4)


Reader, Any honest and God called, God taught, God guided minister, whether they be preacher, teacher, pastor, missionary, evangelist, or whatever they call themselves, bishop, elder, etc.  will tell you two (2) things. Number one (1) the Scriptures, when taught and when learned MUST, MUST, MUST be within the context of the writers intention(s) and meaning, period.  There is no give, there is no lee-way given and non expected period.

Number two (2) and this one may sting…God is number ONE (1) always, only, and forever. You, who ever you be, wife, child, mother, father, boss, friend, whoever you are, you are and will always be number two (2), but know this….if the right with God and balanced and you are number two (2), know this, he puts you before he puts himself.  It is a woman, child, or whoever that can take second place to God and be content.

To those in second (2nd) place, let me counsel you.  If you are lonely, if you feel left out, if you feel distant, if there exists a wall between you and number three (3) number three (3) being the one (1) closest to God it is because you need to be a number three (3) in your own relationship with God. My beloved reader, if you want peace and  you want contentment in the place where you are, put God first (1st), your loved one(s) second and you take third (3rd) place because thrird (3rd) place brings you closer to everyone and third (3rd) place is the place of peace.  Reader, read 1 Corinthians chapter three (3), the first (1st) three (3) verses, that’s 1 Corinthians 3:1-3.

Going back to the first thing a honest minister will tell you regarding text and context. While it is essential that the reader or studier understand the writers intentions and meaning first (1st) and foremost, one can apply the writing in different ways.  Applying  the writing in different ways is not the same as interpreting the passage dofferently than the writer intended, understand?

For example:  In the chosen text above from Acts four (4), we find the apostles, after they had been put under arrest or held over night, being released and forbidden to and threatened, if they continued to preach in the Name of Christ.

The arrest is    [SideNote: Reader, Sometimes i use present tense when referenceing the past because I’m trying to put us in that time. It’s not bad grammar but a tool or conceit.]    due to the healing and preaching in the Power of the Holy Spirit and in the Name of Christ, for we are told,  “…many of them which heard the [W]ord believed; and the number of the men was about five thousand.

The number of five thousand (5,000) speaks to the number of men and not to the number of women and children present. The women and children are not meantioned because when the husband/father believed and was saved, so did their house, generally speaking. That is why we read in Acts that So and So was saved AND THEIR WHOLE HOUSE, meaning family and sometime servants.

Back to the reason for Peter’s arrest. Peter specifically,  had been preaching on the topic of resurrection and using the Lord as the Example. Peter was spirit filled or baptised (I know baptised with the Spirit is uncomfortable for some, but it’s there, in the Book, plain as black and white) with the Spirit and he healed a man and preached Christ and was then arrested.

The next day, the authorities warned or charged Peter, not to continue preaching and acting in the Name of Christ. Peter’s reply is, “For we cannot but speak [about] the things which we have seen and heard [and loved.]

Reader, In the above sentence I highlighted the words of Peter. You will notice I also interjected some words that are not highlighted. We do this in order to apply the words spoken by Peter to another dynamic. AGAIN, we are not misinterpreting Scripture, all of the above gave you the context of the text, now we are going to apply it to ourselves and everyday life.


Reader,  A.W. Tozer said, “Preaching without application is heresy.”  In other words, the minister can preach a message, a burden, a sermon, and if he does not demonstrate how the text, teaching, Scripture is to be applied to everyday life, some, many, maybe most will apply the teaching however they want, they will justify themselves, condemn others, and walk in darkness.  A word from God’s minister must, must, must have an application.

An Example: Once I used Noah and his family as a spring board (In reverence) to the doctrine of election. A person, later approached me and thanked me for the message. He told me, he completely understood the message and was in total agreement. This is what he said: “From your sermon I now know, anyone and everyone can be/will be saved.”   Reader, that was diametrically opposed, that was the opposite, that was contrary, that was yang to yin, to what we were teaching!!!

That’s a true story, though somethings were changed to hide the id. of the person in the story…duh duh (Law and Order reference)

Reader,We will apply the words of Peter to your life.

A person talks about what s/he likes, loves, is in to, adores, identifies with, wants to be. You and I should pay attention to the comments, complaints, words, sayings, shoutings, screams, mumblings, murmurs, sighs, cries, utterings, and mutterings of those around us. Why should we pay attention?  Because you, me, we, mwie (Pronounced, MWEE, Hybrid of me and I, as in mwie loathe the personal pronoun, “I.”) all talk about what we are interested in.

Humans, all of us talk about that which we are interested in & involved with. Humans talk about what they like and love. Mwie (Remember hybrid word in place of “i” and “me”) all talk about what interests us and what attracts our attention. This is how we engage others and get to know others and understand others.  Mwie (beta test: like it or no?) should listen to and hear; hear and listen to what others say, how they say it, when they say it.  There have been times when an attacker of innocense (No one is innocent by nature, Mwie use the word innocent as meaning: not deserving of.) told others about their plans and the others didn’t take them seriously, and many persons died.

We should pay attention to what others are saying or we could/might pay a greater cost later.

We can know where a person is, mentally and emotionally, by listening to what they talk about. A preacher that doesn’t talk about his Master is not a good preacher. The Avon lady that doesn’t speak about her products isn’t a good Avon lady. A pro athelete that doesn’t speak about the game, is in it for the $$$$$$$$, only. One can learn much by how a person speaks, what a person speaks about, and when a person chooses to speak.

A person who talks about violence and killing and spends time playing virtual/video games should be heard and listened to. Words give us a picture and an understanding of what is behind the face.

Mwie are in our element and at home when and while discussing the Preeminent Christ, The Godhead, the Scriptures, Christ-ianity, The Christ-ian life, cults, the wife of my youth, my children, plants, perennials, pruning, jiu jitsu, logic, Critical thinking, politics, S. Holmes, insects, comics, Pro-wrestling, MMA, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Batman, Criminal Minds, Law and Order:Criminal Intent, Psycopathy, Sociopathy, Crime, etc. etc. etc.

The paragraph above introduces you to who mwie are.

Christ said it best, “From the heart, the mouth speaketh.”  Reader, listen to others so you can know/read them better and trust what your ears AND your insticts hear.

Listen and hear the words, the tone, consider the timing, etc.

“Some Of The Blessings Of Christ-ian Brotherhood” Or “Some Of The Confidences In Christ-ian Brotherhood” Or “Let Us Not Confuse Relationships With The Lost With Fellowship Of The Brotherhood”

“…that also ye may have fellowship with us: and truly our fellowship is with the Father, and with [H]is Son Jesus Christ.”  (1 John 1)

One of the great blessings in the Christ-ian faith is fellowship with God and fellowship between the brethren. John teaches us if we have true fellowshio with God, we will walk in the light with God AND with one another and again, this is a blessed fact, truth, and experience. In fact it is written, if we have not fellowship with one another and walk in the light, we cannot have fellowship with the brethren and we make God a liar.

John asks us, how we can love God and fellowship with God and then hate our brethren?  He asks further, how can we hate the brethren, the sons of God, and then say we love God, for, he says, we have never seen God and we see our brethren clearly. These are important questions, to be sure. These questions can not be passed over, ignored, and hope they go away. Brethren, we must love each other. There can be no doubt, none.

What are some of the blessings found in this brotherhood?
*Freedom and liberty.
*Open and loving reproof and rebuke.
*Unity and oneness.
*Prayer, one for another.
*And so much more.

All  of the above falls under the first point which is love.  Within love there is recognition of weakness, flaws, strengths, and one’s place in Christ. Honesty about who/what we are and who others, in Christ are. Freedom and in this freedom to love God and to do as we will within the boundaries of God’s love for us. We must recognize the freedoms other’s have in Christ as well. Inclusiveness in the body of Christ, this goes with the above, we must be inclusive with all of God’s Blooed bought saints and not only those that agree in every point with us. Understanding not everyone will agree with us and the fact that we often do not even agree with ourselves in all points.

Other blessing of fellowship, we, as brethren should be able to bring up differences, we must be able to reprove and rebuke others AND accept their rebuke and reproof, for this is a sign, a proof, a fruit of wisdom.  This rebuke or reproof, if given in a spirit of love, equality, understanding, identification of one’s own weaknessES, humility and fairness, the reproof and or rebuke SHOULD be, SHOULD be, Should be, received as it is meant. However, if this reproof/rebuke is given in the spirit of “gotcha,” condescention, “holier-than-thou-ism,” superiority, power and control, it probably will not be accepted, even in true, for the above negative traits overshadow the truth.

We have disagreed with many and many have disagreed with us. That disagreement has cost me their friendship, not my frienship toward them but theirs toward me. Sometimes, the other accepted me and my thoughts, changed their whatever and sometimes they didn’t. Sometimes, I had to change and sometimes I did not have to. One never knows what the other will do, but past performnce predicts future actions.  Sometimes I am pretty close to certain how someone will respond. We have one brother we had to confront and we even told them their response will prove them to be one of Solomon’s wise men or one of Solomon’s fools. They were one of Solomon’s fools as they responded with anger and harshness, this is what I expected. I also expected our brotherhood to continue and it did. This is a mark of brotherhood and friendship.

Other times one will say, all is well, will receive a rebuke/reproof, and never speak to me again. This has happened to me recently.  Someone I have known and loved for decades turned on me, like a pro-wrestler turns on a friend in order to turn heel or bad guy. I was surprised…that’ll never happen again, by this harsh, and vitriolic attack. This brother, as I see it, thought I was correcting him or challenging him, all seems to have worked out, but my discernment tells me our friendship, on his side is dead, and maybe never reaaly existed, though our brotherhood can never be broken for that is rooted in Christ, nor can my love towards him , for that, too, is in Christ.

Forgiveness is a blessing within the brotherhood.  There will come atime when we all will have to forgive another and there will come a time when another will have to foregive us. Though forgiveness should not be a difficult subject, it can be and that is due to it’s importance. Regardless of one’s understanding of all the intricacies of forgiveness, The releasing of one’s debt to us and one’s debt to God is a must.  One’s debt to God?  What are you talking about, preacher? If I offend someone or if someone offende me, what is that to God?

When one sins, one sins against God. It matters not who else is involved.  When David sinned against his family, Bathsheba, Uriah, and ultimately the kingdom, David sinned foremost against God, “Against [T]hee have I sinned, and gainst [T]hee only have i sinned.

Reader, when you sin against self or others, your primary sin and your primary responsibility is to seek God’s forgiveness first for it was against God you sinned first.  Whatsoever one declares on earth is declared in heaven. when one sins against us, they sin against God. If we forgive them not, neither will God. When we forgive them, so to will God. The thief on the cross was forgiven by God as Christ forgave Him and those soldiers that nailed Christ to the Cross wer forgiven by God because Christ forgave them. That does not mean all of thee soldier’s sins were forgiven but the nailing of Christ’s Body would not beheld against them.

Unity and oneness with God, is agreat blessing in our faith. We are united to Christ in several different ways, but space denies us the opportunity to expound here and now. As we are united to Christ, we are united to one another in an inexpressably blessed bond. It is a great relief and gift, to the person who understands one’s unity to God, through Christ and on’e bond to the body of Christ through the Spirit of Christ.

Another great blessing and gift that begets peace is the watchfulness and vigilance we each exercise for one another in the Name of Him that sees all things, God’s [E]ye’s are upon the just and the unjust,”  “Christ looked around, seeing all things…”  Paul tells us to “watch unto prayer.”  Christ tells us to “Watch and pray,”  and  “Watch.”  We are to watch out for our brothers and sisters. We are to be caring of others, but “especially them of the house of faith.”  It has been pointed out that when we where the whole armour of God, we are protected all over our body, except the back and that is because we are to watch one another’s back and expect our’s to be watched also.  I know not how true this is regarding armour, but the sentiment is good and sound.

When the world says, “I’ve got your back,” trust it not. As the world says, “i’ve got your back,” the Christ-ian says,  “Your back is my back and my back is your back”,  Soldiers would often fight back to back in tandem, in threes (3’s) and in a diamond of our (4) packs, fighting while revolving.  This is the fighting position of the brotherhood, we partake in spiritual combat and conflict, on our knees, with our swords drawn and our eyes closed and the whirlwind of God surrounding us.

Another blessing of the brotherhood is prayer one for another. In the Scriptures we do not find the apostles praying for themselves very often, they do, of course, but it is not recorded. They teach ous to pray for others. In Matthew nine (9) we find: a leper praying for self and Christ honouring and answering his request. We find a centurion praying for another and Christ honouring, and being honoured by the request. Later in chapter nine (9), we see Christ healing Peter’s mother in law without being asked

[SideNote…Why didn’y Peter ask for his wife’s mother’s fever?  Did he not know or did he not think to?  I bet Peter felt as we all feel when someone’s prayer is answered and we realize we did not pray for that person like we said we would, we have the feeling of missing out. Pray for others and do not miss out.].

One point that is often overlooked in regards to intercessory prayer, when we pray for another, the other must pray as well or desire the answer as well. This is not a fact in stone but a general truth. I have a brother and I want that brother to meet a Christ-ian woman that turns his entire world upside down and inside out.” I have prayed for this. However, this is not his desire, he enjoys the single life. Enjoying the single life is good and fine and should NOT be looked down upon or pitied. Paul even said, it is good for a brother to live a single life unto God…if he can handle that desire which burns within.  If he cannot it is better to marry.

Outside of Christ this can prove to be difficult AND corrupting, the catholic priesthood is an example.  However, one that is in Christ may very well live a singlehood lifestyle, worship and serve God, rightly and in purity. In other words, though I might pray for a Christ-ian wife for my brother and he does not desire the same, God will not force my want upon him, but on the other hand, if I am praying for a Christ-ian wife for my brother, and he wants it not, but it is God’s will for him…he will be married.  And he will learn “marriage is not a word but a sentence.”  Percy Blakeny, Ha Ha.

The prayer equations looks like this:
*My prayer + A brother’s non-prayer + God’s indifference, so to speak =’s  No.
*My prayer + A brother’s prayer + God’s Will in the negative =’s No.
*My prayer + A brother’s prayer + God affiming will =”s Yea.
*My prayer + A brother’s non-will + God’s affirming will =’s Yea.
*God’s will + / – anything / nothing =’s Yea.

There are many, so very, very, many other blessings included in the Christ-ian brotherhood of love,  recognition, honsety, freedom/liberty, undertsanding, openness, forgiveness, unity, watchfulness. and prayer (Instantness of prayer, ceaselessness of prayer, oneness of prayer, intercession of prayer, intervention of prayer, etc.)

Brethren (Sisters included, the word brother, makes it more simple), let us not deny God, ourselves, and others by taking this, Blessed and Spirit-filled Brotherhood in Christ and under God, for granted.  What a loss it would be and is for so many.


P.S. Agin pleze forgorw mt. mispelin”s adn punt,iation-s mistaks, I had two get me goinf.?

“Basics 101” Or “Understanding The Deep Truths Of God And Forgetting His Simple Precepts” Or “One Cannot Be More Merciful Than God”

“Therefore is the kingdom of heaven likened unto a certain king, which would take account of his servants.”  (Matthew 18)

Can a Christ-ian understand the deep and rich truths and doctrines of God and forget the most basic and simple of our Lord’s precepts? The answer is, of course.

In Revelation two (2) Christ says, “I know thy works, and thy labour, and thy patience, and how thou canst not bear them which are evil: and thou hast tried them which say they are apostles, and are not, and hast found them liars: And hast borne, and hast patience, and for my [N]ame’s sake hast laboured, and hast not fainted. Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love. Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works…”

In the passage from Revelation we find Christ’s ministers doing what is right, good, and sound.  The ministers dealt with and eshewed evil, listened to claims and doctrines made by professing teachers, claiming they teach in Christ’s Name, “…which say they are apostles and art not…”  These ministers laboured and fainted not and all was done in Christ’s Name and rightly so.  BUT…BUT…BUT or “Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee…” says their Lord and Master.

What was their failing? They left and forgot the basics, the first works. These ministers were DOING everything right and DOING it for the sake of Christ, but while they were DOING everything right, they forgot about loving the One they were serving!!!

Let me use an analogy. A parent is planning a huge birthday for a child. The facility is rented, the parents has purchased all the balloons and party supplies. The entertainment is booked, all the quests have been invited and have RSVP’d. Everything is ready and set. Everyone is in their places, the food is prepared, but the parent forgot to pick the child up from school.  You see? the parent forgot the child while doing everything for the child.

In the paragraph above we see what we often do and can fall into.  We can be so busy serving our Lord and forget to love HIm and bask in His love during our service to Him. I heard about a man that said, “If their isn’t work in Heaven, I don’t want to go.”  This is as ignorant as saying, “I’ll be happy with a shack on the backside of Heaven.”  It is as ignorant as the sinners are when they say, “I’ll party with my fiends in hell.”  Reader, if you are not loving the Lord while serving the Lord, you are in the flesh and all your work will burn like wood, hay, and stubble.

Reader, if you are not worshiping the Lord and only serving the Lord, you are like Martha who was “cumbered about” with DOING, when Mary chose the better and was sitting at the Feet of Christ. It is written, God seeks worshipers. Woship ALWAY, ALWAYS, ALWAYS comes before service. BUT, service can be done while worshiping, too. They need not be separate all the time, but must be separate some of the time.  Worship and Service are twin to each other, just as Justification is twin to Sanctification, and Repentance is twin to Belief. One can never do the latters before the formers, never, never, never.

First things must be first, one’s Christianity or faith is built precept upon precept, and one is taught line by line. As said above, one must be justified before one can be sanctified or begin progressive sanctification.  One must repent before one CAN believe. And one must, must, must be a worshiper and lover of Christ before one can begin to serve Him right or to serve Him in a way He will accept. Remember there will be persons at the judgment that are certain of their acceptance by Christ because of all they have done. However, Christ responds to them with, “I never knew you.”  These persons were basing their assurance upon works and serving.

It is ugly to behold a believer that is so sound in all the doctrines of Scripture, but forgets to be loving and kind to those around them.

What are the basics of the faith?
*Love God more than anyone and anything and enJOY His Presence in your life.
*Love and enJOY your salvation and all the freedom and liberty it gives to you.
*Love others, love the brethren, neighbors, and enemies.
*Do right and be good.
*Mind your own business.
*Do what you do for Christ. Look past persons, bosses, corporate and do what you do for Christ.
*Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. In other words, treat others how you want to be treated….this is basic stuff but this is the stuff we forget while we are studying the deep things of God.
*Forgive them that seek your forgiveness.
*Go to those who have wronged you, like the king of Christ’s parable that, “would take account of his servants.” In terms of forgiveness, which was the point of Christ’s parable, one is to go to the offender and speak to the offense and settle it. Sometimes, Reader, the offender doesn’t know they have offended, it is like a deceiver who is being deceived.

[SideNote: Reader, there are persons who are professional offendees and they work full time, twenty-four-seven (24/7). These types are offended by anything and everything, they seek to be offended in order to draw attention to themselves. Once attention is on them they begin to gossip, backbite, slander, defame, and ruin reputations. These persons find their pleasure in the harm they cause. Rest assured, Reader, God knows.]

A point on forgiveness:
Forgiveness is to be a formal exchange. Forgiveness is to bring persons together to give a release of a moral or ethical wrong doer. Did God forgive you before you repented and confessed? NO He didn’t, that’s a major point of the Gospel. So how can one forgive another who is not sorry?

One cannot be bitter and be right with God and self; but one cannot forgive a wrong without that wrong being dealt with, that’s the economy of God. That was the point of Christ’s parable; the certain king wanted to, “take account of his servants.”

In other words, you are the king, you are the offended, and you are to take responsibility of the situation and bring the offfense to the offender and settle things, bury things, and forgives things. But Reader, if you forgive without the offender caring or knowing about it, You have become more merciful than God. Does that sound right?


“Oppression Worketh And Begets Madness” Or “From All Sides” Or “Pushing Back”

“And the people shall be oppressed, every one by another, and everyone by his neighbor…”  (Isaiah 3)

“Surely oppression maketh a wise man mad…”  (Ecclesiasties 7)

“For I am in a strait betwixt two…”  (Philipppians 1)

The people pressed upon [H]im…And [H]e entered into one of the ships and prayed [Peter] that he would trust out a little from the land And [H]e sat down, and taught the people…”  (Luke 5)

“...He is beside [H]imself.”  (Mark 3)

“…Paul, thou art beside thyself; much learning doth make thee mad.”  (Acts 26)


Reader,  Did you read the titles and the Scripture texts from above and think to yourself, “I understand that,”  or  “I get it,”  or in todays loose and over-used lingo, “I feel like…”  This article will be (DV) about oppression, it’s nature, it’s causes, it’s effects, and how to deal with it.

The main word we are looking at is oppression.  Oppression can be visualized in the mind’s eye as being squeezed, pushed down, having pressure applied from all sides so that one is completely straitened, think Luke, Leia, and Solo in the trash compactor. Think of an anaconda compressing and crushing it’s prey with every attempted breathe.  Think of a horde of zombies surrounding or encompassing a person and closing in on that person until that person is gone.  Can you see oppression in your minds eye?  This demonstrates the nature of oppression or how it acts upon it’s victim or subject.

Oppression is different from depression.  When thinking of depression, we see in our mind’s eye a force that take everything out of it’s victim, depression squeezes everything out of a person and oppression squeezes it’s victim but everything is kept in with no outlet, everything is crushed inside of the victim of oppression.  Make sense?

In the passages above we see oppression will drive a wise man into madness, We see every person being oppressed by neighbors, inthe stead of loving thy neighbor, it is oppress and destroy thy neighbor.

We see from above how Paul was thought mad due to his “much learning.”  We see our Lord Jesus being so pressed upon by the crowd that He was forced into a ship. we also see our Lord, “beside [H]imself,” as we was caught up or even overwhelmed by the people’s need for attention and healing, everyone wanted something and Christ was the Only One Who could provide it. It was supply and demand “on steroids,” if you will.  By relieving the (op)pressing and demanding crowd, He looked as though He was mad. I connect “beside [H]imself” with madness due to the last passage from above, Paul was “beside himself” and was considered to be mad. His accuser was using hypebole, I’m sure but you see the point.

Oppression is greater than everyday pressure or stress, Oppression is a constant pressing upon a person’s mind and this oppression effects the will and the body, as well as the emotions and mental state. Oppression is a crushing and squeezing pressure upon one’s whole person and this oppression is applied by outside agents. This is another way it differs from depression. Depression is from within, it is organic, it is an enemy that is domestic, oppression is a foreign enemy. This paragraph and the above is the nature of oppression.

What are the causes of felt oppression or what or who are the agents that weaponize pressure and stress against us?

Oppression is an enemy that is premeditated in it’s intentions and it has plans for your life and they are not good.  The plans are to destroy you and to put you or hold you down, it wants you to keep your mouth shut and to stay in lockstep.

Everyone gets  “stressed out” by responsibilities, whether they be professional or work based, or familial pressures, or pressure from one’s peers. A boss, a family, a friend, an associate all can cause us to feel pressured and stressed, but this is not oppression, oppression is maniacle, malicious, and has an agenda. The demonic oppresses before it possessess.

In the world there is a great enemy that has weaponized stress and pressure, making it Oppressive, in nature. This enemy does not want to hear what you think, though it tells you, “see something, say something.” This enemy talks about a “national conversation” on issues but in this conversation, you are muted and your expression is suppressed.  This enemy calls you to a conversation, not to hear from you, but to know who you are and where you rest. This enemy wants to draw you in so that it knows who to shut down and to shut up.

Reader, am i talking to a wall or do you see what we’re talking about?

Political correctness is the epitome of oppression. P/C says, “You can’t say that,”  when you should scream and shout it.  P/C says that is racism when it is not. P/C uses words like tolerence, intolerence, bigot, racist, hater, inclusive, community, phobic, club.

This enemy will say a white person is racist if s/he disagrees with a person of another race. If a police officer shoots a person of another race, the police officer immediately becomes racist and is a bigot. The police officer, who shoots and kills a person, does so not b/c the person was a criminal, or was threatening the safety of the officer and others, but the person was shot and killed because he was an innocent person of another race. This is how the enemy works and the masses fall for it all.

Who are these oppressors?
*Media: A media that is agenda driven and biased.
*Celebrity: Celebrities that use their status to “get out the vote” or in others words, oppress sycophants and their fan(atics) without them knowing it.  They sell it as freedom and liberty, but in truth, they speak lies and suppress what it true, good and right.
*The neighbor:  Political correctness is the cause of persons not being able to express themselves without fear of reprisal and labels. P/C has divided and exploited the different races of this world. Neighbors can be oppressessed and oppress others without wanting to or knowing they are being oppressive. How are they being oppressive, by bowing to the oppression

Scientology is a good example and it also uses oppression and suppression. When someone disagrees or wants out of their institution of blackmail and yes, oppressive agents, they are labeled as a  “Suppressive Person” or “SP.” This is code for a person who thinks for themselves and rebels against the wicked system.

How can one escape this oppression, this oppressive and suppressive enemy?
The answer is simple in theory, but difficult in practice.  How does one escape oppression? Do not allow anyone, any movement, any institution, or any authority to oppress you.

In summary:  The only way to escape this oppressive enemy is to do what our Lord when the people pressed upon Him.  He got into a boat and distanced Himself from the pressure. What did He do when He was at a distance from the people?  He preached, He spoke, He shouted.  One must shout, speak and preach against this enemy and let the bodies hit the floor.


“A Rogue (s)aviour” Or “The Lust Of The Eyes” Or “Samson: A Pre-Figure of God’s Beloved Son”

“…for the child shall be a Nazarite unto God from the womb…”


As I have done before, I’m going to write (DV) about something I have written about before. I do this from time to time because we have written over four hundred and fifty (450) articles and most readers are not readers of every article. Also, as the Scriptures are living, they reveal more and more as one continues to study.

In this article, we will write about Samson (DV) and lessons one can learn from his life.
*Christ foreshadows and is a strong Christ figure.
*Samson walked by sight and faith and struggled with the lust of the eyes and the pride      of life.
*Samson demonstrates the great grace and longsuffering of God.

Samson is a strong, strong Christ figure. Samson shows us what it would have been like if Christ went rogue. Samson’s birth was announced by the angel of the LORD as was the birth of our Lord Jesus. This angel said his name was “secret.”  Our English word secret is translated from the Hebrew word, “Wonderful.” I’m not dogmatic on this, but is not our Lord Jesus called “Wonderful” in Isaiah nine (9), …”and [H]is [N]ame shall be called Wonderful…” Many believe the angel of the LORD is a Christophany or a preincarnate appearance of Christ.  Therefore, it was Christ Himself, if you hold to the angel of the LORD being preincarnate Christ, that announced the birth of Samson!!!

One cannot be dogmatic on this point either; Samson shows or demonstrates to The Christ of God or more appropriately, the Word, how the world would receive Him and oppose Him and be the cause or human agent of the Christ’s murder. Another point of Christ figuring is the great actions and great lengths Samson went to for the women in his life. Christ died, fought in Hell, and rose again for His bride, the church.

Another point of interest is the body of Samson. Most think Samson was a very muscular man and think Hercules is like Samson. The movies and other images of Samson depict him as being BIG and muscular. However, are we not told, God chooses the weak, base, and foolish to perform His will? Samson was NOT a BIG and muscular man, he did not have the body of an Arnold Schwarzenegger or rather Arnold does not have a body type like Samson (Perspective). Samson was an average looking man and he pre-figures Christ in that way too, “[H]e hath no form or comeliness; and when we shall see [H]im, there is no beauty that we should desire [H]im.”

The body of Christ, the church is made up of weak, base, and foolish persons. However, in Christ, the weak person is made strong, the base person is lifted and exalted, and the foolish are made wise. The body of Christ is analogous with Samson’s body, in that the body of Christ is average, meek, humble, and, POWERFUL, MIGHTY and has God’s Spirit upon it and in it.

Another point Samson prefigures the Christ is in his death.  Imagine the form or profile of Samson’s body when he died.  Samson’s feet were close together and his arms were out stretched when he collapsed the arena by pushing the stabalizing pillars apart. Samson died for his people and his God.

Samson, as shown above, pre-figures the Christ in many ways, however, Samson is nothing like Christ in other ways. Samson was a man that broke vows that were imposed upon him by a Sovereign God that sits in [H]eaven and does as [H]e pleases. Samson was a man that had lust of the eyes, he saw a woman and he had to have her and there was no saying no. Christ is and was a Man that is always about His Father’s work and never fails or failed or broke a covenant.

When the angel of the LORD announced God’s plans to Manoah and his wife and gave them vows that must be kept, they were: No shaving of the hair, no strong drink, and no touching of dead things, these are vows of a Nazarite. Samson broke them all. God still loved him and still used him. God is gracious and very longsuffering. Samson’s hair was not the source of his power and strength, but a symbol.

Samsons’s Source of Strength was the Spirit of God.  The Spirit gave Samson his power and strength, just as He gave David the ability to jump a wall, kill a lion, kill a bear, and kill a GIANT. Samson lived a lost life but was a great servant of the LORD.  Samson was what Luther calls “Simul Justus et Peccator,”  a saint and a sinner at the same time. Does that remind you, Reader, of thyself? Samson is mentioned in Hebrews eleven (11) as an example of a person of faith.

It is true, Samson did wrong, but he still loved God and God still loved him.  Some think these cannot co-exist but they do. Some persons would go spiritually crazy over a dynamic like this.  Did not Paul say, “All things are lawful unto me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful unto me, but I will not be brought under the power of any.”  The trouble Samson found was due to “all things” bringing him under [their] power.

[Side note: This may make some angry but i’m going to write it anyway. Have you ever noticed, in your Christ-ian experience, how God seems to bless and love “screw-up” Christ-ians more than those that are rigid and legalistic?]
In Samson, we learn that God looks more at one’s love for Him, in the stead of looking at one’s sins against Him. Call me heretick and get uptight and while you are doing that, I’ll be rejoicing in God’s love for those who are saints and sinners at the same time.  Legalist, Legalist, come forth and be loosed from thy grave clothes!!!

Christ-ianity is not about one’s sin against God but rather one’s love and enjoyment of God and God’s love and enjoyment of His children, in Christ!!!!!!  God is the Father of His Children and not the Judge of them…God treats us as a loving Father treats His children, that’s why He chose to take the Name of Father, get it?

Of course, I am not making sin and sins a small matter, no, not at all. Sin, however must not be the main focus of the Christ-ian, we have been saved from sin’s penalty, sin’s pleasure, sin’s power, and some sweet day, sin’s presence. As a Christ-ian grows more and more Christ-like, as the Fruit of the Spirit ripens, as partaker’s of the divine nature, we will sin less and less, we’ll never be sinless in this stage of our eternal life, but we will certainly sin less as we advance in our predestinated end.

Samson’s God demonstrates for us grace, longsuffering, faithfulness, and excitement.  Samson’s God is my God, is He yours? Really and in all seriousness, is Samson’s God your God too? I hope He is.

“Are You A Believer In The Supernatural Or Are You A Skeptic” Or “Can One Be A Believer And A Skeptic?” Or “A Believer Must Be A Skeptic…Crazy Preacher Say, What?

“[Simon the sorceror said], Give me also this power…”  (Acts 8)

“…a certain damsel possessed with a spirit of divination…”  (Acts 16)


In the two (2) passages above we have (What I believe) shows us a man who “bewitched” or tricked the persons around him with his “magic” or sleight of hand.  In the second (2nd) passage, however, we have the real deal.  If one turns to the Old Testament, they will find King Saul engaging the services of a witch in Endor and she, too, was the real deal.  In the times when our Lord Jesus walked on this earth, there had been others that tried to take the mantle of Messiah and present themselves as the promised Deliverer of God’s people.

One problem the fakes cause is the effect of unbelief.  If a “psychic” is proven a fraud and most are, they cause many to disbelieve in the possibility of the genuine article. This is one reason that God put a very high punishment…the ultimate cost upon the false prophet.  In the Old Testament, the false prophet was to be killed if his specific prophecies were not accurate.

Many false psychics research their victim, they scower anything and everything: public records, articles, pictures, yearbooks, and they even will eavesdrop on friends and families. Sometimes they have assistants that help them.  This is how faith healers victimize their Biblically illiterate sychophants.

Some persons have called me psychic and another even asked if I’m CIA. I am neither and even if I were CIA, I would have to kill you if I admitted it.  I have trained myself to observe others and make inferences from small (thought insignificant) details. I quickly tell them I am not psychic but an observer of human nature.  I probably am wrong as many times as I am right and I can look for a book and not find it when it is right in front of me.  I search high and low for my glasses when they are in my shirt pocket.

The point of this article is: The Christ-ian believer must be a skeptic, in order to protect and believe in the real thing. For example, one must doubt a faith healer until or if one experiences his gift for themselves or eliminates every other trick of the trade. Exorcists, before they will seek to perform an exorcism, will have the person, in question, examined by medical doctors and psychatrists in order to eliminate all other possibilities.  There is a Biblical principle, that is given us by the many false religions of the world.  This principle states, one can recognize the false and fake by comparing it to the real and true. For this to work, one must be very familiar with the real and the true.

Is there a possibility of a faith healer? I do believe a person of faith can anoint another person of faith with oil and beseech God to heal, help, give grace, etc. and see the person healed. Can a child of God call upon God and in the Name of Christ, ask Him for a healing and receive that healing, I certainly do.

Do I believe a person has the gift of healing with him all the time and can heal anyone at anytime? This I am highly skeptical of but I cannot rule it out completely.  Is Benny Hinn or the likes of Hinn, the genuine article?  Methinks, Nope. Why not?  A person with that kind of gift would, by necessity, be also gifted with the spirit of humility and the spiritual fruit, meekness. Benny Hinn and his ilk or company of con men have neither. They are all show and that is diametrically opposed to meekness.

Persons like David Blaine and Chris Angel are examples, methinks, of the the girl from Acts sixteen (16).  These two (2), I posit, are possessed by demons. I think most Christ-ians get a bad “vibe” off of these two (2) “magicians.” This is akin to the spirit bearing witness to another’s spirit, we wrote about above. This speaks to John’s exhortation to “test the spirits.” I know some readers and others may think these things we’re writing about, in this article, are silly but these readers and the others “[have] a form of godliness but deny the power thereof.” These are spiritual persons that deny the spiritual. It is sad when a Christ-ian takes the supernatural out of the things of God. Not only do these persons “deny the power thereof” they deny themselves the excitement of their Christ-ian faith.

There is one thing impostors and fakes are scared of and hate. The fakes dread the genuine article.  The prosperity preachers and fa(ke)ith healers hate and dread and run from the genuine article, the real thing. The false prophets in scripture hated the true prophets and wanted nothing to do with them.

This also speaks to why professing Christ-ians or “brothers so called” dislike the real Christ-ian and discord is sewn among the brethren. The fundementalist or legalist despises the person of Christ-ian faith and liberty…not only do they despise them, they fear them. Both recognize the other for what they are and both know this about each other and it causes a schism. This is why fundementalists or legalist and the liberated Christ-ian repel one another or rather the legalists pushes the “Lord’s freeman” away.

An analogy for the above: a King snake and a Coral snake look very much alike to persons. The King snake is non-poisonous but the Coral snake is very poisonous. The markings of the King snake are red, black, and yellow. The markings on the Coral snake are the same, except red meets yellow instead of black.  “Red meets yellow, kills a fellow; Red meets black, don’t turn back. Also the King snake is immune to all other poisonous snakes, and the King snake, in fact, eats other snakes. When the Red Blood of Christ meets up with the color of fear, yellow, in a person that despises liberty, that is a dangerous fellow. When the Red Blood of Christ meets the blackness of sin in a fellow, he becomes the Lord’s fellow.