“The Ordinances Of A Theologically Sound Church” Or “Water Does Not Save And Wine Cannot Be Changed Into The Blood Of The Divine Son Of God!!!” Or “The Catholic Church is a Stage Show And (s)atan is the (d)irector”

“I Thank God that I baptized none of you…”  (1 Corinthians 1)

“This do in remembrance of [M]e…”  (Christ in the Gospels)


Reader, I attended a “church” recently to get the lay of the land, like Nehemiah taught me to do. This church is close to my home and they claim to be Presbyterians. What I found can be summed up in these word, “Is there an adult in the room?”  That is what came to my mind as I sat there listening to the “edgy Christ-ian music.”  Then the talk…i’ll not call it a message or even a sermon. The talk was disjointed and and hard to follow. The man on the stage, i do not call him preacher or pastor, was just throwing out Christ-ian words.

The man on the stage had his multitude of tattoos (For the record, I have no problem with tatoos). Reader, i did not see a Bible in the room, I call it a room and not a church. THEN…. an overweight man in a robe and wig came to the stage. This over-weight man with robe and wig started pointing at me and the congregation and then pointed to a Cross on the room’s wall. While this muted mime, over-weight Fake Jesus was pointing at the crowd and the Cross, men passed out the Communion elements. The persons in the pews ate the wafer and sipped the juice and there ended the service. Reader, there was no mentioning of the Blood of Christ. There was no mentioning of His Body. There was no self examination. This was not the Lord’s Supper, according to Scripture.

Reader, this is called church-ianity or Christendom. This is not classic Christianity, This is not the faith that came from Christ. This is not what Christ gave Himself for. This is not the Gospel that Paul preached, that Augustine preached That Spurgeon proclaimed, This is not the Gospel that brought many to Christ. The persons simply ate a cookie and drank grape juice. There was no Christ present.

The ordinances of the church are baptism and the Lord’s Supper. There is no other rituals period. The ordinances of the church are for the church. The ordinances are to be intimate and very personal.

Baptism is the means whereby we identify with Christ. Christ was killed and died on a Cross, He was then put into a grave, and three (3) days later, He rose from the dead. Baptism is a picture  of what Christ did for His own. The person who is being baptized tells the  account of Calvary.  The person dies, this is the dunking and then the person is in the water for a moment, the person is buried, then the person comes up and out of the water. The new born Christ-ian now identifies with the passion of Christ and Christ identifies with the person baptized. The person has been resurrected and will now live for Christ.

The Lord’s Supper is not just a thing we do. The Lord’s Supper is a most serious matter. Paul attaches death to the Lord’s Supper; if a person is not right with his or her Lord, sickness and weakness may be the persons chastening from the VERY MERCIFUL Lord.

The catholic stage show teaches their victims that the wafer and the wine is LITERALLY the BODY AND BLOOD OF CHRIST!!! They call it transfiguration. The Biblically illiterate faithful sheep are eating and drinking the Body and the Blood of Christ in their minds. This is not Scripture!!! This is heresy. They would be charged with heresy if they were actually part of Christ’s Body and not (s)atan’s.

The Lord’s Supper is meant to get all things right. The Lord’s Supper is about taking us to Calvary and taking part of His Passion. The Lord’s Supper is a solemn, sober, and grave remembrance of the Sinless Son of God dying for the sinful. The Lord’s Supper is a self examination. This examination should take up some time. One should wait on the Spirit to bring sins back to mind. The Lord’s Supper is time with the Lord. The Lord’s Supper is a new start. The Lord’s Supper is the confession of one’s sins. The Lord’s Supper is a cleansing of your spirit. The Lord’s Supper is another way to identify with Christ. The Lord’s Supper and baptism are the only palpable and tangable means whereby we can “touch” Christ, next to the Bible.

When a “church” just eats and drinks the “Body and Blood of Christ” as a quick nod to their friend and buddy Jesus, Something is wrong.

I know some readers are thinking, who is this guy going around and inspecting  churches?  While some readers are thinking that, this writer is wondering why others are not.



“Let’s Get Serious” Or “Run The Knowingly False-Believers AND The UnScriptural And Defiant (To Scripture And Sound Doctrine) Church Members Out Of The Church” Or “Counting The Cost”

“For which of you, intending to build a tower, sitteth not down first, and counteth the cost…?  (Luke 14)

“He that loveth father or mother more than [M]e is not worthy of [M]e: and he that loveth son or daughter more than [M]e is not worthy of [M]e. And he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after [M]e, is not worthy of [M]e.”  (Matthew 10)


Reader, These are very serious Words…the Scriptures call Worde like these, “hard [W]ords.  Many have read these Words, heard these Words, and evem preached these [W]ords and have wondered what the Speaker of these Words really meant when He spoke them two (2) thousands years ago and speaks them still today and will speak them until He returns to prove them. The Speaker of these Words is The Lord Jesus Christ, Who is King over and above all kings before, today and forever.  We do not live under a true Sovereign or a true KIng or a true Potentate.  Neither does England.  A kings word is sovereign and is as a roaring lion.  A kings word is the messanger of death.  We in America do not understand an oppresive or repressive king. We in America are blest with the government structure and and even SPOILED!!! ROTTEN!!!

The above is another reason Christ-ians today and even ministers today do not give Christ His Rightful Title of Lord.  In ancient Japan, you would be headless and in hell if you did not show respect to a japanese lord.  If you made a face that disrespected him, you would be headless and in hell.  This is why God would tell His own to sugject themselves to earthly sovereigns.  This is why we are told to pray for earthly leaders, so we might have peace and live. Many Americans, if they had lived in the past or even currently lived in a country with Royalty…. a true royalty or a despot, they would be headless and in Hell or soon headless and in Hell. Persons in foreign lands under true royalty or despotic leadser and dictatots would nor DREAM of not giving their lords and masters the titles they demanded.  My goodness, call your doctor Mr. or Mrs. and see if you are not corrected…I triple dog dare you REader, try it and see if your doctor isn’t offended.

The Christ-ian that does not address or speak of Christ with His rightful Title is an affront, is an offense to Christ AND myself.  How many of you call your pastor or religious leader by his first name. I would be embarrassed to call the pastor of Bible Bapstist, “Kipp” or the Pastor of Lighthouse Baptist Church, “Ron”….HIS OWN WIFE doesn’t call him “Ron” in public. Very few persons outside of family and a small circle of intimates call me Brian or Keith!!! YET many of you call your Lord and MASTER, “JESUS.”

Reader, whether you be a rank and file believer or a pastor, YOU DISRESPECT CHRIST when you call Him “Jesus.”  None of HIs followers ever called Him Jesus to HIs face…ONLY…ONLY…ONlY HIS ENEMIES DID!!! including DEMONS!!!  Reader, this is not a person pet peeve of mine, THIS IS SCRIPTURE…FOR CHRIST”S HOLY SAKE!!!  “Ye call [M]e Lord and Master, and in saying so, ye do {WELL].  In other words if you do NOT YOU ARE NOT DOING WELL!!!.  Reader, pastor do NOT EVER call me pastor ever again, lest ye submit yourself to sound doctrine, to Scripture and to Christ, HIMSELF.  David and the GODHEAD called CHRIST Lord, and you don’t or WON’T?  WHO DO YOU PERCEIVE YOURSELF TO BE!!!??? Christ-ian, this is unacceptable!!!  Paul tells us it is a gift and a right to call Him Lord, (1 Corinthians 12:3).

Reader, to be a Christ-ian is different than being a CHURCHIAN or being a Church member. There are multitudes and multitudes, innumerable, uncountable, persons that are CHURCH-IANS and follow CHURCH-IANITY. and are not Christ-followers. They are great church member, but terrible and false Christ followers.  When I hear a person say, “I just love my church” and speak nothing of Christ, I am skeptical before they get the words out of their mouths.  When I hear someone speaknabout their love for “Jesus” I am skeptical before they finish their utterance.  Reader, we are to boast upon Christ’s LOVE FOR US…FOR CHRIST’S SAKE!!!  We are to speak about WHAT CHRIST has DONE for US and not what we have done for HIM.  The Scripture tell you that you are an UNPROFITABLE SERVANT to CHRIST yet YOU BOAST.  There is a man that has said, “if there is no work in Heaven, I don’t want to go.”  MY GOD IN HEAVEN, If this fool has not repented, he need not worry about going to HEAVEN!!!

YOU PEOPLE that put service above worship…I fear, yeah!!! I doubt your SALVATION. Christ came seeking WORSHIPERS!!!, have ye not read the WORD of GOD? or are you enemic or Scripturally illiterate or Spiritually blind, deaf, and lame? are you a mere parrot, simply speaking or spewing the doctrinal hype you have heard and ingested?  MY GOD IN HEAVEN, GET IN THE BOOK.  Do you love the Church above the HEAD of the church?  An Analogy:  Reader, when you go to the zoo and you only see the body of an animal, do you feel like you’ve seen the animal or only part?  Only part….if you do not see the head of the snake or the head of a  lion or of a bear, you feel deprived and so you should.  Reader, some CHURCH-IANS go to church on Sundays and Wednesdays, and NEVER SEE THE HEAD OF THE FAITH OR THE CHURCH and they are fine with it.  If I attend a service and see not the HEAD, WHICH IS CHRIST, my time has been wasted.  I do not say my time fellowshipping with other believers have been wasted but my time, listening to the pulpit has wasted. I do not say my singing and worship of Christ has been wasted but my time listening to the tripe coming from the pulpit has been wasted.

I know of a pastor, a godly man that is seeing a number of families and persons leaving the church he pastors.  I know this is easier said than believed, but it is my argument that a new pastor should lose about sixty (60) percent of the member of a church he is called by God to pastor. Reader, I mean that.

Through out Scripture, professing believers are constantly falling away. When Christ, in John 6, preached the great part of the multitude, departed and followed [H]im no more.”  John in his first (1st) epistle said many left the church, “they went out from us because they were not of us…”  “If they were of us they would have remained…” In Revelation two (2) Christ honours the church for running false apostles out of the church.  Moses had many leave or rather killed by God for their split  and hardened hearts.

Pastor(s)…it is your duty to run many off.  I can usually pick out the ones (1’s) that will depart and …follow no more.  These are the persons and families that love the praise of men more than the praise of God.  These are they that love the front rows, these are they that “just love my church” and “just love Jesus so much.”

Remember John bragged about Christ’s love for him and not his love for Christ. Peter boasted of his love for Christ and he betrayed Christ three (3) times.  The boasters are usually the first (1st) to go or the first (1st) to cause the most trouble behind the scenes. These have the biggest smiles and the farthest out stretched hands. They are usually the person that does the most and will have you know it. Judas carried the money bag and he was a great influence of the others.

Reader, if you think I am being mean, just wait until He returns.  I am a baby ewe lamb to HIS LION.  Whether you know it or not, whether you believe it or not, these are loving words of a loving pastor…The shepherd would break the legs of his own sheep!!!  The shepherd would do this to teach the precious lamb not to wander off for “I am prone to wander, Lord, I feel it.”  Remember it is the rod and the staff that comforts.

Reader, I am not angry, so much as I am contending, at this moment, for your soul.  If you are a pretender of the faith, know that a pastor will seek you out as he seek out God’s elect and he will, with the same energy, cast you out of the field and away from the sheep. Reader, this is not tough talk, this is pastoral love. All pastors have been called to find Christ’s sheep and to destroy those that seek to steal, kill, and destroy.  The pastor that does not find this spirit…this same warrior like spirit in his shepherd’s heart. I charge thee before my readers and the Godhead, resign your post for you are the wolf in sheeps clothing !!!

In political years past, some have spoken about a mama bear’s protective passion for her young… The young shepherd, David, killed the great bear and the lion that seeks to destroy his flock. The mama bear has no-thing on the shepherd called and empowered by God, Who tells Peter and all that follow, “Feed [M]y sheep/lamb,” hidden in that Word is, kill the wolf; a shepherd cannot feed a dead sheep/lamb.

Reader, Christ was ever chasing the pretenders out of His Sight.  When men, on their own volition, came to Him and wanted to follow Him, He, in every case, sent them a way…every case…every case.  He never asked for raised hands…He called His own Openly…OPENLY…OPENLY!!!  He said, if you look back to your old life, you are not worthy of Him. If you put anything…anything…ANYTHING before Him you were not worthy.  He taught that all should understand the cost.

Reader, when Christ tells you that you must hate…all…everyone….these things…anything, He means it!!! When pastors, preachers, ministers water this down, they demonstrate their service and love for (s)atan!!!  What did Christ mean when He said hate?  He meant HATE!!!  He meant vehemently oppose, go against, set in array against.  When God said He hated Esau, He defined that hate in Malachai.  He said, Edom, Esau’s descendants, would build and He would destroy, they would build again and He would destroy again.  When Christ said we are to love our enemies, He meant to support them and have their best interest at heart regardless of their hatred and ill intent. These are the meanings behind Biblical love AND HATE.  We are to hate God’s enemies collectively, but love them individually and independently!!!

When Christ tells us to hate everything and everybody, His lesson is to oppose, go against anyone and everyone, anything and every thing that stands between you and your love, trust, obedience, faithfulness, loyalty and HIM!!! PERIOD!!! END OF THE STORY.  What did Christ call Peter when Peter, with the best intentions, told Christ not to obey His Heavenly Father?  Did Christ not call him (s)atan to his face?  He did. Christ was calling Peter an opposition to His obedience to God the Father. Peter’s love was (s)atanic in nature and Christ spoke openly and directly to that opposition.

Reader, when someone seeks to stop you from obeying Christ, even in the most loving and sincere way, that someone is speaking for (s)atan and that person is to be opposed openly. Certainly, explain what you mean in a most loving way, but make it known, it is (s)atanic in origin and nature to try and stop a follower of Christ from following his Lord faithfully, loyaly, and lovingly… If  a japanese person in old Japan did this, he would be be- headed and in Hell within in seconds.  In fact, that person may even have been killed by the one (1) he loved!!!

Let me be painfully and offensively clear: a wife, a parent, a family member, a close friend, a fellow Christ-ian, a minister of Christ that seeks to oppose you and a direct command or call of Christ, is at that moment, standing in the stead of (s)atan himself and that person and their (probably) well meaning “advice” is your enemy and the enemy of Christ’s will for your life.  Let me be clear, however.  If someone questions YOU and not the CALL from Christ that is a different matter.  I have questioned person’s on what they thought to be Christ’s call.  Many, if not most, have proven my inquireries fully justified and validated.  The call of God upon a man’s life will have certain tell tale signs. Undoubtable signs,  if these are not present, it is obvious.  Even if many of the qualifications in 1 Timothy 3 are very present, that does not mean that person is called to be a pastor, associate pastor or a youth pastor.

I do not write this to be mean spirited in any way…and those that know me will understand that.  If a person can not read or write well, they cannot be a pastor.  If a person cannot reasonably speak well they cannot be a pastor, I know, I know, Moses didn’t speak well and Paul didn’t speak well.  God gave Moses, Aaron and God helped Moses speak.  And as for Paul, i’m not sure he couldn’t articulate well… some of what he said about his abilty very well could have been sarcastic and he was also comparing himself with “great orators” that were lost and pretending to be apostles.  Look at Paul’s background and tell me he couldn’t speak well.

Also, let me say this, I have heard some persons with atrocious speaking skills speak of Christ and the Spirit’s Presence made up for that.  I have heard persons with speaking difficulties and or challenges speak and you would have thought Apollos was in the room.  I have heard old men with quackey and quivering voices stand in the pulpit and the power of God sets in and they speak as Whitefield. I have been very ill an in a hospital bed and yet God would remove all impediments and let me speak with strength and authority, Reader, i lie not.

But, in today’s age, a man who cannot speak reasonable well, lest God moves upon a congregation, will not find a church that will have them.  I’m sorry….I’m not saying it is right.  It just is how and what it is.  I can remember many years ago, when we were looking for a pastor to lead a church I was a member of.  A man of God came on a Sunday and he had a fake leg from the knee down.  Reader, I confess before God, that mattered  not to me, IN THE VERY LEAST.  The church did not vote him in and we did bring him before the church for a vote. The church did note vote him in.

Later we received a letter and the man of God accused us of rejecting him because of his false leg. This may have been true of other churches, I know not, but it was not true of our church and this was unworthy of a man of God to charge us with.  The reason he was not voted in was due to his style of preaching. This man’s style was the exact same as the pastor that had just left.  The congregation wanted to see someone else, that’s all.

I was told years ago that due to my shaved head, goatee-beard, and my Korean wife, many churches would not accept me as pastoral material…I’m not kidding.  My wife, who wears pants would also be a deterrent to a pastorate in some churches….I’m not joking.  Throw 1 Timothy 3 out of the Church.  If a man does not speak perfectly, dress “appropriately,”  marry the right race of woman with the right style of hair and right lengthed dress he has no chance.  If the man does not use the right version of the Bible, or attend the “right” Bible school, he stands no chance.  If a man of God attends a movie, he stands no chance…..he can rent videos from shops that have a porn section but cannot see a movie in a theatre.

Reader, if this is you I doubt your sincerity and faith and Scriptural acumen.  Pastor, if you are not preaching the “old old story” but are preaching old, old tired and recycled sermons, I doubt the validity of your call….I doubt not that you attended a Bible School or were called or forced into a church… NO, I doubt that not at all, I doubt whether you have been called by God or even know His Son.  If you, preacher, are still preaching what you were told to believe and have not thrown those old stinking grave clothes off…I charge you as a charleton…as a false and deceived prophet. I call you a serpent. a wolfe in sheeps clothing, a thief, and a scatterer of the flock. I call you an idol shephered, which is another name for anti-christ. I call you a minister of (s)atan, that has been transformed into an angel of light. I denounce you, I condemn you, I turn you over to (s)atan for the destruction of your flesh that your soul may yet be saved.

Let me be clear on another point…With the above I am speaking of no pastor I fellowship with.  I have inspected other churches over the years and have heard others preachers over the years and it is to some of them I speak. I do not hide behind a keyboard, Reader, I have written to some of these angels of light and ministers of (s)atan with a return address.  I have left my address with all of the “churches” I attended, hoping for a Saturday afternoon visit. Only one (1) church sent representatives and I was tactful and gracious at the same time.

Pastors, it is your duty to cast the pretending (Those who know what they are doing) believers from Christ’s church….it is not your church, it is Christ’s!!!  If you were house-sitting for a friend, would you allow thieves to enter in and kill, steal and destory without a fight?  OF COURSE NOT.  But you feel bad chasing obvious false disciples.  You are not being loving to your enemy, you are hating the flock God has entrusted to you!!!  John Calvin heard that Servetus was coming to Geneva. Calvin’s words in reply?  Servetus will not leave Geneva.  Today’s church and weak hearted and yellow blooded “pastors” speak ill of Calvin.  Hear me clearly….YOU ARE NO PASTOR OF CHRIST IF YOU FIND FAULT WITH CALVIN.  I do not exalt Calvin, Calvin was human and therefore Calvin was a sinner, BUT Calvin was a pastor’s pastor.  In his day, blasphemy and  false doctrine were equal to, if not worse, than murder. Blaspheme and false doctrine was the murderer of the soul…this is how Calvin and Christ-ians saw it…the Puritans were likewise, prepared to hang a false prophet.

Reader, Reader, Reader, I am not telling you to kill false believers or to burn or behead the prosperity preachers.  No!!! NO!!! NO!!! NOT AT ALL.  However, I am saying kill their reputation and ministries. Joel Osteen, Rick Warren, those in Paul Crouches likeness, Those in Oral Roberts likeness, Creflo Dollar (Let the dollars flow), Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Most, if not all, of TBN Reachers (Reachers and not preachers because they are reaching for your money and your immortal soul and to call them Christ-ian is Reaching).

Robert Tilton should be thrown in prison, where he would be raped like he has raped his willfully igorant, lost, false, Biblically illiterate self centered followers. The women reachers, not preachers, are enemies of the Cross of Christ as well.  (Call me soft, but Joyce Meyer has some good stuff and mehopes she is real. She is a little leaven I know and if I could take away her Biblically illiterate followers and only leave her with Sound believers I would….take the meat and throw away the bones principle). Paula White, Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Jesse Duplantiss (Christ’s Father did not plant-tiss).

Reader, if you can sit and watch this blasphemey and not feel the Spirit tugging and pulling at your heart strings, I mistrust your salvation and I know you are not a Bible reader. If you can sit AND SUPPORT this vile vomit of (s)atan and do not hear the Spirit screamimg FALSE WITNESS!!! FALSE WITNESS!!! FALSE WITNESSSIII and then if you are not warning others with the fervency of, Robot warning Will Robinson…Danger…danger…danger, you are guilty after the attack upon God’s people.

When these false witnesses REACH (not preach) to the lost and the Biblically illiterate it is an attack of the devil.  (s)atan blinds those that believe not Christ. When these deceivers deceive, they are waging war upon Christ, Christ’s Body, and Christ’s Church, and Christ’s bride.

The Godhead: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit pointed out and condemned the false prophets time after time. The Scriptures are replete with warnings against the false prophet.  The false prophet, according to the law, would be killed. The false prophet and the witch were both the subjects of righteous killings. God, in His economy equates the false prophet and the witch as the same thing.  Both are from (s)atan. Both hate the Godhead, both hate the people and individual persons of God. Both are enemies of all things good and godly, clean and pure, true and right.

Reader, we are not at play, we are at war. When Christ drew you to Himself, He was enlisting you into His army.  Does not Paul tell you to endure all hardships as a chosen and good soldier of Christ? Does he not?  Yes! He does. Do you think all the wars ended with the Old Testament, No! No! No! the wars in the O.T. were our examples (Roman 5).  Did not Paul say, ” I have fought the good fight?” Did he not charge Timothy AND…YOU! YOU! YOU and i to do the SAME? Does God not call Himself, “A [M]an of war???   Is Christ not called the Captain of our Salvation?




“Give An Answer To Everyman” Or “Fighting The Good Fight…Out Of The Corner” Or “Wrestle Not…Wrestling…Yes

“I fought The good fight…”  (2 Timithy 4)


This article may be written in a bit of good natured fun, There will be a few good lessons taught…taught if you learn. The three (3 lesson will be (DV):
*You will be defeated by my points and arguments… I will put you DOWN…Brother!!!  O”YEAH!!!”
*Wrestling demonstrates like nothing else the state and nature of society.
*By defending wrestling I have learned much about defending the faith. Many that laugh at wrestling use the same tiresome arguments so-called just as those who speak against the faith use the same tiresome arguments.

We have for thirth -six (36) years for the good fight against those that speak againt the “King Of Sports..”  I have observed this “sports ” since I was a child.  I am careful touse the word observes the word observe istead of fan for a good reason.  I am not a fan of anything except Christ.  The word fan is short for fanatic. A fanatic is nothing less than an idolater. We have seen how wrestling fans present themselves and we are no wrestling fan. The fan of anything acts as an idolater.

The fan wears clothing that identify themselves an a fanatic for their idol. I wear no such items of identification.  I wear no t-shirt that advertises for another person. While i have no such convistion about wearing something with something like the words of WWE or wrestling or MMA, will not wear anything that identifies me with a specific athlete or super hero that matter.  I am bought with a price and am owned by Christ. I cannot adverstize for another man.

A fan also will scream and shout and demonstrate emotions for their favorite wrestle.  I do this never. I rarely clap in a wrestling event.  I rarely show emotion except clap my hands at the end of a match if I even do that.  I do raise my hands at church but that which I do for my Lord and Saviour I will do for no one else. It disappoints me to see those that show little emotion for Christ on Sundays to scream and shout for athletics and that goes for all athletics.

Fans, some fans cry when they see their favourite wrestlet…this is blatant iolatry and is disgusting. This fanaticism and idolatry is noticed by Christ.  Fans will give more money to an idol than thay will their Lord.  I would ask God to forgive them but lest they see the sin in their action and repent… it will not be heard nor answered by the One I call upon.

A fan will argue for their favourite athlete and or sport more than they will the Christ that bought them.  If this is noticed by me, it is noticed by Christ. My defense of Christ sheds more “blood” than my defense for Christ and the faith.

On to my defense of wrestling but first (1st) let me remind you, I do plan to leave you wondering what happened. I plan on (DV) leaving you speachless and with no more weak arguments against wrestling.  We will seek to take a way your weak answers like
*”Wrestling is sooooo fake.”
*Wrestling is like the Roman gladiator games in that it is a sign of depravity.
*No one watches that stuff.

*”Wrestling is sooo fake”
Reader, The only aspect of wrestling that is remotely fake is the fact that it is scripted.  The reason I use the words remotely fake, is because it is admitted and has been admitted for decades.  In fact, at the beginning it is STATED in WRITING that it is fiction and that the ATHLETES play fictional characters!!!  Those that laugh at those of us that enjoy this scripted SHOW, “show your own folly!!!  Ha Ha.

The athleticism if not fake. While one (1) wrestler may not hit their “opponent” with all their power, they ARE hitting their scripted opponent. The chairs ARE real, the chait strikes ARE real. When these athletes are slammed to the mat, they ARE Slammed to the mat. Granted the mat is not as hard as it could be, it is not a mattress. Reader, I have seen the bruises these athletes wear as clothing and they ARE real marks.  When these athletes fall off of the top rope onto the mat, the ground or a table or when they fall onto chair, they ARE falling. These floors, these tables, these chairs have NO give.  Granted, when they are slammed upon anything, they are slammed and though they may not be slammed with all the power of their “opponent” they are slammed and even though they are trained and know “how to fall” it is felt. In jiu jitsu, Iwas trained and taught “HOW TO” be thrown, how to fall, and how to land.  These are some of the very first (1ST) lessons I learn, but Reader, they are not fake…I felt every slam and my opponent felt everytime I slammed them.

Sometimes the wrestlers bleed. Granted at time they MAY cut themselves and at other times it is a real cut, but it is a real blood and it is a real cut. Granted sometimes, the injuries are called, a work. A work is part of the plan. In each case, whether it is a work or a shoot (a real thing) the blood is real and the cut is real. Sometimes the injuries are a work and sometimes a shoot.  If it is real the referee will hold up both arms and make an X with his forearms. If they make an x with their arms it is not a work but a real injury.

Having said the above, When persons say, “it is sooo fake,” I cannot help but wonder if these persons know the movies they watch and the T.V. shows they watch are one-hundred (100%) percent fake…the acting, the characters, the stunt work…evertthing!!!

The wrestlers are friends behind the scenes.  I have heard this from my earliest wrestling days.  I KNOW THAT. I have sit in hotel restaurants and watch them eat together and hat even sat a cross from them and listened to their conversations and “war stories”  In the earlier day there was something called KAYFABE.  Kayfabes was something the wrstlers did when outside the ring. The “bad guy” and the good guy” would die before eatind with each other or riding from city to city.  These guys could not stay in hotels together and if they did, one (1) would lleave the restaurant if the other showed up. These days are long over. I have seen two (2) “hated rivals” sit together at a bar or dinner table. Some wrestlers, for the sport. will still live under kayfabe biut most do not.

Many of these wrestlers will go together to public events together and will have their photos taken together with the public. The sport, when, they go to cities, they work with charities and hospitals, schools, etc. leaving these places and person better than when they found them.  One (1) will not find any sport or company doing more for others than the WWE.

Wrestl ing will demonstrate the nature and state of society like nothing else:
In the “old days” of wrestling the “good guys” were cheered for and the “bad guys” were booed.  This is not true of the current era for wrestling. The “good guys” are usually booed roundly by the fans.  John Cena, the face of wrestling, “Preaches” loyaly, respect, hard work, being right, doing right,, and putting others first (1st).  This man is jeered and made fun off by well over fifty (50%) perecent of arenas world wide.  Roman Riegns, The world champ is also booed by the majority of wrestlin fans.  Reigns is the main good guy and is just as polarizing as Cena.

Guys like “Stone Cold” Steve Austins was widely cheered like no one else.  His big  catch line was “Austin 3:16.” Yes that 3:16. Austin would beat up and curse the boss weekly. Austin would stand on the middle ring rope give the finfer to everyone, and would drink many beers while he did that. Austin’s promos (hyping speeches) were pevasive with curse words and children were encourages by their “parents” to cheer for this anti-“hero.”  “The Rock” was another anti “hero” would lace dirty double meanings into his promos…filthy if you could understand him.  OH! and lest I forget…”Stone Cold” Steve Austin would beat up “(s)atan Claws” around Christmass time, but i would be a liar and a hypocrite, if I didn’t confess enjoying that.  Iwould do the same if “(s)atan Claws showed up in my house.

I write the above two (2) paragraphs to make the point that wrestling’s fans demonstrate the nature and state of America.  In the old days the fans manifested pride in their country. The high moral stands were seen by the writing of the shows and the attitude of the wreslers and the fans.  Today the “bad guys”  and anti “heroes” are cheered and most of the “good guys” are jeered.

I will say this, WWE tends to very politically sound. Though they will not openly express their right leaning, they do support the right. Many of the wrestler attend right leaning political events and even speak at them.  The owners of WWE are openly friends with Trump. In fact, Mrs. McMahon sits on Trump’s cabinent and is even in the WWE Hall of Fame.  Trump has been active in and with the WWe for decades, even being active in angles and events personally.

WWE isvery active in the anti drug movement, Anti bullying movement, Pro Military, Pro-America events, anti-cancer promotions, “special olympics,” First Amendments activists, and religion friendly and many other “good works.”

As to WWE being the equilvalent to the Roman Colisseum days.  This is ridiculous as pro wrestling is Again, scripted,.  The “performers” are friends” The sport is very public pro America. Wrestling is NOT MMA.  Some have spoken against women in the sport of wrestling. Though I will confess a lack of excitement in this, I will say, women’s wrestling is more “tasteful” and “clean” than MMA. While the women in wrestling could be more “modest” in their ring wear, it was far worse years ago.  I will not watch some of the WWE women’s matches if their are not “tasteful” in their ring wear. I will say, that some, in not many, of the women are seroius about their wrestling and not just ” eye candy” for the males fans.

A word about women in the MMA or mixed martial arts. I will say this knowing I may receive backlash from some women. but backlash is nothing new to me. I do not approve of women in the MMA, including ring workers of round-sign girls.  I do not enjoy seeing women beating each other bloody. I do not mind so much the women that will fight or compete in a submission only match, meaning no striking.  I will say that I prefer men in submission only matches also. I am not a fan of the strking or kicking above the chest. I am not a fan of blood or anyone being hurt as in sustaining long lasting injuries or marks.

I never enjoyed striking when I was in Jiu Jitsu. I would rarely use striking myself very often.  I am well rounded and able to pummel an opponent but I rather have a human chesss match with another. I will also say, women beating each other bloody is a bad sign of the state and nature of American sociey.  The desire of women wanting to beat each other bloody speaks volumes as well.  I understand that some women will read this and be offended. My response is God delights a meek and quiet spirit in a woman.  I cannot find it a godly quality in aman OR a woman that enjoys watching women in MMA…I just cannot.

In writing the above, let me say, I am all for a woman learning to defend herself. Jiu Jitsu is a system like no other that can teach a woman to defend herself against rape. A rapist that targets a woman with Jiu Jitsu skill targets the wrong woman.   Jui Jitsu is the best defense against rape and an rapist as the jui jitsu guard is made for a rapist. A rapist that puts a woman on the ground and puts himself between her legs has subjscted himself to the beating of his, hopefully short…very short life.  The jiu jitsu trained woman is capable of ending this “man’s” life in a myriad of ways.

Wrestling is different from the Roman games in that Wrestling is:
*The OPPONENTS are equal to each other’s skill.
*The wrestlers are in the ring voluntary.
*Wrestler rarely  get’s hurt and when hurt it is accidental.
*No one: wrestlers, observers or fans want to see anyone really hurt.

Defending wrestling has taught me skills in defending pro-wrestling. The slams against wrestling are as tiresome as many of the weak arguments against the faith. In some cases, they are the same arguments!!!
*Christ is not real and never existed or in other words, Christ and religion is soooo fake. I have heard this lame, weak, and easily defeatable “argument” from atheist “forever.”  There a very many anti-Christ-ian, extra (outside) Christ-ian and historical records that cover the times post-Christ’s resurrection. The person that uses this argument is ignorant of these writings or are testing the Christ-ian.  We will not cite these resources but we invite and encourage you to simply “google” them.  The atheist that knows not this truth is ignorant of the facts. The argument against Christ’s existence is as lame as denying A. Lincoln’s life and existence.
*There is no proof of Christ.  Again, all of the Biblical and extra-Biblical texts answer this argument handily.  However, other arguments are history itself, the number of persons and people and peoples that have believed and known Christ. The number of persons that have died for the Christ. Persons in the times of Christ, the times just after Christ, Persons through out history, Modern history, and contemporary times.

All of the disciples died violent deaths, save John for their testimony on Christ’s behalf, multitudes dies for Christ after His ascention. Many of the saints in Church history died violent deaths for the Sake and Name of Christ.  Polycarp, was given the chance to renounce Christ and he replied, “eighty-two (82) years have I served my Lord and He hath done e no wrong, how can I deny Him now?”  Polycarp dies in that faith.  Joan of Arc was burned at the stake while saying the Names of her Lord.  John Hus and John Tyndale, burned at the stake. Many laid their own heads upon the axeman’s block. Some placed their own heads in the the hangman’s noose. Believers today are being be=headed for Christ, some being boiled in oil, and suffering other tortued and deaths.  May God destroy their enemies, His enemies, and our enemies.

Some of the greatest minds in history Named Christ as their Lord and Saviour. Not all the men that Named Christ were ministers. Many of history’s intellects Named Christ
*Many of the Founding Fathers…granted, not all, but many.
*Many of the world’s most noted and notable scientists.
*Many U.S. Presidents.

Many of the Christ-ian’s through out history demonstrated great intellects.
*Augustine, One (1) of the worlds and one (1) of histories greatest intellects worshiped Christ.
*Martin Luther, a former law student and the father of germany and the father of the german language.
*John Calvin, A former law student, a writer beyond repute. Calvin was laso a “founding Father” of America.  Granted, he was not a signer as he lived centuries prior, but many of the signers were calvinist and based their theories of democracy upon Calvin’s politicam theories which were based in theology.  Research this before disagreeing.  The U.S.A. would not be except for Calvin, humanly speaking.
*Jonathan Edwards, was one (1) of and arguably, still one (1) the greatest minds ever produced in this country.  Edwards was the first (1st) presidents of Princeton University. Edwards decendency is noted as some of the great American of all time.
*C.S. Lewis is also known as one (1) of the great minds in recent history. Many, very many atheists have fallen to this man’s apologetics.
*John MacArthur, a contemporary has sit at Larry King’s interview table and has put many other “religionists” to utter shame with his simple defense of Christ-ianity and Scripture. Sometimes, i wondered about Kings motives when he invited MacArthur to his show. King, a jew, knew that MacArthur was going to akes everyone, including Jews looks like elementary school children.
*Not to exalt myself, I need not to, but I have had my share of run ins with atheists, cultists, and others enslaved to false religion and false doctrine. My Mom and others used to say that cults like Jehovah’s witnesses really knew the Bble. Having heard this I was also a bit weary to tangle with these “mighty intellects” and “Theological masters.”  Before I continue, let me say, much of what I write from this point regarding cults I write with tongue in cheek, but I am serious at the same time.
I have stood a cross from cultists many times.  I have sit a cross from cultists in formal discussions, I have stood at cultist’s fast food tables, I have chased cultists off of streets and even off of friend’s and stranger’s door ways. I have, covertly, entered homes where a cult Bible study was happening just to “attack” after hearing them for a few minutes.

Reader, I am serious about contending for the faith.  I hold no punches and I take no prisoners…old person, or young person, I am there to wage war, these enemies will receive a theological pummeling regardless of age, race, languare barrier, disability, and or gender.  Reader, this is a no holds barred, cage match…only the last man standing survives…I do not say win…I say survives.  There are no winners in a war There are no losers in war…only survivors and those that survive not.  Reader we are called to endure as a good SOLDIER of Jesus Christ. You ask me, “Why am I so rough with some of these persons. I ask you why are you not!?  These, that I war against, are soul murderers, they are serial soul killers of the young and the old.

I am dumbstruck when I hear or see others showing kindness to serial sould killers. I shake my head when I see other preachers treating hereticks like TBN liars with kindness. I am almost speachless… almost, when i see other ministers failing to “take out or take down” ministers of (s)atan like Joel Osteen and the prosperity huckers and con men, who “prophecy out or their own hearts.”  Reader, if we were in at Joel Osteen show, we would be worthless and part of the assault upon Christ and His Word if we did not stand up and calll him out during his exhortation to the lost!!!.  Reader, I have sat in the pulpits of some “churches” shaking my head in a noticeable and noticed way. I have slammed by Biblw shut and walked out of so-called services. I have spoken to the “preacher” with silent lips from the pew and he has “heard” me.  I have charged and rebuked so-called mainstream and “theologically” sound visitors from local churches. Grace Baptist being the most recent. I have offended other “pastors” and “preachers” with letters but never hear back.  Why do I do such things?  Because you aren’t!!!

“All The Books And Movies About Going To Heaven And Coming Back Are LIES PLAIN AND SIMPLE PERIOD” Or “What Is Your Authority, Scripture Or Human Greed And Human Lies?”

“I knew a man in Christ above fourteen years ago…such a one was caught up to the third heaven…and heard unspeakable words, which it is not lawful for a man to utter.”                                                                                                                                (2 Corinthians 12)


Reader, one (1) of the difficult parts of being a pastor or a minister is protecting those entrusted to him by God.  One (1) of the ways that a pastor must defend those entrusted to his care is correcting their incorrect, improper, unScriptural, unsound, unBiblical beliefs, even the ones (1’s) that might comfort them.

A shepherd of sheep must watch out for all the toxic elements that a sheep might ingest.  A flock may find harmful weeds or poison berries in a field, but the shepherd must keep the sheep from ingesting these poisons even though these elements may be attractive, may smell favourabley, and may even taste good. The same is true of a servant of God, called to “feed [M]y sheep.”

Martin Luther was a great man of God…he was a man that God exalted and magnified.  In Luther’s day, like in our day, there were deceivers and liars seeking to “make merchandise of you.”  In Luther’s day the Dope ,…err rather Dope…..mmmm pope, wanted a great basilica to be build. The way these scheisters and cons,  i mean “holy men of a god” planned to pay for this monstrosity (dedicated to their ego and pomp) was to sell indulgences.  Indulgences were pieces of paper that the plain and uneducated people were told would release their loved ones from purgatory. But this was a limited offer.

Reader, I know it sounds imbicilic but these were the dark ages when no one had the Scriptures to hand. The common people were told what to believe by the filthy, lying Catholic church of (s)atan just as they are today.  I’m not joking, many of today’s catholics are as ignorant as their predecessors were five-hundred (500) years ago.  I heard a woman say that she must depend on the teachings of her pedoph…errr….priest because she, as a lay catholic, does not have the spiritual understanding of the Scriptures. These men and women who are part of the catholic abomination are still in the dark ages…I am not joking and it is not funny.

Luther, as he was labouring to reignited the hidden Gospel and the glorious doctrine of the imputed Righteousness of Christ, had to deal with an anti-christ named John Tetzel. John Tetzel was the Richard Tilton of the dark ages (Research Tilton). This enemy of Christ, who was filled with all unrighteousness, would roll his stage into a village of very poor persons.  He, with great pomp, would set up his stage and would preach about the fires of hell.

Once he worked the people up with fear and guilt tactics he would begin offering the indulgences.  For a specified amount of money, which these people could not afford, Tetzel would write upon a pope blessed document the name of a loved one who was in hell or purgatory.  With this document purchased and signed, the trust-abused person would think that a loved one was expelled from hell or purgatory.

Luther was enraged and and the effect of this righteous indignation was Luther’s ninety-five (95) thesis. Luther’s thesis was nailed to a door for all to see. As God times all things perfectly the typeset printer had been invented.  The common people would soon read Luther’s thesis and many would be set free from catholic tyrany.  This period of history is called the Reformation.

During the Reformation many things changed:
*Many catholic “churches” were destroyed.
*Statues destroyed
*Many priests were injured and killed…if history is correct, hundreds of thousands were killed in protestant revolts against the catholic church.  That is where the word protestant comes from, protest-ant.

Luther, during these months, was thought dead. Luther was not dead but in protective exile. In this exile, Luther translated the New Testament from Greek into the German language. The New Testament was translated into the language of the common people. This caused all manner of strife and threats of war.

However, God had His way as He always does and the Reformation was the first (1st) bright light to expel the darkness of those ages. The Gospel was proclaimed again and the inputed Righteousness of Christ was taught again. [SideNote: Do not think that the Gospel was bound though. God ALWAYS has a witness. The Gospel was alive and well….only in pockets, here and there.] The Reformation was God’s chosen time to enlighten the world with the Glorious Gospel of Christ.

What does the above have to do with what our article’s titles imply? It is elementary, my dear, Watson, What the depraved and now extra crispy John Tetzel was to the common people of Luther’s day is what all these non-sensical books about Heaven are today. If you were to walk into a bookstore that markets to Christ-ians or even Walmart, you could find many books about someone dying, going to Heaven, and coming back to write a book about their experience.

There have been movies made stating the same unsound and un Scriptural experiences. Reader, I understand, I get it.  These books and movies are inspiring…I will not deny that but they are not Scriptural. These productions do not line up with God’s Word.  Paul and John both saw things in the heavens above. That is Scriptural; what is also Scriptural is both men were forbidden to speak of what they saw and heard, save what the Lord wanted revealed.

So with that Scriptural knowledge, with that pure word, are you really going to believe a four (4) year old boy went to Heaven and returned to write a book? Again it is a neat and inspiring thought, but it is false in it’s very nature.  It is no different than a demon presenting itself as a little girl.

In fact, that young boy grew up and was favoured with God’s gift of Salvation. With that, he confessed the book was all made up. Reader, No one goes to Heaven and comes back to talk about it.  You might say, “Hey! Wait a minute, didn’t you just write that Paul and John went up and came back?” I did, but they DID NOT TALK ABOUT IT.

Think logically. God does not allow Paul or John to disclose what they saw and heard, save what Christ wanted revealed, but in our time God willed that a four (4) year old boy would, “Come up” and return to speak of all he saw and heard??? That will not do. It is unsound and an unacceptable fallacy. These works or productions are NOT worthy of all acceptation… these fallacies are unworthy of all acceptation.

Reader, You want to be on the side of truth and purity concerning Scriptural matters, right? You must not allow yourself to be made merchandise of.  Another book, “Jesus Calling” is rank with danger and unsoundness and even corruption. This book is written as Christ is First Person. What i mean by that is this author is speaking as Christ.

If you know me, you know I enjoy Sherlock Holmes. There are many books called pastiches produced regarding Holmes.  A pastiche is a work of a different author than the original; the new author writes in the voice of the original writer. This is acceptable as it is fiction.

“Jesus Calling” is not the same as a pastiche. This author is speaking as Christ, in the first person. I’ve seen this before. It is usually a female that speaks in the first person as Christ. These authors write and in some cases speak aloud in the Person of Christ. This tripe is usually an element of the charismatic (mostly made up of alpha females) movement.  When I say charismatic movement, i do mean  the tongue talkers, snake handlers (by the way… I have played with many snakes and once a person has the snake in his hands the snake will be patient because the snake does not want to fall; it has nothing to do with faith at all).

In summary, Read the Scriptures, learn the Scriptures. If you are up on your Scriptural knowledge, you will not fall into these types of unsound and unScriptural, and to be very forthright, embarrassments of yourself.  I do not know if any of you read or believe these machinations of (s)atan, I have no idea what you read, but if you are reading any of the books we are speaking about, please stop.  Stick with the Scriptures and not the traditions of man or the merchendising of of your faith.

Luther had to tell his flock that all they had spent their money on were lies and it was not an easy thing to explain….the people had hope, false hope and Luther had to show them the truth.  It’s not easy telling loved one that they are wrong…but a loving shepherd must do what a shepherd must do.















































“A Spiritual Principle That Could Bring Joy And Happiness” Or ” It Is A Great Thing When You Are Insulted By The Right Person” Or “If A Reprobate Says You’re A Great Person…You Have A Problem” And “You Are Not Saved By Your Faith” And!!! “Election Amplified!!!”

“…a certain damsel possessed with a spirit of divination met us… and cried, saying, These men are the servants of the most high God, which shew us the way of salvation…Paul being grieved, turned  and said to the spirit, I command thee in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her.”  (Acts 16)

“Much learning doth make thee mad.”  (Acts 26)

The enemies of Christ called Him:
*the son of Beelzebub
*an aloholic,
*a false prophet
*A man possessed by the devil
*a bastard
*Homosexual. There are persons that call Him homosexual and put on plays to demonstrate their reprobation.

We should take the insults of God’s enemies, that were and are thrown at Him and His own as a complimentary insult and complimentary offense. What do I mean?  Reader, would it be a good thing or a bad thing if a white supremecist said you were a great guy? It would be a horrible thing if you were not a white supremecist, would it not? But if the same white supremecist called you dirt or a betrayer to all white persons, would that not be a good thing?  If sinners called you hypocrite and self righteous, this would be a good thing, but and only if it is not true. When the political left call us haters, it is a badge of honour. If the political left calls you racist, bigot, homophobe, take it as a compliment and know you are doing right as long as those names are not fitting.

The devil is called the accuser of the brethren.  If the devil started saying good things about you to God, would that be good or bad?  If you are not the object of disdain by a satanist or atheist (same thing), you’re doing something wrong. I’m not saying you should be offensive to a satanist, i’m saying your beliefs and positions would be a stumbling block and rock of offense to his sensibilities, but he should not have any room to speak ill of your person.

Reader, in today’s world and politically charged environment, it is a compliment to be called a racist, a bigot, a sexist, a homophobe, and a hater, when you are the farthest thing from those types of persons. If you are actually one (1) of those things you are missing the mark, my frienemy.

They were “first called Christians in Antioch.” The term Christ-ian was an insult but those called Christian took it as a compliment. I know that today the word Christ-ian has a wide definition (that is why I spell the name the way I do). Many believers use the term, “Christ-follower” instead of Christ-ian because of it’s wide definition. Many use the name Christ-ian, who are not.

Many other religions and or cults use the term Christ-ian.  Catholics consider themselves and call themselves Christ-ians as do Jehovah’s Witnesses (this is a newer practice in their (s)atanic attempt to take as many to hell as they can), as do Mormons, and those aligned with what is called, the Christian Church, the denomination.  The apostolic church is not Christ-ian, they too, insist on baptism and tongues as requirements for salvation. These are not Christ-ians; they teach baptism is a necessity to being saved. In other words, they believe salvation is the effect of Christ’s Work AND THEIR baptism… When i write in chatrooms or comment sections as i write here, I am called a judge, self-righteous, hypocrite, “evil at it’s worst,” stupid, idiot, hater, and all the other notable expletives we hear every day. I take all of the “cyber-abuse” and am encouraged thereby it. God takes the wrath of man and makes it a blessing to and for His own. GOD is GOoD to His own…GOD is sooooooooooooo GOoD to me.

Let me be clear Reader, If you believe salvation, your salvation, is the product of Christ’s Work AND anything, you must reconsider your salvation and your faith. Let me use a mathematical-like equation:  Christ + Nothing = Salvation,   Christ + Anything else = No Salvation.  Even your faith cannot be credited for your salvation.  It Is God and God’s grace, through His gift of faith, that salvation is received. “[…faith is] not of yourselves, [but faith is] the gift of God.”  [A SideNote: The person who has hi-jacked the good title of fundementalist would now be jumpimg up and down on a chair and holding his KJV up in the air, while he cries, “This heretick is adding to the Words of Scripture and he is going to hell!!!!!.”  Reader, I’m not adding to Scripture, we are simply using words to exposit the golden truths of Scripture.]

An analogy: When you have purchased a gift for someone, is that item not your’s until you present it to someone? Could you not decide to give it to someone else before you give it to the person first (1st) intended?  Could you not decide to burn that item before you give it to a person? Could you not decide…do you not have the right to keep that item for yourself? You will answer in the afirmitive to all these questions and then you might understand the doctrine of election and maybe believe it, and enJOY a revival like no other.

The Lord Christ is your Saviour; your faith is not the cause and is not your saviour.  Your faith is the gift of His Grace, just as is His Salvation. I say, His salvation because it is His Salvation. His Salvation is given to you; it is not your faith that saved you. I’m not playing with words, I am teaching you sound and God glorifying doctrine….YOU SHOULD BE PRAISING GOD NOW.

Reader, “Salvation belongeth unto the LORD.” Salvation is God’s Salvation that He has freely given to you, This should be a subject that compels your deep thinking and meditation. This gift was God-made “before the foundation of the world.”  This gift was made for you, as you were specifically, particularly, peculiarly, and electively firmly in God’s Mind. Reader, God LOVES YOU!!! Do you know and understand that? God loves you affectionately, intensely, intimately AND ELECTIVELY…Yes, He CHOSE to love YOU. God chose YOU!!! to be an object of His Great Love. God chose YOU!!! to love. God loves YOU while He has chosen not to love others. GOD passed by others to get to you. Reader, all the persons and people and peoples that God chose to kill, through His servants, in the Old Testament, was for YOU!!! BUT…BUT…BUT remember: none of it is about you; it is all about HIM, the Triune God, and you should like it that way.

Reader, Beloved, I am not writing this to puff you up, I am writing this to Exalt my/your Sovereign. This knowledge, this gift, this truth, should give you great comfort and great confidence. This most prized possession should allow you to see “MY GOD IS SO BIG, SO STRONG AND SO MIGHTY, THERE IS NOTHING MY GOD CANNOT DO. The adversaries to the doctrine of election believe those who bask in the glory of election or rather the Glory of the Electing God to be filled with pride. AND THEY ARE RIGHT AND TRUE, THEIR CHARGE IS GOOD AND TRUE AND “WORTHY OF ALL ACCEPTATION!!!” The person who understands this doctrine is proud and PRIDE-FILLED of and for His or her VERY BIG GOD. The elect is Filled with PRIDE for GOD, THE ONLY SOVEREIGN. The elect person is both humbled and exalted at the same time.

The person who knows and understands that GOD chose THEM and that Christ died for them, exclusively (as in excluding others), specifically (as in specifically You), peculiarly (as in you are peculiar to God or God-owned and loved), intimately (as in there is no other), and personally (just for you) is like a balloon filled with helium (Atomic number: two (2) for the gifted with great intelligence) that flies up, up, up HIGH in the sky.

Reader, it is now time for you to thank God for the salvation He has given to you.


“I am NOT A Feminist” Or “Women ARE EQUAL And Not Egual At The Same Time” Or “The Christ-ian Woman Is A wo-MAN Of God” AND “Husbands Submit To Your Wives…Heretick, Say WHAT NOW!!!???”

“there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ.”  (Galatians 3)


How can one (1) think and say one (1) is not a feminist, yet think women are equal to men. You may have realized we have been writing on pastoral qualifications and disqualification.  One qualification and a very important qualification is the man must keep his house in order because if he cannot do that, he will not keep the church in order, as he must be faithful in the little things before God will give him the responsibility in greater or bigger things.

Not bigger, as in the ministry being more important than his family, but as in the church requiring far more attention because there are far more persons to oversee and to be responsible for.  When Christ said His servants will do greater works than He did, He in no way meant greater works interms of power or magnificence but in terms of the number of works.  Billy Graham and Paul both preached to more persons than did Christ as did many of the unknown men of God, humanly speaking. Christ of course preached through them.

When the shallow man, that is saved or thinks of himself as saved, believes he must demand complete “submission” from their “weaker” wives he is wresting Scripture out of context and trampling the Word(s) of God under foot. Some of these men and even some “preachers” believe the man must “wear the pants” in the marriage. Let me be clear on this topic. I do believe in the Spiritual headship of the husband and father in a Christ-ian marriage. I believe in the headship of the husband. I believe the wife should submit to the husband…”HER OWN husband” and not another man. If a “Christ-ian” man thinks my wife should submit to him because he is a big man and she is just a woman…he would be submitting to my ankle lock or arm bar within seconds (2nd’s), spiritually speaking.

The woman should submit to no man but her own husband (own as in owner-ship, her ownership of him, i mean) AND Christ, in terms of wifely duties in and out of the marriage bed. A woman should also submit to a pastor’s SCRIPTURAL teaching as it is the Word(s) of God. I do not say that a pastor should speak to another’s wife in private and direct her in the things of God…never…never… never ever…ever… ever.  It is a fool of a pastor to sits alone with another man’s wife and a poor husband that is not concerned about that dynamic.

No man of God should ever be in private with a woman that is not his wife or daughter or close relative. A woman, who is married, should never be in private with a man that is not her husband, father, or close relative. Before someone goes crazy, let me say, eating lunch with a client over business in a public place is sometimes unavoidable and this, I think God understands. I was once in a situation where a very pretty female client, that met me to discuss landscaping plans, wore a wet and white t-shirt with no bra on. I kept my eyes on her eyes and afterwards requested another person, a female, be assigned to that account.

As to a wife taking care of the household as in, domestic responsibilites such as,  bills, home’s maintenance needs, the husband’s schedule, (and to put him in his place when necessary or to disagree with him in terms of daily life); it is a wise husband that sees the benefit in these matters. Would the husband be wise or be a good head if he demanded that he takes care of things that he is not suited and his wife?

If my wife is better and more mindful of daily things and temporal duties, would I not be an idiot to take lead of these thing?  Let me be clear on this matter:  If you are an absent minded husband but you see it as your Christ-ian duty to take lead on temporal and household matters, you are a fool. If you are a wife and resent your husband because he leaves things in your hands, you are not seeing things as God would have you see things…read Proverbs 31.  If  husband and wife do not see that the wife, does in fact, do everything they are both out of line and ignorant to reality.  Read Proverbs thirty-one (31) and tell me the wife in that Proverb does not do everything.  She does and this is God’s will.

Do not take this the wrong way, wives and husbands, I am not saying the husband can sit around and watch her doing everything. In her doing everything, she can tell you what to do.  This is called “submit[ting] to one another.”  The man that sits around is not understanding God’s Word and directive at all. On the opposite side of things, the wife is to submit to the husband’s headship in Spiritual matters. The Scriptures tell us that the woman should not usurp the man’s authority. In context and in the greek this tells us that the wife should not ever take the lead in Spiritual headship…NEVER…unless the husband is deficient in his most important responsibilites. In her spiritual leadership, if the husband is deficient, she is to pray and ask God to deal with the husband on this matter.

A word on the role of women not being in spiritual leadership. While the Scriptures are clear that the woman must not usurp the spiritual authority, let me speak on a few exceptions.
*If the husband is lost or departs, the wife must be the spiritual lead. The wife should make this a matter of lifelong repentance if she was a believer before marriage and the husband was not. This is because God warned her in clear Words. The Lord has every right to take issue and chasten a daughter for life if a daughter marries a known unbeliever as could her children in later life. In the smaller picture, she has carelessly and in full knowledge subjected her children to a pagan. That may sound harsh and rough…it was meant to be. I struggle to have sympathy for a woman, a saved woman, who married a known rebel, who hates God. I would go sooo far as to say, a woman, a Christ-ian woman, should not conceive if she is married to a spiritual gentile.

Some metaphors:
*If a person brought another to be the victim of an abuser, would that person not be as guilty and culpable as the abuser; if not more so?  Believer, it is spiritual abuse to subject a child to an unbeliever or even a “believer” that is spiritually enemic.
*If you were asked by a childish and tempermental and verbally abusive boss for the names of potential employees or past co-wokers, would not your friend be fully justified in their anger and sense of betrayal, by your willfully subjecting them to a boss that abuses YOU? Methinks. “oh, yeah!

Going back to the marriage metaphor… if you are married to an abusive (coward, impotent in character, hate-filled, self-centered and self thinking, piece of or pile of fecies) man, or man so called, and you bring a child into this despotic kingdom of (s)atan, You…You…YOU would be open to God’s chastening and anger as well as the child or rather fellow-abusee’s anger later in life.

A woman that thinks bringing a baby into an abusive marriage, physical, mental, or verbal is a fool and a betrayer of that life; a life that is precious to God. That woman would be a fool and betrayer of that child before and during her pregnancy, post pregnancy, she must be the child’s refuge.

This woman could be repentant AND thankful for her child(ren) at the same time.  “WHAT!?” you might think or say.  How is that possible?  It is possible in the same sense that you are a saint and a sinner, at the same time, is a reality. I know of a woman, who was married to a sociopath, who purports to be a holy man of God, if not God Himself.

What should this woman think of herself with the above reality? If she repents for the suffering of her children under the vile despot, would she not be saying she is sorry for having these children?  Would her children then be a mistake? No…absolutely No!!! Have you never repented of a sin but still saw the blessings that came out of that sin? AND are even now thankful for that sin (as God works all things together for our good), while being sorry for your part in that sin? Reader, God is Sovereign over the seemingly contradictive aspects of our lives…know this. We can be repentant and thankful for the same thing at the same time…it may sound contradictory but it is not. Let me explain from Scripture.

God elects and chooses who He will save, yet every man is responsible and commanded to repent and believe in a voluntary spirit. Both are true and are true at the same time. This woman can be repentant and thankful for bringing children into the wicked kingdom of a (s)atanic despot at the same time. How? Glad you asked:
*There will be more witnesses against the spiritual bastard (I use the word bastard because he has no Heavenly Father) at the great white throne judgement.
*The woman needs support…”it is not good that [wo]man should to be alone” and a woman would be alone, humanly speaking, in an abusive marriage.
*Also, this will be a deeper thought and require deeper and more spiritual-thought energy, so put your thinking hat on……….Ready?…..  Since God chose who He would and would not save, and this woman finds her children being followers of Christ; it was within God’s will that she bring these lives into the world. We learn or could learn from Samson that God seeks opportunity against His enemies. Therefore, It is God’s will that this woman and these children, His children, suffer…..No!!! not suffer, but endure and persevere and come forth as gold and bring great glory to God as God sees them through all of it.

Also, each smiting: verbal, physical, mental, or emotional abuse, that the bastard struck will be returned unto him one hundred (100) fold by the Almighty, Sovereign God that loves her and her children and Hates, yes, hates the bastard. This is not only true of this specific woman; i know all God’s daughters, in this same position, will be honoured by the destruction of their abusers. God will be greatly glorified in and by the demonstration of His Godly , Holy, and Righteous Hate, Wrath, Fury, Anger…AND PLEASURE in His condemning (and the condemnation itself) of all abusers of His daughters. All His daughter will then understand all the whys of their lives.

Female reader, I acknowledge the above is a sensitive subject; I hope you receive this writer’s word in the intended manner in which he wrote it. That intended manner is a manner of love and concern. Female reader, I have said before and I trust, that in the Lord, I will say again; if you are in an abusive relationship tell me or someone else that could help in this matter and do not think it wrong to ask God to remedy your situation with any means that would glorify Him and help you…even the death of an abuser. Before someone thinks the last sentence un-Christ-ian; let me introduce myself to you as a person who lives in the real world and lives in the service of Christ, Who “was made [F]lesh” and understands “real life” perfectly.

I am trusting i have not been offensive in any way in this article. If ssomeone has been offended, I have two (2) things to say:
*I did not mean anything to be offensive.
*You have misread what i have written.

In summary, we are all weak…equally weak in relation to God. We are all weaker than the other in different ways. Each person should submit to each other in and according to their strengths and weaknesses. The husband being the appointed leader of a family is a gift to God’s daughter. The husband is head because Christ is the Head of the church. A husband that sees the wife’s gift in administration and asks her to take the lead in domestic affairs is leading wisely and can be considered to the pastoral office. The husband that is not wired for the domestic affairs of life but demands control anyway, due to pride and a MASSIVE and WILLFUL misunderstanding of Scripture, and then screws things up is a fool and is not leading his house well and is not qualified to pastor God’s flock as an under-shepherd.

Therefore, I am not a feminist because I need not be to see my wife is egual and loved and treasured by God. The wife is weaker than the husband in some areas as he is weaker than she in others and both are weaker than God.


“I Don’t Know What To Pray About Or For” Or “How Do Others Pray So Much?” Or “Sweet Hour Of Prayers…Really? Hours?”

“Pray without ceasing”  (1 Thessalonians 5)

“God forbid, that I should sin againt the LORD in ceasing to pray for you.” (1 Samurl 12)


“You may read the passages about and think to yourself, “WHAT?…how do others pray without stopping….AND! it’s a sin to cease!!!”  Reader, it is a principle that if “it is written” in Scripture it is true and should be taken serious…”it is “worthy of all acceptation.” The question is how does one pray without ceasing and why is it a sin not to pray?

We’ll take the latter before the former because it is the easiest.  Why is it a sin to cease from prayer?  The reason it is a sin not to pray is because the “Bible tells me so.”  The answer is as simple as the lyrics in “Jesus love me.”

Really that answer is the answer to many of the “whys” we ask regarding Scripture.  Q.”Why should I love my enemy?  A. The Bible tells you so.  Q. Why should I put others ahead of myself? A. The Bible tells me so. Q, Why?  A. The Bible tells me so.  I understand that answer may not be sufficient for unbelievers who, “ask a reason” but it is sufficient for the believer. Once we have been quickened by the Scriptures and have been converted to a new life in Christ, the answers to all our questions is the Bible tells me so.

Don’t get me wrong, thinking Reader, “Thus saith the LORD” is reason enough to believe all that the Scriptures tells us, God does not leave us there; God always gives us a reason…if He chooses to and if He chooses not, “thus saith the LORD” or “it is written” is plenty sufficient. Once you have entrusted the Lord with our eternal and everlasting soul, all can be entrusted to Him for we “know [W]hom I have believed.”  Notice it does not say what I have believed or what I have believed in, but “Whom I have believed.”

In this passage we have been discussing RE: why it is a sin not to pray, it specifies “for you.” Reader when someone needs us to pray for them, it is a sin.  Reader would you not take it as an offense if you were sitting on the side of the road with car trouble and your someone you know drives past while waving and smiling at you?  Would you not be shocked if you were walking downa sidewalk with someone you consider a friend keeps on walking after you stumble and fall down?  If you were telling someone of a real trial you are experiencing and this person, tilts their head and simply says, “Aw” and keeps talking about how great their life is, would it not cause you to wonder of their friendship?

Reader, What if you were walking with two (2) friends and one (1) is bewailing a real grief in their life and the other simple ignore the other and starts up a differnt subject of conversation, would you not feel bad for the one (1) ignored and feel a bit of anger toward the one (1) who ignored the other? I think you would and if not you are equally uncaring.  These examples should be sufficient to the question of why it is a sin not to pray for another.

Another reason your prayerlessness is a sin against God is you are passing up an opportunity to enter HIs divine and royal Presence.  We have never lived under a king’s sovereign rule before submitting to Christ as our Lord and King, therefore we do not know or understand how one should act under a Sovereigns rule. Therefore, one may not see why it is sinful not to pray. If we did live under an earthly king, we would know how offensive it would be to a king, if we ignored an opportunity to enter his royal presence.

What happens if you are called to jury trial and you ignor that call?  You could have a bench warrant put out for your arrest.  What would happen if you ignored a Subpoena to submit to a trial in a court of law?  Would not an arrest warrant be put out for your arrest?

What if you have a court mandated appearance before a judge for a broken law and you choose to nsimple ignore the summons?  You are right, you would have a warrant produced for your lawful apprehension.  Reader, If God opens up His throne room and invites you to enter His presence with all your cares, concerns, petitions, confession, supplications, etc. and you cast that invitation to the gorund and trample over it, you have caused an affront to the court of God.

What if a person, who belives you to be one who cares for them, learns that you have never thought it important to pray for them? Would you not expect them to be terribly hurt? What if the shoe was on the other foot, or if they failed to do unto you as they would have you do unto them? Would you not be hurt?  The answers to the above questions demonstrate your trust in God’s Word concernng prayer.

If you care not to pray for others and if others fail to pray for you and it bothers you not, Reader, you believe not in the power or necessity of prayer. and you manifest an unbelief regarding God’s desire, not only to hear prayer but His power, to hearken. Let me be painfully and possibly and offensively clear…if you do not pray and if you fail to pray for others, you believe not in God’s power, love, and readiness to demonstrate both.  Reader, we would ask you if you really and truly believe in God.

Reader, when I was a young and more immature believer, I would hear of others praying for hours and the “sweet hour of prayer” I thought to myself how others did that and if it wasn’t simple a boast.  It seemed it impossible to me.  I would also hear of pastor spending upto thirteen (13)  hours in their office, each day, I thought and wondered what they could possibly be doing for all that time.

Reader, I can, after years of walking with Christ, tell you what the men of old times did for thirteen (13) hours in their office.  The godly men of old would:
*Pray in and with the Spirit.
*Read daily reports in news papers,  in and with the Spirit of prayer.
*Read and answer correspondense in and with the Spirit of prayer.
*Read the Scriptures in and with the Spirit of prayer.
* Study the Scriptures in and with the Spirit of prayer.
*Counsel others, from Scripture, in and with the Spirit.
*Pray  in and with the Spirit.
*Eat and pray in and the Spirit.
*Meditate in the and with the Spirit.
*Think about and prepare messages that will be (DV) be presented to God’s people in and with the Spirit.
*Writing in and with the Spirit.

You may see a common denominator in the above bullet points.  That commonality is, “in a with the Spirit.”  Reader, this is praying without ceasing.  When one (1) does everything in and with the Spirit one is remaining in God’s Presence perpetually and is “praying  without ceasing.” Now, I now wonder how a pastor does not spend most of his day in his offense and pray without ceasing and how he sins not by failing to pray.

Reader, have you ever wondered what one could pray about or for for such a long time? even sweet hours of prayer. I hope the above dispelled the thought or the picture of a man “struggling” in prayer for so many hours.  The man of God does not kneel at his bedside, “leaving indentions in the floor.”

Cast that defeating picture from your mind. To cease not in prayer is to do all things in and with the Spirit.  One (1) can drive in and with the Spirit. One (1) can wash dishes and change diapers in and with the Spirit.   One(1) can work on a care engine in and with the Spirit, Reader!!! one (1) can watch TV in and with the Spirit!!! Do not think me crude, but a Christ-ian couple can spend their most intimate times in and with the Spirit. One can sleep their nights in and with the Spirit. One can even sin in and with the Spirit, thus did David say, “Against Thee and against Thee only did I sin.”  If one (1) lives and walks in the Spirit, one (1) is fulfilling Paul’s “law of prayer.”  One (1) is praying without ceasing when one (1) brings their imagination under the obedience of Christ.  To do all things, “to the glory of God” is praying without ceasing.  Thinking about God and acknowleding God in all things is praying without ceasing.

“Luther said, “Let thy words be few” when praying and the LORD say, “You weary [M]e with your much speaking.”  The above explains that paradox.  After writing all of the above let me give you things to pray about or for in a day of ceasless prayer:
*THe past night of rest or night of sleeplessness in His Presense.
*The new days events and adventures.
*Grace to live this new day for God’s glory.
*To be a blessing for others.
*To put a guard upon your lips and to let all things be spoken bt grace.
*To leave all persons and places better than you found them.
*THank God for the days events thus far and for the rest of the day to be spent for His glory, and as a blessing to others.
*Read the Word in and with the Spirit. Pray before reading, during reading and after reading.  Ask for opportunities to apply spiritual lessons to your day and other’s day.
*Thank God for the days events thus far and that His blessing follow you for the rest of the day.
*Thank Him for the food you will enjoy…pray before eating, during eating and after eating.
*When someone does something that may bother you, pray for grace and act in that grace and then thank God for  that grace.
*THank God for the events thus far and for grace to continue.
*Pray and thank God for those that are in your life…even the ones that cause trouble.
*Ask God to help you be sensitive to His leading(s).
*Thank God for traffic lights, even the red ones.
*Ask God what you should learn from something that did not go well.”
*Thank God….just Thank Him and ask Him to forgive you for not being able to remember all the times you forgot to thank Hi.
*Acknowkedge God in all your ways.
*Thank God for all the time He reminded you not to lean upon you own faulty wisdom.
*Ask God to led you in a time of meditaion upon His Word(s), Ways, and Works.
*Ask Him to help ypu become more Christ-like.
*Ask Him to help others to grow in their knowledge of God and His Word.
*THank God for the knowledge, understanding, and Wisdom He grants you.
*Thank Christ for His imputed righteousness.
*Thank God for sending His Only Begotten Son to die in your place.
*Praise Christ for His strength and for allowing His righteousness to impute His righteousness to your account and for bearing your sins against Him.
*Thank the Spirit for enlightening your understanding in concern with the Gospel of Christ.
*Ask God for His blessings upon your evening.
*Thank Him for the days events and opportunities to bring Him glory and to forgive you your many…very many trespasses.
*Ask God for a peaceful night of rest.

Reader, need I give you more things to pray for? Are not the above suffient cause and reasons and example to keep your prayer life active? I could give you many more, but I trust the above is sifficient. The above should be sufficient reason and example for you to confess the sin of failing to pray, to pray for others, and for yourself as well as ignoring God’s invitation to approach Him in His Throne of grace…His throne of grace is there for you and to deny that invitations to deny His throne and His grace.

Let me give a few metaphors for what I am speaking to concerning ” in and with the Spirit”:
* Driving silently in a car with another without awkward silence.  You both are aware of the other and have acknowledged each other’ presence.
*Spending quality time watching TV without speaking….I’m serious. The person who says time in front of a television is not quality time is wrong.  We should not spend ALL our time infron of the television, but mush bonding has been established and can be established…It gives a family a subject to discuss.  I spend most of my time with the Lord, so I obviously spend time speaking to my family about things of God, God, and their relationship to God and while I can spend days with other pastors speaking about God and His greatness, this is not a topic that is what everyone else in my life wants to discuss or needs to discuss and that is not a sleight against them.

Television gives a family something to discuss on an even or equal ground.  When my children were younger I certainly spoke to them about God and the DEEP things of God….kids get it…trust me. However, as kids are kids and adults are adults, attention spans are short so we needed other things…unimportant things (in relation to the things of God) must be talked about.  Hannah, when she was young, she and I would spend hours on a Friday night watching, Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and would discuss that togethers. We would discuss how that show demonstrated soooo much Christ-ianity and sound spiritual sugjects.  Reader, if you are offended by the last senstence, save your remarks…you know not what you are speaking to or about.

I got off of my topic, but I’m sure that rabbit trail will be helpful to someone.

Reader, another metaphor of spening time in and with the Spirit is the marriage bed.  It is important for a husband and wife spent their nights with each other in the marriage bed.  Before I leave the last two (2) sentences, let me say something. There are reasons and times for a happily married couple to sleep apart.
*If one (1) or both are in a period of prayer of fasting and prayer, but they should not spent too much apart, lest the devil enter into mind or marriage bed.
*Full disclosure, there are times my wife and I MUST sleep apart. This writer is a violent sleeper. I scream and shout in my sleep. I also go days, many day without sleep. I do not say that as a complaint for I spend those nights in and with the Spirit.
*A reason a married couple could and should sleep apart is if their is abuse in the marriage.
*A couple should never sleep apart due to a disagreement as the devil may gain a foothold in a night of sleepless anger or angry dreamng.
Therefore, a married couple sleeping together is a good metaphor for praying ceaseless ness and for doing all things in and with the Spirit.

As this article has been lengthy it is worthy of you time and thought.