“It’s SIN, It’s SIN, It’s SIN” Or “Sin Is Systemic” Or “Sin, A Spiritual Cancer Or Cancer An Object Lesson On Sin”

“The wages of sin is death.”  (Romans 6)


The best way to define the term systemic is to use an example.  When I was a landscaper I used chemicals to control weeds. Weed killers are systemic and that means one would apply the chemical to the flowering portion of the weed and the weed would absorb the killer into itself and the chemical would work it’s way through and down to the root system.  By this method the killer kills the entire weed and not just what one can see above ground.

The weed is a picture of sin in the Scriptures.  Genesis tells us that due to the fall the thisle would populate the ground.  In Christ’s parable of the wheat and the tares, the tares or the weeds are planted by the enemy and they take over the field. This is what sin is, it is systemic and it populates the field of the human person.  Sin has effected every aspect of the individual and the human culture.

Sin has effected and corrupted mankind at every level and in everyway.  Sin has corrupted the mind of the individual, the emotions and mental state of the individual, and the will and actions of the individual.  Sin has effected and corrupted the institutes of religion, government, family, schools, and business.  Sin is the spiritual cancer of humanity.  I truly believe the reason cancer exists is to provide humanity with an object lesson of sin and it’s corruption.

How does cancer work?  It get’s started in one part of the human body, and spreads through out. Cancer can corrupt the brain, the heart, the sexual organs, the digestive systems, and every other possible target.  This is how sin works as well and it effects and spreads and corrupts the same areas in a spiritual and very real way.

Our chosen text above is from Romans 6, we read, “The wages of sin is death…”  This tells us sin is the reason for human death and therefore it is the cause of all things that cause death whether it be sickness, murder, injury, etc.  Paul is not merely saying that individual sin is the cause of an individual’s death, but sin is the cause of death by outside agencies.  Murder and violence are wages of sin, read Roman chapter one (1) and see what Paul says about sin, Read Galatians five (5) and see the works of the flesh, Read 2 Timothy three (3) and see Paul continue his litany of sin and sins.

Reader, Sins will not decrease until SIN is addressed.  Sins as we have written recently are the symptoms of SIN.  The symptoms cannot be dealt with in any real way until SIN is dealt with in a real way.  Look at the city of Ninevah.  Ninevah was a corrupt and wicked city, riddled with violence and unrighteousness.  God sent Jonah, not with the message to cease sinning but to repent of SIN and turn from it.  Sodom and Gommorah was not so fortunate.  The corruption of homosexuality was not the issue in Sodom….NOW WAIT and hear me out for a second.  Homosexuality was the judgment of God upon Sodom for their corruption due to the cancerous nature of SIN.  Read Romans one (1), Homosexuality is the reaction of God upon a nation that forsakes Him for homosexuality is meet and appropriate for the nation that turns from God.  Homosexuality was the symptom of the SIN that corrupted that city and it is the same in America.  Homosexuality is not America’s affront to God but is God’s answer.  Homosexuality is not the cause of God’s anger, it is the Lord’s angry response.

Also listed in Romans one (1) as a sign of God’s judgement is murder and the disobedience of children to authority!!!  Can God and His Word be any clearer?  What is America plagued with but homosexuality, disobedience of children to authority and murder.  America has been warned by the spirit of Jonah in the preaching of the church or at least part of the church for far longer than forty (40) days.  I fear this nation is past the possibilty of redemption for God has already sent judgement in the form of the sins listed above as well as the abandonment of the church as a whole.

God has departed and the vacuum He has left has been “filled” with “all unrighteousness…” (Romans one (1)).

This nation is hell-bent on focusing on simple remedies to the symptons of SIN.  The answer to teen pregnancies and STDs is condoms and education or abortion or pills.  The answer to poverty is money and not the improvement of character, the answer to violence is gun control, the answer to mental illness is medication, etc. etc. etc.  No one is will to do deeper to the heart of the issue and the heart being the issue.  All outward expression whether it be word or deed, comes from within and not from without.

Reader, you may or you may not agree with what is written here and it may be you cannot or will not see it, I know not but I know the SIN corrupted and SIN addicted and those that find pleasure in SIN like those in government will not see it, hear it, or believe it.  This house that is built upon the sands of subjectivity and outward fixes, this house that is divided against itself is sure to fall…so says the Carpenter.



“The Gift Of Yahoo” Or “The Manifestation Of the Liberal (s)pirit” Or “Aw Huh…There It Is”

“Diotrephes…receiveth us not.”  (3 John)


A Paraphrase…”Our Family doesn’t want your hope and prayers…we want action…” That is what an aunt of one of the children killed in the Florida School shooting said in an open letter to America.  This aunt went on to degrade the NRA and any politician that is in league with the NRA.

Reader, as we have stated before, the gun is not the problem, but the SINful nature and the seduction and indoctrination of this nation’s youth by devils and liberals. However, this is not the point of our article.  The point of the article is the aunt’s demonstartion and manifestation of the liberal mindset.  “our family does not want your hope and prayers, we want action.’  Yep, there it is. The honest thought and feeling of a distraught and hurting liberal minded and feelings orinentated progressive.  Reader, I’m not going to insult you or this aunt with a pretentious and practiced or cliched bullet pointed, “I’m sorry for her loss, etc.”  My anger and sorrow should be presupposed by you, my beloved Reader.

Let’s get to work…  This women, this aunt has just betrayed and exposed the liberal mind-set.  “We don’t want your hope or prayers, we want action.” Reader, i am not getting political, as Scripture tells me not to get entrenched with the affairs of the world.  Some may see her comment as political but this writer sees the admissision of the liberal hatred of the spiritual and holy.  The proper answer would be, “Thank you for your hope and your prayers, let’s put feet to those prayers and let’s act and see what can be done about this violence.”

Reader, there we go, the heart of the unsaved is exposed.



“Exercising The Spirit” Or “Working Out One’s Muscular Salvation” Or “Drop And Give Me Ten (10) Old Testament Precepts”

“[B]odily exercise profiteth little…”  (1 Timothy 4)

“…[W]ork out your own salvation with fear and trembling.”  (Philippians 2)


When Paul tells us bodily exercise profits little, he is not saying, eat, drink, sit on your couch and get fat while reading your Bible.  It is a comparison to godliness or the exercising of our faith and our spirituality.  Lord Jesus was certainly physically fit.  Consider the art and trade of carpentry in that day. Also in that day children were active with greco-roman wrestling and other physical activities.  Our Lord probably…I SAID!!! PROBABLY, took part in these activities. We are not being dogmatic on this subject, it is simple conjecture. Buuuut…(to be read really fast) itwasChristWhodroppedJacob in the Old Testament match up between Jacob and the Theophony or Pre-incarnate Christophony.

Okay, we had our fun, now to business.  In this article we want to discuss (DV) our spiritual exercise or our spiritual working out to become Christ-like.  Christ-likeness is the Christ-ian’s goal, the Christ-ians finish line.  Christ-likeness is the Championship belt of the Christ-ian wrestler, who wrestles against powers and principalities in high places.  Christ-likeness is the olympian’s crest.

How does one exercise or work-out spiritually? We exercise our spirit by exercising our faith in prayer, Working-out our faith during troubles, trials, testings and tribulations. This exercising of faith during trials and testings will earn us experience, and this earned experience will lead us into the victory that is our Very Firm Hope in Christ and our God-promised, Scripture prophecied, and God’s planned and predestinated transformation into Christ-likeness.

Let us exercise our longsuffering, let us work out our joy…Reader, This is important…focus on this next thought…Our Joy is to us….pay attention to this… Our Joy is to us what God’s Glory is to Him.  We are strengthend by the Christ-centered, intrinsic and supernaturally innate Joy that lives within us. Do you know that? Not in terms of cognitive retention and memorization, but do you know that Joy Experiencially?  Reader, Our child-like faith still sings and shouts, “There is JOY, JOY, JOY, JOY down in my heart Where?  Down in my heart, Where? Down in my heart…Down in my heart to stay…and if the devil doesn’t like it he can sit on a tac, sit on a tac!!!”

Let us exercise our love for others inspite of their indifference to us, Let us exercise our temperance by denying ourselves and taking up the Cross and Following after Christ, following after righteousness, goodness, faith, hope, and all other blessings.

Reader,  Drop and Give me Ten (10) Old Testament Precepts, and twenty (20) New Testament Precepts….Down!!!  GO!!! Go!! GO!!!!




“The Greatest Compliment” Or “You’re SOOOO Priiiitty” Or “Do I Look Fat In… My Head?”

“…Who art thou?…I am not the Christ.”  (John 1)


In the above text it is John the Baptist being asked his identity.  Religious leaders had been dispatched to John’s church where he preached and baptized.  John was a “Rock Star” as the world calls someone that is wildly popular and has the attention of all classes of people.  John was the mega-church preacher of his time…the only difference is he spoke pure, unadulterated truth and cared not who he offended for if the truth offends the proper subject, it is a good thing and it is not to be spared nor are the right subjects.  It is a wicked and evil spirited minister that causes the proud to feel good while beating up on those that should be built up and encouraged.

This holy man had no over-top to be concerned with.  There were no utility bills or out-reach funds needed or building funds to beg for.  This preacher had the world as his church, word of mouth spread and advertised the power and authority this man preached with and from.  This is the type of preacher many a young preacher dreamed of being but the world, the flesh, the devil, the man-centeredness of the  church, deacons, bills, church-growth, comments, and time has worn him down.  Not this preacher, not John.

The religious leaders came to see this un- man-taught prophet of God, they came to see what all the talk was about, they came to him, he did not go to them. They came to see who and what this preacher was.  They feared he might be the Christ…can you imagine that Reader?  These religious men feared the coming of the promised Christ…does that seem odd to you?

Before you answer that allow me to meddle in your business with my shepherd’s rod, let me look underneath your wool. This may get a bit uncomortable…. Are you expecting Christ’s return?  Do you long for His return? Do you, Reader, long for His descent?  Do you love the thought of His return? Do you ever consider His promise to return? Or do want Him to hold off, “a while” so you can see you children or grand-children grow up?  Do you want Him to wait until you see your children marry or have a “full life?”

Reader, we are to await Him and His return. The crown of life is offered to them that look for His great and grand return from our homeland.  Dear God, Reader, and for your own sake,  Look for Christ, think upon this great and blessed Hope of all ages, “do not be conformed to this world but be ye transformed by the renewing of your minds.”  If you hope not in His return…not for reward or escape, but for Him Alone…to “see Him as He is”….if this is not your soul’s blessed Hope, Reader, repent and beseech God to give you a hope and a desire for His Son. Reader, if your child(ren) are more excited about the fatman from the north pole than you are about the God-Man from the true North….you have a great problem and a great disease called worldliness and your symptom is, backsliding. Reader, Do not take backsliding lightly; backsliding is the gate to the broad way that leads to destruction and to apostacy and to drawing away from God and God has no pleasure in those that draw away from Him. God has great pleasure in and for those that “draw near” to Him, and as David said, “It is good for me to draw near unto [T]hee.”

I have put my rod away… back to our focus.

These religious leaders came to see John and they were hopeing he was not the promised prophet, the promised Messiah.  They addressed him with the obvious question, ” Who art thou?” and John knew their intents and motivations and answered, “I am not the Christ.” John continued  and began to scourge these leaders, calling them vipers. John knew a minister of (s)atan in the guise of a minister of God when he saw one as do all Christ-ians with a sound and a discerning spiritual mind.

Can you spot the false ministers?  The false ministers use the Scriptures very little, they may read a passage or two (2) and then begin to speak their own words and not the Word(s) of God.  These false ministers have little to say about Christ and what they do say is wrong.  The false ministers love the words and pronouns, “I” and “Me” These false minister’s will either flatter “their” flock or beat them depending on the camp or denomination. These false minister usually focus on “building” a church or a kingdom unto themselves and in their unholy and vain likeness. They want a younger audience and not so much to older saints.  The older saints will die off, retire and move away or may discern the minister’s intentions.  The last thing these minister’s want is to deal with a real saint or person of God.

Reader, What is the greatest compliment you have ever received?  Consider the compliment the religious leaders gave John without wanting too.  They thought he may be the Christ, the prophet promised to Moses so very long ago. What a compliment!!!

Today, I asked a women to read the back of a toy package.  I thought the message to the young children, the toy was meant for, was off base and very violent.  The older lady agreed.  After putting the toy back, I said to her, “By the way, I asked you the question because i could sense Christ on you.”  The women turned around, looked at me, her right hand went to her heart and she said with emotion and affection, “That is the greatest compliment I could be given.”  I wished God’s blessings to be upon her and she returned that hope and I departed.

This woman considered her spirituality and the sense of Christ being about her person to be the greatest compliment she could receive. This compliment was greater than a compliment upon her look, her adornment, her mind, her anything else.  We have had persons approach us and tell us they knew we were a preacher.  We have had sooo many persons approach us in stores thinking we were a manager…a shepherd, I’ve had a man come up to me and yell in my face because there were not enough check out lanes open. They sense something about my person….

Reader, I am not boasting or glorying in myself, God forbid. I am simply stating truth…to state a truth is not arrogance, as Sherlock Holmes would say, “The logician is not concerned with false modesty but states things as they are.”  For a Christ-ian to bear witness to the gift God has bestowed upon them is not boastful, but an accurate accounting of truth; of how things are.  For a person with a good singing voice to acknowledge it and acknowledge God for it is not boastful or arrogant, it is how it is.  To play modest is not humble but it is an affront to God, the Gifter.  Sometimes arrogance and humility can be confused….we have an article on this subject on our site.  False humility is a species of pride and it is an affront and a denial of God. As we confess our sin and sins before God, let us confess our gifts and our Gifter before men without shame or embarrassment!!!  We are the new and better Creation of God, live it, love it, lead with it….we are all a “little Jesus” and that is what God intends, deny it not.

Again, Reader, we ask you, what is the greatest compliment you could receive?  Recently, I told my much loved cousin, my cousin on my mother’s side, Cindy, that, I think she has become the glue that holds and will hold my Mom’s side of the family together. She is the one who alerts family members to news concerning other (AKA, Who just died, it’s sad that it takes a death to bring families together…no one is guilty but everyone is guilty) family members.  If there is to be a get together it will usually be at her house.
My Grandmother or Big Momma held this position before she departed “to be with Christ which is far better.”  When I said this to my cousin, she responded (on FaceBook), “I take that as a huge compliment.”  She knew what I was saying, I was likening her to Big Momma.  For a Christ-ian, and my cousin Cindy is a Christ-ian, to receive a compliment on their Christ-likeness is the greatest thing in the world.

At my daughter’s school, at the end of the year, awards are presented.  The awards are for sports, for academics and school-ery things like that.  However there is another award that is presented and that award is the “Christ-ian Character” award.  To me, as a parent and a preacher, that is the gold metal. My daughters, all three (3) have received this metal on multiple occasions.  This is a compliment of Christ-likeness.  Being young kids they may not see the meaning in that award, but I certainly do. God certainly does.

Reader, It is a Scriptural doctrine that all believers are predestined to become like Christ when He returns. This is the doctrine of the Christ-ian’s glorification or the glorified body, a body like His resurrected Body (Romans 8;  1 Corinthians 15;  2 Corinthians 3;  1 John 3;  and Philippians 3). We are promised a glorified body, a body like Christ’s resurrected Body…this is prophecied, promised and predestinated.  However, it is here and now that God is transforming us into Christ’s likeness, in terms of our thoughts, feelings, will, and action. It is true that God, “which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.”   Christ will return and the presence of sin and our penchance for and to sin sins will be purged.
When our pilgrimage of salvation began God saved us from the penalty and terror of sin, He saved us from the demanding power of sin…I know we still commit sins but the SIN issue has been taken care of.  We commit sins but we sin less and less as we grow and grow.  He saved us from pleasuring in lust and the fleshly pleasures of sin.  Again, I know we still commit sins and they are pleasurable, hence our commiting them, but we pleasure not in that pleasure, “Lord, I believe, help [T]hou my unbelief,”…we would be rid of sin if we could. we would be perfectly Holy in practice if we could and that is the difference salvation makes in us who are in Christ and that is the difference between us and those that are reprobate concerning the faith.

Reader, we have much, very much, soooooo much to be expecting, Let us be looking to the East and let us be lovingly and longingly, “Watch[ing] and pray[ing],” for the sky to rip and tear like paper and to “Look upon His Face, the One Who saved [us] by His grace.”


“In Honour Of Valentine’s Day” Or “Falling In Love” Or “Falling In Love Is a Trick Of The Lust-Driven Flesh, Wherein Dwells No Good Thing”

“And it came to pass afterward that [Samson] loved a women…whose name was Delilah.”                                                                                                                                               (Judges 16)

“David arose from off his bed, [and] saw a women washing herself; and the women was very beautiful to look upon.”  (2 Samuel 11)



I love my wife with all my heart. My love and loyalty to Christ is greater, however.  When in the world I was not without a pretty girl.  My Wife was not my first love, but she is my last love.  Having said that, Christ has been my great love,  My wife is the wife of my youth, but Christ has been my Valentine from eternity past. Christ is my preeminent love and He shall always be. Like David and Jonathan, I love Christ Jesus as my own soul.

Reader, does this shock you?  Does this make you uncomfortable?  Do you wonder, ” What does his wife think of that?”  My wife thinks the same as I do,  pardon my use of words, but my wife and I have an open marriage…we both have a love for Christ and He lives with us and is part of our marriage.

Are you made even more uncomfortable, Reader?  Understand, the saint’s loyalty, love, and fidelity to Christ transcends any similarity to human relationships.  This is the mystical and spiritual bond between saint and Saviour.  In our home Christ is my great love from eternity past through eternity future, my wife is the wife of my youth and she is one with me, we are of one mind and one goal…we are of one essense as the Trinity is of one essense and is of one Communal Mind and will. My children understand this, they come after Christ and and they come after the wife of my youth.  We have raised them in this same spirit, Christus Solus or Christ Only.  They will love Christ more than their husbands and if the husband is right for our daughters they too will love Christ ahead of their love for our daughters.

If this seems foreign to you, if this seems uncomfortable to you, if this makes no sense to you, hence the problems and the unfullfillment you find in your marriage.  The Christ-ian marriage is a marriage like any other, there are trials, there are mountains. there are valleys. The Christ-ian has dry periods, and periods of pleasure, joy, happiness, laughter and satisfaction.  In the down time, in the dry times there is no thought of what could have been or if only or the thought of divorce.  Why?  Because both spouses have pledge and vowed unity to Christ.  Even if there is a time when a Christ-ian couple thinks, “Life would be better without X,”  The promise and vow to Christ steps in.

Falling in love is never something one should base any kind of long term relationship on.  A marriage should not be built upon falling in love. Reader, “Falling in love” is nothing more than a chemical reaction of the brain!!!  Those feelings of excitement and wanting to see your special person are tricks of the flesh.  Peas and chocalate have the same chemicals in them that are released in your brain when you “fall in love.”  Reader, Let’s think logically. What happens when a person falls?  The person that falls gets hurt!!!.  A relationship must never be built upon “falling in love” or feelings or the lusts of the flesh.

Falling in love is a trick of the flesh and a simple release of a chemical in one’s brain…the excitement,  the ‘will s/he call me,’  the ‘I can’t wait to see him or her,’ it’s all a chemical release from the brain, a trick of the flesh!!!.  A person that falls in love will soon fall out of love. Marriages cannot and must not be based of the tricks of the flesh!!!

Falling in love and love are two (2) different things.  Falling in love is a feeling and love is a choice, a decision.  The Christ-ian must not base a life long unity on feelings that will go away or settle down.  The Christ-ian does not date person after person to find a spouse. A Christ-ian does not date to simple have a good time.  No1 No! No! The Christ-ian considers carefully the person they are interested in.

The Christ-ian considers things like how does this person treat his or her parents,  What intentions does this person have for the future? What is his or her family like?  Does this person have good prospects for the future?  The very vital requirements are, does this person love God…really love God?   Does this person attend Church? Is this person serious about Faith?  Will this person make a good parent?  Is this person responsible and dependable?   What are this person’s friends like? Does this person treat me with respect? Does this person respect my family? Does this person treat animals well?  Does this person consider my feelings and ideas?  Does this person listen when I talk to him or her?  Does this person follow Christ? Is this person loyal to Christ?  Does this person submit to Christ and His authority?  Will this person see that and want Christ to be the head of our home?  Does this person seek Christ’s will and counsel in all matters?

Reader, The above are the right considerations one should look into when searching for a spouse.  One must not be led by their heart….it is the fool that follows the heart. The mind must always direct the heart in all matters, especially in choosing a person to spend the rest of your life with, especially when choosing the future parent of your child.

Reader, if these seem to be old fashion views, I know not what to tell you other than these work and the world’s concept of love does not.  Falling in love and basing one’s long life (DV) on the feelings of love will break a heart and ruin a life and harm the child(ren) from the fatally flawed and false felt fling.  Choosing the right person based on sound truth will make for a good and fruitful marriage that will glorify God.



“School Shootings” Or “Teeth Are As Swords” Or “Jaw Teeth As Knives”

“There is a generation, whose teeth are as swords, and their jaw teeth as knives, to devour the poor from off the earth, and the needy from among men.”

“And I will give children to be their princes, and babes shall rule over them. And the people shall be oppressed, everyone by another, and every one by his neighbor : the child shall behave himself proudly against the ancient, and the base against the honourable.”  (Isaiah 3)


Another School shooting. This time it was in Florida. Seventeen (17) persons were killed and fourteen (14) persons were injured and taken to the hospital.  The killer was a former student of the school. He was taken to the hospital for medical attention. These shootings seem to be the pathology of young America.

Reader, there is no fear of God or punishment with many of this nation’s children.  The children are taught evolution, natural selection, and the strong survive and the weak are lost to nature.  Psychopaths are born and sociopaths are made…The rejection of absolute right and absolute wrong, the rejection of morals and ethics, the rejection of males being males and females being females, the rejection of God and His Law all lead to this pathology.

Our nation is so lost; God and His Law doesn’t even resonate with persons and families any more.  There is no fear of God, no fear of Hell, no fear of God’s wrath. Many persons today see no reason to be.

The world looks for reasons behind these demonstrations of depravity.  What is the cause they ask. What is the problem?  Why do these things happen? Who are these persons who kill so freely? What are the motives or intents?

*Guns are the problem.   *Video games are the problem.   *Poverty is the problem.  *Poor education is the problem.   *Republicans are the problem.  *Democrats are the problem. *Parenting is the problem.  *Biology is the problem.  *Mental illness is the problem. *Bullying is the problem.  *Violence in movies is the problem.  *The glorification of killers is the problem.  *The culture of me, me, me is the problem.    *The desire for fame or notoriety is to blame.  *Poor role models are to blame.  *Drugs are the problem.  *It’s…  *It’s..    *it’s…  Etc. Etc. Etc.

There is no doubt that the above problems and blames may contribute to the violence we see regularly in our country. However, it seems, to this writer, that the above contributions are symptoms of a deeper germ. In other words the above contributions are not the cause but the effect of something else.

What is the the cause of these effects?  Reader, this might sound “old fashioned,” but the cause, the root, the germ is Sin. Sin is the cause of all the effects above.  Sine is the cause of school shootings.  You might object and say, “No, the effects are the sins.”  Reader let us qualify our terms.  The Bible speaks of sins and the Bible speaks of Sin. Sins are the effect of Sin.  Sin is the disease and sins are the symptoms.  Sin is the cause and sins are the effect.

Sin is mentioned and eyes roll and heads drop and wag.  Sin is an old fashioned idea or concept to persons in and of the world. To many evil is a concept but does not actually exist.  It isn’t evil or sin that causes these mass murders, it’s mental illness (By the way, Joyless Behar accuses Christ-ians that believe God interacts and communes with His saints is a mental illness….Reader, Christ-ian, Brother and Sister the serpent is at the door and soon it will be coiled at your bed side). This world cannot accept that the real and true problem is a spiritual problem.

In this world there is no consideration of the reality of the soul, of the spirit of man, of GOD, of an afterlife, of eternity, or eternal consequences being pinned upon todays sin and sins. This world believes this world is all there is.  Parents, government, and schools speak not of consequences of sin. They go out of their way to avoid the topic of God, sin, Heaven and Hell.  I have a memory of questioning my sixth (6th) or seventh (7th) grade  science teacher about Adam and Eve when she was teaching evolution. I remember some other kids laughing at my question….that was a long time ago and things have gotten far worse.

With the teaching of evolution, the soul and spirit of man is despised or set aside as not relevent.  This was not Darwin’s intent, he speaks of the Creator and the breathe of life in his book, “Origin of the Species.”  Those that have taken his mantle have turned his erronious ideal into science, which cancels out any thought of the soul or spirit. When young persons are inculcated (Teaching by repetitious drilling) with this soul-less and spirit-less lie they absorb it and accept it as the teacher is a proper authority figure. To further this great error, the children’s parents do not bother to attend any kind of church service with their children which could (DV) could off-set the secular and false science and the indoctrination of devils and seducing spirits.  With all this mixed together we get what we have been getting!!!!!!!

When a vacuum is created something will fill it.  In Romans 1, Paul states that mankind had turned from God, creating a vacuum, and then Paul tells us that humanity is now, “Being filled with all unrighteousness.” Paul includes murder and inventors of evil things, maliciousness, covetousness and DISOBEDIENT CHILDREN in his list of deeds that are unrighteous. Know what else Paul says regarding the filling of unrighteousness? Paul says that humanity that is filled with all unrighteousness is

“without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful : Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.”  

Paul continues to describe the unrighteouness-filled vacuum of humanity with these demonstrations and manifestations of Sin….fornication, wickedness, envy-filled, contensciousness, deceit, haters of God, despiteful, PROUD, boasters….The school shooter boasted on his site about being a professional school shooter.

Readers, the world looks at the symptoms of all the violence we see and never look to the root, which is SIN.  Nothing will change in this world, their world, the Adamic world unless and until they do as the Jews did in the Old Testament and that is, Cry out to God in the spirit of REPENTANCE, turning their back upon SIN.

Reader, This is the answer…this is the only answer…this is not my answer, but the answer of God…the problem is no one is asking the right question or deducing the real cause of all the violent symptoms our counrty is seeing.






“In Jesus’ Name…Ha! Ha! Ha!” Or “They Know Not What They Do” Or “Shut Up!!!”

“Thou shalt not take the [N]ame of the LORD thy God in vain ; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh [H]is [N]ame in vain.”


This article will take up (DV) the very serious issue of the Lord’s Name. We recently attended a church service. In this church service there was zero (0) preaching or teaching.  The service was used to plug small groups. In the commercial the small group leaders spoke about their small group meetings. They tried to be light, cool, and funny. Then they said something questionable but covered it up with, “In Jesus Name” and they laughed…Ha! Ha! Ha!
We heard a Christ-ian comedian also using the words, “In Jesus Name” to make her audience to laugh.  Reader, this is taking the LORD’s Name in Vain!!!…by Christ-ians!!!  These persons know not what they are saying or doing. These persons are bordering upon blasphemy…I do not doubt their salvation and that makes everything worse.

The Name of our Lord Jesus is a Holy Name.  I know not how parents would name their child, Jesus.  I understand that Jesus was a common name in Christ’s time, but after the resurrection of Christ, that Holy Name is retired. How parents, today, can name their child, Jesus is unknown to me. I understand, in Mexican culture many children are named Jesus, pronounced, Hay-zues, but taking the Name of God’s Son?… this I cannot understand.

The Name of our Lord should be used or invoked only in these ways:
*Sharing the Gospel Message
*Singing and Worship
*Discussing Scripture with another believer

Other than the above occasions, our Lord’s Name should not be used. To use His Name in cursing or joking is most unacceptable and dangerous.  “Jesus is my homey” t-shirts are an affront to God.  “Jesus loves you but everyone else thinks you are an ,,,,,,,,” is taking God’s Son’s Name in vain.  When using the Name of our Lord; the Name of our Lord should promote goodness and grace and truth and never in jest.

We were in a book store and a known customer came in and began to talk with the store’s clerk.  He was telling her about a storm damaging his property. He went on and on and on about how bad everything is.  The store’s clerk responded with “Jesus Christ” fifteen times (15)…I counted them.  My ears were about to bleed if she did not shut up!!!

I left the store in frustration with this person’s cursing with our Lord’s Name.  This incident stuck with me for a week.  We went back to this book store, which by the way, is about forty minutes (40) from my home and approached the clerk and reminded her of her cursing in our Lord’s Name.  I said to her……
“Miss, this is going to come from left field. Last week you were talking with a customer about his storm damage, and you used the Lord’s Name fifteen times (15).  This will get you into much trouble.”  She graciously accepted the rebuke and warning but she didn’t understand.  She conceded that speaking like that is not professional and she would be more careful in the future.  She thought I was saying she would get in trouble with her customers.  She didn’t get it.  I clarified with her that I’m speaking about trouble with God.  At that she simply said thank you and all was done. They know not what they say or do.

Reader, His Name is Holy and Powerful.  We are allowed to use it in the proper circumstances, but other than the proper circumstances that Name should not be used.