Lessons Learned and Lessons Passed On (D.V)

As one sits still and knows God or communes with Him upon one’s bed many things and thoughts will present themselves as may God. Some of these things may be answers to Biblical or spiritual inquiries (though, for me, this type normally comes while driving). The Lord may give instruction, direction, or command during these times. [Allow me to inject a note here; notice from the above all that is missed by not being still and communing with God]

I would like to share a couple of lessons I have learned from my almost two decades (humanly speaking; Gal 4:6; Eph 1:3-4) of walking with Him. These (2) two lessons have multiple sub-lessons inherent within them. These sub-lessons are learned only by one’s growing understanding of the original (2) lessons, and this growing understanding may take years or, for some, only moments.(D.V.)

These (2) two lessons have become the foundation to my ministry.  That does not mean I preach or teach only a set of hobby-horse doctrines. What it does mean is this; all of my teaching, preaching, and for that matter, Christian living is founded upon these (2) two lessons or principles.

#1. God is absolutely sovereign in and over all. Yes, all things.                                                                                                 #2. To endure this, to persevere in, or to live this life wherein God has so graciously called us to live, it is essential that one must walk with God on a moment by moment basis.

For all of life’s little scattered pieces to line up one must know that God is sovereign. To understand and accept hardships or losses one must know God is sovereign. I know a man that lost his wife in a fire. Within days of losing his wife he stood behind a pulpit and said, “If I didn’t know that God is sovereign I couldn’t handle this.” [Another interjection, if you will; this church did, not nor does it, teach this doctrine. God allowed this writer to teach this blessed man the doctrine of sovereignty.] If one is to face down one’s fears one must know God is sovereign.

[ At this point let the writer introduce a sub-lesson. The Name of The Lord Jesus Christ is the Weapon and Armour of the believer. The “Name” is Power and Authority. If one is ever faced with one of satan’s (he does not get a capital s) minions, one is not to fear! With the faith of Christ one must speak the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ and charge the enemy to depart. Remember, the Lord Jesus is, in fact, his Lord and Master too. Take with you the whole armour of God; put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ.  Those two orders are concealed and carried in the Name of …The..Lord…Jesus Christ.]

Richard Sandlin preached a message one called “Saved Soul but Lost Life.” If one would have both a saved soul and a saved life one must know God is sovereign. Lost life? The lost life is the life that is not lived in the light of God’s sovereignty. One cannot truly rest in Christ lest one knows that God is sovereign. One cannot take steps or risks, in and with faith, lest one knows God is sovereign. I can make bold this statement; there is nothing in this life that causes me to fear..no man…no gov’t, no demon, no failings… no-thing. Does this sound arrogant? It is not. It is not because it has anything to do with my strength or might. I can say that I am fearless because of Christ, Who has said over and over; again and again through the centuries, “Fear not; only believe,”  “Be not afraid,”  “Fear not their faces,” etc. It has been said that in various forms God has said, “Fear not” (365) three hundred and sixty-five times. That would mean God has given us a command to “fear not”  for everyday of our lives!!!!

#2. Walking with God. This doctrine can be stated in different ways. For example, David said, “I am continually with Thee”. Paul exhorts us to, “Pray without ceasing”  and “Pray[ing] always.”  David, again, declares “Thou understandest my thought afar off”, and Paul blesses us with this; ” …[He] is able to do exceeding abundantly above all we ask or think...” How does one do this in this life when one is pulled in every direction; when everyone needs something?

* Desire His Presence above all else and above all others (Psalm 42:1; 73:25; Matt 10:37)                                                     *. See God everywhere and your thoughts will default back to Him. For example, when the wind blows think of the Holy Spirit and His power, love, and comfort (John 3:8). As you sit at a red traffic light think of the Power of Christ’s Blood and all that it has done and does for thee. When you look up (do this often) and see the clouds, remember they declare God’s Glory. When you wash your hands remember and thank Him because you have been washed by the Word and the Blood. When you rise in the morning and stretch, think of the Resurrection of Christ and that all that you are is in Him. As you bite into your meal and you taste, think “Taste and see that the Lord is Good”. Tell Him often, “Thank you”;  “I love You”;  “Without Thee, I am nothing”; “I belong to Thee”; “Thou art the Love of my life”                                                                       *. One should know that long prayers do not equal holiness. Consider the prayers in Scripture. Some are long and glorious like Solomon’s and Christ’s in John 17, yet most are short and to a point. To enter into ceaseless prayer is to walk in the attitude or essence of prayer. Once you are in His Presence…remain there. That’s it. Stay there. Sometimes prayer takes the form of a sigh or a cry that is directed toward God. Sometime the best prayer is to sit silently in His Divine Presence.

Walking with God in this very real way may not come quickly and it will require practice, but, Beloved, He is worth it.


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