The Right Response; The Only Response; An Exposition

Luke 5:12  “And it came to pass, when [H]e was in a certain city, behold a man full of leprosy: who seeing [Lord] Jesus fell on his face, and besought [H]im, Lord,  if [T]hou wilt, [T]hou canst make me whole.”


In this divinely inspired verse of (37) thirty-seven words and (5) five punctuation marks, the Holy Spirit has presented before us the manner in which we are to address the Son of God. Also contained in this gift verse is the encouragement to hope. And, in addition to that, we are most blessed to see that God’s attention is upon each one of His people. What a God; What a Master.

“And It came to pass…” In five words God tells us that whatever we are enduring or enjoying  it shall “come to pass”.  While enduring, take comfort in the fact that God knows of your circumstances, and and if He allows the circumstances you should know that it is for your good. He knows thy uprisings and thy down-sittings. As far as enjoyment goes, He has given us all things to enjoy. However, be careful to weigh any costs and residual consequences of your enjoyments because it, too, shall come to pass… and then what? A wise man knows to seek his pleasure and enjoyments in the Lord.

“A certain city”.  God is a great lover of the certain ones. The Spirit speaks of a certain man in John 5 v.5, and this certain man was among a great multitude of hurting people; yet Christ was interested in only a certain man. In Acts 16 v. 14 we meet a certain woman named Lydia, a seller of purple, of the city of Thyatira, which worshipped God. Like Lydia, those who populate the Kingdom are the certain ones of God; He knows each of our names, what we do, and where we are at all times. (Pslm 139).

“full of leprosy”.  This is a perfect description of the sinner. Full of sin and desensitized to much of the wickedness in the world. The sinner is full of sin and empty of hope, lest the sinner comes to Christ.

“who seeing [Lord] Jesus fell on his face…” This is the right and proper way one should conducts one’s self in the Presence of God’s Son. All the prophets, when in His Presence, lost strength and fell prostrate before Him. This is the attitude one must have when entering His Presence in prayer. We remain humble and thankful to Him with this mindset. Unthankfulness is the gateway to all sin (Romans 1).

“and besought [H]im”. Once we enter His Presence in a thankful and humble spirit, we are encouraged to beseech our good and sovereign Lord with a kindly-given boldness. We who know the Master know that He is ever pleased to condescend to our needs and even our wants.

“saying Lord”. When one addresses Christ one should do so with His title of Lord. He said to His certain ones, “Ye call[M]e Master and Lord: and ye say well; for so I am.” When meeting a new person we use the titles of Mr. and Mrs. When addressing Royalty one says “Your Highness” or “Your Grace”, so we should always address Christ as “Lord Jesus” in the stead of the disrespectful “Jesus”.

“if [T]hou wilt,” It is a great privilege and comfort to know and to be allowed and encouraged to leave our cares in His Hands.

“[T]hou canst”  With God all things are possible; He can do as He pleases and He is pleased to care and provide for His certain ones.

“make me clean.” There is no other Saviour; there is no other Name under Heaven that is given to man whereby he might be saved. The only remedy to the disease of sin is The Divine and Precious; the One of a kind Blood type of The Lord Jesus Christ.

What a Man; What a Lord and Master; What a great Saviour is our Elder brother; The Son of God.


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