Elements That Make for Success in Writing, Film, and T.V.

One observes at least (2) two elements that have brought and continue to bring worldly success to those involved in writing, film, and television.

We theorize that the reason these (2) two elements are so winning and perennial in the entertainment industry is because they portray what is missing in our society and cultures.

The (2) two elements we are speaking of are camaraderie and an openness; forthrightness to say that which needs saying (right or wrong), and to do what needs to be done regardless of the certain backlash, opposition, and criticism that is sure to follow.

Camaraderie denotes or presupposes love, loyalty, respect, honour, forgiveness, the acceptance of others, and putting others before self.

We are drawn to productions that exhibit forthrightness, confidence, and boldness because these elements, these character traits, these attributes are sorely missing in our society and cultures today. Many productions do so well because camaraderie and forthrightness are traits for which we long. Why does a show like “House M.D.” do well?  Why are people drawn to this titular character? The reason many are drawn to this show and its character is because of his directness and his ability to get away with his outrageousness. Why would wrestling enthusiasts cheer for a character like Stone Cold Steve Austin or a stable of heels (bad guys)? Because of the outspokenness and camaraderie and loyalty which they exhibit.

Here are a few examples of productions that have been very profitable due to the (2) elements and have also fostered a cult-like following (not in the religious or negative sense).

“The Magnificent Seven”, “Firefly”, Pro Wrestling, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, “Supernatural”, “Friends”, “Seinfeld”, “Full House”, “Little House on the Prairie”, Stephen King’s “IT” and “Lean on Me”; Military films; Sherlock Holmes; “Dallas”; “Law and Order SVU and Criminal Intent”; “NCIS”; “Criminal Minds.”  (We are not necessarily recommending the above examples to everyone; nor do we condone all the actions portrayed in them. The Lord has given us the liberty to decide for ourselves.)

We should note that it matters not the genre. The above mentioned productions represent many of the genres in the entertainment industry. The genres represented are western, science fiction, sports entertainment,  fantasy, comedy, family drama, horror, medical, war; soap operas, and crime and mystery. The various genres differ in many ways, yet at their core they all portray camaraderie and forthrightness.

We would be remiss in our calling if we did not point out that these elements are part and parcel of the Christ-ian faith. One will not find a more forthright and bold Person than the Lord Jesus Christ; nor will you find a group of men that demonstrate camaraderie more than Christ’s apostles. Within Christ-ianity the elements, the traits, the attributes of love, loyalty, respect, honour, forgiveness, the acceptance of others, and putting others before self are core and basic teachings.

We note further that these (2) two elements are seen in the Gospel of The Lord Jesus Christ elsewhere referred to as “The Greatest Story Ever Told” (we have written on the dangerous use of the word story in a past post). We would point to this posting as a proof of a theory which we wrote upon, and that theory is that the Gospel of the Lord Jesus is the foundation, is the centerpiece, is the very fountain from which all written or produced works flow.

In Christ one shall find one’s all in all.


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