Types of Preachers in Christ-ian-dom

“it is no great thing if [satan’s] ministers…be transformed as ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.”  (2 Corinthians 11:15)

There are always churches looking for new pastors. Pastors leaves churches all the time for many reasons. The pastor-less church will then (DV) appoint a group of upright and proven believers to search for a new pastor. If the men chosen to be a part of this group have never served in this capacity they have no idea for what awaits them. If these men or some of these men have served in this capacity prior then they do know what is a head of them and may God bless them for their is a Samson like effort.

In the hunt for a pastor hearts may be broken, tempers may flair, and much can be learned. A disqualified pastor will have a broken heart, the group of men may at times show their “old man” and much can be learned about each other and the brothers and sisters they are serving as well as the God that comforts and sustains.

Many different types of preachers will be interviewed and possibly heard. In this post (DV) we will speak to the different types of preachers one finds in Christ-ian-dom. But first let us  define Christ-ian-dom. Christian-ian-dom is the mixed multitude that is found under the banner of Christ-ian. It could be likened to the mixed multitude of Moses. Some believed and many did not. In the visible church there are true believers and many false or professing unbelievers. The Lord told us to know them by their fruit. This is true of preachers for Some are saved and some are not. Some are true some are not. Some can show the lost the Way to Life while others couldn’t careless about this. Paul and John warn us to prove all things and to test the spirits.

At this point we will (DV) speak to the divers types of preachers. To start with we will put forth the preachers that a church does not want. The church does not want any of the following because they are truly dangerous to the Christ-ian spirit.

First up is taken from our text. satan’s (no cap for him) minister that appears to be a minister of righteousness. Joel Osteen is certainly one and many more can be found on Trinity Broadcasting Network. Many of the television preachers are dangerous. However, God is represented by a few good men on television and radio. satan’s ministers are not only found in the bigger ministries but they can be found in any ministry. Some of these ministers knowingly serve satan in the Christian church, I’ve met one. While others are serving satan unknowingly.

Up next: The Volunteer Preacher. Most likely this man is a graduate of a big name Bible college or rather manufacturing plant. This man was not called by God but instead was asked to volunteer or guilted into volunteering by another Non-God called preacher. This preacher may know a lot about the Word of God but does he know anything about the God of the Word? If this man truly knew God…the God of Scripture he would know that God is sovereign and that Sovereign God initiates all things including who will be His enabled and gifted representative before man. This type of preacher feeds into the rest of our negative types. Also please note from Scripture, all of the men that took it upon themselves to give themselves to Christ were sent away. Only those whom Christ chose, after long prayer, were accepted.

The Plastic Preacher: This man’s sermon is prepared by Monday morning. He will spend the next week “preaching” to himself in the mirror. The sermon that is to be preached next Sunday will be the perfect or perfected sermon of a man but not a message from God. This man, when approached by a hurting lamb, will have and will give all the pat answers that anyone could want. If a believer tells this man that he is struggling with…… the man will quote “Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” Case closed…next. When this man goes “door to door” he will invariably say,” May I show you how you can be 100% sure you’re going to heaven when you die?”  Another problem with this type of preacher is that he melts when things get too hot. He is also easily crushed and recycled. If we were to compare him to a plastic gallon of milk we would find that once to prepared and produced contents are consumed all that is left is an empty vessel.

Book of the Month Preacher: This rather pathetic species depends on books written by others to supply himself with “sermon material.” They often use sermon outline books to preach from. This is evidence that this man is not walking with the Spirit of Christ. This preacher reads the newest releases in the stead of the Bible. His preaching is verbal plagiarism! This man’s ministry lives or dies based on the UPS schedule.

The Current Affairs Preacher: While it is good and wise to keep up on current events, IE. our Chris-ian family is being persecuted throughout the world, it is not acceptable to God that currents events supplies the preacher with his “sermon material”

The above types of preachers are not Scriptural based nor are they Scripturally sound. These preachers do not have meat and drink that others know not of. These men have not been called to be servants of God in a ministerial manner. Many of these men meant and mean well. In many cases these men have been they prey of our next very dangerous species of preacher.

The Preying Preacher: ….Read it again. We did not write praying preacher. In stead we wrote preying preacher. The preying preacher is he that preys upon the Christ-ians emotions. This is the preacher that calls the volunteer preacher and is, in many cases, responsible for all the other types we have discussed. The cries of a true prophet of God are these; “Thus saith the LORD”; Blessed art thou”; and Woe unto thee” but the preying preacher’s cries are these, “Don’t you care”; “What will you tell your neighbor at the judgement when he asks you ‘Why didn’t you tell me?’ ” or “What more can God do than give you His Son?” The preacher that preys upon emotions is very dangerous and must be avoided at all costs.

Lastly in our not-exhaustive list of dangerous preachers is the works preacher. In the eyes of this preacher everything is quantifiable. His concern is on how many. “How many souls were saved on Saturday?”; “How many were at your church last Sunday?” “How many visitors did you have?” “How many were baptized last year?” How many will be baptized this year?” “How many doors did you knock on?”; “How many cattle …I mean people did you invite?” To this man #’s = spirituality. it has been said by one man, “if there is no work in heaven…well then I don’t want to go.” This type of preacher and this type of (?)christ-ian(?) rely on their works to please God when the fact is they have not found “their” idea of God to be very pleasing or satisfying.


At this point we will (DV) describe God’s preacher. This preacher has been called by God in the same way Abraham was, in the same way Noah was, in the same way Moses was, and in the same way Paul was as well as the Lord’s twelve. In the same way Luther was and Calvin was, and Graham was, etc. etc. etc. This man had nothing at all to offer to God other than His whole self. Yes! this man was selected, called, gifted, enabled, and raised up by God and he knows it even if no one else sees it kind of like Joseph and David. When asked by others, “how do you know, though?” All he can answer is, “I just know that I know and I know Whom I have believed.”      [Writers note…We are covered in goosebumps..]

This man, although he has already been made a new creature in Christ, he has again been made into a servant of God for a certain work. This man’s allegiance is to God, God’s Word, and God’s blood bought people, he is never to be the same again.

This man is solely dependent upon God for all his needs and all the needs of the little flock of Christ. This preacher does not depend upon the ideas or books of others. This preacher does not attack the emotions of God’s people. No! The preacher trusts the Word of God to have His way.  There is nothing plastic in this man. There is no emptiness in this preacher for he has hidden the Word of God in his heart. This preacher man has meat and drink that others know not of. This preacher man…this godly man walks with the Spirit of Christ everyday and in every way just as the disciples walked with the Man Christ Jesus everyday and in every way.

This preacher knows nothing of sermons he knows only of the life giving manna that is given him daily and is then given out to others daily. There is no stale or sweetened manna from this preacher. This life giving manna provides the cause to the people of God so much so that there is no need for “works sermons.” Instead the people of God hear the Spirit of their Lord and Savior and say, “Come and dine; rest in Me and with Me awhile.”

My hope is that any church that is in need of a pastor avoid the dangerous preachers we have written upon and find in their stead a man called of God and gifted to be a man sent from God.


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