“It Is A Sad Day, Indeed When…”

“Yea, hath God said?”  (Gen 3:1)

A sad day it is when we can quote satan (I do not cap the s on principle) and it be fitting. So much that is taught today in the local churches, the television churches and radio ministries are questionable. We, with the serpent, ask, “Hath God said” We are in no way shape or form aligning ourself with the enemy.We are using this conceit to demonstrate how far down the church of man….err, God has come.

I suppose as it is now it has always been but it is now to a greater degree. To the church and to the Christ-ian the Bible is our sole authority on earth. Of course Christ is head of the church and being so He does not go contrary to the inspired Word of God. One cannot separate Christ, the Word from the Word of God.

It is a sad day, indeed when the so called people of God put their likes and dislikes as well as their emotions ahead of the God-inspired; God given authority (2 Timothy 3:16) that is meet to all our daily spiritual needs. The doctrines taught in the Bible are now subject to the human and his/her feeling.  Whether this charge is owned up to or not it is true. We, as a Bible preacher/teacher/prophet, have sat down with individuals and with groups to show them from Scripture, using the Socratic method, the soundness of a particular doctrine and they still walk away unwilling submit to God’s truth.

It is a sad day, indeed when a person will take the word of a preacher or pope over the clear teaching of God’s in His Word.  We have been in discussions that went a little like this,

” Well doctor or brother or father so and so said this……” to which we would respond, ” I understand that but God said this in His Word…..To which of these two will you submit?” and usually it ends with the person saying either, “Who knows” or “Well, I just don’t know anymore.”

It is a sad day, indeed when a sweet lady will keep to her religious upbringing when she knows otherwise. We knew a sweet, sweet lady many years ago that understood the Gospel and even believed it cognitively but refused to go to Christ by faith. The reason she gave was her upbringing. She told us that her parents raised her Catholic, she went to Catholic school, taught in Catholic school and will die a Catholic like her parents. As we have grown in our faith we admit to not knowing this ladies destiny as denominational words get in the way. She may very well have known Christ as her Lord and Saviour but saw the intent of our discussion as being to convert her to “our religion” Putting her destiny aside, many people do view “religion” in this way. We have however, met many Catholics that claim to know Christ and their fruit (works) and words back them up. We have also seen Baptists and Presbyterians, etc. that are lost and their fruit and words back that up. Let us get back on track.

It is a sad day, indeed when a person likes their denomination’s idea of god rather than loving the God of Holy Writ. If one would, with spiritual and intellectual honesty, compare the God of Holy Writ with a god of the denominations one would see a remarkable difference. The last statement is a general statement and does not and is not meant as a blanket statement of all local churches. If one were to compare the teaching of some churches…orthodox mainstream churches and the teachings of Scripture one would find a remarkable difference.  What was once known as classical Christ-ian teaching is now thought wrong if not heretical.

It is a sad day, indeed when the teachings of classic Christ-ianity are belittled and when the teachings of the Reformers, the Puritans, and men like C.H. Spurgeon,  J. Edwards, A.W. Pink, J.C. Ryle, J. Wesley and others are forgotten or even worse edited by publishers. It is a sad day because that which these men taught and now teach in books are the very teachings of Christ and His Apostles!

The reader may have asked him/herself, “What teachings is he talking about?”  To which we would answer:

  • Does the Bible teach that God loves everyone?
  • For whom did Christ die and rise again? or in other words did He die for everyone?
  • Does the Bible teach about a literal Hell?
  • Is repentance necessary for one to be saved?
  • Is the invitation system of the church a sound practice?
  • Should the church still excommunicate individuals today?
  • How should the Lord’s Supper be kept and should this ordinance be disallowed to certain persons?
  • Is the church government scriptural?
  • Does the Christ-ian have authority in society?
  • What is the proper definition of Christ-ian humility?
  • What does a Biblical Christ-ian look like and sound like?

There are many more however, if we, as the Church of Christ, had these questions answered Scripturally we would be a much stronger entity with a much more pronounced presence in today’s society.

It is a sad day, indeed when any teaching or anything is put above Scripture. Scripture does not suffer when this happens…we do.


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