Sloooooowwww Dooowwwn.

“…Be slow to speak; slow to wrath.”  (Part of James 1:19)

“…[H]e that believeth shall not make haste.”  (Isaiah 28:16)

“…he that hasteneth with his feet sinneth.”  (Proverbs 19.2)


Years ago we learned a phrase that saved me from a lot of accidents. I worked for a landscape company (the real oldest profession) and during the winter time we would prune shrubs and trees (John 15) as well as snow plowing. The owner of the company  would often remind us that “Slow is fast and Fast is slow.” His point was trying to hurry up will cause accidents and taking one’s time will prevent accidents. I knew he was right then and it has been proven over and over again to me.

Scripture supports this as well; see texts above. The common denominator of the three verses above is -Slow down and do not make haste.

Before we go any farther let us define haste or rather note the effects of haste. Making haste is accompanied by stress, fear, doubt, anger, a sense of inferiority, and a sense of a loss of control as well as the horrible sin of pride.

In spiritual terms the above effects equate to:

  • Stress = Worry or lack of faith
  • Fear = Lack of trust in God, the fear of man, and again, lack of faith or absence of faith.
  • Anger = out of control emotions.
  • Sense of inferiority = You have forgotten who you are in Christ. You are anything but inferior. You have been made a new creature in Christ.
  • Loss of control = ignoring all the blessings and comforts that are available to you through the office of the Holy Spirit. Forsaking God’s invitation, through Christ, to His throne of grace in your time(s) of need.
  • Pride = I’m sooo important; if I’m not there the world will end.


Let us look at an event in the life of our Lord. In John 11 news concerning Lazarus reaches the Lord Jesus. Lazarus is sick unto death yet He abides two more days in His current location. The disciples speak of the likelihood of Christ’s arrest and subsequent murder. Christ shows little concern for what man may (try to) do to Him. This is a lesson for us all. We are to live under the fear of the Lord but we are never to live in fear of man.

The Lord then tells the disciples plainly that Lazarus is dead. And He intends to raise him to life. The response of Thomas is golden, “Let us also go, that we may die with [H]im.” This is still the attitude of all faithful disciples. Many say they would die for their Lord and the only way to test this short of dying is if one is living faithfully for Him. To live faithfully for Him is to “die to self.” In this exchange between Christ and the disciples He states boldly that He is glad, for their sake’s, that He was not present and at Lazarus’ side as they would be denied the miracle that was to come.

When Christ the Life arrives in Bethany Martha, a sister of Lazarus, says to Christ,  Lord, If  [T]hou hadst been here, my brother had not died. Christ expounds upon the nature of belief and the truth of resurrection. Christ then calls forth Lazarus from death as Lazarus responds as The Lord Jesus is Sovereign over death.

There is much much more in these passages but we believe the point is made and that point is, Slow down and see God work. God puts it this way in the Psalms, “Be still and know that I am God.” In this verse the condition for knowing God to be God one must “Be still.”

Beloved,                                                                                                                                                                 Slow down to see God work; Be still and know God to be God.
































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