What Man of You…

“What man of you , having an hundred sheep, if he lose one of them, doth not leave the ninety and nine in the wilderness, and go after that which is lost, until he find it?”

Though we do not enjoy it we have also been called to *point out the dangers found in other preachers as well as pointing out false prophets and false teachers. Why is this calling necessary? This calling is necessary because the norms of a man centered religion and false prophets/preachers/teachers are of eternal danger to a man’s soul.

Did you know that in the days of the reformers and the puritans that heresy was considered a greater crime than murder? Murder is the slaying of the temporal body but heresy was the premeditated slaying of the everlasting soul.

We find it necessary to point out false or simply misunderstood doctrine in a ministry. Sometimes we must point out a wrong spirit in a man. By wrong spirit we mean a wrong mindset or a wrong “heartedness”

For example there is a woman in Mississippi that has spent many, many years at a church. She has been cleaning the church and others buildings on the church proper since I was a little child ( I’m now 44 yrs of age). She also drove the church bus to collect children and those who needed transport to church. Again, she did this since I was a little child. About a year ago this saint had hip replacement surgery.

This woman never received a call or a visit from her pastor, IE. shepherd. She did not receive a visit from any of her “church family” with the exception of two ladies.

It has been a year since the surgery and the pastor with a business man’s heart has yet to leave the ninety and nine to seek the one. We would rebuke this mega church minded preacher in the Name of Him Who came seeking… His heart is a far cry from the Christ like heart and the heart of a true under shepherd.

When confronted by another saint with the message of “change your ways, preacher, or you will lose people.” To this rebuke the business man replied “We may lose some but we will get others.”

It has been said many times that Christ would die for a person if that person was the only person on earth. That is the compassionate heart of Christ. Let us compare…The business minded preacher would not bother with a 75 years young lady having surgery if that lady was the only lady in the church having surgery.

Though this idol shepherd took no note of a missing sheep The Good and Great Shepherd did and does. The Good and Great Shepherd also took note of His idol shepherd’s behaviour.

Did we rebuke this man to his face? No we did not as the woman in Mississippi requested us not. However, if this written rebuke were to find its way to the idol shepherd this writer would not be much bothered. If the idol shepherd is offended let the offended party address the offending party via e-mail (bkloder@sbcglobal.net) or in person at a future (DV) date.

An independent thinker might say at this point, ” There is two sides to every story.” The thinker would be correct. However, in this instance there is never a reason for a pastor to forsake a member lest it be for heresy. While it is true that when a party is offended said party should go to the offending party and settle things (Mt.19) if this is not happening it is job #1 of the pastor to get things settled (Philippians 4:1-4).


*Before pointing out error in a ministry or a man it is essential that I first remove the beam from mine eye. Before one judges all things (1 Corinthians 2:15) let one “examine himself” (11:28) “for if we would judge ourselves, we should not be judged.”(11:31)

Numbers 6:24-26


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