What A Shame It Is….

“The Lord watch between me and thee, when we are absent one from another”                                                                                                                                                 (Genesis 31:49)

“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity?”                                                                                                                                                    (Psalm 133:1)


What a shame it is when brothers and sisters in Christ lose touch with one another. We confess we are very good at losing touch with many in our Christ-ian family. We make no excuse for it as we are simply the type of person that likes friends at a distance. This does not mean I do not love them or that I am not available for them and to them but we are not the small talk hanging out type. Having said that we want to be clear that we do not want to lose touch with longtime friends/brethren.

In the texts above we would draw your attention to “when we are absent one from another” in the first text. We could infer that these persons had every intention of coming back together at a later date. In the second text we learn that it is “good and…pleasant…for brethren to dwell together in unity.” God is pleased when His children are in unity. Paul would call it hearts knitted together. In fact  in the Proverbs is listed (6) six things that God hates and the (7th) seventh is abomination to Him. That abominable seventh is those who would sow discord among brethren.

We can think of a number of believers we have lost contact with over the years. Some of these have their reasons and others do not. One in particular is a brother that just had surgery and we knew nothing of it. This is the time we ask ourselves what happened there? Why did we lose contact? There was no problems or discord; so what happened? I’m glad to have remade contact with this beloved brother. We can now pray for him and look forward to having fellowship with him in the future (DV).

Some lose contact when there is a church split and some lose contact because of life getting in the way or someone moves away. None of these are good reasons but only excuses.

The Christ-ian family is a precious gift from God. The Christ-ian family supports one another, cares for one another, suffers with one another, we weep when another weeps and we rejoice when another rejoices. The Christ-ian family gives us a very little insight to the Godhead or Trinity. As God is one God in Three (3) Person with a like minded-ness and unbreakable unity with it’s foundation in love so is the church family. The Church family is one body made up of different parts and it is to be like-minded, unified. We are to love each other for this was Christ’s new commandment to us…that we love one another.

How can we love each other if we are silent and distant?

Again, I am are very guilty in this matter and I confess it before God. Having said that I do not mean to imply that I will be a lover of small talk and hanging out. No. But as an under- shepherd of His flock I will be more faithful to use my staff to look under the sheep’s fur. In other words I will begin to mettle more in the lives of those I love.

Numbers 6:24-26


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