But 2 Timothy Is In The Old Testament

“But ye have heard it said, But I say unto you” (Matthew 5)

Have you ever wondered if certain politicians are aware that video exists and that most of what they lie about….err say is recorded? Because our ministry requires us to speak we are aware that what we say can be misinterpreted at times and how we can even be incorrect or thought to be incorrect with what we say. When this happens we must be prepared to clarify  our meaning, correct our meaning or to stand by our meaning. It is not very often that we can get by with misspeaking because our hearer and our reader pay us the compliment of paying very close attention to what we say and to what we write.

But back to the initial question. Have you ever wondered about politicians and their awareness to video? How about television preachers with large churches or radio programs? Have you ever heard someone like Joel Osteen or anyone on TBN? Have you ever heard a radio “preacher” like Gregory Dickow?  Have you ever listened closing to some that identify with the charismatic ministries those so “proud” to be part of the fundamentalist churches or read some of their evangelistic materials? Need I even mention heretics like Peter Popoff and ilk that can be found haunting late night infomercials?

Why is it or how is it possible for these charlatans to get away with it? How is it they are so confident with their guile? We believe there are a couple of answers. Those that hear them are ignorant to the truth. Those that continue to support lying politicians do not pay attention to what they say or they ignore honest journalists that make clear what politicians are saying. The second reason is that they simple do not care. These supporters have simply chosen to support whom they will no matter what. One of the politicians running for president claimed to come under gun fire while exiting a plane. This was very soon debunked but who among her supporters care? Not many if any. Another politician running for president made  the claim to being able to shoot someone in view of the public and his supporters would say with him.

As for the heretical “preachers” The answers are the same with one addition. Their hearers do not know nor do they read, much less study their Bibles. Many blame the preachers for this. While they will bear blame so to must the Biblically ignorant.

The Words of our Master in the text above stands as true today as they did when He spoke them from that mount, “Ye have heard it said [by the lying preachers and politicians] but I say into you [in the pages of the blessed, Holy Spirit inspired Word of God].”


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