I Wanted To Prove to People…

“And when the tempter came to [H]im,  he said, If [T]hou be the Son of God, command that these stones be made bread. But [H]e answered and said, I is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but bu every [W]ord that proceedeth out of the [M]outh of God.”

“Then…the scribes…and the Pharisees answered, saying, Master, we would see a sign from [T]hee, …[H]e ..said…no sign shall be given…


It is so very often we here the words or sentiments like those from the title of this posting. Someone may ask a person, “and why do you want to do this or that?” To which the person being asked will respond, “to prove to everyone that I could do it.” When ever an answer like that is given the questioner and others that hear the answer reply very positively to the response.

The person that would answer that question in the fashion, if young, is being trained to be a people pleaser or one that relies upon the feed back of others. If the person that answers is already an adult s/he is already one.

We understand a person taking negative feed back and using it as inspiration but that is not the same. The only person one needs to prove anything to is one’s self. One need not even prove anything to God for God already knows. It is often God’s purpose in testing for one to prove to one’s self one’s heart or one’s ability to accomplish a task for God has given His child all the spiritual blessings to accomplish that which is put in front of them, even if it’s a mountain or turning the world upside down.

The texts we chose above demonstrates Christ’s refusal to prove Himself to others. He came to do His Father’s perfect will not to prove to other’s His abilities. He would use His sovereign power over nature, over man, over the supernatural not to prove He could but to demonstrate or to manifest His divine identity. During the closing hours of His earthy habitation He was brought to the clown king, Herod and was charged by said clown to perform His magic. Christ’s regal and royal response was…silence. There was only One true King in that hall that day and it wasn’t the puppet clown king Herod. I am sure those in attendance made a comparison between the to and there was no question or contest to the true Potentate. King Jesus exuded Divine Royalty while clown Herod oozed and reeked of alcohol and classlessness.  King Jesus has nothing to prove that His silence and His regal Person could not. Reader, All Hail the King!

Another uncrowned king also never saw it important to prove his right to the throne but left it to his God and his God’s good and perfect timing. King David did not make attempts to overthrow the Divinely rejected and renounced Saul. Instead He followed the path God laid down for Him. He trusted God’s anointing and God’s good and faithful Word. He did not as his wicked and (l)ucifer like  son would do to him years later. He had nothing to prove not even to himself for God would prove all to him as He does to all that believe Him.

The great man and leader Moses did not seek to convince others or prove himself to others. Instead he left it all to God. Ask Miriam and Korah who was God’s chosen leader during the Exodus. Miriam would tell you very quickly, Moses . Korah actually could not answer for the earth swallowed him and his followers for their attempted overthrow and coup.

Beloved, You are who who God and made you to be and you will do as God has ordained you to do. Take confidence in His perfect way. You need not prove anything to anyone God shall do the proving. God proved Moses by standing by him. God proved David by giving him a promised kingdom and a good reign that was carried on by Solomon. God proved Christ and Christ’s claim by raising Him from the dead and setting Him at The Right Hand of sovereign Power.

There is nothing that needs proving to doubters that God, His perfect planning and divinely accurate timing will not.

Consider this, What if one does not prove one’s self to others? One has proven doubters right. What does that do for future desires? It will cause one to doubt one’s self never mind others. One should follow the wise counsel of James, “Say not that we will…ye ought to say, If the Lord will, we shall…do this or that. (Parts from James 4:13,15)

One would do well to follow the Lord’s counsel as well, “seek ye first the Kingdom of God…”

“He that is spiritual…is judged by no man.”


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