An Aged Christ-ian Part (4) Four

“…an old disciple, with whom we should lodge.”  (Acts 21:16 b)

“Enoch walked with God…” (Genesis 5:22)

“Noah walked with God…”  (Genesis 6:9)


The Hebrew word that is translated into “walk” has this meaning,  “To go on habitually or up and down.”

To go on habitually.  This sums up the aged mystic. The Aged mystic walks and dwells in the Presence of God habitually, “I am continually with [T]hee.”

Many who hear the term mystic usually think one of two things. Many think a mystic is of the occult on the level of a wizard. Others think Catholic and therefore not relevant.

This is not so. A Christ-ian mystic is one who has learned to “pray without ceasing” and to “be instant in prayer” All believers should strive to be a mystic as again, the mystic walks with God continually. The prophets were mystic as was David, as was Paul.

The mystic seems to have a spiritual intuition, if you will. In the dark ages  and prior to the reformation the Bible was not allowed in the hands of the people. Only the “learned” priests could have access. Yet though the Scriptures could not be read personally on a daily basis there were some who had the Scriptures within. It is as if God breathed His truths into chosen men and women. The Church of those days may have kept the Scriptures under lock and key but the Word of God can never be bound.

The aged mystic had God always before them, He was always in their thoughts… He was the center of their thoughts. They would pray without words, they simply dwelt with God in a higher plain. They may not have had the Word of God available to them but the God of the Word was continually front and center in their thoughts and lives.

The aged mystic can be recognized, usually by his want of alone time to be with God. In the Book of Acts Paul’s companions had chartered a ship to take them to their destination but Paul chose to walk to the destination. He had chosen to “walk with God” instead of traveling with beloved brethren. The aged mystic would rather be alone with God than to be in the company of people. This should not offend the people left out as this is simply the way of the aged mystic. God is his first love and nothing will pull that asunder.

Some of the mystics of the past include Brother Lawrence, Meister Eckhart, Augustine, Gregory of Nissa, Madame Guyon, Bernard of Clarviex, and A.W. Tozer. One may not agree with some of their thoughts but generally speaking the aged mystic will leave one desiring a deeper intimacy with God.


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