An Aged Christ-ian Part (5) Five

“…an aged disciple, with whom we should dwell.”


Thus far we have looked at the aged knower, the old legalist, the aged mystic and now the old and angry.

As we remarked in the introduction in part (1) one no one fits exclusively to any group as the aged knower will at times be old and angry however each aged Christ-ian will fit into a group generally speaking. We also remarked that the word aged can speak to a believer that is not aged in a number but in a spiritual maturity just as an aging Christ-ian, in terms of a number can remain spiritually childlike.

Having said that all believers will be angry at times but it is a sad state if they remained angry for much of their Christ-ian life.

To be certain there is much one can be angry with and about. One can be angry at the poor condition of the church as the spiritual state of the church, in general is very low. One could be angry at the number of spiritual leaders that have been compromised and have fallen in a public way. One could be angry at the world’s utter contempt for the church. For this contempt to be experienced all one needs to do is to read the comment section at the bottom of any article on the church in any public newspaper. One can become angry by the way Christ-ians are portrayed on any given television program. One cannot help but grow angry by the political seen in America.

As you can see quite clearly their is no shortage of reasons to be angry. We are sure that the reader would have no problem adding their own reasons.

However before dwelling upon the above or adding anymore let us put things into perspective. Each of the items listed above are all prophetic from the low spiritual condition to the state of the individual Christ-ian or professing Christ-ian. The hatred and utter contempt displayed by the world at large was promised by Christ, Himself! It is written, “Woe unto you when all men shall speak well of you.” Christ said, “Marvel not if the world hate you, for ye know it hated [M]e first.” He went on to reveal the reason for this hatred. He said that the world will hate you because I chose you out of the world!

The low quality of the church’s spiritual state is a sign of the Lord’s soon return!

You see then that if you are an angry believer you are part of the low spiritual condition of the church. Ouch! Your anger betrays your focus upon the world and lack of focus upon the One that Overcame to world, Who has charged us with the words, “Be of good cheer.” And “Look up for your redemption draweth nigh.” As well as, “Your salvation is nearer than when you first believed.”

There is an old hymn that goes something like this,

“Turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full in His Wonderful Face and the things of earth shall grow strangely dim…?”

A part of another hymn goes like this, “Cheer up my brother…”

You see beloved, We as Christ-ians should be the happiest and most joy filled people on this earth. For those outside of Christ and seem to be at peace are deceived but those in Christ have every reason to be at peace and they see things very clearly. However, those that are in Christ and are yet angry all the time they are above all the most deceived and blinded.


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