My Beloved Wife is an Evidence of God’s Favour Toward Me

“Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the LORD.                                                                                                                                                 (Proverbs 18:22)

Today, October 26, 2016, is my wedding anniversary. I have been married to my very best friend for (20) twenty years. My wife, Debbie has been married to a man that has, for (20) twenty years tried her patience and to her best friend.

My wife has given me (3) three daughters that I love very much. Debbie has been and is a great mother to our daughters. Our daughters love to spend time at home with their parents because they recognize the love and friendship. They recognize the blessing we all enjoy as a close family as they have had many opportunities to see other families and the differences are obvious. My wife has been a good example to them all.

Debbie and I have learned what it is to experience financial difficulties and we did it together. We have learned what it is to suffer and endure great physical pain. I have learned to know it and she has learned to watch a best friend live in much pain.

We have both gone through very hard times and to dwell in very dark places that others were not aware of for somethings are private between a husband and his wife. We experienced these time together and with the knowledge of God.

I have been so blessed to share my life with a woman that loves God and is “in Christ.” I have been so blessed to raise (3) three daughters with a woman that shares my philosophy on parenting. My wife has stood by my side through all of life’s difficulty as I have had the honour to do the same.

In text at the top of this page we learn that if a man finds a wife he finds a good thing and obtaineth the favour of God. My beloved is proof that I have God’s favour. If I ever doubt God’s favour all I need to do is turn my head and look at Debbie.

Humanly speaking, Debbie makes me a better man as I seek to be good and honourable in her sight. She is my rock upon which I lean on and cling to in the many storms of life. As Luther once said about his wife, “she is my sovereign.” Debbie and I balance each other in life. She is my memory and my human guide. We shall spend eternity together and I am so thankful to God to know this.

Debbie and I learned many years ago that we each must love Christ more than each other and that we must love each other more than self. As we both grow in our love for the Lord Jesus we each grow closer together. This was demonstrated with a triangle. On the top of the triangle the Name of Christ is written and at the bottom of the triangle at each corner is written our names with an arrow from each of our names pointing to Christ at the top. The point being as we each move toward the top…toward Christ we go closer to each other. This has proven to be true.

Something else i am thankful for is my wife’s consistent beauty. In the last twenty (20) years she has not aged nor has she ceased to care for her appearance (some might frown at a statement like that but they can frown for I am smiling). I have seen many a wife that has simply “let herself go” and this is true of husbands. When I see this I thank my wife for her beauty…her outside beauty and her inside beauty which only exemplifies her shine.

I am thankful and greatly blessed that I share a home where Christ is ever present and where peace is the standard… where there is far more agreement than disagreement.

The home she and I share is a home to be envied. I remember so many times friends and family as well as friends of our daughters not wanting to leave for as I said peace is the standard as is warmth and deep unity between the (5) five of us.

To God be the Glory and to my beloved wife all my thanks for (20) twenty years of undoubted love and friendship and great patience.


Debbie, Thank you so very, very much for who you are and for who God has made you. Thank you for being the best wife I could hope for. Thank you for being the mother our daughters can learn from and to study as an example. Thank you for enduring all my many shortcoming and filling in the gaps where I have faltered. I have, without doubt “found a good thing” in you and in our marriage and you are my evidence that God’s favour rest with me.

Love your husband, the most blessed of men,                                                                                 Loder                                                                                                                                                                       10/26/2016


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