Gun Violence, Logic, Emotions and The Blood…

” Buy a sword” (Lord Jesus)

If one is of the left wing of this nation one sees guns as the problem and a person’s ability to obtain a gun. If one is on the right wing of this nation one sees the difficulty of obtaining a gun as a problem for the law abiding. The right wing also see the root cause of gun violence as the person taking aim with the firearm. The Scriptural principle that could be applied her is the “money/love of money” principle. The Scripture states that the “love of money is the root of all wickedness.” To apply the principle one might say, “the gun is not the problem but the hate of the gun holder is the root of all the trouble.”

Abel was killed with a club of wood, others were killed with arrows, knives, a jaw bone, a fall from a high window and then being eaten by dogs, a king died by worms eating him from the inside out some died from spears and chariots and mill stones. Should all of these instruments be done away with? If you did people would use pencils, plants, cords, cars, hammers, saws, etc. to kill. A person can be killed by sitting on their chest and holding their nose and mouth shut. A person can be killed by hand strangulation. How does one legislate against those methods?

The problem is not accessibility  or inaccessibility to guns, the problem is the human heart. The problem is the disease of sin …fear, pride, self centeredness, anger, hate, desire, covetousness, revenge, lust, greed…human depravity. There is no answer to gun violence or any violence until the issue of the sinful heart is dealt with…we take words for granted. We hear a word and do not really think about it’s meaning. Sinfulness, what does it mean? It means that the human heart and mind is filled of sin to the point of overflow. It means that the heart and mind that is filled with sin works it’s sinful desire through the human body. This means the entire human person is a repository of sin…from one’s head to one’s toes. This is the Scriptural doctrine of human depravity. That is also why even the “good” that an non-saved person does is considered as filth in the sight of God. In many cases the good that one does is self serving in some fashion…relief from guilt, feeling good about themselves, fear of what others might think, wanting “to be seen of men,” To do more than someone else, etc.  The principle would be to do something and it not be from a place of true and pure love is to perform a worthless act even to it may benefit another person. It may benefit another person but no good was accomplished as far as motive and motive matters.

The heart is deceitfully wicked; who can know it?” You ask person’s who have committed egregious crimes, “Why?” and many will tell you, “I really don’t know.” It is because the heart is deceitful and wicked. Silly people say, ” Follow your heart.” That is to be ridiculed greatly. No one should follow their heart! One should think things through thoroughly and make decisions based in and on logic, history, facts and sense. Why are there so many broken families and single moms with fatherless kids? They all followed their hearts!!! Why is there so much gun violence? People are following their heart…their fallen emotions.

Nothing will ever change in the American culture until hearts are cleansed and made pure. One cannot do this themselves. There is only one answer to a sin soaked heart and mind…that is the Blood of Christ than can make one wholly whiter than snow. The answer to all of the cultural problems in any country,the only answer to the world’s crimes is the Gospel of Christ. The Power of the Gospel has answered the effects of sin in life after life after life; year after year after year; century after century….

In most electoral cycles the key word is always change but there can never be any change because the leopard cannot change it’s spots nor can an Ethiopian change their skin color. It is only the Gospel of Christ Jesus and His reigning in one’s cleansed and purified heart that will bring change. When one casts a vote one is doing their part to bring about some kind of change; when one prays they are voting for [God’s] will to be done on earth as it is in [H]eaven. One has the opportunity to vote every (4) years for president but Christ-ians have the privilege and honour to vote for Lord Jesus everyday therein will one find real and true change…into a new creature.


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