“Did You Hear? Celebrity X ‘Got Saved’!” or “Is God Made Bigger And Greater When He Saves A Celebrity?” or “Celebrity X ‘Got Saved’ Last Sunday, Let’s Ask X To Speak In Church”

” A bishop then must…Not [be] a novice, lest being lifted up with pride he fall into the condemnation of the devil.”  (1 Timothy 3:2 a, 6)

A wise man, we are taught, does not answer a matter before it is heard. Before one takes a stand or a position one should, if one is wise, investigate all of the ins and the outs. Paul said, “Prove all things.” John Said, “Try the spirits.” Our Lord said, Take heed to what you hear and to what you see. In Isaiah, it is written, you see but you do not observe [paraphrased]. In other words, anything one hears or sees must be put on trial. One must judge if it is…Good or bad, true or false, right or wrong. One must judge all things without being judgmental. One should not try to judge another’s intents or motives…only the actions….even then, one should be slow to judge in an absolute sense.

As a minister of the Word, we are very slow to recommend other ministries or books written by contemporary authors. This is due to the possibility of the ministry or author “falling from grace.”

When I was much younger, both physically and spiritually, I met Jake the “Snake” Roberts, a pro wrestler. Jake’s gimmick was draping his snake, Damien or Lucifer on his defeated opponent. Jake left the wrestling scene for a while and when he returned, years later, he was a Bible believer. He spoke about the Blood of the Lamb …ON T.V.!!! on a wrestling program. I was really into that. His new snake was named, Revelation.  Revelation was a pygmy python I.E. it was white with yellow mixed in. It spoke to Jake’s new found purity.

Many of the televangelists had Jake on their show and many churches invited him to speak about his life. The next chapter of his “walk” would see Jake on the independent wrestling circuit. There he would wrestle drunk; wrestle high; at one show he actually exposed himself. Today, Jake is in a good place and we hope he remains there.

The point of the above is this…When God saves a celebrity, it is the same as saving a homeless person at a mission. The saved celebrity may be awarded an Oscars or an Emmy and the homeless person is awarded with a safe place to sleep and (3) three meals a day. They both will (DV) learn from Scripture and other books on Scriptural topics. The celebrity will learn in a church and will (DV) obtain books that furthers their knowledge. The Homeless person will learn from the mission and will read from very, very used books.

On the outside, these (2) two are nothing alike. One is glitz and glamour; the other one is flannel and denim. On the inside, however, they are both, apprehended and saved by the same Lord Jesus. When it comes to Him, they both kneel. They both kneel B4 Him in the spirit of loving worship and reverence, as they are both on = ground.

We, as God’s chosen people, should not be more excited about a celebrity professing faith in Christ than we would anyone else. Is God made bigger and greater when a celebrity gives witness to Him? No, Nope, nada, nnnnnyet!!! Is God more acceptable since X gave witness? It would seem to us, if a celebrity is celebrated for their faith, God is made small. Samuel said to King Saul, ” You did well, when you were small, in your own eyes.[paraphrased]” When Saul was small in his own sight, God was BIG and GR8. However, as King SAUL’s pride grew BIGGER and BIGGER in his own sight, he lost GOD….he lost the kingdom…he lost all.

One should not elevate a “celebrity new saint” because there is no such thing. One should not ask a “celebrity new saint” to speak in one’s church because if the novice falls there will be great damage to many lives. The church will look foolish, as well. Paul said, the ministry must be blameless.

Back to the “Snake, ” Jake was on many Christ-ian programs and he sounded good. But, he like so many, fell…Alcohol & drugs.  Is that the message, we, the church, want to send? Juxtaposition, there are real ministries backed by former pro wrestlers. Ted Dibiase, Nikita Koloff, Shawn Michaels, and Sting AKA Steve Borden come to mind. These men did not make their salvation a public spectacle or make it part of their gimmick. These men have been living a Christ-ian life. [Perseverance = Salvation.] However, no one should exalt a believer due to celebrity. As a person lives, a person may fall; bringing many lives with them.

The only true celebrity is our Lord Christ Jesus.

If we recommend an author to someone, said author will most likely be dead. The dead are safe. The “Living celebrity new saint” are always questionable.

As to Jake, he is in a good place now. He is in a good place now, because someone loved him enough to intervene and hold him accountable. Is he a believer? I know not.

Finally, we conclude with this, When one has been privileged and honoured to celebrate God, in Christ, the Triune Sovereign, everyone else is………………………… everyone else.


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