“Liberals Will Love This Article And Conservatives Will Hate It…. On Opposite Day” or “You Are A Fool If You Follow Your Heart” or “Does That Statement Count As Provoking Persons…..To Good Works or Am I Provoking Fools To Prove Themselves Fools ?”

“He that trusteth in his own heart is a fool: but whoso walketh wisely, he shall be delivered.” (Proverbs 28:26)

“…be wise, and guide thine heart in the way” (Proverbs 23:19)

“The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?”                                                                                                                                               (Jeremiah 17:9)

“This evil people…walk in the imagination of their heart, [they] are good for nothing.”                                                                                                                                   (Parts of  Jeremiah 13:1o)


When the Scriptures speak of the heart in the way that they do above, it is speaking to the emotionally ruled mind. The Scriptures speak often on the heart and one needs to interpret the meaning within the context of the passage. When the Bible tells us, if a sinner believes and confesses in his heart that Christ is Lord and that God raised Him from the dead, they will be saved from their sin and it’s eternal penalty, it’s pleasure, and it’s power, the Bible is speaking to the new creature’s love, loyalty, and adoration for it’s Lord, Master, and Saviour.

The Scriptures speak to the purifying of the heart, which is the same as saying, the saint’s mind is renewed and is being renewed everyday, as are the Lord’s mercies new everyday; for everyday is “the day which the LORD hath Made, and we will rejoice and be glad in it.” We will…. we will rejoice and be glad in it. The renewed mind makes the decision to rejoice and to be glad. The renewed mind knows that God has made this day and that all things shall work together for our good….for those who love God and have been called to His purposes.

Persons who know me know that I dress with a shirt and tie everyday. They ask me repeatedly,  “Why do you dress like that?…nothing special is going on.” My reasoning is this; We dress ourself everyday as to acknowledge God and to be a blessing to my  Lord.  We dress, knowing that we will be standing in His Presence and I want to be ready, reverent and respectful to Him and to the day He has crafted for me. That is an insight to my thought process. That is how I think In my mind.

Thinking soundly, rightly, logically, fairly,  and critically is what God created the mind to do. When God made man in His Image, He was speaking of the spirit, soul and body. The spirit, in the context of this article, will (DV) be = to one’s mind set and the heart will be = emotions.

We were in Walmart (2) nights ago and saw a t-shirt that read, “Follow Your Heart.” This shirt was in the little girl’s section; it was positioned so as to be seen by all the passing shoppers. The shirt sure caught my eye. The shirt was pink and had glitter on it. We, then, thought to ourself, “It is the fool that follows their heart.” This demon-strates how ignorant, and silly minded the old creation/creatures in Adam really are.

Then, today we read articles, in which persons like Jill Stein and Jesse Jackson are praising Fidel Castro. These people [Beloveds you must forgive me, as I use the word “people” as a curse word] are using words like, symbol of justice and the word freedom was even attached to Castro. What are these “people” thinking? How do these “people” think? What kind of thoughts run through their head to think F. Castro was a good guy and symbol of freedom and justice?

F. Castro was a murdering, oppressive, evil, wicked narcissist that held people down, with a twinge of sadistic pleasure. I have often thought, what form would (s)atan take if he were to walk among his “people.” F. Castro fit the bill perfectly… A lone dictator, on an island nation, able to do whatever he pleases. F. Castro pleased himself through sadism,  oppression and murder. But now all those, that he controlled and tortured for decades, can rest tonight, knowing that this “Symbol of Justice” [Jill Stein] is in Hell at this very moment and being, himself, oppressed by the absence of God’s mercy. The absence of God’s mercy is fury and wrath.

As we finish up with Castro and throw him away, like used toilet paper, let us now consider Jill Stein, and Jesse Jackson. This Jillenstein monster-thing and J. Jackson are really, for our purposes, simple minded representatives of the old creatures still in Adam. These “people” [think curse word] actually think that the oppressive Castro was a good guy. This tells us what kind of leaders they would be, does it not? We are at a time, when fools that are “following their heart”, actually do and say what they want. They protest and decry authority every chance they can. Peter, in his second letter, chapter two, calls these empty “people,” natural brute beasts that are made to be taken and destroyed.

These “people” seem to be possessed by dim witted, dumbed down, and vexing demons. How can a grown person say things like, “we have to pass the bill, so we can see what it says?” or call a depraved murderous dictator, just? We have even read threads that are calling the OSU Samoan Jihadist, the victim. Yes, reader, these evil “people” consider the Jihadist a victim, a victim because he grew up in Somalia and was probably bullied as a child. There is also a man who was happy that Tennessee was on fire. His reason for joy? Tennessee was a Trump state. This, soon to be reaping, fool also wished the entire state would burn. Readers, these “people” are truly wicked and evil. They are dead inside, which leaves a vacuum. The vacuum is then filled with stupidity, ignorance, hatred, and bitter maliciousness. And the truth is, God put it there as a judgment. They demon-strate their vileness with their words, which Christ said, reveals their dark stony-hardened heart.

Beloved Readers, We must look at the world in a different way. We must come to understand that it is old creation in Adam – versus –  new Creation in Christ. I’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, Study the french revolution in detail, because it is coming to a town near us all. We are not sensationalistic, but the birth pangs have started. Tribulation is coming, all the signs speak loudly, the “people” are being encouraged to resist lawful authority….by certain politicians and false prophets.

The liberal left does not have any moral authority that they can point to. They are led or driven by their emotions, they are mindless, dim-witted, dead on the inside, hollow “people.” They call good, bad and bad, good. They are backward, inside out, upside down emotions, personified. They are possessed by their feelings and emotions, and their children are thrice as wicked as they are.

To summarize, fools follow their heart/emotions, and they are betrayed by their own heart, as it is desperately wicked and no one can truly know it. They do not know what they would do in any given circumstance until it happens and then they “follow their heart.” This also explains why they contradict themselves at every turn. They do not think, they only feel and their feelings change depending on the mob mentality of polls. They are tossed “to and fro” just like (s)atan, their daddy.

Godspeed, beloveds.















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