“I Do Not Want Prayer ‘Put Back’ Into School” or “I Do Not Wear Shirts Like That” or “Some Will Be Offended, But That Is Acceptable And ‘Kinda’ Fun” or “Which Is Evil, (s)atan Claws or ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’?”

” One man esteemeth one day above another: another esteemeth everyday, alike. Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind.”  (Romans 14:1)


We are never amazed at the differences of opinions and the emotions that arise around this time of year. Nor are we reminded how tired we have grown of the prayer in school arguments. Nor do we ever get surprised by people questioning us or commenting to, us or at us, regarding the manner in which we adorn our persons. We will, in this article speak on each of these separately.


Whenever X Mas rolls around around, one can count on the Christmas v. X Mas.  One person will say how much they love this time of year and another will correct them and inform them that was originally a pagan holiday and that it is not Christian to celebrate it. Sooner or later the subject concerning the Fat man in the red suit will surface and all bets are off. The one will say that S. C. is just a fun tradition and the other will call it an out right lie to children and a (s)atanic deception to turn attention away from Christ. The irony is that the debate, itself, turns the attention away from Christ and cause unnecessary division.

We will, in the article, (DV), give our thoughts on the topic. We hope we will be able to limit our thoughts to this piece and speak of it no more. We do not think our thoughts will convince anyone to change, nor do we seek to do so, as every man must be persuaded, himself as the quoted passage states.

What do we believe about this time of year? First, we enjoy this time of year as it is a time for family and regardless of one’s view points, anytime family can come together is a good time. Do I celebrate Christmas, “No.” Do I purchase gifts and receive gifts? “You bet I do.” Do I look down on those that do celebrate Christmas? “Nope.”  Do I or did I every tell my children about Santa Claus? “Nope.”  Do I look down on parents that do? “Nope.”

So where does my personal opinions fall? Before I state them, let me preface them by promising to offend someone? The offense is not my intent nor is it my motive. Besides, I cannot offend any one, really. You will be offended because you will allow it.

Do I celebrate Christmas? “I do not celebrate Christmas, but enjoy X Mas. I see Christmas as the Christian “Pearl of great price” being thrown to the “swine.” Christ belongs to the Christ-ian and not the non believer. While Christmas, we are told, celebrates the birth of the Christ, the truth is it only pretends to celebrate, “The Baby Jesus”, if Christ figures in at all.” These persons celebrate and “love” the “Baby Jesus” hate the “Man Christ Jesus!” They are comfortable with the idea of “Jesus” safely bound in a manger, but despise the Man Christ Jesus, that would certainly scourge them, and run them out of His Father’s house on Christmas Morn! Always remember, it was the religious persons that crucified Him.

I do enjoy X Mas as a “secular” holiday when I can spend money without my wife becoming angry with me and telling me “Dollars add up, Loder.”  X Mas, to me is like any other day, it “is the day which my LORD hath made and we will rejoice and be glad in it,” like all the other days He has crafted. Everyday is a reason to rejoice in my Master’s resurrection and to be glad for it. I do not set aside one day as a special day to celebrate His birth or resurrection. Every day is the day for Celebrating my Lord and [H]is great love, wherewith [H]e loved me, and gave [H]imself for me.

Do I “do (s)atan Claws,” err, Santa Claus? Obvious not. I never told my children that (s)atan Claws was a real person, but neither did we allow them to “ruin” it for other children, nor did we teach them or allow them to judge others that did. (s)atan Claws was a (s)atanic, titanic-sized deception that good and well intentioned parents fell into to. The truth about the Fat man in the red suit, as I see him is this, He came from the North, he came bearing gifts, his colors were red and white, he knew if you’d been bad or good, and he read your letters, I.E. prayer requests. If you were bad you got coal, to keep the fire of hell stoking.  Hmmm, now Who does that sound like………”MMMmhhh? Mmmmeee thinks, Christ? Isn’t that special?” One cannot be intellectual honest and not see the likeness.

The danger in “doing Santa Claws” is this; A/the parent(s), someone, that all children should believe, tells the children, about Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, the Sandman, Oh, and God. Then, on some bright shining morning the parent(s) drop the bomb, and they tell the child, “I’m sorry, Schnuckums, Santa isn’t real, nor is the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, or the Sandman.”  and Schnuckums responds with, “But, ‘sniff, sniff’ what about God?”  “Oh, Honey,” says Mom or Dad, “Oh, He’s still real.” The child, in his sub conscience,  wonders,  Huh, for how much longer will God be real. You may think me hyperbolic, but think again. In closing this portion, we will do so in a jesting manner… the kids are should be comforted by learning their home is not so easily broken into by a fat man, a mutant Rabbit, a crazy lady, stealing teeth, and a wacko sprinkling sand!

Do I judge parents that celebrate Christmas and all it’s trappings? “I do not.” You may or may not believe me, but that is my answer. Christmas, to me is a personal choice that each person has the liberty to decide for themselves and their own.

Onto the much debated subjects of our time, prayer in schools.  At first glance this is a “no- brainer” for Christians every where. Of course, prayer should be in schools. Then a litany of evils will soon follow that have occurred since “God was kicked out.”   Do I believe prayer should be in schools” Let me be clear, “No, No way, Jose, Nada, Nyet, etc. ” Am I anti prayer, I am not, I am a believer and teacher in “practicing the Presence of God, ” in praying without ceasing and being instant in prayer. If we could only preach on (2) two things, we would preach on the subjects of constant prayer and the Sovereignty of God over all.

Why then would we be against prayer in school? The first reason: Prayer has never, nor will ever, leave schools, public places, the military or any where. The praying people will always pray and they will “pray everywhere.” The second reason: If Christ-ian prayer was recognized in school, so would the Muslim’s call to prayer, the (s)atanic mass, the Catholic mass, the gay church, etc. Kids being kids, which do you think would draw most of their attention? The children would also be taught, indoctrinated, and brain-washed to respect all religions, ideas, lifestyles, and cultures. Do you still think it a good idea? Instead of praying for prayer to return to school, let us pray that it will return to the House of God, the House of prayer.

Onto the adorning of my body. Why don’t i wear shirts with another person’s name or likeness on it? Let me again, preface my comment. I do not judge others that do, as it is a personal choice based in Christian liberty. We do not wear clothing with a person’s name or likeness on them because we were, “bought with a [high] price,” and we advertise and bring attention to only One Person, Christ Jesus, our Lord. It is our personal opinion that when one where’s a likeness or name they are advertising for that person.

This personal conviction does not extend to wearing one’s employer’s name or logo, for God has appointed that employer as your master for “eight” (8) hours a day, and that employer is under God’s authority also. We do not see a  conflict of interest in wearing a sports logo like Cubs, Bears, WWE, MMA, Bulls, Packers,  etc. This simply shares one’s interest with others. I am convicted, however, with a person’s name or likeness. We, ourself, are not able to wear the name of any athlete, politician, fictional character as we advertise for Christ, Alone. There are many Batman shirts on the market that we enjoy looking at but to wear one “goes against conscience and until I am convinced by Scripture….” You get my point. I must confess that I do, on rare occasion, wear a Batman logo under my shirt or privately to bed for this does not advertise or bring attention to anyone and besides that, “I’m Batman,” to be heard in my batman voice.

If anyone is offended by any of the above, it is not my intent, motive, or even a possibility. If you are annoyed, besmirched, angered, infuriated, irritated or otherwise overcome or overwhelmed, it is not my doing. I have been speaking to my personal convictions. I have not been speaking to what you should or should not do, to your own “[M]aster, you will stand or fall.” That is the thing with the liberty Christ has won for each of us. We can and should, “Have faith to ourselves.” That is to say, enjoy what you enjoy, and if need be, keep it between you and God, for the LORD shares His secrets with whom He wills, and vice versa. John said, if your conscience bothers you not, great. This of course, does not include sin or unwise activities. If sin or unwise activities do not cause your conscience to shout out, you should “examine yourself.” If one enjoys something others do not, or are viewed by some as non-Scriptural, keep your enjoyments to thyself as you do not want the weaker brother to fall into the sin of pride-filled judging,  or the new believer to struggle with a subject s/he may not be ready for. One does not want to take part in the fall of a brother or sister, who struggles with the liberty you enjoy.  This is not hiding anything but protecting another’s conscience.

We, ourself, enjoy, WWE, MMA-Jiu Jitsu, “The Walking Dead,” “The Exorcist” T.V. series and the edited version of the movie, “Supernatural”, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” Criminal Minds,”  “Law and Order,” “Batman, and Judge Judy”  Things we do not like, Commercials that blatantly play on my emotions, starving kids, the homeless, animals, etc., most “Christ-ian” programming, CNN, MSNBC, the “Kardashians,” most ‘Reality’ T.V.,  We like many other things, but we listed the freedoms we thought might cause some to question us, which, in fact, should cause them to consider themselves and any legalism that is lording over them. We also wanted to demonstrate our Christ-ian liberty at work. The Christ-ian’s Shield of Faith will protect them from any “corruption” a program may cause.

Many, while thinking the above is un-Christ-ian, will allow their children to watch shows like, Bear in the Big [Pinko] House, and “Dora, the Supplanting, Extortioner” [of children’s emotions] and go to schools, where their little “sponge(s)” is/are absorbing (s)atanic lie after lie, without challenging the teacher and the system.

Paul teaches us that we should enjoy, richly, all that God has given us and that means enjoying things others don’t, can’t or just won’t.



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