“Everyone Loves A Return” or “Sometimes A Return Is A Big Let Down” or “Finally”

“Looking for that [B]lessed [H]ope; and the glorious [A]ppearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ…” (Titus 2:13)


Everyone loves a return of someone special or of someone that is loved.  When a soldier returns home from a war or from serving their country the family, of said soldier, is elated and full of joy and thanks. When a police officer returns home after a shift the officer’s family is also full of joy, and thanks, not to mention relief. If one is a fan of sports one, once in a while, experiences the return of an athlete from retirement or injury. Sometimes the return of an athlete is celebrated and sometimes it is a let down.

I remember, as a teen-ager, a wrestler returned to television from a very long retirement. It was an unexpected return but it was  [I still get goosebumps] exciting and I was speechless. I also remember a MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighter made a return from a lengthy absence from the Octagon [A octagon shaped ring encaged with chain link fencing). On this occasion the returning fighter lost within a minute of the fight. This return and subsequent loss was a letdown to his fans. I was not a fan, nor am I a fan of anyone. I enjoy some athletes more than others but I do not allow that word fan, for that denotes fanaticism.

There is a return scheduled that some look forward to with great anticipation and hope. This return is greatly longed for and is expected. However, this return is not looked forward to or longed for and certainly not expected by many others, if not most persons today. This return promises to bring tremendous, even world-wide change. This return will usher in a new age of righteousness. All of members of mankind will either be for this Returning world-Leader or they will be against Him. He will require full devotion and loyalty as He always has. This Leader, we have been told, will rule with a rod of iron. He will appoint new leadership through out the world and He will not need any other puny governing body to approve of His appointments. There will be no success at staying His Hand or questioning His Authority.

His government will be world-wide and eternal. He will carry this government upon His shoulder, as He has carried His embedded people upon His shoulderS. The beginning stage of His eternal government, it seems will last (1000) one-thousand years. He will rule this righteous government from Israel.

However, prior to this coup (Governmental overthrow) He will war a great war, for He is a Man of war. This Man of war has never been defeated, no, not one time. He has been ever-victorious and has caused His embedded, good and chosen soldiers to be great in battle, as well. This Man of war has provided great armour for His warriors of righteousness. They have been provided shield and sword, the double edged variety. Their breastplate is the breastplate of their Leader’s imputed righteousness. Their helmet is the very helmet of their salvation, the helmet that Goliath lacked. Their loins are bound up in truth, Their feet are shod with armour that has been prepared by the Gospel of their Leader, for they have learned there warcraft from Him. This Man of War and His Righteous Army will overwhelm their enemy.

The war will be fought in Israel. All the world’s armies and military will be gathered together to destroy Israel, the home of this Man of war and the future home of His army and governing body. This great Man of war will return with a great shout and a trumpet. All will see this Man of war, for He shall descend from the Heavens with an army of angels, and He will, then call His earthly, hidden, and embedded army from off the earth and into the air where they shall ever be with Him, and where they will be draped in righteous armour.

As the world beholds this returning Man of war, they will behold His stare as if it were fire and the Word of God will be spoken from His Mouth and all shall be pierced asunder.Upon His thigh it is written, KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS, and to the enemy’s  horror, His vesture will be dipped and dripping in the blood of His martyred saints. This fearsome Man of war will call upon the foul of the air and shall direct them to feast upon the flesh of His enemies. He will direct them as God did direct their ancestors into the ark of Noah.

The world will ask the question, the same question that Heaven asked (2) two millennia ago, “Who is this King of glory?”  And the answer will be the same, “The LORD strong and mighty, the LORD mighty in battle. This LORD strong and mighty in battle, this undefeated Man of war, this everlasting Governor of Righteousness, This KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS…What is His Name?   His Name is Jesus Christ, He is Lord and Saviour of mankind, The fullness of the great Triune Godhead is pleased to dwell in Him, He is the LORD of Heaven’s Hosts, He is the One Who rose from the dead after defeating death and the grave.

Yea! He is our God and Lord, Jesus Christ the blessed hope of us all.


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