“Legalist: Movies are bad” or “How To Glorify God At The Movies” or “Others Can And Others Can’t”

(Romans Chapter 14)

“Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.”  (Galatians 5:1)


When I was a child I was told by a teacher that people see things differently. I thought how can I see a dog and someone else see something else. She explained to me that people may see the same thing but think about it differently. For example, one may see a kitten as cute and cuddly, while another sees a little tiger that would eat you if it could.

This is also true in Christendom. Some see the movies as bad,worldly, and the devil’s work. They see it as a medium, whereby, (s)atan preaches his wickedness. There is truth to this. However, others see the movies as a form of entertainment and a way to bond with others. The movies give them something to share and talk about. Television is the same way. People view it differently.

When we watch television we watch it to be educated, to be up on current events, and social movements. We also watch it to be entertained. We also watch it to find Christ figures. We look for characters that remind us of others Christ-ians persons. For example, When we watch “NCIS” we are reminded of A.W. Pink. We see Mark Harmon’s, “Gibbs” as character that shares traits with Pink. We are then reminded to thank our God for the teachings of Mr. Pink as well as all other faithful writers and teachers. You see…we have glorified God by watching T.V..

There was a movie released a couple of years ago and it’s sequel is, (DV), “Coming Soon to a Theatre near You.” Some may view this film, “John Wick,” as an extremely violent film. It is about a former hit man, who fell in love, left the business and lived “Happily ever After…NOT.” After falling in love his wife was diagnosed with a terminal disease. The wife passes and he is crushed. The night after her funeral a package came, special delivery. The content of the package was a puppy. This was sent to him by his just deceased wife. Her message was ….John needed something to love so that he would not return to “the business.” In time some “bad guys” killed his dog. John Wick returned to his former life and brought vengeance with him. He was seething because the bad guys killed the last link he had to his beloved bride.

Again, some would see this as a very violent film and not to be seen by Christ-ians. Whereas, we, who stand fast, see this film and view it through theological spectacles. While one sees this film and it’s attendance as sin, We view it as a type of Christ’s second coming. We view it as sinners, that do evil to Israel, and the church, being rewarded for their evil ways. In other words, the bad guys = sinners; the puppy = the church; and Wick = the Christ figure. This same mold can be seen in the Matrix films.

Denzel Washington is an actor that, I believe, seeks and accepts roles that proffer a strong Christ figure. His Christ figure roles can be seen in, “Man on Fire,” “the Magnificent Seven,” and the “Equalizer.” Again, some see these films and the ones above as very violent and sinful. We, however, look for and find the Christ figure in these films. We are then given to praying and praising Christ for the attributes that we are reminded of and know to be His. Washington’s, “Book of Eli” is a must see for Christ-ian movie-goers. This movie manifests the great importance, great need, and the inestimable value of the “King James Version Bible” or The “Authorized Version.”

Having said all of that, we are not a proponent nor are we an opponent of people being saved after seeing a movie, like Gibson’s, “The Passion,” (Sequel is coming (DV)), or any other Christian film. God will do what God will do. We are BIG Proponent of persons and peoples being saved through the pre-incarnate Word, the Life, the death and the Resurrection of One Jesus Christ, Lord and God over all.

Also we would be remiss if we did not say…there are movies that a Christ-ian should not see and these are usually more obvious that not. However, the subtle one does executive produce a flick that is thought to be very Christ-ian, but is very un-Christ-ian, in deed. The movies about people going to Heaven or Hell and returning to describe what they saw are all of the subtle serpent. They should be ridiculed by the people of the Book as deceptive and dangerous.

“The VVitch,” from a couple of years ago, is so dark and non-edifying of a movie as there has ever been, shows the defeat of a puritan family under a (s)atanic “vvitch.” The VV is how puritans would write  a W and this is how the film makers, wrote it, too. There is absolutely no redeeming quality to this film, other than a depiction of a family without Christ. I am wrong, there was a good part, a child of the family died at the hands or curse of the vvitch, but we see his soul explode upwards to the God he loves and the God who loved him and the God that will ultimately damn the vvitch and all witches. Could this film have any God glorifying qualities in spite of itself? Of course, one can always find a way to glorify God if one only looks. This film allowed me to understand what it must be like in many Christ-less households…households, and not homes, in this world, in our country, in our county, in our village, or city, or even on our street. It has given me an urgency to be on the look out for these families.

One end I have in my ministries is to get persons to see or at least look for God everywhere. This is one more way.


Please forgive any typos or improper grammar and all punctuation errors.


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