“It’s Time…It’s Time For my (2nd) Second Annual Rant!!!!” or “I’ve Been Around Long Enough To Have A Soap Box” or ” Disgusting Part Deux (that’s French And Elitist Slang for two)”

“For we dare not make ourselves of the number, or compare ourselves with some that commend themselves: but they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise.”  (2 Corinthians 10:12)

“…whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.” (1 Corinthians 10:31)


I remember years ago, I went to a landscaping awards ceremony. I was given a very nice plaque that said something. I realized that all the other men with the same title and position that I had received the exact same plaque with the exact same wording. What does that mean? That means that the plaque meant nothing. I also remember…I think it was George C. Scott, that refused an Academy award because he believed for it to mean anything the nominees would have to play the exact same role in the exact same movie for the award to mean anything.

I’m not against awards that recognize a persons accomplishments, as we are told in Scripture that God shall rewards everyone according to their deeds, whether they be good or bad. I’m not against spelling bees or sports awards. The Hollywierd…err Hollywood award shows however, are different.

I see the elitist gods of the the screen industry and hear their incessant babble and it truly is disgusting. I’m not against the movie star (the professor, too “Gilligan’s Island” reference) exercising their God-given and (1st) first amendment right, but it is obnoxious when they believe their own press and it is to be ridiculed when they think their cross eyed point of view should be heeded more than say, a person who really is effected by political decisions or indecisions. Our Lord did good works first and then called upon others to do likewise. Some of movie stars call upon others to do their idea of “good works” and then do nothing lest a camera is near by.

I know that there are celebrities that use their celebrity for good things, Pitt, like him or not, does some decent stuff. Denzel Washington….spoke at a Louisiana college on their graduation day and spoke to them about God and following God’s plan for their lives…good stuff. This last “Golden Globes,” I heard Casey Affleck speak that God is love and saw Denzel Washington give him a thumbs up…good stuff. I know that Jeff Spiccoli,err rather Sean Penn does a lot of good and it seems like he does it for publicity, but, as Paul said, there are some that preached Christ, in his day, for the sole purpose of bringing greater and harsher penalties onto him, yet he was happy that they were preaching Christ. Christ even said that some do good works and receive their reward in the form of man’s praise, but at least good would come out of questionable intent. We also know that God makes all things work for good to us that love Him and are called according to His purpose therefore, methinks God can use publicity hungry hacks to help others, too.


I know that there is a “secret society” in Hollywierd called, “Friends of Abe.” This group is made up of conservative actors that want to see the conservative agenda (agenda is a word the control hungry persons use) succeed. They welcome right wing politicians to speak at their gathering and then $$$$ support these agendas. I’m not a fan of secret societies, as Christ explained to the priests and pharisees, concerning His method of open teaching, it was not in secret or in dark corners. Anything that is done in secrecy should be question’d by independent free thinkers. I’m not saying that some communications and plans should not be kept quiet or shared with only a few, but when it is a society of the wealthy, the power hungry and the control obsessed, it should be watched with discerning eyes.

I enjoy the Hollywierd product. I enjoy films and television. I use them both for education and different points of views. These products from the dark side also provide analogies that can be used to help people understand truth…………………….

To those who object to the using of pop-culture as analogies, did Paul not use the poets and gods of his time to explain truth? ….Readers, a side note, please……. or………………..  “To the Bat Cave”….[I wanted to speak to you out of the hearing of the objectors above us, when speaking or questioning other persons, always try to pre-answer their objections and also try to have the answer to the ?’s you are asking them. …also, to avoid the awkwardness of eye contact, do not look into their eyes, peer at the bridge of the nose or between their eyes. This tool will act as a mental drill bit, because they think you are peering into their guilty souls. Also, allow Brother St. Silence to compel your objector(s) to fill the vacuum of silence with their thoughts and confessions.]

Were back, Aunt Harriet and Alfred.


Hollywierd does produce some good moral films. On January (20th) Twentieth, there is a movie being released that depicts an actor being awarded the part of “Jesus” in a movie or play. It demonstrates his lost state and natural ignorance of Christ and the Gospel. Shawn Michaels of WWE fame has a character part in the movie that brings this guy down to earth….(that’s what I deduce from the trailer.) So, the gold coast does produce some good stuff. Lewis’ “The Chronicles of Narnia”series is starting up again, “The Horse and His Boy,” methinks. St. Mel Gibson is putting out the sequel to “The Passion of the Christ.” Gary Siniese  (sp?) does good work for veterans. There are persons that use their celebrity and status for good and their are others who use their celebrity and status for their idea of “good.”

My rant…..It bothers me ( I know….I know, I shouldn’t allow it to, but I do), when the glitz and the glam of the red carpet starts up, I know that the elite, the smarter than everyone else, the worldly-wise, and the attention hungry gods or Hollywierd will spout off, will spew, will vomit, will puke, will upchuck , will ooze their elitism, their smarts, and their wisdom upon the gullible little people. They will share their “in sight” with the sociopathic politicians (not all, I know)…. and God, Who gave them their talents, the air they breathe, the attractive-good looks and life is eschewed and forgotten.

We do not hate or envy Hollywierd celebrities, in fact, at times, we pity them, as they are pressed upon by photographers and attacked with rumours. We really feel for their kids, what must their lives be like? I won’t even begin to talk about their religion of Scientology, which comes from science fiction books….it really does, research it. They laugh at the Bible believers while believing in made up stuff from science fiction book and the imagination of a power and attention hungry anti-Christ, good grief!!!….. Sometimes I have to confess and repent before God because I laugh so uncontrollably at their idle and willing stupidity, I’m not joking, I really do. I feel like the pharisee looking down on the publican.

These gods of pretend and made up worlds compare themselves by themselves, as Paul said the false teachers and leaders did in his time. Puny human minds believe they can set the standards of success and glory for everyone, which in the end means nothing. It is God that sets all standards; all standards of righteousness, morals, and ethics. And it was only Christ that could ever meet those standards. Praise be to God that, in Christ, we too, meet those standards.

So why am I disgusted? Romans 1 tells us clearly that all persons and peoples know that God is. Therefore, when the gods of pretend accept their fame, their awards, their sycophants’ idolatrous worship and everything else that glitters, they are knowingly and purposely, somewhere inside themselves, disrespecting God by not acknowledging Him in all their pretentious ways.

I know there are good people in Hollywierd and I am not speaking about them. God chose to give them that life and they acknowledge it and are thankful. God uses them for good. The rest of the gods however, will soon see what truth, power and great glory really looks like. All the Emmies, Golden Globes, Oscars, and People’s Choice awards will be nothing compared to the Glory and crowns that shall sit at the Feet of our Lord.


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