“Feelings vs. Thinking” or “I Don’t Feeeeeeeel Like It” or “A Sound Balance”

“…Think on these things.”  (Philippians  4 b.)

“Prove all things….”  (1 Thessalonians 5:21 a.)

“And when Sarai dealt hardly with [Hagar], she fled from her face.”  (Genesis 16:6 b.)



Our Maker created us spirit, soul, and body. We were made in God’s Image. we still bear that Image, though it be marred by sin. Many have asked and many have answered the question, what does it mean to be made in God’s Image? Like God the answers are infinite.

One of the answers is God the Father = soul, God the Son = body, and The Spirit = the spirit. Another answer is, like God, we are triparte beings. We are a thinker, we are a feeler, and we are a body (after the incarnation, of course). It is this (2nd) second answer we will (DV) write on.

If a person follows the heart, I.E. feelings, said person is a fool. The Scriptures says so. The person who always thinks things through thoroughly, is thought of as cold, as a buzz-kill. There needs to be a balance between the two, else the feelings, thinkings, and the body will pay a high price. I’m not a doctor but methinks that much of our illness comes from too much feeling or too much thinking. Something has to give and it is usually the body.

This article is not about politics, however, I will (DV) use politics as an example. The right wing of our Republic is more thought than feel, generally speaking. The left wing of our Republic is more feel than thought. As I’ve said before, This is not a criticism of the right or of the left, it is simply a fact. Our Republic needs boths wings to fly straight and so do we. We need a balanced thinking and feeling dynamic.

In a perfect world we would have that dynamic but as we all know, this is not a perfect world. Sin has corrupted it and sin continues to corrupt it and sin will continue to corrupt it until Christ returns.

I have used these (2) two characters to demonstrate an extreme. If you want to see what it looks like inside the mind of a “raging feeler” look at “Carrie White,” the titular character of Stephen King’s novel, “Carrie.”  You can also look at her knife wielding mother, too. I cannot recommend the film as it has offensive language and there is nudity. You may, however, find scenes on You Tube, I would imagine. Look up prom scene and or mother scene. This character is an extreme example of the person that is a slave to feelings.

The other character is Sheldon Cooper. This character is one of the main leads in the sitcom “The Big Bang Theory.” Cooper is all thought, all logic, all science. He does not know how to function in the world without aid from his friends and girlfriend. He is not a psycopath, nor is he a sociopath. He is an extreme example of a person that is all thought minus the bothersome feelings.  Sherlock Holmes (at times) and Mr. Spock are examples as well. [Sidenote: Spock calls himself a descentant of Sherlock Holmes.]

Our Lord, being perfect Man, has all things in balance. Christ’s emotions were always in check. His emotions were in check during the cleansing of the temple. When Christ was tempted by the master tempter, His thoughts and feeling must have been in perfect balance or He would have relented. As we know, He relented not.

As our Lord faced opponent after opponent after opponent, we find Him perfectly balanced. His opponents, whether they be pharisee, sadducee, priest, scribe, evil spirit, stormy night, or the criminal’s cross, never caught Him off guard or caused Him to lose control over any part of Himself.

What about you, reader? Are you given to emotion or feeling? Do they control the way you think? Do they control your actions? This should not be. The mind should always control the heart or the feelings. If more persons would have their feelings controlled by the mind, we would see far less murder, far less abortion; there would be far less fornication. Politics would run more smoothly. Race relations would be far better and there would be far less of the senseless protests we have seen. The prison population would slowly, but surely decrease. If the mind controlled the feelings this world would be a better place.

I don’t want to make our feelings out to be the bad guy. Feelings are necessary. God created us with feelings. He put them there.  Due to the fall they, like everything else is marred. Anger should prompt us to make wrong things right and not to cause harm. Fear should alert us to real and present danger, and not to take control. Sadness should be used when something has hurt us or someone else. Sadness and (non-clinical) depression is not meant to be a life-long mood or the default emotion.

The next time a feeling begins to grow……stop… and ask yourself, “Is this what this emotion is meant for or is it meant for something else?” If your emotion should be used for something else….stop… and pray; seek the Holy Spirit’s help in the ordering of your emotions.

This may seem impossible, after all you have been like this for years. The truth is, it may take years to get things under control. Another truth, “With God all things are possible.”

St. Peter writes, and tells us that, we are “partakers of the divine nature.” WoW!!! THINK and FEEL that. We are; you and I are “partakers of the divine nature.” The “too deeeeeep” thinker may ask, “What does this mean? What could Peter be say’n?”  St. Peter means exactly, my reader, what he says!  You and I have been given the divine nature of God. This divine nature was given and received the moment the Holy Spirit, was enthroned within you and me…WoW!!!

Don’t get puffed up dear reader. For the old nature remains, as well. Stay humble, my friends….stay humble.

A syllogism: We have the divine nature / The divine nature is perfectly balanced / Therefore, we too, are perfectly balanced.  This is a valid argument but it is wrong and untrue. In logic the terms valid and true are not the same. Let’s look at the syllogism piece by piece. the (2nd) second premise is accurate; the (3rd) premise or conclusion is wrong…wrong…wrong. What about the first? Scripture states it as fact. What, then is the problem?  AH. like we said, the old nature remains. Let’s try this again.  A syllogism: We have been given the divine nature, while the old and carnal nature remains / The divine nature is perfectly balanced; the old is not / Therefore, we too, are imperfectly balanced and as the divine nature grows stronger, we will become more and more balanced like Christ; the reverse is true, too. If the old nature grows stronger; you will become more and more imbalanced and your triparte being will pay the price thereof.


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