“The Holy Spirit’s Relationship To Us” or “Our Relationship To The Holy Spirit” or “Christ’s Relationship To The Disciples = The Spirit’s Relationship To Us And Our’s To Him.”




Often times, when we give a special type of knowledge to another we call it a gift. I learned this from Saint Paul. There is knowledge and then there is knowledge that has the great potential to change another’s life. This gift knowledge is also the kind of knowledge that can be applied immediatley. Today’s article has the potential to be that kind of knowledge. For this article to be that kind of knowledge you must partake of the knowledge and apply it. Another characteristic of the gift knowledge is a shortened article, so that you may focus upon this one point. We will comment upon this poit very little.




It sounds simple but it is life changing if applied. I know that there will be few to apply it, however, and it is to their very great loss.

What was Christ to those (11) eleven men. He was their Friend, Confidante, trusted Ally,  Teacher, Guide, Protector, Deliverer. He ate with them daily, He was their Small Talk and the Communicator of great Truths, These men would all sleep in close quarters with Him and woke up to Him, too. He was the Miracle Worker, He is their Lord and Master. He is their Only Saviour. He was their Everything. He is their All in All and their Altogether Lovely One.

After many disciples departed and left Christ, He turned and asked those remaining, and Peter said, “to whom could we go?”

My readers, the Holy Spirit, the Same Spirit that dwelt in Christ, now dwells in you, if you belong to Christ. Everything that the Lord Jesus was and still is to those men; the Holy Spirit of Christ is to you…right now in the most literal of ways. The only difference is the Body of Christ is in Heaven. If you apply this truth your life will change….I know whereof I speak.

Read this over and over again, not because I wrote it but, because God will back it up by His Presence in and upon your lives.


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