“The Family Annihalator” or “What’s Wrong With Fatherhood” or ” A Salt Ministry” or “Sound Out The Previous Title….To Know What I Mean”

“And he shall turn the heart of the father to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.”  (Malachi 4:6)

“And it came to pass, when [Jephthah] saw her, he rent his clothes, and said, Alas, my daughter! you have brought me very low, and you are one of them that trouble me: for I have opened my mouth to the LORD, and I cannot go back.  (Judges 11:35)


First off, If you know anything about Jepthah, the Judge of Israel you probably think He killed his daughter……methinkssssssssss……No! Jepthah did what most fathers want to do…….he kept her away from “declaring [her] generation.”  By that I mean to say, he didn’t allow her to marry and have children.  Jepthah did not kill his daughter as a sacrifice to his LORD.  How do I know this? Because I know Whom I have believed. God would not accept human sacrifice.  Look at the false god (m)olech or (s)atan in disguise. The worshippers of (m)olech would throw their children to him. (m)olech was a furnace or outdoor fireplace made in the shape of a god. And yes the wicked worshippers would throw their babies into the outdoor fireplace.

Our God said, referencing the outdoor fireplace, that such a thought never entered His Mind. Therefore, He would not accept the slaying of Jepthah’s daughter as a sacrifice. Also remember God stopped Abraham from killing Issac.  For God to accept human sacrifice would have caused all kinds of confusion with the Cross.

Now that we have concluded that matter and gave Jepthah his good name back we shall continue (DV).

The point of this article to call attention to what is called the family annihalator, which we shall refer to as FA from this point. It is well known that fatherhood is a disrespected institution in this country. As the cliche goes the dad is always made out to be the fool in many of the television shows. To be fair it is getting better.

Also, one must look at the families and see that many fathers, regardless of skin color, are not there for their kids. Whether it is by divorce, abandonment, career, or self-centeredness the children do not have a father to look up to; instead they have fathers that they can look down upon.

It is thought that a child views God through the lens of their own father. If the father is absent, the child may have no view on God. If the father is abusive, they might see God as a punishing and hard God. If the father is a weekend or every other weekend father, then God might not be trustworthy.

I know of a father that takes his kids to the store and steals things right in front of them.  What will become of these kids? Do they have a moral compass and know that stealing is wrong? I don’t know that they do. Fatherhood has become a thing of the past; one might say, we are living in a post-fatherhood culture today. This breaks my heart.  Is it any wonder that Super Hero movies do so well?  Kids are looking for a father.

It seems to me that the effects of a fatherless home manifests differently with boys and girls.  Boys without a father tend to be more violent and girls tend to “fall in love” more easily with boys as they are seeking a male figure in their life.

That is what fatherhood seems to be in this country and that is wrong, but things can always get worse.  The FA is a man that kills his entire family and it seems like it happens out of nowhere. It is thought that there are certain triggers to cause a man to kill his family. 1. Financial troubles  2. Family is in despair and the father feels incapable of doing anything about it.  3. Honour Killings  4. Mental Infirmities  5. Revenge  6. Self righteousness.

Some men have  idealistic pictures of what a family is and when their family does not meet that standard, he kills them. In the barbaric religion of (i)slam, a father will kill his daughter if she dishonours him in anyway. Mental infirmities must be dealt with; a father who is mentally ill can do anything. Revenge killings: These are more often than not a married couple that were high school sweethearts or they are bound together due to an unwanted pregnancy. Bitterness and resentment settles in and all these couples think about is, what if.

The signs of a F.A. are   1.Socially awkward  2. No family or friends to speak of  3. He is somewhat abusive in a kidding kind of way.  4. The abuse gets real and it is ugly.   5. He must have control and be seen as powerful. These (5) five signs seem to be credible.

I have often thought that the Church body would benefit greatly if there were an “A Salt Ministry.” By that, I mean, good men would visit the home of an abused wife or the home where the children are mistreated and have a discussion about the lack of parental skills. In this “A Salt ministry” the abuser would be controlled and paroled very often.  The abuser would feel like he is being watched and he would feel a bit under the custady of good men that watch his temperment.


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