“Murder Is The Gr8est…” or “Murder Is The Worst” or “Murder Is Deserving Of Capital Punishment”

“THou shalt not kill.” (Exodus 20)

“Let Us make man in [O]ur [I]mage.”  (Genesis 1)


Murder is an interesting study.  I have spent a lot of years studying the crime of murder. Serial murder, crime sprees, sexual crimes have been a focus of my studies. Learned have I that anyone is capable of anything at anytime any place, no exceptions…well, there is one exception and that exception is the Holy Ghost indwelt person of God. When the Spirit of Life came to live with in us, He brought a love for life as He is the Life and His Life was and is the Light of man. A person of God might kill in self defense or in time of just war. The person that kills in self defense is said to do so because of biology. I disagree. The man or woman of God might kill to defend life because the life they now live, they live by the faith of the Son of God, Who loved them and gave Himself for them. We will defend the Christ-life that indwells us. We will defend ourself for our families sake, our ministries sake and for God’s sake. We will defend ourselves because we are remade in the Image of God in Christ and God, in Christ, through the Spirit inhabits us. We do not defend our own person for we are dead to this life and this world, that lies in wickedness.

With that exception, we again state that anyone is capable of any evil at anytime. In fact when authorities begin to investigate a murder they ask the question, “Why here and why now.” These are the first leads they follow.

Murder is the greatest form of God-hatred, pride, theft and self-centeredness.

Murder is the greatest form of God-Hatred because God made man in His Image. God gave man the ability to think, feel, and act; to remember, look forward and to imagine; to procreate, raise up a child, and to teach. Yes, God made man in His Image and to then assault and murder that Image is akin to building a tower, climbing that tower and seeking to kill God, Himself. Murder is an assault upon God Himself. to assault or kill a Christ-ian is an even greater crime against God.

Murder is the greatest form of pride and self-centeredness, (l)ucifer’s “I wills,” excepting. To murder another person is to claim God’s right for one’s self.  To take life belongs to God Alone and to murder is to claim one’s “deity.” To murder is the greatest form of pride as it says, “My desire(s), my wants, my needs, my satisfaction, my lust, my finances, my revenge is far more important than your needs and your families needs and all that you do and would have contributed to society.

Murder is the greatest form of theft as it is stealing all that is and all that could be in the life of the murdered and the family of the slain. It also steals from the world that may have benefitted from the life of the murdered.


With all of that said, let me state that murder is or should be a capital offense. Why do I state this: 1. It is logical as to murder is illogical. To murder goes against self interest as each person benefits one another in some way, shape or form.  2. It is biological as procreation is a driving biological need, therefore, to murder goes against biology.  3. It is against society’s moral laws as it harms society.  4. The (4th) forth and most important reason is God said so.  When Noah exited the ark God gave him the (1st) first rule of government and that rule was death to all murders. God takes murder Personally.

The arguments against capital punishment are futile at best. 1. It is state sanctioned murder -Wrong, It is state sanctioned killing not murder; it is for the betterment of society and it upholds the sanctity of life.  2. It does not deter murder -Who said it was suppose to? To deter is not the point  3. How can a person be pro-life and pro-capital murder -One is innocent and the other if guilty…good grief.

The purpose to capital punishment is to commit the murderer to God’s court as humans are not able to justly punish the crime of murder and murderers do not change nor can they be rehabilitated.

Note: In the above I am not writing about crimes of passion or the knee jerk kind of killing or the mentally ill. We certainly are not writing about a child killing in the spur of the moment. We are writing about deliberate, planned, and premeditated murders, and serial murders.


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