“Dust Is Us” or “Confirmation Of Creation” or “God Remebers; We Don’t”

“And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground and breated into his nostrils the [B]reath of life; and man became a living soul”  (Genesis 2:7}

“For as the heaven is high above, the earth, so great is [H]is mercy toward them that fear [H]im.


Ashes to ashes and dust to dust. I am indebted to Mr. Sherlock Holmes (a great Christ Figure, by the way…Doyle authored him to be such, I believe. In fact, Holmes is based upon a man named, Joe Bell, who was a good sound Calvinist. One of the more well known quotes from Holmes is, “You see, but you do not observe.” That quote is not original to Doyle. No it was “plagiarized” from Isaiah, God’s prophet. Holmes makes many references to the fact that God must be.) Any Whooooos, I am in debted to Holmes for teaching me to look at, appreciate and never under estimate the “little things” for from these one may draw great inferences.

The Bible shows us that our Master, was a or rather The (to be pronounced THEE) Man that looked at the Little things,…”And He perceived their thoughts”; He knew what was in man”; I  saw you under the fig tree.” Comments like this show Him to be a Master Observer from Whom Holmes would, or did learn from. Whether our Master used Omniscience or omniprescience to know certain things or He used His fine tuned skills to observe does not matter, He observes everything…every little thing.

Onto our article. When it comes to the debate of Evolution v. Creation…I write Evolution first because it is the challenger to the Truth or some think it is. I once had a 220 lb man, a boxer and Jiu jitsu “expert” challenge me. I pretty much dislocated his shoulder from it’s socket in under (20) twenty seconds. I weighed at that time around (140lb) one hundred and forty pounds. You see…from the little thing you can draw large dislocated sockets and humility. That is what the evoltution v. Creation match is like, Evolution seems to be the big challenger [or that is the left’s thought] that proves that the less believed Creation theory [fact] has been beaten. But No, Creation is the Champion and it can be shown by little things.

  1. In science or in observable life, has any non-living thing given life? By non-living, I mean, never having lived. A rock is non-living for it has never lived. In science, has there ever been observed and then repeated (2) two rocks procreating a baby rock? Methinks, No.
  2. In science or observable life, has there ever been a living functioning, intelligent entity that has given life to another life? In other words, has there ever been a woman or animal who has/that has, from her body, ever produced another living soul? If so, has it been observed and repearted? Methinks or rather meknows, Yes.
  3. If I were to add 2 + 2, would I get another number or would I get a vegetable or a letter? No I wouldn’t, 2 + 2 would produce another number, it would produce the number (4) four. This could be summarized by confidently saying, “like begets like.” In other words, (2) two animals of the same species will produce a life of like species. Therefore, If a living sperm and a living egg, from (2) two living people were to join together and form one existing substance, would that substance be non-living? or would that substance or entity or being be a living being? Common sence, logic, and the philosophy of better safe than sorry, and the Scriptures would all agree with the latter, it must be a living being.
  4. Here is the irony…The persons that are pro death are more likely than not going to be atheist. Here is their argument.  In the beginning a non living something gave life to all things. In other words, they believe that (2) two living beings do not produce a living being but a nonliving something does.

On to the little thing that, to me, should settle things for intellectually honest persons:  What is dust?  Science says it is the sheddings of different things, which includes the sheddings of human skin…Humans shed dust?????????????? Does not the Scriptures state, factually, that we are made from dust; That God formed us from dust? Let’s use an analogy: When you purchase a bag of shredded cheese, where did these srhedding or sheddings come from? Of course, they come from Cheese. Therefore, if we shed dust, from where did it come from? God created us from dust. Am i being too redictionistic? Methinks, Neh. Methink it all makes perfect sense.

As for the enemies of Truth, they may not like it but they too beget likeness….Non-sensical persons beget nonsensical ideas. Yes, the Nonsensical shed non-sense. Those with common sense and who hold the Truth of God within must start and or continue shedding Truth. Truths like:

  1. God is
  2. God is Good. Kind, Merciful, Gracious
  3. God is Sovereign
  4. God’s Son’s Name is Jesus Christ and He is Lord over the living and the dead; He is Lord over heaven, hell and earth, He sees everything, He knows everythig, He is everywhere.
  5. To this Lord every knee will bow, either voluntarily with great joy or involuntarly and in derision.
  6. God has laws and He demand all to submit to them, if not; you are rebellious and you will face judgement.
  7. These laws are simple: Love God, Worship God, Obey God, Do not use His power and authority is vain, wasteful ways to get what you want, Worship Him on His Day,  Don’t murder, don’t steal, don’t break vows of marriage which are your promises to Him as well as your spouse, Don’t lie about other people to protect yourself or to gain anything, Honour God’s authority by obeying those he puts in places of authority, and be content with what God has provided you and be thankful, always…in fact, look for things and ways that you might acknowledge God and acknowledge your thanfulness to Him.
  8. These laws are not grievous if you are pure in heart.
  9. If these laws are grievous you do not have a pure heart.
  10. Call upon God and seek His forgiveness and a new heart that is pure of wickedness and self. A heart that is full of goodness and love for God and man and that is Christ-centered.

Those who hold the truth of God must not let the seemingly bigger side of evil intimidate. I remember years and years ago, I ran a landscape crew. On this crew was a guy that was a pro-body builder. He was buffed, ripped and shedded, as they say. During our lunch breaks the guys and I would often play around and wrestle in the grass. I wrestled this guy with all the muscle; one would think I, being thin and lanky would be easily dispatched or submitted, however, I found the muscle man to be rather light and weaker than I thought. He was easily dispatched. This is no sleight against him. He was not big in order to grapple, he was big in order to contend in muscle shows. The point is: the opponent may seem big but they also may be all show, with nothing to back them up.

Another point, when you see a person [A bully type] that is large and intimidating and you think, “I should be careful around him, he is big and strong and he could hurt me,” the truth is he has probably never been in a fight. He has used his bulk to intimidate so he never had to fight. You, on the other hand may be small and being small, you may have been picked on in your youth and you had to learn to defend yourself… the reality is, you have more going for you than the big guy does.

I observed the big bearded, leather attired motor cycle type and I have, in my mind’s eye, shaved their beard, taken away their leather, taken off the big rings, cut their hair short and studied their hands and I found them to be ordinary, and inexperienced in any kind of man to man combat…this does not fit them all but it fit most, therefore, any person small in stature, with any kind of fight skill could be able to easily dispatch the big bearded, leather clad, scary look’in bear type.

The point is, We that may seem to be smaller and therefore, weaker than “them”  are probably not. Always remember…….Your meekness hides great strength and courage.

As to our (3rd) third title above, “God remembers; we don’t” It is a passage of great comfort and confirmation. God remembers we are made of dust. Some hold themselves to such a high standard that causes them great distress…..to them God would say, ” Stop, dear child, I remember you are made from dust and so should you…Now, relax and enjoy your God.

To those who think, “I am dust, I am important to no one I say,….”Friend, Yes, your are dust, but you are God’s dust and He has breathed His life into you, making you a person of great importance and of great worth to Him and others.

To those who think God is waiting for you to mess everything up just so He can pounce upon you and your sin or failings, Let me say, “He remembers you are dust and it is time you remember that to or it is time for you to learn that. He expects nothing from you except that which He will lovingly call you to do. He knows that there is nothing in this world that you can give Him or do for Him that will make Him love you more. If you love Him know this….You love Him because He loved you first. His love called upon your love and you answered.




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