“The Introduction Opens The Engagement” or “The (6) Six P’s” or “Aiming, Directing, and Acknowledging Is Important….Matthew Henry Said So.”

“But Barnabas took [Paul], and brought him to the apostles, and declared to them how he had seen the Lord in the way, and how he had preached boldly in Damascus in the [N]ame of the Jesus.” (Acts 9:27)

“Joshua …wrestled a {M]an until the breaking of day.”  (Genesis 32:24)



Introductions are important. In Acts 9:27, Barnabas introduced and vouched for Paul, who was a former persecutor of those in Christ. Without Barnabas it would have been far more difficult for Paul to be introduced to the disciples. An introduction can be considered as a referrel, like from a doctor. The referral validates the person and the purpose. When I meet a new person I seek to find out what their thoughts are concerning Christ. This helps me to discern and to read the new person. I am then, generally speaking, more confident in my engagement with this person.

In professional wrestling there is the collar and elbow tie-up, this is how the combatants introduce or engage one another. With out this tie-up the competitors would simply circle one another. When I was began my jiu jitsu training I learned how to “shoot.” Shooting is the manner in which one grappler engages his opponent. It must be done quickly in order for it to be successful. If one fails in his shoot, the opponent may get the upper hand. The shoot, the introduction, the tie-up , the engagement must be done properly in order for things to begin.

With the Lord helping me, I we are transitioning into a more regulated lifestyle, where as before I would stay up late at night and eat whenever the urge presented itself. In other words, I am giving up a bit of liberty that is not expedient for me. When one gives something up or stops something it must be replaced with something good; kind of like what the Lord teaches us on the expulsion of demons;  He said that a demon may be expelled and the house (the possessed mind and body) will be swept and cleaned, however, the demon may see this, return and bring (7) seven demons worse than itself. In other words, a vacuum must not be left or other worse things may takeover. I wrote that to say this, As I was thinking about a more regulated life style, IE. getting up at a set time each morning and eating a good and healthy breakfast I will need something to replace the sleeping in.

I thought a good replacement for sleeping in would be a morning Bible reading with my family. One member of my family said that it may be rough to do that as there is so much going on in the A.M.. Another family member said she didn’t think it would be a problem. Then I thought about preparing for morning the night before. I remembered Pastor Ruben’s (6) six P’s…”Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance.” Therefore, in order to to replace sleeping in we will prepare for an A.M. Bible reading the night before. With all of that running thru my mind I began to think about the Bible and the reading thereof.

The engagement of the Scriptures and being engaged by the Scriptures is something, methinks, is taken for granted.

Imagine, if you will, you are scheduled, (DV) to meet an august person or a person that is celebrated for their works, a person like a president or a leader of state or anyone that you consider important. You would prepare yourself for this engagement or introduction….first impressions…you know. A lady would prepare her hair and make up; she would choose the proper attire and a gentleman would also prepare himself by choosing proper attire, combing his hair, wearing nice shoes, and putting on a tie [Sidenote: belt should match shoes and a tie should match up with socks].

Now imagine you are about to engage the Lord Jesus in a time of fellowship, how much more would you prepare? What would you do, what would you wear, what will you say, how would you introduce or present yourself to the King of kings, Who knows everything about you? The last sentence speaks to the outside presentation, but the inside excitement matters as well. On the inside we would experience literal awe and literal amazement. I am reminded of David’s joyous outburst, “Such knowledge is to wonderful for me.” We would experience humility and gratefulness, we would be able to finally express our thankfulness to Him in a terrestial manner. We would explode with great expressions of His great worthiness. We would be rejoicing in His Presence because of His Presence. It would be an internal, spiritual celebration like none other.

I write all of this to say this, …we must; we must; we must approach… engage… tie-up with the Word of God in a or with a spirit or mindset of reverence, honour, priviledge and love. Both our Lord and the Scriptures are called, The Word of God. The Bible, along with baptism and the Lord’s Supper, is our tangible introduction and spiritual engagement with our Lord Jesus. To engage the Scripture is to engage the Living God.

In preparing ourselves to engage God we must make certain preparations because we are going to be in His Presence.

Matthew Henry said concerning prayer -the first thing is aiming and directing our prayers to God. That sounds simple enough …it seems. It is not. We must approach the Scriptures as if we are approaching our Lord because we are, in all senses, approaching and engaging God. We are engaging God in love, in logic, in the spirit and in humility. [Think Vulcan Mind meld].

“Deep calls to the deep.” As we are engaging The Word of God, the Living Word of God is engageing us as well. This should be our mindset. Reading and meditating on the Word of God equates to sitting at His Feet. We should read the Word  prayerfully and expectationally. We should prepare to engage God thru His Word and expect to be engaged by The Word. The Word speaks to us and we must listen. ..The still small voice is present.

The engagement of God’s Word will call us to repentance and prayer.





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