“That One Shirt In ‘Hot Topic,’ A Store In The Mall” or “Is It Your Hope Or Your Warning?”

“{He is] I Am: and you shall see the Son of Man sitting on the [R]ight [H]and of [P]ower, coming in the clouds of [H]eaven.  (Mark 14: 62)


Recently my family and I went to a shopping mall.  I enter a store called, “Hot Topic” and in this store there was a plethora of t-shirts. The majority of the t-shirts were corrupt and ungodly. Before you ask yourself, “Self, why did he go into a store like that?” let me answer you. I go into stores like thatwith the intent of letting my light shine…I am a friend of sinners and publicans. Moving on……there was this one shirt hanging upon the wall amongst and in the midst of all the other shirts.

This one shirt that was hanging on the wall in the midst and amongst all the other shirts stood out. That shirt had a likeness of my Lord and Saviour on it. The image was what you would expect, a man with a beard and long hair. At the bottom of this shirt had the words, “I’ll Be Back.”  I think I was to infer from the image of the Christ, wearing sun glasses and the words , “I’ll be back” on the bottom of the shirt that the maker of said shirt was comparing Christ to the the “Teminator” from the Terminator movie franchise.

Your writer is a man that is compelled to draw the attention of others to God and when he sees a shirt like that he is compelled and he is in his element. ” You know,” said this writer to the persons in the ‘Hot Topic ‘ store, “That shirt…that shirt right there is a comfort to some and is a dire warning and threat to others.” To this the clerks, politely and without scorn, acknowledged the truth of the double edged sword of Christ’s coming. They seemed to understand that the coming of Christ is a factual event that is to come.

I was surprised by the reaction of the (2) two clerks. We then encouraged them to “Get Christ right” and suggested that they read the (3rd) third chapter of John. There is hope, readers…there is hope.

The coming of Christ….is it a comfort and blessed hope to you or is it a dire warning and threat? The coming of Christ….is that something you “wish” is still far in the future? Reader, that is a sign that you are not where you should be in your relationship and fellowship with Christ. The coming of Christ…reader, is that your blessed hope? Beloved, is He your blessed Hope?


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