“Christ > …” or “That (1) One Shirt At ‘Hot Topic’, A Store In The Mall Part (2) Two” or “If ‘A’ Is > Than ‘B’ And ‘B’ Is > ‘C’ Then ‘A’ Is > ‘C’ Do U C?”

“Ye have heard it said,… but I say unto you…”  (Matthew  5)

“But I say unto you, That in this place is one greater than the temple.”  (Matthew 12:6)

“Or else how can [O]ne enter the strong man’s house, and spoil his goods, except [H]e first bind the strong man…”  (Matthew 12:29)

“…[B]ehold a greater than Solomon is here.”  (Matthew 12:42b.)

“Being so much better than the angels…”  (Hebrews 1:4)

“How then doth David in spirit call [H]im Lord…”  (Matthew 22:43)

“Before Abraham was I Am…”  (John 8:58″)

I was in another mall today and saw another “Hot Topic” store. In this particular store the T-shirts were catorgarized by theme.  In this particular store there was not the image or conception of the Lord Jesus wearing “Terminator” glasses with the words, ” I’ll Be Back.” This is because our Lord does not fit into any human catagory. He is above it all.

The Lord Jesus Christ, Who is the First and the Last, Who is the Alpha and the Omega, Who is the The Beginning and the End, Who is the Firstborn of all things made that was made, Who is the Son of God,  Who is the Lord of the Living and the dead, Who is King of kings and Lord of lords, Who is eternal and immutable and Who sits in Heaven and does as He pleases is better than… and is (Christ > …) greather than

To those who are blessed to be chosen and elect in Christ know that whatever follows the (…) elipses matters not to the eternal and everlasting equation. The Word of God says so, Christ says so, Theology says so, formal logic says so, His people say so, and I hope you say so as I know I do.

The Word of God says so: The Word of God declares Christ to be the Creator of all things and to be the Upholder and Maintainer of all things by the Word of His Power. Since Christ is Creator, Upholder and Maintainer of all things that are made, He is then greater than those things that were made. Scripture tells us He made the angels, the [H]eaven and the [E]arth and all that is under the heavens , on the Earth, in the earth and under the earth. We are told He created all that is visible and invisible, He created that which is good and that which became evil. The mountains quake at His Voice and at His Presence, nature hearkens to His command, Christ, Creatot of all things is greater than all His things.

Christ is greater than the Temple, Moses, and the Law: Christ is the Law-Giver therefore He is Author and Creator of all morality, and ethics. Christ is the reason we stand in line at the grocery store without cutting in front of others, He is the reason we do not take things from others, He is the reason we understand what fairness is.  He is the Creator of the human conscience that feels guilt when His Laws of morality and ethics are broken. Christ is greater than the Law that was written in stone tablets, for He created the Law and it’s letter that kills, and it’s spirit than gives liberty. Thinks me when Christ was confronted with the woman taken in the very act of adultery and kneeled down and wrote in the sand He was intimating to the Pharisee (plural) that He was, in deed and in fact, the very Writer of the Law they were trying to use against Him. The Christ-ian is greater than the temple too, for the Godhead inhabits the spirit of His certain man and certain woman and we, our complete person, is called the temple of God.

Christ is greater than (s)atan and the kingdom of darkness, sin and death. Christ is not deterred by the darkness for Scripture tells us that He sees through the darkness as if it were light. The Psalmist tells us that God dwells with in darkness, therefore, if He uses the darkness to His purpose then He is greater than the darkness that serves Him. From Matthew 12:29, Christ declares that He is stronger than the strong man, (s)atan, that takes [the lost] at his will (2 Timothy 2:25b.). He demonstrates His authority and ability to bind (s)atan when He expels (s)atan’s minions from His Holy Presence and the vessels they possess and torment. We, that are in Christ, know that He and His grace is greater than ous sin for He has forgiven us our sin, and has cast it far, far away because where sin did and does abound He and His grace doth much more abound!!! We also know He is greater than death for He has defeated death and He mocks it (1 Corinthians 15).

Christ is greater than the (2nd) wisest man in Scripture: “…a greater than Solomon is here,”  doth our Lord proclaim.  Christ is greater and Wiser than Solomon for Christ was Solomon’s Wisdom (Proverbs 8).  Christ is our wisdom (1 Corinthians 1:28) and Paul teaches that God gives wisdom liberally to those who seek it and doubt not that He can and will give it and to those that will not doubt the God-granted wisdom itself for, “the wisdom of God is wiser than the wisdom of man.”

[Sidenote: Christ said that the grass is adorned greater than Solomon (Lord Jesus knows this because He was present in Solomon’s day…He was implying that fact to push the buttons of His adversaries when He disclosed that fact.). Christ also said that we are more important to God and greater than the grass and it’s flower also. With that being said, we are also greater than Solomon too……”Wait!!! Wait!!! Wait!!!…What did he just say,” you might have just thought, but hear me out. The Holy Spirit, Who is Omniscient inhabits you and me, therefore, Omniscience dwells with in us and is relegated by measure and need through the channel of our conscious mind and our thoughts and it is called wisdom].

Our Lord’s adversaries beheld His Wisdom when He defeated, debunked and dismissed them and all their attempts to discredit Him or to put Him in a corner. The Gospels tell us that once the defeated and debunked adversaries realized that His Wisdom was far greater than their’s they departed and confronted Him no more….until they colluded with His other adversaries and sought to have Him murdered.

Christ is better than David: Our King and Lord is the King of kings and Lord of lords. David was a great king…the greatest over the unified kingdom.  Christ, however, is greater than the greatest king of all Israel. Christ is greater because His sovereign rule and reign is eternal. Christ is greater than the greatest king of all Israel because He has and, will again, defeat, dismiss and this time, dispatch all of His enemies as He dispatched your sin and mine.

The Lord Jesus is greater than Abraham for He was before Abraham and Abraham “rejoiced to see [Christ’s] day: and he saw it and was glad.”  Christ is more patient than Job and is more Just than Lot.

Our Lord Jesus is greater than you and He is greater than me for, “[T]he servant is not greater than his [M]aster.” Christ is greater than you and He is greater than me and He is greater than our fears, our concerns, our infirmities, and our sin. Christ is greater than…. (Christ > ………………….)






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