“Witnessing And Various Approaches” or “As We Are All Different So Shall Our Approach Be” or “There Should Be A Liberty In One’s Witness To Christ.”

“But you shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and you shall be witnesses to me…” (Acts 1:8a.)

“For we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard.”  (Acts 4:20)


There are pre-requisites to witnessing to the Lord.

  1. You must be saved and indwelt by the Holy Ghost.
  2. You must understand the doctrine of salvation and be one with the Gospel for you are part of your message and your message is part of you.
  3. You must know that you will be rejected or rather Christ will be rejected through your rejection.
  4. You must know that some will come to Christ.
  5. You must know that witnessing can be a (10) ten second Gospel presentation to someone you meet as they are living life or a many year endevour as you witness to a single person.
  6. You must know that one plants the Gospel seed, another waters that Gospel seed, but it is always the Lord that gives the increase.
  7. You must know that prayer is absolutely essential before, during, and after a witness to Christ is given.
  8. You must know that salvation is the Lord’s work and you are His instrument.
  9. You must know the purpose of your witness. Our purpose in witnessing is of course the individual to whom we are speaking however, the greater and larger purpose is God’s glory.
  10. You must know that to be a witness to Christ is a high and holy calling as well as a priviledge.


Once you meet these requirements you will develop your own style and method of sharing the Gospel. Paul calls the Gospel of Christ, “my Gospel.”  So it is with you and me; the Gospel of Christ is my Gospel…is your Gospel and with anything else you and I must become familiar with our Gospel and we must be completely persuaded to it’s veracity and it’s power to save.

In a discussion with Pastor Ron Ruben of LightHouse Baptist Church on this topic he said that one should begin with handing out tracts and getting comfortable with this style of witnessing and then move on to a more personal style. This seems to me to be a sound and painless method. Another way to witness is to make it known that you are a Christ-ian. This can be done verbally if one is of a bolder nature or it can be done quietly by taking a Bible to work and being seen reading it. One might put passages of Scripture at their work station or cubicle. By having these things seen is not a replacement for the personal one on one witness, however, once you are known to be “religious” it will be easier for you to share your faith and witness to Christ.

Another method that has been useful to me is the word Amen. I use the word Amen in place of nodding my head or other mannerisms one uses to acknowledge a person that is speaking. Amen lets the person know you might be a person of faith. One might use Scriptural language in everday discussions with others. I rarely leave a person without a “Godspeed” (Except Jehovah’s Witnesses…to wish them Godspeed is forbidden.) T-shirts are great witnesses if you are a t-shirt person. Instead of advertising for a television program or a sports team you could advertise for your Lord, the Lord, Who saved you from your sin and it’s penalty, power, and pleasure.

Another simple way to witness to Christ is by way of inviting a person to church.  You might say, “I’d like to invite you to Church this Sunday. Our Pastor talks about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Lord, and how He can save a person from sin and it’s aweful penalty.”  You might say, ” You should come to Church with us this Sunday and hear about the resurrection of the Lord Jesus.

When you witness to a stranger you probably will never see him or her again anyway, so what is there to lose? The alternative to the last sentence is the person may have ears to hear and may very well come to Church to hear more so there is everything to gain.

My method of witnessing to a stranger is this: I simply ask them if they attend Church and where. I ask them if they know Christ as their Lord and Saviour. If they answer in the negative I slant my head a bit, furrow my brow  and act as if I have come a cross a new species of human (my purpose is to cause them to feel like the odd man out and that it is right and normal to attend Church). I then suggest to them that they should attend Church because it is at Church where they can hear the Gospel of Christ’s death and resurrection and how He can save them.

Another method I use is challenging persons having a Bible study at coffee shops. I’ll ask them if they really believe in the man in the sky and then I begin to tell them that it sound ridiculous to me, by then the persons are defending their faith for all the other customers to hear. I then congratulate them on their steadfastness and reveal myself to be a fellow lover of Christ. We then pray over these persons and thank God for their faithful witness.

Another way to witness is to tell the person you are talking to what the Lord Jesus has to say upon the subject you are discussing. For example:

Person A, “This country is going to destoy itself.”

Person B, ” You know what…you’re right! The Lord Jesus said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

As you can see there are a myriad of ways to share Christ with the lost.  Let us be faithful to the One we love by speaking of Him, His Works, His Words, and His Ways.


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