“Rene Descarte v. Kathy Griffin” or ” The Philosopher v. The Comedien or “Thinking v. Feeling”

“Jesus perceived…”  (The Gospels)

“…Think on these things” (Philippians 4:8)

“As a man Thinketh, so is he.”  (Proverbs 23:7)


Rene Descarte (Rah-nae Day-cart) was and is (He’s in Heaven) a philosopher and a great one at that. He is known for and by his quote, “I think therefore I am.”  His meaning is that a person that exists thinks, that is to say, if you are thinking, you are living. A person who thinks thinks things through thoroughly will live a good life, will make sound choices, will be confident in his ways. will be successful in his ventures.

Ms. Kathy Griffin is a comedien and actress. Her hook is the revealing of the flesh and blood world of the celebrity that is, up front, plastic and “man. u. factured.” She reveals what the celebrated are really and truly like. She tells us what goes on behind the scenes. She is ToTo that reveals the wizard to be a man. She shines a light upon the sycophantic and idolatrous world of celebrity and those that do not see themselves as equal to the celebrity or those that see themselves as “not as god as…” or “less than x.” Persons, people and peoples celebrate that which they do not find in themselves or have not realized to be in themselves. They… I say They and not we, because we know that we are complete in Christ and we are indwelt by the Godhead, and we are God’s new and much better creation. We are much more than their equal.

There has been a lot of attention focused on Griffin as of late. There is a photo of Ms. Griffin holding a likeness of President Donald Trump’s decapitated head as it drips with fake blood. Many were angered by this and Ms. Griffin was pressured into saying, “i’m sorry.”Ms. Griffin went on to say that she “feels” like Trump and his family are seeking to destroy het life and that we all know how he is. “You all know how he is…” is a logical fallacy, she is appealing and resorting to the popular opinion, association, attacking the person, and false dilemma and these are among many others.

While I have enjoyed Ms. Griffin’s iconoclastic comedy, I noted some negative traits that were being manifested in her press conference. (1st) first, “I feel like…” I have noticed these words in many t.v. shows.  The term, “I feel” has replaced “I think.” There is a difference between thinking and feeling. In the past terms like, “methinks” and “thinks me” were used to denote that one is basing an opinion or a thought or a decision or choice upon the thought process. When a person says, ” I have decided…” they are implying that they have closed the thinking process because they have come upon a decision or choice and that is that.

In today’s world we hear person’s saying, “I feel.” While it is true that a thoughful decision can be changed with further information, the feelings are much more swayable. Paul warns us not to be, “tossed to and fro with every wind of doctrine.” James tells us that, ” a double minded man is unstable in all his ways.” A double minded man is a man that allows his feelings and emotions to change what he thinks is proper. Persons that are tossed to and fro with every wind of doctrine is easily swayed in their beliefs because a person they like “said so.”  Equally true is the opposite, if a person speaks truth the feelings-inclined person will not accept the truth because of his hard feelings toward the speaker.

Ms. Griffin is also using this attention to further her career. This is due to her feelings of ambition (Methinks). She said, “I live to make people laugh.” Being interpreted, “I live for the high I get from pleasing other persons.” Her feelings are keeping her captive to her self centeredness at the cost of the reputation of the President and his family. She would like us to forget that she has, in the past, admitted to a premeditated decision to target Trump’s youngest child and make him a focus of her comedic attacks. Her thought process or decision making process is being over-ruled by her feelings of hate and the feelings of needed-acceptance when her audience applauds her views and vile words. Persons, celebrities, and her ilk are similar to sharks as they both attack when they see blood or weakness in prey. In a shark it is biology; in a person it is cowardice. These types do not attack until they see others attacking and they see that sycophants applaud the attacks. A person that is given to their emotions is a weak person and is lazy in thought. They are too weak to labour in thought and too fearful to take a stand on their own.

The Christ-ian is not like this or rather the Christ-ian should not be like this. Paul said, “Judge all things…”  “Prove all things,”  “….Think on these things.”  Both our Lord and His Apostle say, “Take heed (Thought),” Behold,”  “Be not deceived,”  “Consider,” Peter says, “Be vigilant,”  “Gird up the loins of thy mind.”  John says, “Try the spirits” or in other words put all things on trial before accepting them as true. Moses was told to, “Judge righteous judgement,” by God. God told Joshua to, “Observe all…”  God, through Isaiah says, “Seeing many things, you observeth not…”  The Christ-ian is a person of thought. The Christ-ian is a thinker. The Christ-ian observes. The Christ-ians considers matters. The Christ-ian judges all things to be True/False, Right/Wrong, Good/Bad. The Christ-ian is vigilant and proves a matter before accepting it as true. The Christ-ian beholds, takes heed and is not easily deceived….because the Christ-ian is a thinker, an independent thinker. Christ-ianity is the thinking man’s “religion.”

The wise man says in Proverbs that a man that answers a matter before hearing it is foolish and is a person of folly. Hu-mans feel before they think. For example: in today’s lingo bad means good (prophesied) and phat means “dope” or good or cool.  Not all persons are up on this slang so if someone, who is not up on their slang, were told that they are, “a phat and a bad dude!” they may feel anger or become offended.  However, if they thought this through, they would realize, “this is my friend, so bad and phat must be a good thing.” Hu-mans feel first and think later. It is a temptation to give into our feelings and at these times but we must seek grace to endure and overcome and forgiveness when we fail.

A closing thought on feelings: Feeling are not bad for God gave them to us. It is written, “Jesus being angered…” and “Be ye angry and sin not.” Also, “Jesus wept.” and “Jesus had compassion upon…” and “grieve (anger) not the Spirit.  Paul tells us not to be overly sad and hopeless when a loved one leaves this world for the next and greater world. Our Lord says to us, “Let not your heart be troubled…” Emotions are good for they are from God but these emotions should not control our thoughts and actions and decisions. Our “renewed” thoughts and way of thinking must control and rule our feelings lest we be fools and persons of folly.

God told one of His prophets that his family was to be taken away from him and to enter eternity. The prophet was instructed by God not to cry or weep over this great loss (methinks, publically) Therefore, we see that emotions and feelings can be controlled and over-ruled by proper thought.

In closing, happy is the person that balances the thoughts of the mind and the feeling of the heart. Happy is the man that answers a matter only after hearing it.


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