“Politics Are Fake; Pro-Wrestling Is Real” or “Do They Hear Themselves” or “I Detest The Ways Of The Left”

“[We] were never in bondage to any man…”  (John 8:33b)


Whenever the topic of Pro wrestling is brought up someone will invariably say, “Pro-Wrestling is so fake” or if someone sees it on tv they will remark with the same comment.  As an observer for most of my life I have heard this many, many, many, many times. After hearing it so many times you would think that I would have gotten used to it and that it wouldn’t bother me anymore. You would be wrong. When someone feels the need to remark on the fakeness of the SPORT I usually will ask them what is fake about it. They will point out things like the punches and the kicks aren’t real and that the ATHLETES stomp their feet whenever the punch or kick the opponent. I will typically point out that movies are fake yet the commenter enjoys the movies. Much of todays news is fake yet it is usually believed.

What is fake about Pro wrestling?  Are the flips from the top rope fake?  Are the steel chair shots fake? Are the broken bodies fake? Is the torn off ear fake? Are the scars on the foreheads fake? Are the open handed slaps to the face or chest fake? Are the broken and missing teeth fake? The answer to these questions is, “NO, not at all.” The only thing that is “fake” about this sport is the scripting. Everyone knows that pro wrestling is scripted.  The Sport, itself acknowledges as much.  They admit that the athletes are actors playing fictional characters. But the atlhletism is (100%) one-hundred percent real.

Most of these athletes, behind the scenes, are friends and form a lifelong fraternity. One should not be surprised to see two “enemies” dining together at a hotel restaurant after the night’s matches. As a young man I spent much time around these athletes and boy could i tell some stories. I learned early on that celebrated athletes are as “normal” as you and I. They have their families, their bills, their debts, their flaws, their weaknesses, their like and dislikes. The only thing that makes them different is their familiarity to many.

Therefore, Pro Wrestling is not fake as it does not attest to any realism in terms of winning and losing. The Athletics are very real as are the real injuries (sometimes the injuries are scripted). Most in the business will call their business “Sports Entertainment.”

Politics on the other hand claim to be real when in fact it is scripted. When I say scripted I mean to say that both parties pretend to be open to each other’s ideas when, in reality, they are as closed and locked as my front door. I am convinced that many of our politicians are either psychopathic or sociopathic. I have come to this conclusion based upon the ease in which many of them lie and contradict themselves without any embarrassment or shame. The blatancy in which they lie would be unbelievable if I didn’t see it and hear it with my own ears. One should not be surprised to see a democrat dining with a republican nor should one be bothered by the friendship. While their constituents may have very hard feelings against the “opposing” party, the constituent’s representative does not. The politicians are for the most part are friends.

Mrs. Clinton when in the south tries to speak with a southern draw.  Some Obama person said that the Obama administration was without scandal. I heard a politician say just yesterday, that in Trump’s presidency there have been more hearings than in all of Obama’s administration. I was dumbfounded when I heard that. While it is a true statement, let us look at the reasons. 1. The democrats would never bring their own to a hearing and 2. The republicans didn’t want to get bogged down with hearing after hearing after hearing. If there was a hearing for everytime a hearing was needed in the Obama presidency there would be hearings for the entirety of his administration.To prove that politics is scripted all we need to do is look at all that Trump has gotte done. Whether you like him or not you must admit that he has done more in his presidency upto now than did any other presidents of recent times. The reason why he gets things done is because he is not a politician going off of a script.

I have often wondered if the politicians realize that they are being recorded. You would think that they do not know that they are being recorded. How could a person say one thing and then an hour later say the opposite in different company and not expect to get caught? Do they even care when they are caught?  “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor period,” Obama said this repeatedly all the while knowing it to be a lie. One would think that to be a politician in the democratic party one must be a liar.

Harry Reed (D) Nevada said, “Why would I do that?” when he was asked to free up some money for the Children’s Cancer hospital during the last government shutdown…”Why would I do that?” Reed is a textbook sociopath. Reed demonstrated his callousness towards those who suffer. This man is certainly an anti-Christ and those that follow him must be also by their free association.

Pro Wrestling is scripted, politics is scripted, and Readers, Life is scripted.

“And as Jesus passed by, [H]e saw a man which was blind from his birth. And [H]is disciples asked [H]im, saying, Master, who did sin, thisman, or his parents, that he was born blind? Jesus answered, Neither hath this man sinned, nor his parents: but that the works of God should be made manifest in Him.” (John 9:1-3) This man was cast as the blind man that would be blind for half his life. He was cast to be the man to give God great glory for his healing.

“While I was with them in the world, I kept them in [T]hy [N]ame: those that [T]hou gavest [M]e I have kept, and none of them is lost, but the son of perdition; that the [S]cripture might be fulfilled.”  Judas was cast to be the betrayer of the Christ. Some may see this as unfair. They should not think this unfair as Judas did as Judas wanted to do.

“Known unto God are all [H]is works from the beginning of the world.”  (Acts 15:18) God, like any author or writer knows how his-story will end from the beginning. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle knew Roylott would be bitten by his own snake before he began writing, “The Speckled Band.”  Before the foundations of the world were set, God knew the ending from before the beginning. Your life and my life are scripted by a Great and Good and All Powerful Author and Finisher. Our lives are being directed by a Director of directors. This should give comfort and boldness in times of pain and weakness.

“The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD…”  (Psalm 37:23)  The steps of the saved are directed or ordered by the Godhead. Our direction comes from God. Sometimes the script calls for a valley and sometimes the script calls for a mountain, but it is the same Writer and director. Job asks, “[S]hall we receive good at the [H]and of God, and shall we not receive evil?” We can, we should, we must always trust the Writer and His Script whether we are in the valley or on the mountain.

God has cast you to be you so Be the you He has cast you to be.

Christ told His adversaries to search the Script – tures for they testify of Him.


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