“Political Correctness And Oppression” or “The Wise Mad Man” or “The Imprisonment Of Those Who Are Morally Correct By Those Who Are Politically Correct (but morally incorrect)”

“And the people shall be oppressed, every one by another, and everyone by his neighbor.”  (Isaiah 3:5)

“[C]hildren are their oppressors…”  (Isaiah 3:12a.)


There is tactfulness, there is composure, there is proper ettiquette and then there is political correctness. Tactfulness is saying something difficult in a way that should not offend or should show respect. Composure is carrying one’s self with discipline and control, “In patience possess ye your soul.” Proper ettiquette shows respect to an event and to those attending the event. Tactfulness, composure, and ettiquette starting point is respect. Political correctness is about control, fear, and censorship and oppression.

We all know what fear is, what control is, what censorship is, but what about oppression? I give this word the definition of “demon-like possession from the outside.” This definition fits perfectly that which is called political correctness. So political correctness is oppression. Oppression, as we see from Ecclsiastes 7:7, that oppression will surely make a wise man mad. The word wise and the word just can be used interchangeably. Try it when you read the Proverbs. With that said, “Surely oppression maketh a justified man mad…” The word mad does not mean angry, though P.C. doth make me angry. Mad from the Hebrew means “To act foolishly, make foolish.” This word, mad occurs again in Isaiah 44:24,25; “Thus saith the LORD, thy [R]edeemer, and [H]e that formed thee from the womb, I am the LORD that maketh all things; that stretcheth forth the heavens alone; that spreadeth abroad the earth by [M]yself; That frustrateth the tokens of the liars, and maketh diviners mad; that turneth wise men (worldly or carnal wise men) backward, and maketh their knowledge foolish

In other words, Political Correctness can drive the Christ-ian Caaaaarazy.  P.C. can turn good into evil and evil into good. Illegal alien is a politically incorrect term, Work place violence has replaced cold blooded murder. Abortion or termination of pregnancy has replace the murder of the innocent. Telling the truth that is based upon God’s objective Word is called hating. Crazy has been changed to mentally challenged. Absolute truth has become your truth, her truth, his truth, and their truth. P.C has already been responsible for the murder of others.

A man knowing that his middle eastern neighbor was stock piling weapons failed to report this because he didn’t want to be though racist, bigoted or politically incorrect!!! The islamic terrorist that lived next door to him killed in the name of (s)atan…err, I mean Allah……no,…. I meant (s)atan. Political correctness stifled this man’s responsibility to report what he saw. This man may be guilty of weakness but it is political correctness that caused his fear. I once saw a vanity license plate that read, “Martyr” on it. It was driven by a person of middle eastern descent. He lived in an area where a terrorist training camp was known or thought to be.  What did I do? I called the FBI and made a report, as I said in the past in my movie, errr in the Batman movie, “If there is a (1%) one percent chance…we must act.”

Much of our Christ-ian speech has already been deemed hateful.  Christ-ians start hospitals, run charities, love their neighbore and we are haters. Muslims crash (2) two airplanes into buildings and kills thousands they are preferred before us. This is the Jews choosing Barrabas over Christ. This is political correctness. Politcal correctness says, speak well and do not offend the people that scare us and are killing us but speak ill of those that have our best interests at heart.  Political correctness is always the choice and an issue with those on the wrong side of things.

Obama was p.c. but Trump is direct and upfront. (s)atan is subtle, Christ is direct and authoritative. A careless “friend” will tell you what you want to hear,  “You look great in that” (while thinking you look immodest), You are so right” (when you are so wrong), A true friend will tell you, “Your breathe stinks,”  “You are wrong,” “You don’t look so great in that,”  or “You need to get right with God right now.”

Political Correctness is a prison of ever tightening chains. Political correctness is the Anaconda that tightens his muscular coils everytime you breathe. Political Correctness is righteousness, goodness, truth, justice, and liberty being squashed. Political correctness is the weapon those that are wrong used to stifle those who are right. Political correctness is the weapon of those that have no real logic or reason to back their silliness or wickedness. Political correctness is used by the feelings centered anti-thinkers against the thinkers that keep their emotions under control. The Politically correct say, ” I feel,” wheras the Morally correct say, ” I think, or I know” based upon an objective source.” The politically correct will get angry and lose control while the morally correct will laugh at them.

Political correctness oppresses, imprisons and kills. The morally correct or those who are simply…correct love liberty, are tolerant and give freedom to others to say what they will, no matter how wrong they are, and the morally correct loves life…all life….to the morally correct, all lives matter…even the politically correct, ie. those who are dead wrong and deadly wrong.

Godspeed to those who will be true, right, just, honourable, and good even to their own hurt as did Christ and all those that loved/love and represent Him now and forever.


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