“To Whom It May Concern” or “To My Beloved Readers” or ” A Brief Note”

Greetings in the Name of Him that said, “And Esau have I hated” and “God hates all workers of iniquity.”


Your friendly neighborhood preature will be off line until Saturday afternoon (DV). While I am off line I would invite you to read my upcoming article that will answer the question, “Does God love everybody?”  I know what the church and very good men of God say about this but I am going to disagree with them. You may ask me like the pope asked his cardinal’s, Does this…this monk, Martin Luther know more than the church?!?!” and obviously Luther thought he did and in fact, he did.  So if any ask,”Does Brian think her knows more than other pastors?  The answer is obviously……….Yes.  This writer does believe he understands this truth more than they else he would not disagree with, right.  However, this writer is prepared to admit freely and humbly and happily these pastors know more than me and have a better understanding on other truths.

I invite you to pose your questions prior to this writer taking up the topic.  If you have questions please ask them in a Christ-ian spirit as I will not address any asked out of spite or anger. Although after saying that methinks we will answer most answers and questions even if none are posed.

In our article (DV) we hope to discuss the diffrences between differnt loves, the meaning of kindness, mercy, and common grace.  We will put forth simple arguements that we trust anyone, even a child would understand.

Another invitation, Please feel free to ask your writer and brother any other questions you may have concerning Scripture and personal difficulties. We understand discretion so all questions will be confidential, IE. No names will be mentioned.  We have been asked the most personal of questions and have been faithful to the questioner and to discretion. One caveat. however, Do not seek to pit me against your pastor or minister. If I am asked a question that is doctrinal we will give the more common points of view and leave the questioner to God to uncover the real meaning. To cause discourse between brethren is one of the things God hates.

I look forward to returning and addressing this long misunderstood topic.  While I understand the nature of a question like this and the cost of answering it according to Scripture, we must be faithful to Scriptural truth. This is not a topic that should cause discourse or dispute between brethren. The misunderstanding of this subject has caused all manner of trouble for the good people of God, the Church, and the faith itself.

Some questions that will be discussed:
1. Does God love everyone.
2. If God loves everyone why have so many gone to hell and why do so many continue to go to hell?  Does God send those He loves to hell?
3. Did Christ die for those that go to hell.  This will have a multifold answer.
4. Does it even matter what we believe on this subject.
5. If this topic stirs up differences, why bring it up?
6. If God tells us to love everyone including enemies, how could He not love everyone.
7. Doesn’t John 3:16 say God loves everybody?

With a topic such as this one will be forced to make a choice between (3) three:
1. Will I believe church tradition and church teaching in spite of Scripture?
2. Will I believe Scripture over what Church tradition says?
3. Will I make the mistake to despise others that disagree with me?

Godspeed, and pose your questions on facebook or message me on facebook if it is to be kept private.

“Brethren, Pray for us.”


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