“The Appeal To Guilt ‘Don’t You Care?'” or “Is It Ever Right To Appeal To Guilt” or “It Sure Can Be Tempting”

“Blessed are the persecuted.”  (Matthew 5)

Though our false prophets, err, rather the western main-stream media does not often report it, our brothers and sisters in Christ are being persecuted around the world. Part of this persecution includes the choice or converting to (i)slam or death. Other types of persecution is torture and the loss of home and family.  Church family, This is the worse case scenario!!! Many of our family members have had their heads sawed off with a (12-13″) twelve to thirteen inch knife.  It takes (5) five muslims to hold a Christ-ian down in order to saw of the head. This sawing can take up to (15-20) fifteen to twenty seconds and the Christ-ian is aware for many of these seconds and the Christ-ians sounds like a pid squeling as air escapes the opend throat.

Others are put into cages and lowered into acid vats and the muslims watch and cheer as the Christ-ian cries out to God and dissolves.  Many of our sisters are beaten and raped and sodomized repeatedly by these things called muslims.

It is at this point that I want to say, “Don’t you care?”  However, I know that one should not appeal to guilt but to Christ-ian love.  One must appeal to, “What would Christ have you do?” or “What does your conscience tell you to do?” or “What would you have others do for you if you were the persecuted?”

Scripture tells us in Hebrews 13  that we should put ourselves into the shoes of the persecuted and act from there.  In other words try and put yourself in their place, in their mind.  What are they feeling, what are they thinking?

Paul, as he endured great persecution, would inform the Church through his epistles of his suffering as he desired them to understand the cost of following Christ and to warn them of what was to come. He would also covet the prayers of those that were still safe from persecution. He would also want them to know that Christ and others believers were the reason for his continual endurance.

It is the same today. Our family in Christ are suffering because Christ and the Church is worth it. They are suffering as an example to us as persecution will come our way. They covet our prayers as they continue to endure all things for Christ’s sake and ours. I have seen Christ-ians lose their heads as blood thirsty muslims saw them off. In addition to the horrible sight I also see courage, defience, love for Christ, honour, trust, hope and Scripture’s truth. I see all of that on the part of my Christ-ian family.  What I see on the part of the blood soaked and blood thirsty muslim is cowardice as they wear masks, dishonour, a love for death and devil, and hopelessness.

These men and women, boys, and girls have no hope but unfathomable wrath and fury from the God that Loves those whom the muslim’s have killed.  God promises retribution and vengeance upon the wicked. For the God-condemned muslim murderers it is only a matter of time. Their destruction is beyond question or debate. Their ridiculous beliefs of virgins and peace with Allah will turn out to be eternal toment “virgin-free” with their Allah aka Satan. How ironic it is that we, here in the U.S. are called the “White (s)atan” by the middle east while all the time they serve the real (s)atan. This irony is on par with the irony we see in the life and death of Haman of Esther.

What should we do about this persecution?  We can’t stop it or end it and that is for sure. What should we do?  As mentioned above, in Hebrews 13 we are told to get inside the minds of the persecuted and to pray from that knowledge and understanding.  One could also get books that describe Christ-ian persecution. The most famous is “Fox’s Book of Martyrs.”  There are many other titles available. One might go onlive and investigate this subject. “Voices of the Martyrs” is a good place to start. Youtube has much to offer.  One could give financially to persecution relief funds.

Something else one could do is study the holocaust as this is persecution of God’s Jewish people and it is a type of persecution many are experiencing today and many will experience soon. Watch movies that depicts the holocaust and Christ-ian persecutions.

It breaks my heart to know and to see my Christ-ian family suffering under persecution. It breaks all the more to see other Christ-ians troubled very little by this knowledge of persecution. Paul taught that when one body member suffers the whole body suffers. But it seems that few body members are feeling any pain at all when other members of Christ’s Body are being boiled alive in acid and others are having their heads sawed off.

Body of Christ, Stand up and be heard, tell others of this persecution, pray fervently for those enduring it.  While the (m)uslim may separate a Christ-ian from his or her head, the (m)uslim will never separate the Christ-ian from the Head of the Christ-ian Body or His love.

Why does God allow this persecution?

  1. God is a “BIG Picture” Thinking God. He knows that the suffering in this world can not be compared to the Home that awaits us or the joy and pleasures that are therein.
  2. This persecution draws a distinct line between righteous and unrighteous.
  3. Those that persecute God’s people are filling up their cups of sin and God is filling up His cup of wrath and fury, and our cups runneth over.
  4. This persecution proves the veracity of Holy Scripture that has prophesied concerning this persecution.
  5. This persecution is the beginning of the wheat and tare separation.
  6. Persecution is a refining process and has always been a refining process. Those that suffer and endure persection until the end will come forth as gold and will be saved.
  7. Did Christ not suffer and endure persecution? Are we greater than the Master? He says We are not.
  8. Persecution and death is that which propels us to God and allows us to behold His Glory and to be with our Bless-ed Lord forever and persecution is the final nail in the persecutors end.
  9. If God came to you and said, “With your approval, You are about to suffer and endure great persecution, but through this persecution much good will come and I will be greatly honoured and glorified.” What would you say?  NO? The truth is we have approved, we have concurred. We have approved of this persecution when we became a Christ-ian.
  10. Much grace will be given when the time of Christ-ian persecution arrives. There are records of saints singing while they burn at the stake.  There are records of saints beseeching God not to lay their murder to the charge of their murderers.  There are records of saints clapping their hands and praaising God as their flesh burned away. There is even a record of Christ Himself accompanying (3) three Hebrews in a fiery furnace!!! (Daniel). Stephen said, as he was being stoned, “Behold, I see the heavens opened, and the Son of man standing on the right hand of God” (Acts 7). This is the only place we read of Christ standing after His ascesion and prior to His return. Except!!! when He stood with Paul during his persecution…”The Lord stood with me.”  It appears, brethren, that Christ will stand with all that suffer persecution for His great Name’s sake and for the sake of righteousness.  Truly, blessed are they who are persecuted.

While the above is true it speaks to the spiritual. We are a tripartite being as we are spirit, souls, and body.  The spirit is blessed in timesof persecution andGod is made near, and we may grow spiritually and garner treasures in Heaven, we are still suffering in the body. Therefore, while we read, say and believe, “Blessed are they who are persecuted,” We must still pray for the persecuted and find ways to send relief for their bodily needs.

What should one pray?

  1. That grace abounds where pain is present and that faith may be increased where needed.
  2. Thanks should be given for the care He gives.
  3. Ask for ways you can aid.
  4. Ask God to give you a heart for the persecuted.
  5. Pray that you might learn from this persecution.
  6. Pray that God would cut down and destroy those that are persecuting His/our people.
  7. Pray for those in authority where you live so that the times of peace we enjoy may be lengthened and that we may be allowed to worship God in peace.


Body of Christ,
Do not put the persecuted out of your mind but think upon them often and pray as though you are the persecuted as you will be soon enough.


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