“The Truth Can Kill Your Credibility” Or “Do You Believe In Demons?” Or “Do You Believe the Lord Jesus Saves?”

“And the evil spirit answered and said,  Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are ye?”                                                                                                                                                   (Acts 19)


Do you believe in demons? I am not asking if you believe the Bible speaks of them but do you believe they are active in the present day?  We will make a bold statement at this point. If you do not believe in the current day acttivities of the demonic you do not believe that Christ saves in out current day. To say you believe that demons were active at some point in the past you must also think that Christ was active at some point in the past.

Demons activity is spoken of in Scripture as if they are here and now. Paul writes and teaches that (s)atan’s angels of darkness are transformed into God’s ministers of light. Paul also warns us of doctrines of devils. The book of Revelation has plently to say on demons as do the book of Acts, the epistles, and the Gospels.

I believe that some of the crime we see today, especially the crime that is hard to explain has demons behind it, especially the crime that has no M.O.  When a loving son kills his loving mother with an axe, cuts her heart out with said axe, sits atop her lifeless and heartless corpse, playing with that heart until the police arrive it speaks of demonic activity. What the police find adds to my conclusion: the son is in a fit of hysterical laughter. All of this is out of no where and there is no apparent mo, it sounds of demonic inspiration or possession.
This past “motiveless” slaughter in Vegas also could be an act of demonic possession, especially when the murderer has no “religious affiliation.”

We have experienced demonic activity and even attacks in the past. We have shared this with only a few until now, as the truth can kill ones credibility. It is interesting to see who has accepted my word as true and who hasn’t. There have been Christ-ian preachers that will not accept my word as truth and there have been some that have humoured me, but it was obvious they believed not. Then there have been others that have believed without hesitation. None of these have upset me or affirmed me as I know what I know.

I will relate to you a few of these events. (2) two of which had eyewitnesses. (1) one, I had spend hours searching for a object. I had torn the room apart or to be more accurate, I cleaned my room and put everything away. The room was spotless. This object was no where to be found…I was frustrated to say the least and I was outraged to say the most. I finally gave up the search. The next day, after services were held, I entered the bedroom and found this object in the very center of the bedroom floor.  (2) two, I was alseep on the bed. Debbie had fallen asleep in the living room. Out of nowhere I awoke to the sense of my ankle being grabbed and then my body was thrown to the floor. I did not simply fall out of bed as I would be laying next to the bed. I was thrown nearly (6) six feet and landing close to my dresser. I had a large bruise on my right thigh as a sovenir. My twins heard it all. (3) three, I could not find my wallet. It was no where. My wife and I searched everywhere. I again was angered. We decided to take a break and cool down. I went back to the bedroom to seek grace and to confess all that I was thinking and feeling. Lo and behold, the wallet was at the foot of the bed. My wife and I both had looked under the bed a number of times.

There have been, of course, the hundreds of time an object had been moved from one spot to another. I share these with you knowing that there will be a number of different responses. (1) one, Some of you will think I am absent minded or you will come up with some other rational explanation. (2) two, Some of you will write me off as having “finally lost it.”  (3). Some will humour me with a nod and a smile and maybe a, “Wow!” (4) four, Some will accept it as true as you accept it as a real spiritual and Biblical phenomona. (5) five, Some of you will think, Finally someone is acknowledging my experiences as true and Biblical. (6) six, Some of you will not know what to think. (7) seven, Some will put me in the class with the other whackos.

To numbers (1) one – (7) seven, Your conclusions are all perfectly understandable and they are all valid (except (2) two and (7) seven). Your conclusions a related to your own experiences. There are experiences that are Biblical but hard to accept, even by Bible believers. The Baptism of the Spirit or what is also called the filling of the Spirit, is difficult for some to accept as they have never experienced it and their denomination frowns upon such things or they fear being thought too Charismatic. But those that have experienced it have no problem believing others when others say they have experienced it. Those who are familiar with Jonathan Edwards, Moody, Martyn LLoyd Jones, Wesley and a few others know that these men speak of the phenomona as being personal and experiential. Therefore being familiar with these men and their soberness and gravity accept the experience as factual and Biblical. Wesley, by the way, had many experiences with the demonic.

I do not and am not putting myself in a class with the men above. I am merely using them to make a point. My point is this, those persons that read this and know me well know me to be “grounded,” sober, grave, seriously minded, and not one to draw attention to myself. I have nothing to gain by writing this but instead, much to lose. On the other hand, there may be some that gain much from this.

Why do demons do these things? Demons have an agenda, a network, and an hierarchy (See Billy Graham”s book on Angels). Their purpose, in the case I am writing about, is to *weaken the mental faculties, *cause persons to distance themselves from the demon’s subject, or in one word, isolate him or her, *discredit the subject and his or her teachings, *cause him or her to be a laughing stock, *to oppress the subject, *to cause the subject to doubt God, and *ultimately to dishonour God when the subject falls in view of the public.

How does one stop this activity? Stopping this entity depends upon how much strength it has gained over it’s subject. If you believe you are the subject of such an entity and it is new, simply recognize it for what it is and it should lose all power and control over you. If you are a believer, you may simply say, “In the great Name of YOUR LORD and Master, Christ Jesus (for Christ is their Master), You must leave this place right now and never return. In the Great and Mighty Name of Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, you are commanded to depart, thou unclean spirit.” This must be said in faith, nothing doubting. You need not trust any power of your own because all the power will be of God and there is no doubting of God’s power in the believer. This is not your battle, this is a battle between the Sovereign Holy Spirit that resides in you and the filthy demon. This is true of possessions, the battle is between the Spirit of God and the puny demon inside of the person possessed. The exorcist and the possessed are merely the battlefield and the two factions at war are God and a demon, God’s lap dog.

If the entity is dug in and has much control over a person or a home, one should seek help from a man of God. DO NOT seek out mediums, psychics, or reality T.V. stars. DO NOT seek out a Catholic priest. DO NOT seek out an exorcist that is exclusively an exorcist as in that’s all he does. One who is being oppressed or possessed must seek out a man of God, who loves God and is loved by God, one who believes the Word of God and preaches the Word of God, one who is known by the demonic realm as in our text above.
All Christ-ians are exorcists, all Christ-ians have power over the demonic realm if their faith is at a level that they know God can use them as a vessel for exorcism. The Christ-ian that says, ” I can’t do that” cannot be used as a vessel of exorcism. The Christ-ian that states, ” With God all things are possible,” can be used.

The Catholic exorcist is all show. The priest has no power over the demon as he puts his faith in man written words called, the “Rites of Exorcism.” The only reason a demon would seemingly submit to the power of the priest is to keep persons and peoples enshrined in the ritualism of Catholocism or the demon simply grows bored of the blah, blah, blah, of the priest. The Catholic church holds no power over the demonic as they are empowered by the demonic. One might call it a Catholic-demonic conspiracy.

The mediums and psychics, the real ones are not gifted but are toys and play things of demons. The medium is simply the puppet and a demon is master puppeteer. A person who is being attacked, oppressed, or is the focus of a demon will not find help, real and pure help from these puppets. The majority of mediums are no more than talented in the art of reading persons on sight. Sherlock Holmes would have made a good “gifted psychic,” no doubt. One can find books on how to do this at Amazon. On the other hand, there are the real articles. The real article is however, as I said before, a puppet being used, voluntarily, and at some point involuntarily, by a demon.

How to find a man of God: Simply approach a preacher, pastor, missionary, evangelist….a minister of God, and ask them if they believe in demonic oppression and possession. Read his reaction more than listening to his words. The Holy Spirit that lives in your instincts will guide you as to who you should trust.

The man of God should ask many vetting questions. He will want to know, if this is a case of possession, if the subject has seen a doctor or psychiatrist, as some mental diseases can present as demon possessions.

As we draw ever closer and closer to our Lord’s return, we should expect to see demonic activity increase. To those who believe that demons are real but doubt their activity, ask yourself, “What are they doing?” If they are not attacking God’s people then what are they doing here? Some are oppressing unhappy families, some are possessing occultists, some may even be possessing animals, (Mark 5). Some may be possessing politicians (Not, I say not a sleight against President Trump), some may be possessing men and causing them to commit unspeakable acts against others.

The greatest defense against any demonic activity is a happy family and a saved, Holy Spirit indwelt soul. However, preachers of God, you may have a happy family and a saved soul, but in our case we are target #1. Before Anti-christ is revealed, Paul says there will be a great falling away of professing Christ-ians. Might this falling away begin with men of God falling from grace? I’ve seen it before, a preacher falls and many of the congregants leave the church altogether, even some that were members from the very beginning.

Take heed to the Words of our Lord, “Watch and pray.”



One thought on ““The Truth Can Kill Your Credibility” Or “Do You Believe In Demons?” Or “Do You Believe the Lord Jesus Saves?”

  1. When i first got saved i was almost taken over by one cause i wasnt groundrd in word and still in catholic church and i went to bed without praying that night


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