A Word and Its Meaning

A Word and Its Meaning

Glory: What is the often-used word phrase “glory of God” and what does it mean?  The Scriptures speak of the great, the majestic, and the all-excellent glory of the High and Holy One of creation and of Heaven; yes, the glory of the Lord, Master, and King of all that lives, ever lived, or ever shall live as well as those who shall forever live with Christ.

What is glory?  Is it a glow or a shine?  Is it the acknowledgement  of God’s Greatness?  Is it the people of God giving Him praise?  It seems that there are differing ways of not necessarily defining glory, but of understanding the Spirit’s usage of the word glory.  Methinks the glory of God can be used as a verb as in “glorify God” and “give glory”, etc.,  It can be used as an adjective as in “our God is Great and Glorious”.  It can be used as a noun as in “behold, the glory of God”.

  • Verb: It would seem that praising God, worshipping God, acknowledging the person, the words, the works, and the ways of God is the active way of glorifying God; as well as submitting one’s will to His perfec t Will, not to mention if one would simply (by faith) look to God and say “I love you” is giving God glory.  Sacrificing is a means to glorifying God.  The sacrifice of praise is the praise given to God, even in the most difficult times of life.  But the true sacrifice comes in when we say that we’re not going to engage in emotions (“accepted” emotions such as anger, fear, worry, doubt), but to sacrifice these emotions and praise God… which is contrary to the flesh.
  • Noun: The glory of God is used as a noun as in the effulgence of God; the infinite greatness that is God. The explosive, sovereign power of God to do as He wills, when He wills, with whom He wills, for as long as He wills, is the glory of God.  The incomprehensible holiness of God that no man can look upon and continue living is the glory of God.
  • Adjective: Used as an adjective the glory of God can be understood thusly; the One and Only True and Living God is majestic, righteous, all-powerful, loving, and merciful. These attributes of God are equal to His gloriousness.

In conclusion, whether we can define or understand the idea of God’s glory, we know this… one that is indwelt by the Holy Holy Holy Spirit cannot help but give God all glory and then pray that one might be able to glorify Him even more.  Even though Heaven is eternal and everlasting, this will not afford us the time to give God the glory of which He is more than worthy.

Brian K. Loder



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