Rights, Wrongs, Misapplied Terms, and Misguided Thinking

Rights, Wrongs, Misapplied Terms, and Misguided Thinking


It seems the government is on the broad way to legalizing the Sodomites overriding of Christian conscience.  Methinks it will become illegal for a Christian to exercise his conscience by not celebrating or condoning a blatantly sinful activity or habitually sinful lifestyle.

This will inevitably encroach upon the church and Christian businesses.  When (not if) a Sodomite applies for a job in the church and he/she is turned away, a charge of discrimination will be brought against the church, when, in fact, it is not discrimination.  Discrimination concerns race, gender, nationality, or age.  It is a race, gender, nationality, or age being persecuted based upon the attributes above that cannot be changed.

Religious affiliation is also included in the anti-discrimination laws, and it should not be, and very soon will not be.  We must be willing to remove ourselves from that protective law if we are to defend the purity of the Gospel and our conscience.  Humanly speaking, our life of faith is a choice and not an attribute or property that cannot be changed as are the protected classes listed above.  This is true of the homosexuals’ habitually sinful lifestyle.  One cannot discriminate against that which cannot be changed, however, choosing not to participate in the celebration of the Sodomites’ choice of debauchery is not discrimination because a Sodomite chooses to habitually and with pleasure engage in a choice which can be changed and denied.

I do not say that the inclination of a homophile (a person with inclinations toward the same sex) is chosen…not at all.  But to engage upon these inclinations is a choice.  One may have an inclination to act upon a violent thought, and if one acts upon it, it is a choice.  One may have an inclination to steal, commit adultery, participate in heterosexual intercourse before marriage, lie, slander, or gossip. If one acts upon that inclination it is a choice. It is

wrong to persecute one who simply is what one is.  It is not wrong to withdraw one’s self from participating in an act which contradicts one’s faith or conscience  based on another’s choice.  It is wrong for one to compel another to participate or celebrate a choice one makes that goes against another’s faith or conscience.

How will this affect the church?

  1. The church, if it chooses to stand upon the Word of God, will be fined an amount of money that they may be unable to pay, and/or the minister will be imprisoned and the church closed.
  2. When a man of God turns away from the Lord’s table, a Sodomite, he will be fined or imprisoned until he will go against his faith and conscience.
  3. Christian-based companies such as bakeries, catering services, photographers, florists, interior designers, public servants, etc., will be targeted by the Sodomites and backed by government law.

Brother and sisters, I encourage thee to fight the good fight of faith; to be steadfast, immovable, and always abounding in the works and the will of God.  Behold, the Judge standeth at the door; as it was with Lot’s Sodomites, so it will be with ours.  The wave of persecution has started. But rejoice, the blessings of the Lord follow upon the puny humans’ persecution of the righteous.  “Blessed are they that are persecuted for My Name’s sake” so saith the Master.  Heaven and earth may pass away, but His words will endure.


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