The Default

Give ear to my prayer, O God; and hide not [T]hyself from my supplication.

Default by definition is: A preselected option by a  computer programmer or other mechanism when no alternative is specified by the user or programmer.

We have heard it said that when a soldier is at the point of death he will cry for mother. That may be true or not.

However, in our (44) forty- four years we have heard, when one is in dire straits one cries out, O my God! or  O God! One might even invoke the Name of God’s only begotten Son when one is in trouble.

He is a human’s default.

That is evidence enough for an unbeliever.

If one recognizes this default one may be saved. One may be saved, but it is on God’s terms. His terms are these; One must come through the Lord Jesus; this means one must face their sin  and confess it as sin. Christ is the One and Only Way to God ; He is God. One must repent and turn to Him as our default setting shows us.







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