To Everything …Season…

“To everything their is a season, and a time to every purpose under the [H]eaven …a time to die…a time to pluck up…a time to kill…a time to break down…a time to laugh…a time to mourn…a time to gather up stones…a time to refrain from embracing…a time to cast away…a time to rend…a time to speak…a time to hate…a time to war”               (Eccl.3:1-8)

If one is familiar with this practical and instructive passage it is known that the imperatives written therein share space with their antithesis or opposite. To be clear, verse (8) eight states “[there is] a time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war; and a time of peace.” It could be instructive if one notes the order of these times in verse (8) eight. First a time love, second a time to hate, then a time of war, and lastly a time of peace. In life there should be far more love than hate; if we are in Christ we will love far more than we hate. Before moving on to the war and peace let me define, Biblically, love and hate. To love someone, in the Biblical sense, is to bless them, to help them, to support them, to pray for them and to desire God’s best for them. Emotional affection need not be present. To hate someone, in the Biblical sense, is to oppose or to go against, to stand in the way of,  and to resist. Again affection need not be present. These definitions come from such truths as “Jacob have I (God) loved and Esau have I (God) hated”;” [God] hates all workers of iniquity”; “God gives more grace to the humble but resists the proud”; “Bless them that curse you and pray for them that despitefully use you.” With this understanding our Master’s hard saying, “Love me and hate mother,, and friends (verse is paraphrased)” makes sense. To be even more clear we use other words, one must be loyal and faithful in all ways to Christ even at the expense of going against or standing in the way of family and friends. Now onto the second part of verse (8) eight. It is a historical and visible fact that there is, and will be more war in this life than there will be times of peace. Allow me to make a time of war and peace personal and practical. While war and its effects are already personally felt because many have family and friends in the military and many have friends and family that have already met their eternal destiny. To make this verse even more personal we give a secondary meaning. In our everyday lives we will experience more times of personal trials than times of peace. However, God be praised, He has given those in Christ a peace that does and will always pass any and all understanding!!!

Allow me to preface my words by saying very plainly that we are not calling upon God’s flock to rise up and become vigilantes. Though we would call upon the flock to heed Peter, the Under-shepherd to “be vigilant”; “to gird up the loins of thy minds”. We would further quote the Good Shepherd Who tells us to “[continuously] Watch and pray.”

These directives have been given us because there are enemies all about. Who are these enemies?  These enemies are principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of this world, spiritual wickedness in high places, anti-christs, wolves in sheep’s closing, false and dangerous doctrines, the flesh, the carnal nature, the old man, and the old serpent, himself. Beloved, these enemies have always been about their heinous business of harming our spirits and souls but now they are at the gate to attack us physically.

These wolves are here to scatter, to steal, to kill, and to destroy. Understand my meaning. I do not speak about our souls for we know Him, Whom we have believed and have long been persuaded that He is most capable of keeping that which we have entrusted to Him. No, Beloved, we are speaking in terms of our temporal state. The ravenous wolves are at the gate. The old serpent has called upon his minions to kill God’s ministers and that is to say law enforcement. These attacks are under the guise of avenging police brutality and racism. Also the men and women of the armed forces are targets so that satan’s army has a straight path to God’s flock. The enemy is publishing names and addresses of our military and their family. These wolves are using blades, axes, guns and other weapons to kill people. These wolves come out of nowhere and these attacks are happening on the streets in the view of many. These killers are using cars to kill. They perpetrate these acts without fear. They are motivated by their abominable beliefs. They kill in the name of allah (satan) and their reprobate prophet. In addition to that the prophecy that states the love of many shall wax cold is being fulfilled. There was a report in the summer of 2015 that during Spring break a young girl was gang raped while a large number of people (an estimate of at least 100 was given) stood and not only watched but recorded the assault with their phones!!! Rape has been called the murder of the soul. It is time that this crime is treated as harshly as murder and that the statute of limitations of (4) years is repealed and that rape, like murder, is without any statute of limitations. The backlog of rape kits doesn’t allow for these assaults against God’s image to be handled, justly, within a (4) four year period.

Do not think us afraid, or seeking to cause fear in others for that would be rank treason and faithlessness and a great offense to our Lord. We call upon the people of God to remember they are sealed, they are complete in Him, they have not been given the spirit of fear but instead the spirit of power, the spirit of love and the spirit of a sound mind!!! (Please read Isaiah 11:1-2 and Ephesians 1:1-5 to learn the other powers of the Spirit  and spiritual blessings you have been infused with and have been given from the Sovereign One that sits in the Heavens and does as He pleases.) Take the command of God to Joshua, “Be strong and of good courageous…”, or God’s command to Jeremiah, “Fear not their faces…”, or the edifying words of David,” I shall not fear; for [T]hou art with me.” Moreover, let us not forget the command of our Lord Jesus, “Fear not little flock” or “fear not only believe.”

Our purpose in this post is to remind you of something our King has said and to tell you, as His servant, that this is the time to heed His instruction to, “buy a sword.” To be careful not to incite we add to that order a principle He also laid down, “He that lives by the sword shall also die by the sword.”

Christian husbands,                                                                                                                                             We have been called, by Paul, the saviour of our wives body or her protector.

Women,                                                                                                                                                                   You, like man and child, are made in the image of the Maker or in the case of Christians we are all being remade into the Image of Christ and that work of art is to be protected and honoured as such. Our children should be taught the essentials in self protection and we should all seek the courage, that God has put within us, to protect others. Yes, Cain, you are your brothers keeper. In the law it is stated “Thou shalt not kill.” In the spirit of that law lies the order to protect others as well as not harming others.

Therefore, there “is a time to be prepared” and this, beloved, is that time. One may object and call us faithless but I would answer by Scripture, (paraphrased), Though the horse is prepared against the day of battle; safety is of the Lord. In other words, ultimate safety and all victory is of the Lord He fully expects and intends for us to be prepared.

We would, therefore, as a faithful under shepherd advice the purchase of firearms and the education, confidence and respect that must go with it. While firearms cannot be legally carried (without proper training and licensing) one should keep some form of legally sized blade on one’s person at all times. A set of brass knuckles are always helpful and can be purchased on line and at flea markets. They are usually sold as “paper weights” to get around certain laws and or local ordinances. Pepper gas and or mace is handy and easily procurable at any sporting goods store, keys between the fingers are basis but work well, a woman’s high heel is useful. Also the very basic and very best defense against attack is the aura of vigilance and confidence and keeping a hand in a pocket as to project the appearance that one is armed. This is a cerebral and psychological weapon for at the core these attackers are cowards. There are many other items that one can and may purchase and conceal upon their person, for example, a knife within a lipstick case, a stake hidden within a comb, gloves that have lead in the knuckle, a baseball cap that is lined with a blade on the bill. Also there is kevlar forearm protectors that will shield off a knife attack. It is time to think like good soldiers of the Lord Jesus Christ.

It is very important to guard one’s heart on matters such as this. While it is time to take protective steps let us do so without bitterness and certainly not with pleasure, God forbid. If one were to kill in the process of protecting one’s person or another and realizes a sense of pleasure or satisfaction for your own souls sake, repent for you have not killed an assailant but have committed murder. I do not advice even the thought of killing in the process of defense. No, the idea of defense is to ward off an assailant and not to kill, God forbid. We would suggest the farthest one goes is the breaking of the assailants bones or incapacitating him in some other way. We are prepared to educate interested parties the various ways of defending and or incapacitating another. Again, to kill is the very last alternative. These attackers are usually not seeking to kill out of personal spite but to earn favour from their wicked god and fellow reprobates so there should be no concern that they will try again or have others try again to harm or kill you. If there is however, a reason to suspect you are a perennial target of someone for personal reasons (remember God knows your heart and intent) then it may be necessary to “mortify their flesh” as you ward off their attack. as God may have given you occasion and opportunity or in the language of Holy Scripture, God has delivered the enemy into you hands.

But above all, beloved, “take unto you the whole Armour of God.” (Ephesians 6) that is also to say “put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ” (Romans 13:14a) for without these nothing else truly matters.

Onward, Christian Soldier…onward and upward!!!












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