Dangerous Influences

…Be not conformed to… (Romans 12:2)

We do not normally use popular culture in our writings or preaching, however in this post we would show the dangers of television and film. This is not about the evil influences in the entertainment industry. This posting is a warning against conformed weakness. In other words or by way of example: If one watches crimes shows or scary movies one will inevitably see the villain and the victim come face to face and the villain is shown to be strong and menacing while the victim is shown to be absolutely helpless and powerless to do anything.

Beloved, I do not seek to insult your intelligence but we are called, sheep in the Scriptures for a reason. Many are easily influenced into being what they think they are expected to be.

We would encourage the people of God to be watchful for this trap and to know that they are more than capable of fending off those who would do them harm. We may be sheep but we are not the proverbial deer in headlights. The television show, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” is a good example of using one’s strength, power, and confidence in fighting off an evil doer. In this production the monsters are afraid of the blonde girl (and to be sure; she is no dumb blonde).

Therefore; beloved, appropriate the strength, power, and confidence that God has built into you and be not influenced or weakened by what you see portrayed by others.

Another example is a scene in “War Room.” An aged Christian lady and her young friend are being mugged and the young friend is all to ready to hand over her belongings but the aged believer says, with power, strength and confidence (confidence in the power of her Lord, that is) No! In the Name of Jesus, No!!! and the mugger is warded off. One may say, in objection, “Yeah, but.. that’s just a movie.” To which we would reply, “Ye of little faith, know ye not the power of His Name?”

Do you know why it will be the meek that inherits the earth? Meekness hides and presupposes great strength and power that is being held under restraint. Meekness is the Christian’s secret identity as it was the Lord’s.

Be strong and of good courage for He is with thee.



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