Praise ye the LORD. Praise ye the LORD from the heavens: praise [H]im in the heights. Praise ye [H]im, all [H]is angels: praise ye [H]im, all [H]is hosts. Praise ye [H]im, sun and moon: praise [H]im, all ye stars of light…..Kings of the earth, and all people; princes, and all judges of the earth: Both young men, and maidens; old men, and children: Let them praise the [N]ame of the LORD: for [H]is [N]ame alone is excellent; [H]is glory is above the earth and heaven….Praise ye the LORD.                 (extracts from Psalm 148)

We understand that we have come through the 2016 awards season. We watched the red carpet ceremonies; we have heard all the congratulations from the actors and actresses; we have heard the melodies and have seen the stagecraft.

But…where does all the talent and abilities come from? do we think that the talents and abilities are all our own making?

Talents and abilities are given by God.

Yet when celebrities and athletes are awarded their emmies, grammmies  and the Oscars they do not thank God; they do not acknowledge Him nor do they thank Him four all of His allowances.

Disgusted am I with all the elegence and beauty that glares in tinsel town and reflects all the self centeredness and self worship and no one even thinks about God and all His Givings that make every thing as it is.

In Ephesians 1:5-6 Paul states that those the Father has predestined to be joint-heirs with Christ, and have been given spiritual authority for their life here on earth, is all done according to the good pleasure of God and His will, and to the praise of the glory of His grace. As this statement is true the negative aspect must be true; those that  the Father has not predestined are reprobated to eternal perdition and this too must be to the praise of His glory…only in this it is to the praise of His wrath. In another place Paul states that every knee shall bow to Christ and confess Him to be Lord and in this God will be acknowledged and given his due praise and glory.

So either way all shall acknowledge God and He will be glorified in the exaltation of His people or the destruction of those who refuse to acknowledge Him, to be thankful or to give Him His due and just Glory.

In addition we would point out a principle laid down in Scripture. All the awards, money, and sycophantic worship that are lavished upon the self centered will stand as a witness against them when they stand in the Presence of true Glory and Majesty and when they are bowed before God and are judged according to their works and words.

This is not written against all people that are wealthy or famous. We begrudge no one for their wealth or fame; God forbid; it is only against those who refuse to acknowledge Him from Whom they receive their wealth and or fame. We write against those who will not give glory and praise to God for their wealth, talents and abilities. We write against those who refuse to simply be thankful to God for His kindness and grace upon their lives.

To those who are wealthy and or famous and do acknowledge God, that do give Him glory and praise, that are thankful and aware that every good gift and every perfect gift is from the Father of lights…we heartily congratulate them and thank God with them for His blessings upon their lives.


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