What the Hell; Who the Hell….?

Beloved, what exactly do they mean when they use the word hell in their cursings? How does that word even work in their pronouncements? It does not make any sense at all. Hell is a place in real time. When the lost use the word hell they have no idea of what they are speaking. The lost are completely ignorant of what awaits them.

Hell is not a byword or a subject to be joked about. Hell is a prison where many family members and friends will suffer for all eternity. Hell is a place where the mercy and goodness of God does not abide. This means no oxygen, no food, no drink, no rest, no peace, no hope of a better tomorrow, no sense of relief of pain, the body will be corrupt and uncontrollable. All that we have specified in the last sentence is ours only by the mercy of God. Yes!, the air we breathe is subject to His mercy. the foods and drinks we enjoy are granted us by His mercy. Our restful nights are at His mercy. All that is good is given by God’s great mercy. The lost may not want to accept this truth but it is the way it is.

My attention has been drawn to individuals using the word hell in their natural discourse. We do not know why our ears perk up at this ill usage of the word hell but they do.

Since the lost like to spue that word out at every opportunity we thought it would be advantageous to give a description of this real place called hell.

Hell is a place of…

weeping and gnashing of teeth;

a place of outer darkness

a place of torment

a place of sorrows

a place of everlasting destruction

a place where men and women are tormented with fire and brimstone

a place where fire is not quenched

a bottomless pit

a place of no rest

a place of unsatisfied desires

a place of hopelessness and suffering

Yep… there is a lot to joke about isn’t there.



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