Hypocrisy and Irony

“…know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God?”  (a portion of James 4:4)

We remember hearing about worldliness and the evils thereof from many a pulpit. And to be sure there is evil a plenty in this world for we are told from Scripture that satan (no capital s for him) is the god of this world (system). The Scriptures also speak of this “present evil world.”  The Bible tells us to “love not the world.” If one does not love the world one is not in danger of worldliness.

So it is true the Christ-ian should be…must be separate from this world. That is to say undefiled by the differing standards and the trends that the world props up. The believer is to be Christ-like and nor like the world. This does not mean we cannot use the things of the world or enjoy the things of the world for “[H]e has given us richly all things to enjoy”

The above teaching on worldliness is not what we heard from the pulpits. To these preachers worldliness was defined as women in pants, cinemas, types of music, types of hair styles, jewelry, etc.

Here is the hypocrisy and irony. While they are wailing against their own ideas worldliness they were using the world’s methods to grow their church and make no mistake it was their church. It would be comical if it didn’t displease the Lord.

A spiritual principle goes like this; if one is to be wise one must spend time with the wise. As that is true then we should be able to tell with whom a preacher spends his time with. If he uses the world’s methods he is spending time with the world. If the preacher is appropriating the method’s of Lord Jesus, the Apostles, and Scripture we know with Whom he is spending his time with.

The flesh will count and the spiritual will pray.


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