“I Don’t Like Organized Religion.”

“And the man said, The woman whom [T]hou gavest to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I did eat.”

An excuse is not a reason and it does not make things right. An excuse betrays one’s weakness of character. An excuse much of the time is the evidence of guilt. I the above text from Genesis three we find Adam blaming God and Eve for his sin. Speaking from this side of the veil, God’s heart must have dropped into His stomach. Put yourself at the scene of the crime.

As you walk upon the crime scene you see your child and you also see the evidence of murder and loss. You rush to your child, “what have you done?” and as he looks at you with fear in his eyes he points the finger of blame at you. As a parent we can only imagine the thoughts that would go through our head at that moment. We believe that the blame being put upon us, at that moment, does not do the harm not even the death but the manifestation of our beloved child’s great fall from us and the loss of what may have been. But the parent’s love still lives.

As you have already deduced this post is on excuses. Not the excuses we find individuals giving in Scripture but the excuses that are given by the lost.

The list of fallacious excuses is long. I limit this posting to focus on the excuses given by those that do not attend church services or fellowships, or Bible studies. We’ve all heard them over and over. Here is a sampling: “The weekend is my time of rest”; “The church is full of hypocrites”; “I don’t have to attend church to prove I’m a Christ-ian” and my favorite, “I don’t like organized religion.”

We will (DV) focus on the last excuse. We do not like overly organized services either. Some churches are so organized that the Holy Spirit has been organized out. What do these excuse makers really mean when they say they dislike organized religion? We can’t speak for all of them but many of them are pretty easily read. What follows is a list of  their true meaning:

  • I dislike waking up that early
  • I dislike meeting new people
  • I dislike feeling fearful of new things
  • I dislike my idea of God
  • I dislike submitting to authority much less divine Authority
  • I dislike that I have known religious people in my past and they have hurt me
  • I dislike my stern and abusive upbringing
  • I dislike commitment

The list could go on for a while but we see that their dislike of organized religion is code for fear or anger in many cases. Of course there are those than simply do not want to go to church because they enjoy sin and they know that the two do not mix. Sometimes we must dig deeper to see what excuses are covering up. The Bible say’s that it is love that covers a multitude of sins and not excuses.

To those that use this excuse let me try to put things in perspective.

Imagine a television studio deciding that they did not like organized t.v. show scheduling. One would never know when a program is ever on or when to DVR a program. Imagine a surgeon deciding that he/she dislikes organized surgery scheduling. Imagine if an employer decided that he/she dislikes organized business hours and hours of operation yet this employer still hold you responsible for getting you work done. How would you do it if you never knew when the doors to the building would be unlocked?

The point is that organization is necessary but we do agree that organization must have limits.




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