Do We Need Training To Be Witnesses

“Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.”

The subject of “soul winning” or “witnessing” can be a controversial one.  Many questions could be asked concerning this subject. Depending on what denomination one is a part of one will find themselves in a world of trouble if one questions soul winning.

We will (DV) establish our teaching on the subject to begin with. Some of the stands we take are very unpopular but we believe that Scripture will support them.

We do not believe that every believer is called to be a soul winner in the same sense as the apostles. We are familiar with Mt 28, or what is called  “the great commission”. To get a proper understanding of this verse one simply must look at the other tasks given. The tasks given by Christ are as follows; teach all nations, baptizing them, teaching them to observe all things whatsoever things I have commanded you. Before the Scripturally honest preacher applies this great commission to all Christ-ians, he must be prepared to transfer his authority to baptize to every believer. In other words, we ask you reader, Do you have the spiritual God given authority to baptize? If your answer is no then the great commission is not directed to every believer.

Having said the above, do we believe that some Christ-ians should not witness? Our answer is yes and no. If a believer is not prepared to faithfully declare Scripture, the believer should wait lest they do more harm than good as many have done. The effects of unprepared believers presenting unfaithful and unscriptural truths can be seen in the visible church today. Our second answer of no is due to that fact that while not all believers are prepared to witness to the lost, all believers are able to be witnesses… and there is a big difference.

The point of this post is not to debate the issue of “soul winning”, “witnessing”, or “being a witness.” The point to our post is to demonstrate everyday ways to be a witness and to witness to others. These are not plastic or rehearsed methods, but practical ways.

 Ways to witness to the Saving God:

  • Invite others to church. This may sound overly simple but in inviting others to church you have defined yourself as a Christ-ian.
  • Tracts – find some that are Scripturally sound and distribute them to others or leave them in places like a doctors/dentist office or other places that people will read while waiting. If you want to give tracts to people personally, simply ask them, “May I give this to you?”
  • Live your Christ-ian life outwardly and out loud. By doing this you are demonstrating to others that you are approachable and open to questions concerning the faith.
  • Quote Bible verses or passages in the hearing of others.
  • Have a Bible or Christ-ian book present at your desk.
  • Invite others to Christ-ian movies.

If you are comfortable with your preparedness to share the Gospel with others you might try these:

  • Speak to others as if they are already believers even when you know they are not. This will demonstrate and manifest to themselves that they are not saved and do not know God.
  • Ask the person if they would allow you a certain amount of time to share your faith with them. Begin with the law and their lost condition before expounding the Gospel.
  • Make the Gospel part of you everyday conversation.


It is always best when the Gospel is organic and the holy Spirit is opening all the right doors for one’s faithful utterance.


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